F/M tickle torture.

RIP 6.

Madison is so smart you wouldn't believe that. When an ugly guy was aggressively was hitting on her at the bar where she's the bartender, she already knew she has to do something weird to take the stress and frustration away. She pretended she likes the asshole and tricked him to strip for her with a promise that she'll do the same thing for him. The guy was horny and into everything but for his biggest surprise after he was already totally tied with no escape sexy Madison did not strip at all but started to tickle torture his not at all attractive body, not missing one inch, touching even his tiny privet area spots. She gave him a good lesson to remember how not to behave in the future.

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Charlotte and Cherry are really mad with Greg, he was talking about them not with respect. Good friends told them about how he described their bums, so they decided to have a little fun with his bum. Luckily captured him easily, totally tied up with free access to his backside and started to tickle him all over his body. Finally they got to his ass and came out that was his most ticklish spot. Maybe that's why he loves talking about asses? He has an ass fetish?

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Boys and girls regularly go out together, and after some crazy party they just don't want o go home alone, and want to continue the fun. This time the boys hoped for some hot fun....well, they got hot enough fun, but totally different they wished for. They won't forget that crazy night and surely will avoid these two girls anywhere they'll meet them in the future. They are definitely dangerous.

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Jaguar suffered too much when Greg tickled her before. And Jaguar won't forget that easily. This is the time, when she can get her revenge, as Greg is fully tied on the bed, with no escape. Greg was very macho man in the beginning, calling her names, scaring her.....Jaguar is a big girl, did not even react, just tickled him further. Then Greg changed and ended up a cry baby, screaming and begging for mercy. Well, Jaguar doesn't know that word.....she tickled him till she wanted and enjoyed.

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Greg is crazy for the attention of cute pretty girls like Charlotte and Cherry and for that he was willing to undergo a tickle torture session bound to the bed. That means no escape and definitely no mercy from the girls, as they enjoyed extremely tickling him. After the first minute the tickling got very intensive and finally Greg realized what is happening. Although tickling is usually not really fun for the victims, this guy still doesn't show any signs of his dislike. He still loved the whole story, the girls were pretty enough for that.

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This is Greg's first time at all having a tickle torture clip. This is the first time he is tied up on the cross , he can't escape, and professional tickler Jaguar is having fun with this "tickle virgin" fully armed with her meanest techniques and imagination. Greg is really fresh in the beginning but after a while he realizing this is not a joke. The most moderated opinion of him regarding Jaguar - "You're the Devil!" And he meant it, because Greg is so honest, he says what he feels all the time. I don't envy Jaguar when she'll be the victim in his hands next time.

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Jose is in big trouble. He pissed off the two girls, Elsa and Jennifer, they captured him and here he is now fully tied up at their mercy. And believe me, there's no mercy at those girl's dictionary. They're armed with two wicked tooth brushes and tickle every inches on his tiny little feet. He's extremely ticklish and begs for mercy but they enjoy his suffering so much, they don't want to stop at all. Jose screams million times - Not the toes, not the sole - they just wickedly laugh at him. Will they stop ever? Will he survive?

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Elsa and Jennifer found little Jose's outside the insane asylum down the street. They thought it might be fun to tickle a crazy person, boy were they wrong. They tied Jose all up and began to work their magic, They tickled Jose all over and before they knew it, he's laughing so hard he's drooling on himself like a toddler. Elsa and Jennifer soon see that this kid still needs his blanket, but this doesn't stop them quite yet. They continue regardless of his high pitch girlish screams. Elsa and Jennifer love to tickle so much they'll never stop, even with Jose's heinous voice.

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Beautiful Taesia is very mad with little Jose who was really bad when he tickled her tiny little pretty feet. She wants to have her revenge on the little impostor by tickling him back on his sensitive feet. Finally she tricked him and put him in strong bondage so he couldn't get away. At first she spent a little time tickling his surprisingly small size and very pretty feet with her finger nails and then she cam out with her cruel weapons, electrical tooth brushes. Jose simply went crazy and screamed like a little girl. She was having a good time and only let him go because she had to go but she said she'll be back soon....

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Jose is just all talk and no man - Hearing his screams and cries will make you feel like you were being tortured as well. So now he's been hogtied by Jamesy and with Elsa's help they're going to try and teach him a lesson about running off his big, loud, blabber mouth. The little guy giggles and squeals like some insane hyena as they both tickle his little feet. It's terrible to hear but it's something you can't put aside, it's scary.

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The six foot two, Mistress Elizabeth is going to have her fun with the little five foot four Jose while he is tided to the wall. No getting away from this big amazon woman. She is going to make sure that she gets all of his ticklish spots. No leaving any body parts out today but after what she finds in this belly button, she is not going there any more! Jose is screaming and laughing like a little girl. This makes mistress want to tickle him even more. Mistress sure doesn't care that he isn't having fun because she sure is!

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Taesia has little Jose right where she wants him. He doesn't have a clue what's coming. Before he knows it, she's digging into his ribs with her fingernails. He wails like a siren! Then she tickles under his arms and he explodes into giggly laughter like a little girl. He kicks and screams and tries desperately to get away but Taesia has him locked up good and he's gonna have to take it like a tiny man.

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Roommates Stanley and Jose catch Ava using their foot bath. The nerve of this girl! For punishment they shackle her ankles and go to work on those ginormous feet of hers, tickling and tickling until she can't take it any more. Oh she begs for them to stop, but they are not happy to have their foot bath soiled with a woman's big feet. Only when she promises to replace their bath do they leave her to consider her wrong-doing.

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Charlotte and Sadako enjoyed the last tickle session with Christ so much, they wanted to repeat the joy. Chris is up on the cross again, bound but not gagged, so they can hear perfectly his laughter, screaming, swearing, etc. That makes the enjoyment even stronger. They made him so tired, we've never seen him in that condition before. Just like a cry baby, he complained and begged, again and again. Then he called them "bitches, who have nails", and that really wasn't lucky turn considering finally ending his tickling. They just went on even harder. This time he really got a true tiring treatment from those two.

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Although Chris did not want to be ever again a tickle victim, after a while being away he still returned to our studio. Sally already long time ago wanted to tickle him, somehow that just never realized. Well, this is her time now, he's all hers. She's sharing the joy with his friend, Chris is actually big enough challenge for both of them. Because - don't forget that - Chris is the "screaming one".

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Poor Chris was doing some exercises in the gym, nobody around, so peaceful... when a crazy girl just appeared from nowhere, and started tickling him, with no reason. Actually she named the reason, but sound just silly - because his white shorts that he was wearing. Our crazy girl, Charlotte actually doesn't need any reason, when she wants tickling somebody, mostly that is happening. She didn't need ropes for bondage either, simple scissor-hold kept him back from escaping. Charlotte must be in terrible mood, because she attacked mostly his skinny bum, finding one of his most ticklish spot there. Chris suffered a great deal again - as usually, and he decided to move out from town, just to avoid that crazy tickle bitch.

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