F/M tickle torture.


Sadako and Charlotte are in action again. The victim? Who else could be, than our Chris. He thought he's smart, and told the girls, his feet aren't ticklish, but they wanted to see that on their own. It's actually hard to believe about somebody as ticklish as he's, just not ticklish on his feet. Chris didn't second...two... three....and that's it, he just couldn't hold it back anymore. Screaming, struggling, swearing, ....then begging .... in this order. But they stopped only way much later. Death meat again. As usually.

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Gaby is pretty picky about her place. She keeps a clean house and that's the way it is. But Ricky dropped his dirty boxers and somehow forgot about them. Now, for forgetting about his mess he's going to have to deal with her punishment. He's tied to the railing and is about to learn about her entertaining pastime. She loves to tickle watch him struggle as she searches out his soft spots. His soft armpits are the best making him squirm in agony as he begs for her to give him a break. Maybe she will after this bad boy is set straight.

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Renee has got Ricky tied up because he has some pretty dirty feet that are in need of a cleaning. Looks like Renee is the only one brave enough to take on the task, and it's not going to be an easy one. She needs all sorts of tools the get Ricky's feet in good shape, tooth brush, hair brush, duster, the list goes on, but all those tools are too much for Ricky to handle. Ricky is so ticklish, it's no wonder he didn't clean them before.

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Ricky's been bad and now he has both girls to deal with. He begs to get down, Ricky knows why they are there. Renee and Gaby are there for some tickling, after all it's their favorite thing to do. The girls start off on the sides but even this is too much for Ricky. He can't talk he is laughing so hard, but Ricky really wants to know why they are doing this?! Renee and Gaby take his cries as begging for more, but they explain that he's been a really bad boy and they aren't stopping until he screams. It's too bad, Ricky wants to scream but he can't cause he laughs to hard, will he ever get it out?

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B-star loves tickling the feet of new victims, but this guy swears he is not ticklish. He is so confident that B-star will not be able to make him laugh that they bet on it. B-star begins tickling his feet and it seems as though he can hold back his laughter pretty well. But when B-star finds his secret spots, he can not hold back the laughter anymore, and he bursts at the seams! And even though B-star has won the bet, she continues tickling her poor victim with fierce. He though he was such a strong man that could take anything, but little B-star was able to bring him out of his shell and make him suffer!

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Damien has no idea how he has gotten in this situation, but that is the least of his concerns at the moment. Michael is right in the middle of unleashing a fury of tickling on Damien's extremely ticklish body. Damien giggles like a child as he squirms around in pain. Michael watches him with glee in his eye, as he loves seeing Damien suffer. Damien begs him to stop as he presses his strong fingers deeper and deeper into his flesh, but Michael ignores. The only problem that Michael is running into is finding a spot on Damien's body that isn't ticklish! Judging by how much Damien is suffering, and how much Michael is enjoying himself, this could go on for awhile.

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When Michael was getting tied up the two girls told him he was in for a regular threesome -- but when Bunny and Lynn start to pinch and poke, he realizes that he's in for something really different! The two lovely girls want to have a little fun of their own and torture little Michael for kicks. He laughs and turns away, giggling and crying for help, but there's nobody else around. He's going to have to take the punishment, and hope they tire before his funny nerves give out!

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Lynn is going to get to the bottom if this once and for all. Her friends at the bar have been telling her that her boyfriend Michael has been kissing other girls. There's only one way Lynn can get the truth out of him and that's a little old fashioned tickling. She starts in on his belly and armpits. It tickles so much but Michael swears he's telling the truth. It's all a lie he claims but Lynn isn't that stupid and she's not about to stop this torture. She's determined to get it out of him weather or not it's really the truth. She tickles him all over until he's panting like a dog. She decides that this is her chance to really get the boyfriend she's wanted all along. She tickles a home cooked meal out of the little bugger. Now only if he could make it out of those cuffs.

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Although the whole story just started as a corporeal punishment by administering a good, healthful spanking, the situation changed quickly when the smart Mistress realized, that much greater the effect if the punishment is tickling. Unbelievable, but this extremely skinny submissive male just can't take it at all. He's so ticklish, even the fresh breeze makes him laughing and screaming like crazy. How bed he couldn't take more tickling....but he's extremely skinny, that's a fact.

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The big beautiful Mistress has this extremely skinny slave for long years now and they plays out a lots of fantasies but this is the very first time doing a tickle torture scenario. The skinny slave was able to avoid it so far as he hates being tickled so much, he would change it for anything. Because of he's a very good slave otherwise and very devoted to the Mistress she is really gentle with him after she sees he's much more ticklish than any average people. Even the little breeze would make him laughing so sensitive he is. Unbelievable, but looks like he still likes it. Actually, we did too. Just could go a bit longer.

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BRAD 18.

Brad really hates getting his feet tickled, and the fact that Lexi is using an electric toothbrush is making it that much worse! She drags the rough bristles along his sensitive skin despite his begging and pleading for her to stop. He laughs hysterically as the brush passes over his heels and ankles, and he simply goes insane when she brushes in between his toes. His squirming and suffering reach it's climax towards the end of the clip, and Brad simply can not take any more torture. Little does he know Lexi is doing him a favor - dentists say to brush three times a day, and she is just helping him reach that goal!

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BRAD 16.

Charlotte and Cherry changed for kinky this time. Poor Brad - as we know - ticklish everywhere, the girls still want to discover some new spots and targeting his bum. Well, Brad did not disappoint them, his bum is truly ticklish. On the top of that, they tickled his pretty feet as well, so no wonder, poor guy got near to death. Laughing like crazy - that can't even properly describe what really happened. Agony - that's a better word.

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BRAD 15.

Somehow Brad seems to have gotten an exactly equal great mark to China Doll in biology 105, 92%. He was sitting right behind her and it seems like China Doll doesn't like cheaters! She'll make him confess to his crime though a tough punishment of tickling! Using a brutal electric toothbrush to the soft soles of his sensitive feet Brad will have to squeal and take the punishment, and hope that he's never caught again.

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BRAD 14.

Sally has had just about enough of her fiancee Brad's stinginess with their money, so she decides to take matters into her own 'hands'. She knows that Brad's weakness is his sensitive belly. Strapping him to the wall, she puts him in a vulnerable position, tickling him until he gives her what she wants. He suffers as she digs her fingers deeper and deeper into his flesh. However, Brad is as proud as he is ticklish, and he struggles to stand by his resolve, while laughing hysterically. Sally persists, knowing full well that Brad is no man when it comes to being tickled.

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BRAD 13.

If Brad thinks that ordering take-out is sufficient for Lexi's appetite, he is severely wrong. To punish him, Lexi has tied him up in the kitchen and begins giving him a terrible tickle torture. Brad's feet are incredibly ticklish, so when Lexi and her little fingers crawl across his feet, he begins laughing like a schoolgirl. He giggles as her fingers scratch the bottom of his feet, and when she pulls out the lotion, Brad begs her to put it away. But Lexi squirts it on anyways, and he is laughing uncontrollably without her even touching him! She rubs the lotion all over his sensitive skin, leaving him in a state of shock. The tickling is becoming too much for Brad to handle, but it is a necessary punishment if she is going to get him to cook!

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BRAD 12.

Charlotte and Cherry wanted to do some exercises in the park nearby to their house, but they couldn't even start yet, when a stranger guy arrived and tried to hit on them. There was two options: just leave, or ....the better way, teach him a lesson of good behavior. They decided they'll choose the second one. They easily overpowered him, as he already enjoyed even their touch on hos body, hoping for more. Well, he just got much more, he bargained for. They tickled him all over on his body. As we know already they very wicked and talented in tickle torturing somebody, especially when they're pissed off enough. Like this time. Mission perfectly accomplished.

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