These ladies don't joke, they truly love it.



Mistress needs her workout and what she likes doing the most is kicking her slaves. Once a week all of them has to go through that ordeal they like it or not. This one is trying to keep himself as long as he can but the kicks are very hard for him. The Mistress does not use full force at all but she has a few years of experience behind her and even small kicks are too powerful for poor slave. On the top she can't deny her real nature and happily humiliates her slave doing the kicking actions.

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Trampelina had his eye on Lydia the whole day at the pool. So he followed her back to her house to try and get some action. Lydia is freaked out when he appears in her house and tries to push him away, but he is to strong for her. Luckily, Lydia lives with a strong giant, so she calls her to the rescue. When Angel appears, Trampelina is in awe of her massive height - and now he is scared. Angel uses her long legs to kick the perverted little man right in his balls! Her long legs are fully extended as she makes contact with his now bruised balls, and he is in a state of agony. She shows the man no mercy as she kicks him again and again, and pretty soon he is begging the women to let him go! Angel eventually kicks him out of their house and consoles her shaken roommate. Lydia is so lucky to live with such a big, strong roommate like Angel.

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Jenna's boyfriend Adam walks in on Taesia admiring her great body in the mirror and decides to slap that great ass of hers, she on the other hand will have none of it. She is outraged that he would pull something like that and figures a good way to teach him a lesson is to start kicking those balls of his. He tries to get her to stop, that its just a misunderstand but it only makes her angrier and kick harder. Adam just can't take it by the end and Taesia calls Jenna down to start her own punishment.

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The air conditioner doesn't seem to be working and Freddy the repair man has only made it worse. Taesia is now starting to get hot and sweaty and when that happens she gets mad. So she starts taking out her anger on Freddy, particularly Freddy's balls. She is relentless and won't stop. He begs and attempts to talk his way out of it but nothing stops her kicks of furry. He eventually can't take it and falls to thew floor were Taesia ball busts him till he screams.

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Mistress Taesia calls in her little slave Adam to come in so she can teach him how a woman kicks someone in the balls. She decides it might be fun for Adam to help her to do something that she likes to do. Adam attemps to talk Mistress Taesia into stopping and do something else that will pleasure her but she takes no mercy. All his talking back and begging is only making things worse. She tells him that it's for his own good, so he learns what will happen if he's bad. She just has to break him in.

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Taesia gets her dress ripped off by Carlos because he wants to get a little sugar. He just couldn't resist her hot body. Taesia just won't have any off it and decides that Carlos needs to have his balls busted in. Carlos tries to plead with her to stop and get her to stop kicking her by telling her he'll buy her a new dress but Taesia keeps it up. Nothing that Carlos can say that will get her to stop kicking him in the balls. She eventually decides that he's suffered enough and lets him go but she still misses that dress.

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Amazon Angel - 6'3" - wants so badly for little Paco - 5'2" - to marry her, but he's not interested. When she doesn't get what she wants, the tall and strong Angel gets crazy, and this time is no exception. She immediately starts to kick Paco, directly in his balls. Her long, powerful legs are almost as tall as Paco is, and have a incredibly strong impact when they make contact with his compact frame. He cries in pain with every kick, but, stubborn as he is, he still insults her, which makes her even angrier. She kicks him down onto the ground, and continues to stomp on him. Now barely able to breathe, Angel's kicking attacks to the his stomach and to his crotch get harder and harder! Paco should have remembered one of life's most important rules: Never off Angel!

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Eric thinks he's teaching Elsa a lesson when he shaves her cats hair little does he know he's about to have the lesson of a life time. She is really pissed once she see what he's done to her poor kitty, He's gotta to pay! She finds him and starts kicking him in the balls. Eric didn't know what a tough little girl Elsa was but it's too late to go back now, the mistake was already made. She kicks him again and again, mushing his balls with her pointy toed shoes. Eric is at his breaking point and Elsa takes advantage of his weakness and orders him to clean the whole house, even the kitty litter!

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Eric has gotten his balls busted the other day and he wants his friend Melissa to help make them stronger in case it happens again. She is more than happy to help her friend out, maybe a little too happy. She starts kicking away in her plastic sandals, they stabs him, it's a pain he's never felt before. He's starting to think he made a big mistake by asking for this kind of help but he needs to get stronger. She kicks, harder with every strike and soon he is begging her to stop. The pain is much worse than before and he can't handle this at all. It seems Melissa is taking this a little too seriously, she doesn't stop at all. She just gets worse and worse and it almost looks like he likes it. Poor Eric.

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Mistress Teasia hasn't taught her little slave everything about the dungeon and it's time he learns everything there's is to know. He has no clue what to expect, every form of torment has been so different from the next. She forces him to stand up and spread his skinny little legs. She kicks him right in the nuts. This stupid slave is starting to think he made a mistake by coming to the dungeon but he wants to prove himself to her Mistress. He tries to stay strong for his Mistress but like most slaves he's a weak pathetic little man. She kicks him over and over. This poor little slave doesn't look like he can handle the dungeon. Then the final lesson of bull busting is next. She pedals his balls right into his stomach. Poor slave, it's too late to get our now.

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Victoria is late for work and her boss isn't taking this from his staff. He tells her how he feels and she is starting to get really sick of him. It's time for her to tell him how she really feels. She can't quite put it in to words so she just kicks him right on his balls. He acts like it doesn't hurt but this just makes Victoria more mad. She just kicks him again and again. She kicks him till he's grabbing his balls crying for mercy. She wants a raise, she wants some respect! He falls to the floor and she stomps on his little balls. She is going to show him who's boss now!

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It's time for Mistress Teasia to learn a few more things about being a Mistress. She asks her experienced friend Mistress Charlotte for a few pointers when it comes to ball busting. They try it out on a new stupid slave and he doesn't know what he's gotten himself in for. They both start kicking him in the nuts with no mercy. Taesia seems to have picked this up well cause soon he's on the floor bagging them to stop stomping on his pathetic little excuse of a dick. But this only excites them more, they pedal pump the little shit head till it looks like he'll never be able to use it again.

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Eric thinks he's the strongest guy around, he's soon going to find out that even a girl can take him down. Foxy dares him to stand for 4 minutes straight while she kicks him right in the nuts. At first he is taking every jab like a man but Foxy's got a lot more where that came from. She starts pounding on his nuts with more and more force until Eric is crying like a little toddler. He begs her to stop, "PLEASE, THE 4 MINUTES ARE UP!!!" But she doesn't care, she's having way too much fun watching him in pain. She doesn't plan on stopping till he's on the ground puking up his lunch.

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Eric wanted to show his lady a night out on the town, dinner and dancing is the best way to show a lady you care. But, McDonalds? A Value Meal wasn't exactly what Melissa had in mind. She is so upset she wants revenge. She lays right into him, busting his balls with her small little feet. Even though they might be small they are still doing a lot of damage. Eric is in tears and is crying like a girl by the time she is done with him. Next time Eric better show her a good time.

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Lazy slaves get a licking in the balls when they don't to the job right, and not the good kind of licking. Jamesy has been forgetting many of the chores on the things for slaves to do list and Mistress Foxy is going to kick him straight on his ugly waste of skin, his penis. She kicks him on his bare sac with no mercy enjoying his tears as he begs for his Mistresses forgiveness. It's time he learn how to do things the right way. She stomps hard on him with the heel of her foot until she think he's learned his lesson. I really hope he has, cause the might Mistress Foxy's got a lot more where that came from.

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