Welcome in the cruel and kinky world of Lady CherieNoir! My name is Lady Cherie Noir, mistress from Germany, the land of sexual opportunity and freedoms. What can you expect here? All my videos are filmed exclusively with REAL slaves. NO ACTORS! NO FAKE! NO ACTED SCENES! In my videos you can see real pain, real passion and submissive slaves. And now: Enjoy pleasure and pain in the realm of the Lady Cherie Noir...

Dark Greetings Lady Cherie Noir

ABSOLUT Giantes - I chasten the little dirt mouth!

You like big women? I'm not small and if I my high tower plateua Boots
wear, every man feels like a little tiny dirty worm.
You can almost kiss the nipple are in me. If you could. That you must never though! * laugh *
Since me your talk is on the cookie, and you're going simplest me only on the nerves, I'll be your dirty mouth
close. Not another word I want to hear, slave! But you worm will not defend yourself anyway.
Not against your Giantes!----------------------------------ABSOLUT GIANTES - Ich züchtige das kleine Dreckmaul! Du stehst auf große Frauen? Ich bin nicht klein und wenn ich meine HighTower-Plateua-Stiefel
trage, fühlt sich jeder Mann erstrecht wie ein kleiner winziger dreckiger Wurm.
Du kannst mir quasi im stehen die Nippel küssen. Wenn du dürftest. Das wirst du aber nie dürfen! *lach*
Da mir dein Gerede auf den Keks geht und du mich einfachst nur nervst, werde ich dein dreckiges Maul
verschließen. Kein Wort mehr will ich hören, Sklave! Aber du Witzfigur wirst dich eh nicht wehren.
Erstrecht nich gegenüber deiner GIANTES!

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NS BREATH GAMES! This nasty game kicks you!

This mask from my slave is a real gift, because it gave me much pleasure,
To try them out. As you know, I'm always curious about new nasty games!
This mask serves not only for normal breath control, no, it is also wonderful
To inhale delicious fumes and fragrances. What can be better for it than mine
Royal natural sparkling wine? Look at how I am playing with my slave and with him
Golden nectar robbing his mind as he sits tied up on the bondage chair!

Category: Pussy Worship    Duration: 08:03    Format: WMV    File Size: 474 MB    Clip ID: 48287

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CumEating2 - Eat Cum on command! (German Clip)

This hot task you can in the morning at breakfast or in the afternoon
At the cake! You already have the most important ingredient for absolute enjoyment
In you, my horny Spermafresser! Often I forget that many are still to this
Kick, because I feel it as a matter of course that
Slaves (if they were allowed to jerk off) also clean everything with their Slavemaul
And eat. Environmentally conscious! I think however my CumEating instructions help you
Wonderful to familiarize you with this topic! as shown in Fig.

Category: Cum Eating Instruction    Duration: 04:51    Format: WMV    File Size: 286 MB    Clip ID: 48259

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Cum tasting! The gay education goes on!

I will not give up my little slave! Since his cock is not mine
Attraction can serve adequately, he must do just what I WANT - whether he wants,
or not! At least he does what I want! Lach! Whether it pleases him,
That you can watch yourself in the video. His output was to jerk off the free tail
, Let him squirt on you, cum with your tongue the cum and rub you
Then with the hot lotion! :-) Hahahaha .... THAT amused me! So must
I will not give it up! He is good enough. Very good!

Category: Cum Eating Instruction    Duration: 05:18    Format: WMV    File Size: 305 MB    Clip ID: 48258

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PUBLIC HANDJOB Your dominant wank task! (GERMAN MOVIE)

Not correct! The other video was called Outdoor-Wanker! I guess now it will be a bit
Crassier for you, your toy carcass and your slaved slave brain! :-) Now
It is not only RAUS, now it is even in the public! A little hint:
Go wherever you meet nobody of your acquaintance. Even if you 1-3
Hour ride on you. You like to do that for me! Laugh
In the duties section of the humiliation, I am very very gracious to you, and allow you a little
But very crucial accessory utensil! ... Use it to help you get rid of this task!
I am already curious about whether I get as much evidence as the video OUTDOOR HANDJOB!

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Latoia's permission! Now she can wear high heels herself!

First - Yes, this video is already over 2 years old. And now where I cut it,
I have to realize once again how charmingly I have already looked out and of course
Still look In this video I am BLOND! Your blond poison! On this day of shooting had
I have a sissy from Denmark with me! From so far she is specially for me! take
An example, slaves! For Mistress you just do almost everything! Oh well...
In any case, to carry SELF Highheels, you should at first DAS
Have already done Only then will you be allowed to run on Highheels!

Category: Sissy    Duration: 04:29    Format: WMV    File Size: 263 MB    Clip ID: 48194

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BEST SMOKING! The BEST smoke clip you've ever seen!

When I look at this video, I'm so sad, not to smoke anymore,
Because it looks REALLY damn sexy udn sublime! Especially with such a wonderful
And erotic woman like me! Full red lips surround the filter! White teeth shine
To mock you smiling! Bright smoke comes from my beautiful well-shaped mouth!
And you bastard, you may inhale this dirt from me! Come close and breathe deeply!
Open your mouth pussy wide, so I can use you as an ashtray!

Category: Smoking Fetish    Duration: 08:06    Format: WMV    File Size: 466 MB    Clip ID: 47923

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Cum 4 Feet! The horny Quicki for foot slaves!

Sometimes it must be fast and go short! My marriage slave and I were
In Dubai and wanted to go shopping! So that he can carry himself completely on the pockets
And can pay, ... he was allowed to before his favorite fetish
Go after - MY FEET! Meien's gorgeous hands with very long claws, have his
Tail gewichs and he was allowed to jerk my feet! Too bad that no slave was with it,
Which could then lick the sauce!

Category: Foot Fetish    Duration: 02:59    Format: WMV    File Size: 173 MB    Clip ID: 48062

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Gay Trigger! I infect you to cock lust! (GERMAN LATEX POV)

There were already many clips "I make you gay!". Now, however, I will be your brain
So fuck and infect! Whenever you are now standing stiff and male
You'll notice how your little worm starts to report!
In this video you get a task from me. Put them around !!! Look at me throughout
Video exactly too. Deep in my eyes! I put a trigger! A horny trigger,
Who does exactly what I do with you. ;-)

Category: Forced Bi    Duration: 07:51    Format: WMV    File Size: 458 MB    Clip ID: 48060

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Bodytrampling! My sexy feet you use it as a doormat!

You lie on the ground where you belong. Very far down at my feet!
There you will get what you deserve! The strokes you are entitled to.
Is something related to you? No, EVERYTHING is a gift from me, you little doormat!
My sexy sweet udn slightly sweaty feet will be your useless slave body
Knead It is especially fun when I look at your hands
Or place your head! There you should feel my weight the most! At the end
You can smell my feet again, kiss and caress! Be grateful!

Category: Trampling    Duration: 05:26    Format: WMV    File Size: 315 MB    Clip ID: 47976

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Wich control! Are you up to that motherfucker? (GERMAN CLIP)

Now it's really hard! And for my slaves there is in this task
Almost no wrong or correct. What that means? ;-) Explained in the video by itself!
It is definitely extremely sexy, horny, dirty and just as nasty, unpredictable
And even more horny for me! It turns me on, the jerk of my slaves
to control! When "her pipe dances after me" or we were? * Laugh *
Through me, you will learn what true torture is!

Category: POV Humiliation    Duration: 05:45    Format: WMV    File Size: 323 MB    Clip ID: 47977

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BLOWJOB-SCHULE! Wir bringen dir das LUTSCHEN bei!

Du träumst davon, einen harten geilen Kolben endlich in deine Maulfotze
nehmen zu dürfen? Du wartest schon darauf, dass dir ein dicker erregter Prügel entgegen
springt, damit du ihn tief mit deiner Kehle schlucken und massieren kannst? Dabei am liebsten noch
mit deiner Zunge die Eiech streicheln? Hahahaha...ich kenne dein Kopfkino du kleine Sau!
Jetzt kannst du üben! Schau uns bei unserer Blowjobschule zu und lerne!

BLOWJOB SCHOOL! We'll teach you sucking!

You dream of a hard horny cock finally in your mouth pussy
To be allowed? You're already waiting for a fat, excited penis
Jumps so that you can swallow it deeply with your throat and massage? Still the best
With your tongue caress the egg? Hahahaha ... I know your head cinema you little bitch!
Now you can practice! Look at our Blowjob school and learn!

Category: Forced Bi    Duration: 08:13    Format: WMV    File Size: 481 MB    Clip ID: 47922

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RUBBER-WICHSER! Geil und gemein bis zum Höhepunkt!

Du liebst nicht nur geiles, enges, glänzendes und feuchtes Latex an mir, sondern trägst es
auch selbst extremn gerne? Gut! Du brauchst für dieses Video Latex-Handschuhe, Latex-Strümpfe,
ein Kondom, eine Schnur, einen Plug, Tabasco und Mundwasser. Lach,... mach dich geil für mich Sklave!
Ich will deinen Wichsschwanz quälen und dabei wirst du das geile Gummifeeling an deinem Körper spüren!
Schau mich an, hör mir zu und tue genau das, was ich von dir verlange! ICH bin deine Herrin und
du tust zweifellos ALLES, was ich dir befehle und von dir verlange! Ich ENTSCHEIDE wie du deinen
sklavischen Wichspimmel zum Orgamus bringst UND ob du es überhaupt tust!

RUBBER CUM PLAY! Horny and nasty to the climax!

You love not only horny, tight, shiny and moist latex to me, but you wear it
Also self extreme? Good! You need this video Latex Gloves, Latex Stockings,
A condom, a cord, a plug, tabasco and mouthwash. Laugh, ... make you horny for me slave!
I want to torment your wanking cock and you will feel the horny rubber dildo on your body!
Look at me, listen to me, and do exactly what I ask of you. I am your mistress and
You are undoubtedly doing ALL the things I command and ask of you. I DECIDE like you
Slavish jerk to the Orgamus AND if you do it at all!

Category: Cum Play    Duration: 05:37    Format: WMV    File Size: 331 MB    Clip ID: 47950

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The TRUE Luxury Goddess! My life in wealth and abundance!

The TRUE Luxury Goddess! My life in wealth and abundance!

I live the way I am, in wealth and luxury.
I did not deserve to have money problems. You're an important part,
That this will never be the case. I have a sublime lucrative lifestyle
- BECAUSE I am a good domina. GOOD, intelligent, clever, empathic,
Self-reliant, confessed and BEAUTIFUL! Things you adore to me and why you worship me!
Just as in this video, which I made from Dubai - for you slaves!
HERE you see what you live, work and serve! For MY WONDERFUL LIFE!

Category: Femdom POV    Duration: 04:17    Format: WMV    File Size: 236 MB    Clip ID: 47921

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WET COCK - Sklavischen Eheschwanz vollgepisst!

Ich wusste gar nicht das mein Ehesklave darauf steht! :-)
Scheinbar doch, denn sein Schwellkörper hat es mir bewiesen!
Nachdem ich ihn zuerst geil geteast habe und er sich meinen göttlichen
runden Arsch und meine geilen Brüste im Bikini anschauen durfte, habe ich es
einfach getan! Ich habe seinen geschwollenen Schwanz geil vollgepisst und angerotzt!
Es scheint ihm gefallen zu haben ;-) .. du darfst zuglotzen Cucki! Du bist übrigens immer
mein kleiner Cucki, wenn ich mit meinem Ehesklaven spiele! Zu diesem Kurz-Clip erteile ich dir

WET COCK - Slavic marriage cock pissed!

I did not know which is my marriage slave to it! as shown in Fig.
Apparently, because his cavernous body has proved it to me!
After I first cuddled him horny and he became my divine
Round ass and my hot breasts in bikini was allowed, I have it
Simply done! I have his swollen cock horny pissed and pissed!
It seems to have pleased him ;-) .. you may want to snigger Cucki! You're always the same
My little cucko when I play with my marriage slave! To this short clip I give you
Cum allowis!

Category: Masturbation Humiliation    Duration: 02:18    Format: WMV    File Size: 134 MB    Clip ID: 47780

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Imagine slave, you would be very close to it ... VERY close,
While I am really horny udn wet SEX have.
But of course not with you, you disgusting face sausage! With my horny Macker!
But you can gag. Hahahahaha. AND fuck your two fingers. Showfinger and thumb!
That's enough for your small weighting pimples! Whether you are allowed to wank will show!
Alone with my beauty and my extremely sexy outfit will be your cock
Tour begins to drool! Enjoy this video du Looser!

Category: Cuckolds    Duration: 03:49    Format: WMV    File Size: 225 MB    Clip ID: 47781

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