F/M tickle torture.

BRAD 12.

Charlotte and Cherry wanted to do some exercises in the park nearby to their house, but they couldn't even start yet, when a stranger guy arrived and tried to hit on them. There was two options: just leave, or ....the better way, teach him a lesson of good behavior. They decided they'll choose the second one. They easily overpowered him, as he already enjoyed even their touch on hos body, hoping for more. Well, he just got much more, he bargained for. They tickled him all over on his body. As we know already they very wicked and talented in tickle torturing somebody, especially when they're pissed off enough. Like this time. Mission perfectly accomplished.

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What better way to end a first date than to team up and tickle the guy's roommate! J and Caren have teamed up after a lovely night together to attack poor Evin. He is brutally tortured at the hands of these two love birds as they tickle him with so much speed and force that he is crying for mercy. Since he is so skinny, their strong fingers have no trouble tickling deep into his body. He suffers severely as Caren drags her long finger nails down his chest and back. His squirming becomes violent as J's tough fingers tickle harder than ever before. Forget about sex, these two lovebirds are getting all the pleasure they need from their victim's suffering!

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Nerds always have hard time at school from their classmates, just like this poor little one in here. He's studying just like always when two mean girls from his class just appear unacceptably. They already had to go to the principle for their crimes before where they had to promise they're not gonna hit him anymore. But they very imaginative and this time they figure out something special. They take off his cloth, even his underpants, everything, they stuck his dirty socks in his mouth not to be able to call for help, and...let's the tickle torture begin. They got him well all over on his naked body, not missing even the smallest spots. Everywhere tickled him with no mercy.

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The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Although this guy is getting tickled by people half his size, he still feels the full effect the fast moving fingers across his body. All it takes is a couple fingers under the arm to take down this giant. Although he swears that he will seek revenge on his torturers, there is not much that he can do now except sit back and try to survive.

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Being surrounded by two beautiful girls is usually a good thing - but not today. Stan is forced to endure a brutal tickle torture on his entire body. The girls have no trouble getting the boy to laugh and scream, and it seems like the only hard part is finding a place where he isn't ticklish! Their fingers dig into his rib and armpits as he squirms like a little worm. He begs the cruel girls to end the torture, but they enjoy his pain too much to even think about stopping!

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Little Chuck is about to find out why they call it tickle TORTURE. With two women on either side of him and his legs and hands tied-up, he is forced to endure a brutal round of tickle torture. His body jumps as the girls begin their tickling and it is not before long that he is dying with laughter and begging to be set free. The girls attack his feet without mercy and very strange noises start coming out of his mouth - he is really suffering! The girls enjoy watching his strained face as they tickle in between his toes and laugh at his squirming ways. I do not think Chuck expected this kind of punishment through tickling!

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There is a nice piece of meat in the dungeon and Mistress Charlotte is going to teach this Slave a few things or two. She starts tickling his naked body, softly scratching at his bare skin. It looks like the Slave in enjoying this too much. She starts digging in harder and pays extra attention to his little bum. He goes crazy once his bum is bum is being pinched and tormented. He's cackling uncontrollably, he can't handle what Mistress Charlotte had dealt. He begs her to stop, but his new Mistress is having too much fun to let him down just yet.

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It's not easy to break in a new slave but someone has got to do it. Mistress Teasia has almost finished her new slaves punishments but it's time for some tickle torture. The poor stupid slave didn't even know he was ticklish until the Mighty Mistress Teasia has her way with him. He's hog-tied with his bare ass exposed to the mercy of his Mistress. She paws at his skinny little bum cheeks till he's twitching like crazy. He tries to roll away but it's no use, he is laughing to hard to do anything. I hope this is the last of this new slaves lessons cause it doesn't look like he can take anymore after this one.

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Mistress Charlotte and Mistress Taesia have got themselves a brand new slave about to get the tickle torture of his life. They have him strapped up and they are going to tickle him to death. they both start in on the new little slave slow and soft, but that doesn't last too long. Before he knows it that are scratching away and his bare naked body, they tickling his long balls and skinny ass. He is going crazy, laughing and twitching like a maniac. These Mistresses love to watch him suffer.

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When Jamesy was being strapped to the cross he had no idea what he was in for. A good round of tickle torture is what we thought... but it seems like the boys really enjoying it. Maybe it's just because it's from Mistress Teasia. She tickles him well, but he doesn't plead for her to stop. He really likes when she tickles him and no matter how hard she tries she can't make it a painful experience. So she finally cuts him off and leaves him hanging. Maybe she'll be back later.

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Foxy is in need for some quality entertainment and T.V. just isn't what is use to me. That's where tiny little Eric comes in handy. She's going to tickle is little body. He starts screaming and crying right away. His body is twitching and squirming like crazy. Foxy taunts Eric, he's acting like a little baby. But Foxy love it, she thinks it's hilarious to tickle guys against their will. She wants to tickle him to death, that's why she pays extra attention to his tiny little balls. I hope Eric and find away to get free before he passes out.

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Dani's tricked her boyfriend into letting her tie him on the bed, he's so excited, he doesn't know what she's got in store for him. He never thought it would be this, TICKLING!!! She digs right into his bare ass and scratches away at him madly. She is trying to find out his most ticklish spots so she pinches and squeezes on his thighs, armpits and tummy. Aaron is dying and she's just started too. He can't stop laughing, he begs for mercy but she's having way too much fun watching him squirm, she torments away at his tender skin. His body is red and he's sweating so much from trying to get away. It's no use, he just has to take her abuse cause by the looks of things she's not going to be stopping anytime soon.

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Unfortunately for Stan, his best friend Kandi knows all of his deepest secrets. She knows the one thing that drives him crazy is having his belly button tickled - so that is exactly what she does! She uses her tickling finger tips to dig deep into his belly button, and the suffering is instant. He screams out in pain as she ruthlessly attacks his sensitive button with fierce, leaving the rest of his body virtually untouched. He can barely handle the torture and begs her to stop, but she gets too much pleasure from his pain to even think about stopping yet! His little belly is shown no mercy, her fingers just tickles deeper and harder as the time goes by - and all he can do is stand there and take it!

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In a seemingly random act of tickle torture, a young lady has a grown man stuck between a rock and a hard place. Not only has she handcuffed him to the wall, she is making his suffer the torture that comes along with tickling feet! Without any mercy, our young lady makes the grown man kick, squirm, and try to talk his way out of the torture. Although she looks sweet, the young lady forces the man to endure the one thing that he can not stand, foot tickling!

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Paul loves nothing more than to watch his ticklish victims squirm, and today he will not be disappointed. Brad is CRAZY ticklish, but to step it up a notch, Paul squirts a whole lot of lotion over his sensitive feet and toes, making them extra slippery and extra tickly! Brad suffers severely as Paul slips his fingers between his toes. His laughter is out of control as Paul slides his fingers down his slippery soles, and soon he is begging for mercy. But his begging and screaming only fuels Paul's desire to tickle, making the suffering all the more intense. After this terrible torture, Brad is not going to want to see another bottle of lotion again!

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Mistress Dani is not in the mood for tardiness and slave Rich doesn't seem to own a watch. It's time Mistress Dani teaches him a lesson! She ties up that pathetic slave and tickles him all over. she scratched his chest and thighs, trying to find his most tender spots. Seem this little slave is most ticklish on hit dirty little ass. Mistress Dani claws at him relentlessly sending the sick little slave to a laughing asthma attack!

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