Lady Lunar

Lady Lunar

Lady Lunar is a rare find. both provocative and unassailable. Her potent allurement will intoxicate you and her unparrallelled prowess will ensure you soon become the latest addition to her multifarious pursuits. She is a spellbinding vision to behold in high definition and when she demonstrates her intrinsic sapience, you will experience her exorbitant ability to enrapture anyone and anything


CUSTOM CLIP * Milf Manipulation *VIRTUAL SEX*

Synopsis: 33 year old single mum visits her son at hospital but after receiving some bad news she walks into the wrong room and meets an 18 year old boy who she instantly becomes obsessed with!!

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Giving you the silent treatment

Today all I want is you to shut the fuck up and then sit like a good little pet and be obedient at my flip flop feet. My beautiful toes are your sole focus until I tell you otherwise. Stare, lick, stroke and worship them with your tongue and lips. You are nothing- so be that-RIGHT NOW. Anyone could appear as I am outside with you on your lead. ANYONE. Just think how stupid you will look when my friend comes to meet me and she does at the end! What will she think of you kneeling and staring at my flip flops ??? Hahaha you are so pathetic and so easy to manipulate you into doing anything I want. Just when you think that I am going to be nice to you, I take you outside with me, make you kneel in public and stare at my feet-and you do! You are so weak and I take full advantage of ignoring you.

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Handjob Frenzy POV Roleplay

I get a bit carried away with you! I was only supposed to give you instructions on what I wanted you to do with that juicy cock of yours but look at what has happened! I could not resist getting involved because I simply cannot keep my hands to myself..not only do I take it out of your pants but I have a little suck too! You wont deprive me of a big load all over my face and tongue now will you?

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5am Smoke

After just being fucked like a rag doll by you, I sense your need to doze off so I decide to take my scruffy 'just fucked' look with me to the window for a quick smoke. It is so peaceful at 5am and the view from here is so nice. I light a white menthol cigarette and listen to the chirping of birds and even though I don't look my best - all dolled up and perfect, there is something very sexy about that dirty, unwashed after sex expression you can't hide. Unlike you I just love a post coital smoke and I am enjoying being a bit naughty poking my head out of the window!! :D Come join me from the top floor as I suck on that sexy stic

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I Love Sneezing * POV * INDUCED

Join me on the bed for some cuddles and a chat about your day at work. I want to relax you as I know it is really stressful for you at the moment and there is not much you can do about it but grin and bear it whilst staff rotas change and your appraisal keeps being put back. Come lie down and hug me close to you so I can stroke your neck and tell you that everything will be ok and show you how much I love you with a sneeky joint sneeze. I know you sneeze quicker than me but I just love the build up when I stick my cotton bud up my lovely nostril. But first I play with your nose and ask you to sneeze cum all over my face so I can feel it spray on my mouth! I have a play with my pussy with my hand down my pants as I tease a hot, sexy sneeze out of my lips and stare at you with adoration as I bring myself off to a unique double orgasm. I can barely contain my excitement at you wanking as you watch me as I know you are normally so shy. Cum with me as I sneeze to orgasm and moan in pleasure.

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Severe Cock Suck

I stare up at you with wanton eyes and a very hungry mouth. It is so big that I cannot even fit it all in my mouth but let that stop me trying! A nice fat dick for my lips is just what the doctor ordered today and suck it hard I will do. I use my tongue, mouth and sexy hands to rub and suck and lick you into a nasty, juicy orgasm hard and fast. Can you last the 6 minutes that I agressively tug on your manhood and feed my face with your sticky spunk juice? Watch as my eyes water and I gag hard on this mammoth cock as I pump it vigorously into my throat over and over again, Give me a big load. Give it to me. No holding back....

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Bi Bitch Boy Forced Feminisation Sissy Training PT 1

I dress you up and make you ready to be my little cock sucking bitch boy and a lovely little school girl you make too! I even provide your cross dressing outfit! White cropped top, tartan school skirt, red fishnet stockings and red suspender belt and a lovely black and red frilly bra too. No panties for you though, not until you earn your first load!ASMR, personal attention, POV, applying makeup on you and showing you how to be a good cross dresser in this clip! :)

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Chastity Slave Nylon Tease

If you don't want to be kept locked away for weeks you will have to learn some pretty basic rules...firstly I am sadistic and enjoy your discomfort. Secondly I am in control of you and can do whatever I like because what I say goes and thirdly if you don't do as you are told you don't get to play with that silly little flap of skin you call a cock. Try not to cum too hard as I position you at my feet and make myself cum hard on a nasty fat dildo that is so much bigger than yours! Oh and did I mention the juicy, thick lube I load all over my cunt and ass to make it even worse for you??? If you cannot make it to the end send me a donation to my holiday fund ( ask me how you can do this by emailing me :D)

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Dark Blow Job

A big fat cock is something I cannot turn down and this one when presented to me is too tempting! I get even more turned on when he starts filming me on his phone. It was evident that he had planned to record me all along but I never knew! Dark and messy sucking, licking and deepthroating in this clip...I want you to imagine its you and No, you would not last long either!

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Curly Hair Tease

Watch with no control as I weaken you by unplaiting my hair and allowing my delightful curls to cascade around my face and down my back just so soft and it is all completely real! No extensions here! I stroke it all over my face and show you how it would feel against your cock as pathetic as you are, I know it makes you fall deeper and deeper under my spell the more you absorb my beauty and divine presence before you. Watch and get yourself addicted little one...there is no escaping me loser...absolutely pointless trying to even attempt to withdraw yourself from my prowess and addicting smile and did I mention my 100% real hair!! :D

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Eat My Feet Part 2

You are completely disgusting and you know it...more of where part one ended with even more dirty, dead skin for your pathetic tongue to lick up and swallow. Show me your weakness and stop at nothing until every shred of skin is inside of you..The ultimate servitude. Bow down little shit and get on your knees! That is exactly where you my perfect feet and don't you forget it. I know how desperate you are to worship them, to really get your tongue inbetween all of my toes and to lick my delicious, soft, crinkly soles too. I expect you to show me the ultimate servitude by sucking and scraping all that dead skin off my feet as I shave it off during my pedicure and all because you forgot to pay for me to go and have them done. You will obey me little cunt and eat every last scrap of skin I peel off my beautiful feet! Can you handle it? Eat my feet bitch boy. You fucking loser!

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