It looks as though Lynn has a problem with getting drunk and making out with her friend's brother. So Stan is going to punish her and her busy lips by tickle torturing her fiendishly until she admits her mistakes. With her armpits completely exposed, Stan's long fingers are able to poke deep into her muscle tissue, causing her to laugh hysterically as she squirms like a snake in the restraints. She cries out for mercy as he digs deeper and deeper into her flesh, but it is useless. Stan loves watching her suffer and will continue doing it until she admits her mistakes.

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Even though little Paco is being held in his mother's big strong arms, he is still a little bit cranky. After a light motherly spanking, Paco begins to calm down and nestles his little head into her big breasts. She strokes his back and head with her massive hands as she quietly reads him a 's fairy tale. Paco loves having his tiny body nurtured by his big , and she knows just how to make him feel safe and secure. She gently strokes him as he begins to fall asleep. and the moment is so tender and soothing that even begins to fall asleep. Little Paco is so lucky to have such a big strong to hold him and keep him safe.

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Lady Sophia's victim has been a very bad boy. And what happen's to bad boys in Lady Sohphia's dungeon? Torture happens! Left with no escape, the victim is forced to endure a terrible tickle torture from the gigantic Lady Sophia. She uses her long, painted finger nails to scratch the surface of his sensitive skin and he squirms like a fish out of water! Her massive hands are able to wrap around his skinny body, and her strong fingers are able to tap deep into his flesh. His laughter is completely out of control as she turns the torture up a notch with her titillating tickling techniques. Lady Sophia seems to know just how to make her skinny little victims scream, and has no trouble inflict mass suffering on her poor victim.

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There is nothing that puny little Paco loves more than big women, and nobody is bigger than Sophia! Her body is massive in size, and Paco's arms are so small that he can not even wrap them around her gigantic waist! He holds her close like baby to it's momma, and because of their vastly contrated size, they look like a and baby! Sophia can not seem to wrap her head around how small little Paco really is, so she just has to compare their arms, butts, and hands. Paco falls more and more in love with her as she reveals how big her parts actually are compared to his, and he just does not want to let the massive woman go! She is about triple the size of little Paco, which makes Paco love her triple as much!

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If somebody has so strong desire for large size woman as this skinny guy that he even offers himself to her as a devoted slave, then he really isn't in the position to complain regarding his own use. And this woman is not just simply big, she's wicked as well. She's using him as her comfy little couch, after a while she's slapping his tiny little worthless dick with pleasure...anything she wishes. Looks like she really enjoys torturing that small penis and those extremely little balls. After he has to change for a bed, taking all of her over 300 pounds weight. That almost broke him down but she kept the worst action for the end. She trampled him and stayed on his skinny powerless body, crushing his stomach till the floor with her hugeness. And guess what. He still loves big wicked woman. How weird!

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New slaves in the dungeon think when they become a house slave that gives them access to make love to the Mistresses any time they want. Little Pet made this huge mistake on the first day with Lady Sophia which means his training and correction had to start immediately. He was introduced instantly to some nice old fashioned traditional over the knee spanking and finished with an extremely red and hot ass. After that he still couldn't shut up, so Lady Sophia administered some serious smothering and finally some nice ball busting that really hurt. He said even "red" that did not impress the Mistress and continued the punishment. Well, after a while he learned his lesson, but even if he wouldn't, his tiny little cock was out of order, totally useless after Lady Sophia's treatment. Well, her foot size is 11 and half.

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Since Paco was not able to fix Sophia and Angel's cable, they are going to punish him for his inactions. They stomp his face in body with their mighty feet and legs, and you get to watch it from his perspective! Seeing those long legs crushing down on you is like a living nightmare, and her long body towers over you like a skyscraper. Sophia's treatment isn't any nicer. Her massive legs and thighs crush Paco's puny body as she looks down at him in disgust. Having these massive women looking down at you as their bodies tower high above yours is definitely a sight to be seen - but luckily for you it is from the safety of your chair!

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Big Sophia seems to have misplaced all of the chairs in her reading room, so she has no place to sit! That is, until she calls the puny Trampelina into the room. Trampelina's small, squishy body makes the perfect chair for Sophia's massive ass, and she has no problem crushing his fragile ribs beneath her immense weight. She reads quietly as Trampelina whines and moans from beneath her. However, Sophia's novel is very long, and poor Trampelina is going to have to suffer underneath her gigantic body until she utters the words, "The End".

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Many small size skinny guys just adore big women and can't get enough of them. The bigger the better. This one was a lucky one this time, he finally met his ideal lady, a dream came trough for him. Well, this lady wasn't friendly at all, she used him as she wished. She enjoys sitting, stepping and standing on the little skinny body, she loves trampling a lot. The guy did his best, but when the giant woman did want to step on his little worthless penis, he panicked. He could get away instead of that with kissing her ass and he started to do his chores passionately. Unfortunately he wasn't good enough in that and he's been kicked out. Well, there was a lots of ass to kiss for a small guy like him. Too much ass, I could say.

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When the enormous Sophia sees a little man laying on her floor taking a rest from cleaning, she must use her incredibly large size to teach him a lesson. She towers over his puny body, casting a large shadow over him. She looks like she is 10 feet tall and 500lbs from where he is lying! She is so big and powerful compared to him, and he feels her strength as she steps on him with her gigantic feet. He moans under the great weight of her leg as he looks up at the gigantic goddess. She is so big that it is like having an elephant standing over you! This little man better get back to his cleaning!

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It's hard to be a small guy with a heart and desire for big women. Little Pet is just crazy for large giant ladies and he would do anything from his power to please them. Lady Sophia, who's a giant compeering to the little 5'1" guy, wants nothing more than finish her book in peace, by using the little one as a comfy couch. Well, the heart wishes things but the little body can't do the job, doesn't matter how much he would love it. The little one broke down under the giant ass, he just couldn't take it and begged for mercy. Well, it's not easy to do that, she shouldn't be disappointed, otherwise she gets upset and she wants to hurt and punish him. Especially on his little penis and balls. His pain was real, he said "RED" several times, that still couldn't stop her, she was really disappointed and that is big trouble for anybody.

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When Paco saw two women moving in next door, he could not believe his eyes. He had to come over and see for himself if what he saw was true. And when enormous Angel stands up to greet him, he is in awe. It takes his eyes seconds to scan her amazingly long body, and he likes what he sees! He immediately clutches onto the woman like a to it's mother, and he is in heaven. But if he thought that Angel was incredible, wait until he gets a look at Sophia! When she stands, his eyes light up like a in a candy store. Her enormous body is so beautiful that he can not help but try and wrap his arms around her massive waist. Although he does not get his little arms all the way around, he still holds himself as close as he can. The women are shocked by how small puny Paco is, and are eager to begin their life living beside the tiny man. It must be Paco's lucky day!

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Lady Sophia is feed up with this little impostor who's following her everywhere and telling her again and again how much he loves her. Finally she orders him to strip down to totally nude and she ties him to the cross. The little one is very excited and ready for anything but...not that. He couldn't believe what will happen and would do anything to avoid this. He promises everything and anything but he has to take it, no choice for him. Lady Sophia even told him - Take it like a man. But sooo little man? Could he?

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As we know, big girls love to eat a lot. Unfortunately they eat sometimes too much or not exactly the right food. Lady Sophia feels very bad this morning. She doesn't feel like to eat anything and that's very unusual and weird. Last night she ate the dinner her slave made for her as special healthy food and she didn't even wanted to know what was that. Did taste OK just like almost everything. Now she just checked what was that and she realized he made for her tofu. That makes a lot of gas in some people, like she is. And the gas has to come out, can't stay inside. I assure you, it did come out.

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TR is about to get a lesson in smell as the large and luscious Lady Sofia leads him in on a steel-chain collar. He has no idea what's in store for him but it's definitely something special. First he's going to smell her feet, which he doesn't like very much, so something riper is suggested... TR is going to "smell a woman" as the Voluptuous lady Sofia turns to show her large ass. TR senses are taken to new heights as he licks and has his way all over her large behind. He is in paradise.

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Doesn't matter how big she is, this time she is totally helpless in her inescapable bondage. After lunch she had a nap and two big men broke into her house and tied her up. She had no chance against them and although after robbing her house they're gone she still can't get away to call 911. She's trying hard and for a moment looks like she can manage to free her hands but...couldn't, just couldn't. She has to wait until she'll come to rescue her.

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