F/M tickle torture.


Double trouble for the two bad house slave. Two Mistresses teamed up for double fun by tickling the two worthless worms. Actually they really behave like worms, the tickling made them even more that. It's a quite short but very intensive naked full body tickle torture clip, enjoy it!

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Little Pet is in love again, as usually. Large size lady again, as usually. He was stealing flowers from her garden, that actually wanted to give for her. She did not appreciate his action of "true love", that's how Little Pet ended up in her dungeon, totally tied up on the bed, naked like a newborn. She decided to teach him a lesson, that might can cool down the "fire in his heart" for her. Tickle torture is one of her favorite type punishment, funny and very spectacular, when the subject is ticklish enough. Well, Little Pet definitely did not disappoint her with his ticklishness.

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Little Pet is in the deepest trouble of his life. The biggest Mistress of the dungeon hogtied him for a full body thorough tickling, unexpectedly. The problem, he did not go to the bathroom before that, and from the first second of the torture he felt he has to go badly. He was too shy and embarrassed to tell the huge Mistress what's the problem, and she actually did not want to know anything about his misery. Little Pet begged, struggled and hoped he can go through the happening without "accident", but....He tinkled, and tinkled again, till she noticed and shouted at him. Then he peed himself even more.

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Little Pet is very slow up there, in his head. His Mistress is extremely mad with him, that more than 6 hours she's still doing his tickle torture punishment. And he's still silly enough to argue with her. Who is that stupid, really deserves a good full body very intensive tickling, from head to toe. Little Pet is truly ticklish, so this clip is honestly really enjoyable.

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Mistress Charlotte warns her little tickle slut that the sound he can hear behind him is not for his pleasure but for his punishment. Fully hogtied and going nowhere her slave can only try and endure the torture coming his way. Mistress Charlotte starts by vibrating his soles but finds a more sensitive target. His tiny toes. She gets right in between knowing that his little piggies belong to her now. The pulse sends ticklish waves through his body. His master knows his body better than he does.

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Double trouble for the two bad house slave. Two Mistresses teamed up for double fun by tickling the two worthless worms. Actually they really behave like worms, the tickling made them even more that. It's a quite short but very intensive naked full body tickle torture clip, enjoy it!

Category: Tickling    Duration: 02:55    Format: WMV    File Size: 27 MB    Clip ID: 48575

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The big question is, for who was this fun? Definitely not for the tiny little naked male fully tied in the dungeon down on the bed. The quite large size is sitting on his stomach and chest with full weight .... and tickling him with pleasure but with no mercy. Poor little victim was begging for that, but this Dominatrix loved tickle torturing him that much, she just couldn't stop, especially because she was still mad with the little impostor for previous mistakes and disrespectful behavior. Because this little guy has huge heart and is in love with her. Who dares he?! Understandably she has to correct this immediately.

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Little Pet made a huge mistake, when he started lecturing our Lady Domina in the office, how should she do her job. He's very angry about everything she did on did not, that's why she decided to help her poor frustrated boss. She quickly tied him to the chair and...started taking off his clothing and...started intensively tickling him. Well, I don't think he loved it, but the tickle torture definitely took away his attention from everything else, because he's one of the most ticklish person we know.

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Little Pet is silly, and hopelessly in love with the BBW Mistress. She decided she really has to clear his sick mind with an effective tickle torture. He's fully tied on the cross, in the dungeon...and still trying to be "macho" and cute, telling her about his dreams, that always include her. Well, this is very strict and well proportioned tickle torture, no doubt of that.

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Two Mistresses tickle torture two slaves at the same time. The victims are Little Pet and slave Kevin. This time they are introduced in the dungeon to the tickle torture, to this special version. Not only they have to suffer their own tickling, but at the same time they have to witness the same torture of the other slave. The tormentors are one of the most experienced very talented ticklers.

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Little Pet wants to marry Domina, He loves her incredible height, muscular thighs and her strong, tight ass. But when Domina hears about Little Pet's disgusting fantasies she tells him she would never let such a short tiny boy even touch her. She tickles him so she can torture clean his perverted little mind. But Little Pet continues telling her his twisted dreams. He wants to run his hands all over her massive amazonian physique and have children with her. Such ridiculous dreams for such a pathetic little man.

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Although Little Pet loves the big and strong girls, sometimes they leave him tied up for the smaller sizes Mistresses too to use and abuse for their fun. He's a great tickle torture subject, and our expert loves that a lot. She's not really in a good mood, but an intensive tickle torture session always able to cheer her up. Little Pet is laughing like crazy, begging her to stop, he's do anything for that. Charlotte is grumpy a little, lectures him meanly, but the little man's suffering is so funny, finally she gets back her cheerfulness and happy balance.

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Little Pet wasn't always Little Pet. He was a respected president of a big company, people feared him for his strictness....till these two secretaries came to the company and took control over him. They are dominant, they made him their slave, and they use and abuse him since that all the time. Sometimes they want something certain then they use new methods, like this time. Time for tickle torture, to reach the goal they desire. They tickle his little body from head to toe. Although he wanted to quit, they drove him into slavery again with their tickling skill and expertise. They are definitely the greatest.

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Little Pet still worships and adores her favorite Mistress and still wants to marry her. She's not too excited about his idea and trying to put him on the right track regarding their relationship. Little Pet doesn't want to understand she's refusing him, and sometimes in her flower garden, other time on her roof admiring her from distance. When he gets too close she needs to do a little treatment to slow him down, and that's actually tickle torture, that proved to be the most effective and long lasting. Especially foot tickling, specialized with electric toothbrush. Always works that one.

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Theres a thief about and Mistress Vita and Domina Akasha have a prime suspect. Their five foot two slave is accused of stealing chocolate and he is no match for the giant Vita and six foot tall girl as these amazonian beauties dish out some tickle punishment. The puny slave is racked and given some harsh treatment by his masters as his body is tickle tortured. The large ladies grab his sides and squeeze his ticklish frame until he`s whining like a little girl. There`s no place his body can go as the tall and big girls have arms that can reach those especially hard to get tickle spots.

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Although he's a very small size guy, he has a huge heart and even bigger mouth. He told everybody in the city that the beautiful Dominatrix is his wife and they have 7 children together. Well, he's only a simple house slave in the dungeon where this beautiful girl is a very popular Professional Dominatrix, but that's it.
She just heard what he said about her and extremely pissed off. Now he has to pay the price for every word and not even on a simple way. He has to go through a severe tickle torture with the help with another slave with absolutely no mercy.
And guess what? Even after that cruel treatment, he still loves her. Little man with big heart.

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