Somehow Jarvis is always the lucky one who ends up doing the tickling, for now. This time he's teamed up with Megan to torture Melissa a little, or a lot. We'll see how this goes once they've started. Or maybe once they've found her ticklish spot. With one on either side they're bound to find it. Jarvis pinches and gets in her armpit, under her arm, around her stomach and right in her ribs while Megan follows on the other side. It's like a treasure hunt, until Melissa's giggles turn to squealing laughs and she's dying for air.

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FOXY 12.

Taro failed at his last task and now for that Military Officer Foxy has come to serve him the punishment, but with a little surprise. As she pulls up the little officer holding up his ear and tells him about what he's done wrong. She shows him a surprise in he pants, and nice strap on which she compares beside his puny dick. Then she makes him suck it and makes sure it goes deep into his mouth! Then she bends him over and he better be ready for a strong ass fucking, cause this woman is a tough nut!

Category: BBW    Duration: 09:14    Format: MP4    File Size: 70 MB    Clip ID: 49826

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FOXY 11.

Mistress Foxy had a great meal this afternoon, or so she thought, until she started working out and felt how full and stressed it was. Speaking of stress Slave Taro is fed up! He walks in and says he wants some ass!! What a disobedient slave, but he'll get what he wants, sort of... She's pissed and is going to take care of things as she sticks her ass in Taro's face and lets out a wapping fart! It almost blows him over! But he won't get away so easy, she drags him back and let's him have it. Phew, who knew a beautiful ass could be so stinky.

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FOXY 10.

Mistress Foxy calls on her pathetic little slave Taro, she needs her feet to be worshiped. After being on them all day, they are sweaty and sore. She makes Taro massage them, starting at her heels to her cute little toes and She deserves it. He massages them madly, he's drooling at the sight of his sexy mistress's feet and Mistress Foxy notices. She's in a good mood so she is going to let her sick little slave kiss her foot, Taro is a little too excited and rushes into to it, Mistress Foxy gets mad cause she wants him to take his time, so she makes him try and put both her feet in his mouth at the same time. Taro is lucky to even have the chance and he knows it, he is having the time of his life.

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Mistress Foxy is annoyed with her stupid slave Jamesy, so much that she's decided to give him a little gift. HER ASS! She orders him to the ground and sit on his face until he's turning purple. She struggles under the Mistress Foxy and tries to beg for mercy but his cries are muffled by the hot gas that escapes Foxy's ass! Oh no, these farts sound wet, I think the little slave had on his face. Jamesy then starts to cry like a little , but she doesn't care, she's just going to do it again till the little slave learns his lesson.

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Big black Foxy has just started her day, she's had her smoke and her coffee and now she is ready to start taking her morning crap. So she heads to the washroom and takes off those tight jeans of hers and starts letting it all out. Her stomach must be a bit off because it seems to be more then usual and her farts are stinkier than usual. It mast have been all the candy she has been eating. She soon has to rush and get it all out because she has to get going to work. So she forces out the last few logs, wipes and heads out. Not without washing those poo covered hands though.

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Mistress Foxy is furious today, because Taro did not do his chores she told him to. Taro is scared now, especially when he noticed Mistress put on her military officer uniform to make her looking even trickster. Mistress Foxy knows Taro doesn't like spanking at all, that's why she decided exactly that giving him OTK for his laziness and careless. Although Taro's nature is mostly sissy slut, he has to take the strong strokes from the strong hands of his Mistress. She's not joking this time and not holding back her strength.

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A Mistress shouldn't be working out alone. In fact, she shouldn't be working out at all. That's where stupid slaves come in handy. "TARO!" Mistress Foxy yells. Taro crawls in, a little too slow. How dare that bitch be late for Mistress Foxy. She's going to teach him alright. She slams her ass on his face cutting off his air supply. Taro struggles underneath her to no avail. Mistress Foxy takes off her bra and then presses her tits in his nose. Taro starts to cry. He tries to beg but Mistress Foxy only gives him a few seconds of air. She is determined to stop this little disrespectful pussy once and for all. It seems we have a bit of a problem though, no matter what Beautiful Mistress Foxy does to pathetic slave Taro he wants more.

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Look at your small little dick, what do you expect Mistress Foxy to do with that little thing. You probably don't even know how to use it, well it's ok, cause Mistress Foxy is going to talk you through it. She is going to tell you how to rub your ugly little dick. I bet you don't even know hot to jack off, you fucking idiot, a dog could do a better job, I bet the dog's dick is bigger than yours. You better get it right, or else Mistress Foxy is just going to get her dildo to do the job right.

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The tough Mistress Foxy is calling for her little dog, but he's a very late little dog and wastes her time. And when the little dog Jamesy does finally show, then she decides she better teach him to be more prompt. His voice is also another issue, it's so soft she can barely hear him when he responds. He definitely deserves a hard spanking! She wants to hear him scream in pain as her hand slaps his soft ass. He almost falls off her lap she slaps his behind so hard! His screams and whines showed definite improvement, so maybe next time he'll have better luck.

Category: BBW    Duration: 06:46    Format: MP4    File Size: 43 MB    Clip ID: 49567

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Mistress Foxy is on the toilet and aren't you lucky I've got a tape of it. She is going to take a big dirty shit in the toilet and here's your chance to see her really sweat. She pushes the shit out of her asshole and while she does it she lets out a big farts. Foxy seems to be in pain, she needs a stool softener or something. She is panting and sweating, she clenches the sides of the bowl to help her get it out. This is really your lucky day, you can almost smell her sweet ass, it's really like you're in the room with her.

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Jamesy has flowed Mistress Foxy home. The second she sees him she is not impressed. He looks like a bum, but she is willing to give this little guy a shot at being her slave. First she makes him take off the ugly clothes he is wearing. Then she sends him to the floor where a slave like him belongs. It's time for some foot worship she explains, and then she makes him to take off her beautiful shoes, exposing her beautiful feet. The mighty Mistress Foxy forces her toes into his mouth gaging him in the process. Then she steps on his pathetic little dick. She wants Slave Jamesy to suck her toes like he would want his cock sucked. She makes him suck harder and harder but it's no use, this slave seems to be worthless. Will Mistress Foxy ever be able to train this stupid slave?

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Foxy laughs at the idea of you even thinking about trying to pleasure a gorgeous women like her. So she decides to illustrate just how she likes it and how you can follow along at home. So she starts holding and stroking her nice big plastic cock, just the way it turns her on. She takes the cock and starts sucking on the head of her penis, getting it all nice and wet. She keeps going at that cock until you cum at home. Because she loves cum.

Category: BBW    Duration: 04:12    Format: MP4    File Size: 30 MB    Clip ID: 49564

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Mighty Amazon Lady Frenchy has ordered her pathetic slave to the bed. She is going to make him cum weather he likes it or not! She starts off by making it poor excuse for a cock are with her hands. Then she kicks it up a few notches and starts licking away. She tells her slave to come but he's stupid and can't do it for her, it seems our little man is having some stage fright. But Lady Frenchy gets what she wants no matter what! ...It's only a matter of time.

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Another reason why a slave laying around the house (once all their chores are done) is good to have - to eat pussy!! Since Lady Frenchy is pretty horny and she wants to cum she's gives Ken the chance to make it happen and to feel good about pleasing his Mistress. She' lays on the bed with legs spread with showing her shaved cousin of joy that Ken must devour. He spreads and pokes and rubs her, getting his face all wet and messy, he's not the best but he's trying... and it pays off! His Mistress has the release she most definitely needs and sends the slave back into holding.

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It looks like we caught Mistress Frenchy in the middle of a tough workout, and right at the peak of her anxiety. Slave Ken hasn't done all his duties around the house and now the Mistress is pissed royally! She's going to have to teach him another lesson, by sitting on his face, except this time her big butt is loaded with smelly farts! Slave Ken's going to have a rough round of wrestling, but as soon as her ass plants itself on his nose she lets out a massive dry stink that could choak a horse! Her supplies seem endless!

Category: BBW    Duration: 04:47    Format: MP4    File Size: 33 MB    Clip ID: 49561

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