F/M tickle torture.


Jose is just all talk and no man - Hearing his screams and cries will make you feel like you were being tortured as well. So now he's been hogtied by Jamesy and with Elsa's help they're going to try and teach him a lesson about running off his big, loud, blabber mouth. The little guy giggles and squeals like some insane hyena as they both tickle his little feet. It's terrible to hear but it's something you can't put aside, it's scary.

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Melissa and Monika have Ethan naked and shackled by the wrists in order to dish out some tickle torture. These girls love to torture this guy, you can tell by the way they laugh and giggle with delight as he tries desperately to break free of his shackles. He tries to hold it back but he just can't, so he cries and wails for them to stop. But they are determined to tickle him until only they are good and ready to stop. Nobody tells these girls when the game is over.

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As Shahrazad was tying up John to the bed posts, he figured he was about to participate in some kinky sex...he was wrong. The thing that Shahrazad really gets off on his tickling hairy men. She loves the feeling on their hair running through her fingers as she makes them squiggle and squirm across the bed. She also loves hearing the sounds that come out of John's mouth as he screams and yelps out for mercy. The more she tickles him, the more she gets turned on, so maybe John will get kinky sex after all ..... but not likely, as she informs him that she has permanently tied him to her bed. Now she will be able to get off on him whenever she wants to!

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After Aaron receives a strange phone call from his co-workers telling him to take off his socks and wait for them in his office, he is trying to figure out what they have in store for him. But he quickly finds out as they each grab a foot and begin tickling them viscously! Charlotte shows no mercy as she pinches his feet while Jaguar goes for the softer approach. Between the two of them, Aaron is suffering tremendously and begs them to stop. The girls laugh at the man in agony as they tickle harder and deeper. His body jerks around as they tickle his sensitive soles and the agony becomes unbearable. The women tickle Aaron until he is sweating buckets. They eventually get the Christmas bonus that the were looking for, and Aaron is left wondering if this job is worth staying around for.

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Dani is upset that Rick who sooner go out that evening with her instead of spending quality time at home with her. But her idea of quality time isn't exactly what Rick had in mind. He may sound like he is having fun while Dani's fingers and picking and pinching him all over his body. Dani makes sure that she always get her way and he knows it too. Rick likes to have quality time with Dani only when it is on his time, not hers. Well, Dani is making sure he doesn't forget who is boss.

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Mistress Andra caught her slave Aaron trying on her panties. Well, that kind of behavior is just simply not allowed from a slave! She ties him up and stuffs the panties in his mouth so the whole city won't have to hear his desperate cries as she tortures his entire body with her long, sharp nails. Aaron will do anything to stop Mistress Andra.... except that he's tied up and helpless! His naked body is her scratching post and just like a cat, she's going to shred him to pieces.

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When Jamesy planned on getting tied up he was expecting some fun Saturday night kinky sex! But what he got caused a little more laughter. Foxy seems to like how the little guy is all tied up and defenseless, she teases him a little by stroking his ribs but then she's soon digging her fingers in and teasing his muscles into some delicate spasms. She tickles his feet and blows raspberries on his stomach. He has such a laughing fit that he can barely breath! He sure didn't get what he wanted... but at least there was a smile on his face for the whole way through.

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Silly J seems to have "forgotten" to pay Charlotte for her services. So now Charlotte is going to make J pay for his grave mistake. She has got him tied-up in a most uncomfortable position, and he has got no escape. Charlotte knows just how to touch a man and make him scream, so she has no problem getting her victim to suffer quickly, and viciously. She digs her strong fingers deep into his sensitive body, and he is sent squirming like a fish out of the ocean! His eye's squint as her fingers make contact with his most sensitive spots, and he screams like there is no tomorrow. But he is going to have to squirm a lot more violently and scream a lot louder if he wants Charlotte to end this terrifying tickle torture!

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There is nothing that China Doll loves more than seeing a guy squirm around in pure agony. Lucky for her, Donny is insanely ticklish, and she get to watch him squirm and beg for mercy at the same time! His body tenses up as her fingers make contact with his skin and soon he is frantically flopping around the bed like he is having a seizure! Her little fingers penetrate all of his ticklish areas and he begins to suffer intensely. He screams out in pain and begs her to stop, but this is just too pleasuring for China Doll to stop now. She wants to see him suffer beyond anything he has ever experienced - and judging by the pain in his eyes, I think it is fair to say that she succeeds.

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The most ticklish belly button is here! Brad is under a brutal belly button attack from Sally, and he is in agony. She barely has to even poke it and he is howling! His belly button is so tickling that he can barely talk let alone breathe! He struggles to get out of his shackles, but all the squirming in the world won't help him now. Sally shows no remorse as she inflicts a terrible amount of suffering on her poor victim. His face reveals his utter agony as she unmercifully attacks his belly button with fierce. He is going to have stomach aches for weak after this workout! I have never seen a more ticklish belly button than this one!

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Lexi teaches this guy a lesson in tickling. She straps him into a chair and then begins the torture. Unlike other victims, this guy tries to bribe his way out, offering to let her ride on his back to restaurants, and he also tries complimenting her as a way to end the suffering. Lexi does not budge. At the end of it, all that is left is an one exhausted guy strapped into a chair.

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Susan knows how to really get to Slayde: strap him to the stairs and tickle the hell out of him. Being so much larger than him, she easily ties him back and goes to work. The little guy immediately breaks out into a fit of giggles as the amazonian Susan works her strong fingers around his rib-cage. He laughs like a wild little schoolgirl, which only provokes Susan to keep going harder. One thing Susan wasn't expecting: Slayde secretly enjoys to be mercilessly tortured, and is willing to take more and more. She might need some help from her friends with this little guy!

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When Chinadoll discovers that Stan has cashed in all of her empty beer bottles, she is furious. So to get him back, she has tied him to a pole for everybody to see and inflicts a brutal round of tickle torture on his sensitive body. He screams and giggles like a little girl as her skinny fingers easily dig into his ribs and armpits. He squirms around trying to escape, but it is useless. Chinadoll is thoroughly enjoying his pain, and does everything she can to make it even worse.

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Gaby is pretty picky about her place. She keeps a clean house and that's the way it is. But Ricky dropped his dirty boxers and somehow forgot about them. Now, for forgetting about his mess he's going to have to deal with her punishment. He's tied to the railing and is about to learn about her entertaining pastime. She loves to tickle watch him struggle as she searches out his soft spots. His soft armpits are the best making him squirm in agony as he begs for her to give him a break. Maybe she will after this bad boy is set straight.

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Renee has got Ricky tied up because he has some pretty dirty feet that are in need of a cleaning. Looks like Renee is the only one brave enough to take on the task, and it's not going to be an easy one. She needs all sorts of tools the get Ricky's feet in good shape, tooth brush, hair brush, duster, the list goes on, but all those tools are too much for Ricky to handle. Ricky is so ticklish, it's no wonder he didn't clean them before.

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Ricky's been bad and now he has both girls to deal with. He begs to get down, Ricky knows why they are there. Renee and Gaby are there for some tickling, after all it's their favorite thing to do. The girls start off on the sides but even this is too much for Ricky. He can't talk he is laughing so hard, but Ricky really wants to know why they are doing this?! Renee and Gaby take his cries as begging for more, but they explain that he's been a really bad boy and they aren't stopping until he screams. It's too bad, Ricky wants to scream but he can't cause he laughs to hard, will he ever get it out?

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