These ladies don't joke, they truly love it.


Monika is just finishing her lovely meal when all of a sudden the delivery guy comes back in and starts complaining about her tip! Monika is not pleased with him so she begins kicking the crap out of his balls. He tries to protect them with his hands but her kicks are too powerful to defend against. She nails him in the balls over and over again, and soon they turn into mush. Rip's balls are looking more like scrambled eggs than anything else at this point, and I bet it is the last time that he complains about his tip again.

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It's Eric's turn to sun tan and Melissa has been hogging the lawn chair all day. Eric tells her to beat it and it rubs her the wrong way. She is going to teach the little Eric how to talk to a lady. She starts kicking him right in the balls with her hard plastic sandals. She doesn't just stop there. She kicks him down the chair he loves so much and pedals him until tears start streaming down his face. It looks like he's going to get that tan he wanted, cause he's not going to be able to move anywhere for awhile.

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Jarvis has a way with women, he couldn't be reserved enough and simply stick to his sweet girlfriend Kim, he has to let it slide and sleep with another women. So now Tracy and Melissa, Kim's hit squad, have come to get some revenge on the player and teach him what women do to sleazy cheaters! They push him around and kick him brutally in the balls, he can barely stay on his feet and he begins to look very sick after a few moments. There's no relenting for these two, once they get the swing of it, they're excitement will be very tough to calm.

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Brad thinks he's a pretty strong guy who can stand up to any kind of punishment, especially from a girl - But now he's about to find out exactly what Lynn is capable of doing. After losing a bet moments ago, he's going to have to stand up to 3 minutes of pure punishment (with no blocking or fighting back) from the girl he thinks is so scrawny. At first he's laughing, but soon he may never walk again.

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Stanly doesn't know how to just have one woman so B-Star is making sure that he doesn't forgot who he is suppose to be with. He pretends that being kicked in the balls doesn't hurt, but she knows that he is in pain and that is exactly what she wants! She is a tough girl and knows how to use her strength. Stupid Stanly doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut either! She just keeps kicking and kicking and kicking! Some guys have all the luck, eh?!

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So it was Jarvis' turn to cook for the house and he messed it up, he ended up watching TV and burned the rice. So what's the big deal? He wasn't even considerate enough to buy a take out meal from the nearby sushi joint! Lynn is sooo angry and for the next 4 minutes it's going to be pure agony for his sorry balls. At first he takes it like some macho man, shrugging off his mistake, but after the first minute of Lynn's assault to the groin, he'll regret that TV was ever invented.

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Chris is very confident now since he signed up to YMCA and regularly goes for training his body and muscles. He dares to challenge 6'3" tall Amazon Ava that he can take her kick on his balls with her never ending long strong legs. At first she was very gentle with him but when he started to run his mouth how strong he is that pissed her off and started to kick much stronger. The result: big mouth Chris crying down on the floor and he just doesn't want to challenge her anymore, doesn't even want to go anywhere she goes. I guess he must move to YMCA 24/7 if he wanted to challenge Amazon Ava again. Boy, she really can kick, I've never seen so clear and strong kicks on the ball as hers.

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There are some rumors around school, Jose has been telling everyone that Liz and Elsa have crushes on him. Liz and Elsa are mortified, Jose is the most grossest guy in the whole school. Elsa and Liz have to prove to everyone that they don't like him. Do do so, they are going to beat that little shit to the ground. Liz runs in from behind and Grabs Jose leaving him open for Elsa, Elsa takes the opportunity and kicks him straight in the nuts. The wind's knocked out of him instantaneously but Liz is tough and she ain't letting go any time soon. It also seem Jose isn't giving up either, he straightens himself up and taunts the girls, claiming he knows for a fact they like him. Of course this only makes Liz and Elsa even more mad, So they both go at it. Liz throws him to the floor and Elsa and her take turns stomping on his small piece of shit dicks. they humiliate him to the point of tears, 'til he finally confesses he made the whole thing up.

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Working hard in life is an essential personality trait of B-Star. Making money and keeping her life in order is essential! But her lazy roommate Stan doesn't seem to understand that. He has just been lazing around all summer and B-Star's had enough of it. She's going to kick his nuts until some sense has gotten into him, until he understands that she's not going to spot him next months rent! He takes a great deal of pain before he goes down and makes the right decision... before he possibly loses something essential to his life.

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Mila's butt looked so nice (big, round, beautiful) and tempting that Chris just had to sneak up behind her and feel it for himself, pinching it with his little bony fingers. So, now for the next few minutes he is going to pay for his action with an equally (you decide) opposite reaction - involving her feet and his balls! It may be a little cruel, but little Chris is going to learn his lesson one way or another, while Mila has a little fun (playing with him like a teddy bear or soccer ball). The bruises will fade in time, but he'll probably never like a nice again.

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Jamesy had enough! He's done, that's it. He's not going to be Mistress Foxy's slave anymore. He's had enough of her abuse. Stupid pathetic Slave Jamesy is crazy, he can't think for himself. Mistress Foxy is going to teach this dumb bitch a lesson. She is going to kick the shit out of his little prick of a dick. She starts kicking and kicking, but Jamesy's not going now so easy. He tries to hide the tears welling up and stand like a man. But Jamesy isn't a man, his a worthless excuse for a slave. The might Mistress Foxy slams her foot against his balls again. This time it hurts, it hurts really bad. Jamesy screams like a little girl who lost her favorite Barbie. Hopefully that stupid slave learns his lesson.

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Didn't Stan's mom tell him never to stare? It's just not polite to ogle someones body. And then he tells B-Star he wants it? Now he's just asking for it, and he gets it, a hard kick to the nuts. Now, B-Star has a boyfriend that she can practice on with some restraint, but Stan is free territory, there are no limits to the damage she can do. Her little kick is pretty deadly but Stan better watch out when it comes down to it, there's a Mammoth kick on the way. He'll be burping testosterone for a few weeks.

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Ken notices Elsa and wants to tell her he likes her. Elsa isn't really impressed with Ken and wants to make sure he is the man he claims to be. She wants him to stand for 4 minutes. What an easy request, so Ken thinks. Until Elsa lays on into him. Right on his balls. She starts kicking relentlessly. Ken didn't know what this is what she had in mind, but he wants to prove himself now. He tries his best to take Elsa's abuse but it doesn't take long til he's on the floor begging for mercy. Elsa doesn't care one bit. He lost, and now she's going to give it to him good. She jabs on his balls with her heels and makes the big man Ken cry like a little baby. This girl is crazy.

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Caren just wanted to order a few drinks, but Pierre, dumb as always, could not keep his hands off her hot ass. Caren may be a little drunk, but she knows how to deal with pathetic little perverts whenever she needs to. She delivers a swift kick right to his balls, and he nearly passes out from the pain. She digs her heels deep into his balls, and he can begin to taste his testicles rising up through his mouth. She crushes away at his balls, pounding them into a smooth jelly. I highly doubt Pierre will ever fuck with a girl like Caren again!

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LB thinks he is a big tough guy that can just boss poor little Lexi around. But when Charlotte sees his abusive ways on her good friend, she comes to the rescue. She crushes his balls with a fierce kick to the nuts, and he hunches over in severe pain. But one kick is never enough, so Charlotte kicks him over and over again with each kick landing harder than the last. The devastating kicks turn his fragile balls into mush, leaving him in complete agony as he curls up on the floor. But Lexi wants some action too, so she gets in there with some nasty blows to the balls. After this agonizing abuse, I think it is safe to say that LB won't be bothering Lexi anymore.

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Mistress Andra is in dire need of some kicking practice, and who better to kick than her small-balled slave Rick. She kicks him square in the nuts over and over again as he hunches over in pain. But showing his Mistress pain is not the brightest idea, as it will only make her kick harder. To ensure her kicks have the most impact, she orders him to stand up straight with his arms in the air as she crushes his sack over and over again. At least he won't have to deal with being horny ever again.

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