These ladies don't joke, they truly love it.


As Stan is about to find out, stealing Lynn's expensive food is a no-no. To teach the little thief a lesson, she crushes his fragile balls with a number of devastating kicks to his jewels. His balls turn into complete mush as she lands kick after kick square on his nut sack. She also delivers some ball crushing blows by driving her knee right into his dick. He eventually keels over from the pain, but she is still stomping and crushing his balls! Stan definitely learns his lesson after this abuse, so maybe he should make her some meatballs as an apology!

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Sleeping on the job? What is this? Amateur slave night? Well Aaron gets a painful lesson from Mistress Andra when she catches him sleeping, and she decides to teach him that lesson using his fragile little balls. She kicks them with great force, causing Aaron to bend over in agonizing pain. He tries to cover his balls, but her powerful kicks go right through his hands. Now that his balls resemble scrambled eggs, I think Aaron has learned that sleeping on the job is not tolerable.

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Charlotte thought it would be a beautiful day for a jog. But little did she know her afternoon would be interrupted by an annoying admirer. This man just wont leave her alone. Another park pervert becomes another victim of Charlotte`s brutal kicking power. She swipes at him with a set of deadly combos using her robust knees and legs to punish his balls. The wuss tries to back away but this deadly female predator is intent on stamping her authority, all over his ball sack.

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Jose surprises Taesia by grabbing her great ass when she's working out. Is he ever gonna get it! Nobody grabs her ass without permission. To teach him a lesson she gives him a good hard kick to the balls. Followed by another. And another. Oh he says he's sorry, but it's a bit late for an apology. Taesia's gonna make sure he never makes a mistake like that again. She kicks him over and over in the nuts until he's about ready to throw up. She leaves him writhing on the ground wishing he never grabbed that booty.

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Aaron has had his eye on the bartender for the entire night, and now that it is starting to get late, he goes in for some action. He tries to pick up the beautiful girl with a lame pick-up line, but she tells him no. But even though she has told him that she is not interested, he persists. And once he begins trying to grope her, she has had enough. She comes out from behind the bar and begins crushing his testicles with a series of ball busting kicks. She shows no mercy to the injured man as she nails his balls harder and harder with each devastating blow. Aaron is obviously in extreme pain, but his drunkenness keeps him from falling to the ground, which just enables Caren to kick him more! But eventually the agonizing pain catches up with Aaron and what used to be his balls, and he crumbles to the ground. He curls up in pain but that is not stopping Caren. He crawls out of the bar with Caren right behind him kicking his ass through the door!

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B-star only has so much patience when dealing with rude waiters, and today she has had enough. Using her big heavy boots, she kicks him right in his balls - completely crushing them. Her devastating kicks land on his balls every time, and it feels like a truck is running into him. He tries to get away, but B-star wants to make sure he learns his lesson. By then time she is done with him, his balls are nothing but a sack of mush!

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When Mistress Charlotte finds some strange naked slave cleaning up her dungeon (and doing a -poor job of it), she has to teach the little intruder a lesson. With his balls completely exposed, Mistress Charlotte launches her boot right into the little sack, causing the man the hunch over in pain. And just as he catches his breath, she lands another brutal boot to his balls, causing severe pain to shoot through his body. He apologizes immensely to the powerful woman, but all she really wants to hear is the sound of suffering coming from his mouth. So she delivers kick after kick to his crushed balls, leaving him a a painful, infertile mess.

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Renee's not happy with the job Ricky has been do with the laundry, he put something red in with her whites and turned everything pink. She's not going to stand for this overt laziness. Renee is sent into a mad rage when Ricky admits that he's been doing it on purpose to get out of doing any chores. He fights back - You're the woman, you're suppose to do the laundry! Uh oh, now he's done it, he's really pissed her off. "This is the 21st century!" She kicks him right in the balls, over and over until he's crying like a little girl.

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Aaron likes big, round asses, and there aren't many that are nicer than Caren's. Little does he know that Caren is as tough as she is sexy, and she won't let any man mess with her. As she climbs up the ladder, with her thick legs and ass hanging out of her little pink undies, Aaron starts to feel her up. Not a good idea, as Caren decides to lay a beating on him. She repeatedly kicks his balls so hard that he probably won't be having any in this lifetime. Every kick sends ripples of pain through Aaron's flabby body. He collapses to the ground in pain, not able to take any more, but Caren's not through with him yet. She squats on his face, rubbing herself off while suffocating poor Aaron. Sometimes you get more than you asked for.

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Angel is very surprised when some strange shrimp come barging into her house asking her for a date. He had seen her on the street and followed her to her home, but he is going to wish that he hadn't. Angel begins crushing his fragile balls with a number of brutal kicks to his sack using her incredibly long legs. It doesn't take long for his horniness to fade as her painful kicks smash his big balls. He tries to protect his nuts with his hands, but nothing stops Angel and her long legs from kicking the little pervert. This little guy is going to have nightmares about tall women for a long time!

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As Rick is about to painfully find out, Charlotte doesn't care much for peeping perverts. So when she spots him staring at her from behind the fence, she sets him straight by viciously kicking him the balls. She doesn't seem to miss once as the flurry of kicks land square on his sack. He hunches over in pain and tries to protect his balls, but Charlotte's fierce kicks have no trouble kicking through his hands and squishing his balls. I hope Rick wasn't planning on starting a family, because his nuts have been annihilated.

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Stan can be so lazy. He never does any chores around the house and Lynn is sick of it. To put him in line, she inflicts pain on him that he has never felt before. She uses brutally hard kicks and painful knees to his groin to punish him for his lazy ways. Stan looks like he is going to cry as his balls throb from the mighty kicks. She drives her knee square into his sack without remorse, leaving Stan in a world of agony. If this agonizing abuse doesn't fix Stan's ways, then nothing will!

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Trampelina is nothing but an old dirty thief! He has snuck into Caren and Lydia's house and is trying to steal their very valuable painting! But when he is caught red-handed, the women make him pay. They brutally bust his balls with devastating kicks, but since he hunches over like a pussy, Caren is forced to hold his arms back while Lydia goes ballistic on his balls. Each kicks seems to be harder than the last, but Caren wants some of the action too. She kicks him with her long legs and he crumbles like a stale cracker. By the end of it, his balls are completely crushed. He is lucky that the women let him leave without further punishment, but I think that he will be enduring this pain for a very long time!

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Charlotte is very angry with Justin. Last night she got up to take a , and since he didn't put the toilet seat down she fell right in! Justin can barely contain his laughter when she tells him, but his mockery is only Charlotte of even more. She begins brutally kicking him in the balls with her black high heeled shoes. Justin crumbles to the floor like a little baby as the pain shoots through his entire body. But one kick is never enough. So she belts him over and over again with her pointy shoes and even presses down on his squished balls with so much force that it looks like his eyes are going to pop out of his head! The pain is overwhelming for Justin, but that's what he gets for mocking poor Charlotte!

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J is about to learn that yelling at his girlfriend in a public area is not the smartest idea, especially when his girlfriend's older, bigger, stronger sister is at her side. B-star can only take so much of J's abuse on her sister Lexi before she takes serious action. She lines the mouthy boyfriend up and delivers a horrendously brutal kick to his balls. He crumples like tinfoil as the strong woman laughs in his face. She kicks him over and over again square in the nuts, leaving his once fertile balls in a state of mush. All the women at the bar laugh at the pathetic man as he gets kicked violently in his balls. By the time B-star and her boots are done with J and his testes, he is complete agony and runs away like the little coward that he is. The girls celebrate their victory with a nice drink, as J runs away crying like a baby.

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Roger is nothing more than a young, stupid-ass slave. And he is going to pay for his stupidness by enduring multiple powerful kicks to his most fragile and sensitive area. Lady Violet absolutely crushes his little nads with a series of extremely painful kicks. She even drives her knee into his balls a few times for good measure. Then, once he falls to the ground in pain, she presses down on his dick with great force, completely flattening it. Now he knows that slaves have to learn everything the hard way.

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