These ladies don't joke, they truly love it.



If Stan thinks that he can just sit on the couch all day drinking and watching Jerry Springer while Charlotte goes out and earns all the money, he is severely mistaken. To teach this lazy bum a lesson, Charlotte bust his balls with a flurry of powerful kicks to his jewels. He falls over in pain as his nuts throb from the devastating kicks. He tries begging her to stop, but Charlotte seems to be getting pleasure from his pain and just keeps kicking him in the balls. With no chance of procreation left for Stan, he eventually agrees to look for a job and help out with the rent - anything to stop this violent attack on his boys.

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When someone thinks they're tough their ego seems to grow uncontrollably. This could be the case with Jarvis. He's tough, but so is Megan. And when a few furious kicks land flat against his ball sac he'll think twice about his "glorious bragging". She nails him, but he's still standing tall, for the moment, in the next minute he falls to the floor groaning. Soon after she puts her foot to his groin (like a hard break in a car), Jarvis is screaming in agony. It a tough life to be "tough".

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After spazzing out on his girlfriend for ordering him the wrong drink, J is about to get a painful lesson in manners. The bartender has seen enough of his verbal abuse and puts an end to it by landing a powerful kick right on his balls. J is furious with her, but is completely helpless to stop her strong legs from crushing his balls. She kicks him so many times that he can barely stand, leaving the door wide open for his girlfriend Lexi to have a turn. She takes great joy in crushing his worthless balls and laughs at him as he groans in pain. These girls certainly showed him whose boss!

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After having an incredibly rude and perverted cable guy sent to fix Charlotte's TV, Charlotte has to punish the man for his 'touchy' ways. She crushes his balls with a insanely hard kick to the nuts, and follows it up with a downpour of kicks and knees to his jewels. She scrambles his balls like an egg by kicking him over and over again until he finally agrees to fix her TV. He might not have testicles anymore, but at-least Charlotte has cable again!

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Aaron seems to think that just because he is in a public place, that Caren is no longer his mistress. But he is going to learn that this is not true - in a very, very painful way. She drives her knee right into his balls as he sits on the bar stool, and he keels over in pain. She continues to kick his balls over and over again as he cries out in pain and begs for mercy. He can barely stand as she crushes his balls with each devastating kick, and before long his balls are completely mush. But Mistress Caren doesn't let up. She continues to drive her knee viciously into his ball sack, and soon he can take the pain no longer. He keels over onto the ground while we clutches his bruised balls in his hands. I am sure that after this brutal abuse that Aaron will not be so senseless and brave in the future.

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Slave J might have ran out of his first session with a sack full of busted balls, but he has come by hoping that this time it will be a little less painful, and a little more sensual. But he has no idea where he is, this is a place of pain, not pleasure. Mistress Charlotte continues where she left off last session by delivering a devastating kick to his already bruised balls. He curls up in pain as Mistress Charlotte kicks him again and again - square in the sack. She chases him and his mashed balls around the room as he begs her to stop. But Mistress Charlotte loves watching him suffer, and loves knowing that his balls are now completely infertile.

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There's a spiritual state that some can go into so that their bodies can resist pain. Few can do this and now little Chris knows he doesn't belong to that few. So why did he challenge Ava in the first place? She's a 6'3" Amazon woman, with a tough kick to match! He barely can stay on his feet while she takes his nuts on the skyride. Chris's moaning in anguish is terrible... and dangerous enough to make any mans balls shrink in terror. This is a challenge to watch.

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Rick needed some extra cash, so he sneaks into sleeping Evon's house to grab a few items. Obviously, he had no idea who he was messing with. Evon immediately delivers a swift kick to Rick's balls, immediately causing him to lose his breath. She demands for him to get out of the house, but doesn't even give him a chance to, as she continues to send powerful kicks to his crotch. Rick cries in pain and begs her to stop, but in a way, Evon enjoys beating the out of a man, especially beating in the place where it hurts the most. Kick after kick to the balls sends Rick to the ground, begging for mercy, but Evon isn't finished yet. She steps on his balls, and at the same time pulls is legs up, with all of her strength, sending Rick into a whole new world of pain. It's a surprise Rick's testicles haven't popped out of his mouth yet! Next time, Rick better knock when he wants to pay Evon a visit.

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When Mistress Andra calls for her slave, she expects her slave to come. But she's waiting. And Waiting -- until, finally slave Jason arrives. This is unacceptable... Now it's up to the Mistress to teach the Slave between Right and Wrong. For starters she kicks him square in the nuts, then again, twice as hard! He stumbles back and now he understands what he's in for. Laying on a barrage of kicks to Slave Jason's puny balls as he tries to pull through, she explains (as she steps on them as twists them around) that he will obey her orders. She's a very convincing teacher.

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Elsa is in the mood for some ball busting and who better to bust than stinky Jose. Elsa is sickened by the mere sight of this man and decides to get personal. She kicks him where it hurts, right on is pathetic excuse for male genitalia. She doesn't just do it once, oh no, she does it over and over again until she sends Jose to the ground in agony. Just when Jose thinks he's safe, Elsa is back for more, she means business, so she sticks the petal to the metal and grinds her stilettos into his balls. Jose is barely able to crawl aways after she's done with him.

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After hitting on one of his employees at the company picnic, LB is about to receive a painful lesson on how to treat his fellow workers. Charlotte tries to deal with his advances, but when he starts touching her she has had enough. She kicks her boss square in his sack, causing him to hunch over in pain. Her fury is unleashed as she kicks him again and again in his fragile area. He can barely stand as the pain shoots through his entire body, but that isn't stopping Charlotte from kicking him some more! She doesn't stop until he agrees to give her a raise and promotion, and the longer he holds out, the more pain he is forced to suffer!

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This horny little twerp is trying to flirt with Maya at the bar, and is being quite unsuccessful. Not many pick-up lines involve trying to touch a girl's breasts, so to stop the little perv she lands a number of knees and kicks right on his balls. They are completely crushed as she drives her strong feet into the sack, causing the little fool to fall to the ground in agony. He suffers severely as she stomps on his balls, turning them into mush. Seeing as though she has pretty much castrated him, I doubt he will ever be horny again!

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Slayde and his balls should have thought twice before confronting the powerful Evon and her devastating kicks. Slayde falls like a ton of bricks as her big foot strikes his fragile balls with so much force that even YOU will cringe! He is able to slowly get back up onto his feet, but he isn't able to stay up for long. His mushy balls are met with a flurry of devastatingly brutal kicks, each hitting harder than the last. Pretty soon his balls feel like they are up in his stomach, but Evon continues her violent assault on the weak man despite his agonizing pleads for mercy. I hope poor Slayde did not expect to have in his lifetime, because his balls are looking like scrambled eggs at the moment.

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Another drunk asshole is trying to hit on B-star at the bar she works at, and he is even offering her two bucks to show him her tits. She is tired of slime like this crawling into her bar, so now she is going to put her foot down - on his balls. She kicks the dirty man square in his nuts, leaving him in pain and confused. Over and over again she meets his balls with her big boot, and pretty soon he can no longer stand on his own two feet. But B-star isn't done yet. She presses down on his balls with her heavy boot, while he screams and squirms beneath her. If this much pain doesn't sober him up than nothing will!

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Rick the pervert thinks that he can just come up to Charlotte and insult her camel toe! Charlotte doesn't take kindly to perverts like him, so she unleashes a devastating kick to his balls. He hunches over in pain as he tries to catch his breath, but before he knows it, another huge kick has landed square on his sack. The pain is agonizing as Charlotte kicks him over and over again - each seeming harder than the last. Charlotte kicks with so much force that you will be squirming in your seat! Perhaps a lack of balls will help this pervert fix his horny ways.

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