LYNN 10.

Silly Lynn has eaten all the food and left Michael with nothing. So to punish her, he unleashes a tickling fury on her cute little feet by using not only his hands, but an electric toothbrush as well. The rough bristles cause Lynn to lose all control of her laughter and squirm like a little worm. She tries everything to get him to end the torture, but he is too busy brushing between her toes and along her soles to care what she wants. His fingers slide across her smooth feet, and the torture is almost unbearable for poor Lynn. But that's what you get for eating all the food!

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DANI 13.

Slave Rick walks into the room like he owns the place while Mistress Dani is sleeping. He wants some of her big, round blump ass. He asked for some ass and now she is going to give it to him, good! She sits on him so he gets the full effect of her ass, smell and all. Not only does she get he ass around his face, she puts her tits right in there too. Slave Rick might need to come for air sometime, but that is what he asked for.He is getting even more than he bargained after she asks him to lick her ass, she ends up farting and now she was him to lick up her mess. Poor Slave Rick!

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DANI 12.

Danni's a little extra horny today and she needs some tongue action. So when Aaron gets there he's all excited for some wild and fun filled sex. But tonight it's just gonna be about Danni, there's no need for condoms, and Aaron's going to probably get a sticky face. He's still an eager guy and dives into her nice honey pot licking her eagerly with his little tongue. She directs him around her pussy, guiding him to the special spots but always keeping him on his toes. Even though he needs direction he can still do a good job and is eager to get the deed done well.

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DANI 11.

Aaron sits in bed calling his woman because he is the man and what the man wants, he gets. But Danny has no interest in Aaron's plans. She starts rubbing her big tit's all over his face and then her ass goes on his face. Aaron is then shocked that Danny is putting her ass in his face and not on his dick. "The man" wanted sex but he's getting a whole lot more. He is suffocating with all that Danny is throwing at him and she keeps laughing as he tells her to stop.

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DANI 10.

Dani is feeling horny and wants some action. She gets down to business and calls Rick in for a treat. Dani wants her pussy eaten at once. She grabs his head and puts him to work. Rick's tongue gets into every crevice but it's not doing the job for Dani. She has to tell him what to do and how to do it. She demands he go faster and harder and tug on her clit rings. She scream out, grabbing the sheets in pleasure. Rick can't wait for her to return the favor, but she's already gotten what she wanted and sends him away.

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Danny goes to the washroom after her farting fit all over Aaron's face but her ass just doesn't feel clean enough for her standards. So she demands that Aaron get down and start liking it to clean it up for. He is first not sure about this after all the farts but the more he licks the more he is liking it. He just loves grabbing on and licking her big fat ass. He just can't seem to get enough, he wants more even lounge fucking it isn't enough for him. He pleads with her as she begins to leave. He just can't get enough.

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Since you've decided to come back for a bit more. Hot big breasted Dani wants you to take out your tiny little piece of shit between your legs and jack off for her. She decides to walk you through it because you don't seem to have the hang of it yet. So she takes out the nice big black dildo of hers and starts stroking it. Because you've never really been with a woman and can hardily handle your own cock she eventually decides to leave.

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Mistress Dani has gotten some new shoes and she can't wait to show them off. She calls in her slave Rick and forces him to smell her feet, he takes in big sniffs and admires her sent. She orders him the lay down and remove her pantyhose so he can take a real sniff right between her toes. Rick loves his Mistress and will do ANYTHING for her. He gets right in the cracks of her toes and she allows him to trace her toenails with his tongue. She loves her feet being worshiped and demands he suck on each little toe. Rick sucks so hard she has no need for nail polish remover. With her other foot she presses hard against his dick brushing it with her toenails. Slave Ricks wants more, but that's not what Mistress Dani has decided, she's grown tired of him and sends him out crawling.

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Aaron has been looking forward to getting some doggy style for a long time and can't wait for Dani to come to bed so he can get some. But tonight Dani has a surprise for Aaron, She has a strap on with his name on it. Dani gets him to put a condom on and get it lubed up. He is very reluctant but plays along in the hopes of a little doggy style. But Dani's games don't stop there. She wants to fuck Aaron the way he always wants to fuck her. He is shocked and can hardily take the pain but slowly start to like it. Just as he is about to cum she stops. That will teach Aaron to take her out for dinner at MacDonald's.

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Mistress Dani needs to practice some of her moves. Slave Rick is comlaining too much and telling all the other slaves that Mistress Dani fucked his ass. She is going to practice her moves on him while teaching him a lesson. She is going to keep his mouth shut for good. She sits on his face stopping him from breathing. His cries are muffled by ass cheeks. Then she takes her large breast and shoves them into his face. Slave is turning blue but it doesn't look like Mistress Dani cares one bit.

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Aaron really doesn't want to cum, because his girlfriend forcing him to ejaculate, that way she can make sure, that he was or wasn't faithful to her. One of her friend was suspicious having an affair with Aaron, became pregnant, so she really wants to know the truth. Aaron wanted to hold it back, but Dani is too good in jerking him off, and finally she gets her samples.

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Mistress Dani is all about fucking some ass today. She has her strap on, on and all ready to go Slave Rick. Rick is getting a little scared and asking what she is going be doing with that strap on. She sure doesn't care much if Slave Rick doesn't like to suck on her dick. She wants him to get good and deep with it. Rick sure is having a hard time licking the plastic cock. Mistress Dani just keeps pushing him around the room. She finally get hims into position and give it to him just the way she likes it. Anal!

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Mistress Dani is not happy with Slave Rick. She could not find the bottom to her bikini and the last person that did the laundry was Rick. Well, it ends up he took her bottoms because he loves the smell of her ass. Dani is not happy about having no bikini bottoms. So if Slave Rick loves her ass smell so much, she will definitely give him a good whiff! She sits on his face and farts. Well, he still enjoys it very much or at least he claims he does. She just keeps giving him what he wants. Farts and lots of them.

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The sexy redhead Dani gets down on her bed in her nice little red undies and starts showing off her great tight ass. She strokes it and rubs it but unfortunately her tum must be a bit off because she can't seem to stop farting. She has wicked gas that just won't seem to stop. The more she touches and slaps her ass it seems the more gas seems to want to come out.

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Lady Sophia catches Trampolina sniffing her red lace panties. TR deserves the ultimate punishment - he must clean the panties she's wearing with that useless tongue of his. Mistress Sophia sits on TR's face and orders the pitiful little excuse for a man to lick her sweaty panties clean. Then she smothers his face with her massive tits. When he tries to complain she shuts him up once and for all by slamming her Everest size bum into his face so he can't breath. TR's face is swallowed up by Mistress Sophia's doughy ass flesh.

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Oscar, the naughty carpenter just started to learn the rules in the dungeon with a pretty Dominatrix, and he deeply enjoy doing those things. He's happy to take anything she gives him, spanking, torture, anything. He's excited and aroused even when he arrives. Well, this dungeon is full with surprises. This time there's another Mistress, not the pretty tall one. This one is huge, mean, extremely demanding...and wants to use and abuse him as she wishes. Can she brake him down?

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