Kicked and Abused

Kicked and Abused

Megan & ALL Her HOT Friends Abuse Losers!

Crunch! - Part 2

If you're ultimate fantasy is to be kicked in the balls by beautiful women & to have your testicles crushed to a pulp under their pretty toes & sexy barefeet - you'll love this clip! Both of these goddesses kick him in the jewels super hard & seem to really enjoy stomping his nuts into mush. Xana stands in front of his hanging ball bag & slams her sexy flip flop into it so hard we were surprised he didn't pass right out! She steps away & now it's Megan's turn to kick him as hard as she can. His poor swollen ball bag is just hanging there for them to kick & they kick it super hard! Ouch! Then then girls decide to use this ball bag as a stepper & get some exercise. "I feel like I'm going to pop them doing this!" - Xana says as she is standing on his nuts. Megan & Xana look so incredibly hot in their sexy workout clothes taking turns standing full weight with both feet on his scrotum. These two hot girls crunch his nuts every chance they get!

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Hurt in the Wallet or Hurt in the Balls.

Which PAIN is Worse? lol.. I haven't Allowed this bitch to cum in weeks & he's so Desperate for Relief.. Well I think he's fucking Pathetic & decide to fuck with him even more.. I look so Fucking HOT in my tight sweater dress pantyhose & black stilettos.. I have his credit card & start to FLOOR his Pathetic cock like it's the gas pedal of my car & I'm Driving FAST on the Interstate.. I'll be meeting my G/F's for Drinks later & IF the BITCHs cock leaks so much as 1 DROP of cum under my shoe while I'm doing this.. I'm going to MAX his Card out & Make him PAY for Our "Girls Nite" Shopping for ALL of US the Next Day - Until the BITCHs Card is completely busted! ha ha.. OR.. IF his cock Doesn't Leak.. The Blue Balls he'll get from this Will be EXCRUCIATING & I Won't Allow him to cum for at least Another Month to Make him REALLY Suffer! LOL ( HD 1920 x 1080 )

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Ruptured by a Skater Girl.

He saw her at the Skate Park & followed her home.. He found an open door & made his way in.. This HOT Skater Girl is just his type of victim.. But little does he know that her other hobby happens to be Martial Arts & She's capable of Rupturing him with just 1 good hard swift kick to the groin! She breaks bricks with her barefeet & there's no telling how much damage she might be able to do WITH her shoes ON! Well this Pervs about to find out as she front snap kicks him in the balls - to quickly put an end to the attack & his nuts! ( HD 1920 x 1080 )

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If You Can't Take My Kicks You Can't Sniff My Boots.

I almost Ruptured Tony the Tard the last time he was here & yet he STILL obsesses about my Perfect lil SMELLY feet 24/7 & Still Can't get me out of his head even months later.. Well I used the BITCH as My "kicking bag" last time & I've had many more Martial Arts Lessons since & have become quite the Expert at the "front snap kick" to the balls.. I've developed so much more power now & this BITCH has NO Idea just how badly he's about to get hurt.. It's Simple - IF he takes ALL My kicks to the nuts & is a "good kicking bag" for me today to practice on.. Then - I will Reward him by allowing him to sniff these STINKY boots I'm wearing that my pretty feet have been sweating in all day long.. Lets see how badly he wants to sniff them.. Badly enough to Suffer 2 Ruptured testicles? I'm going to find out. I'm in the mood to be amused & Rupturing some losers nuts is Exactly the type of Entertainment that I will enjoy! LOL ( HD 1920 x 1080 )

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Best Way To Get Over an EX... Kick A LOSER

I love to give my G/F's an outlet to let out their aggression. What better way than to Kick a LOSER in the Nuts.. lol ( 640 x 480 )

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I Can't Think of 1 Good Reason to Ever Let U Cum.

I've been thinking about it & have decided that I see NO Reason to EVER Allow this bitch to cum. It's far more entertaining to watch him suffer with blue balls & even more entertaining to kick them HARD After he's Already in Pain. I haven't let him cum in so long.. That just sticking a stinky shoe in his face hurts him almost as bad as a good swift kick in the nuts! LOL.. So I decide to tell this LOSER the "good news" today. He's going to have painful blue balls forever & I floor the SH*#! Out of his cock just to ADD to his PAIN & Frustration! There will ONLY be RUINED Orgasms in THIS BITCHs Future! HA HA.. What a Pathetic Fucking LOSER!! lol ( HD 1920 x 1080 )

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I'll Pump it Every Day but I'll Never Let You Cum.

I want to see what will happen if I tease this BITCHs cock Every Single Day.. But NEVER Let it Release - EVER!.. How bad will the pain get?.. Will the BITCHs Balls Explode??.. I'm Determined to Find Out! lol.. I take my foot off it as soon as I see it start to leak.. OH WELL too bad.. Back into Chastity 4 Now & Even MORE Frustrated than B4.. HA HA ( HD 1920 x 1080 )

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Ruptured by a Cowgirl Boot Wearing Detective.

This HOT Female Detective has grown tired of her job & she's decided to take the law into her own hands!.. She's so sick of working so hard to arrest sex perverts like this loser only to watch them walk free on a simple "technicality".. She knew she'd find this pervert today & purposely wore her pointy toe cowgirl boots to work.. So she kicks him in the groin hard & takes him down.. The pervert can barely move & is practically coughing up his own nads when she slaps the handcuffs on him.. & she has no intention of taking him to jail.. But instead using her years of martial arts training & sharp pointy toe boots to issue out her own brand of "justice" - a pair of broken ruptured testicles to avenge his victims! ( HD 1920 x 1080 )

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Let's Jump On His Balls - Part 2

Poor Joe should have known better than to mess with these two beautiful babes! This is a continuation of Part 1. Megan & Xana decide to teach their roommate a lesson by jumping on his balls over & over again - completely pulverizing his scrotum! "This is so much fun! I want to crush his balls some more!" - Xana yells. Both girls take turns rubbing their sweaty stinky feet all over his face & jumping off the couch to land full weight on his nuts with both feet - they even continue jumping! Megan & Xana look so incredibly hot in their short shorts & both girls are barefoot. These two super hot girls have some sexy feet! Check out the way both goddesses land on his balls - continue to jump & even jump off. They use his nuts as a springboard! Megan & Xana leave Joe lying on the floor with a set of crushed testicles that have been completely mangled under the beautiful feet of these two super sexy goddess girls.

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Goddesses Workout - Part 2

These two super hot goddesses kick him in the nuts so hard & so many times that we thought for certain he was going to pass right out! Joe should never have let Xana catch him sniffing her dirty socks because these two beautiful goddesses are out to completely destroy his testicles now! This clip is so brutal that it's amazing to watch! Then they make him take off his pants & it will absolutely take your breath away. Both girls are doing super hard running kicks to his bare naked testicles! They each take turns getting a running start & rush in as fast as they can - slamming their sneakers into his bare naked nuts so hard that you can actually hear his jewels crunching with each kick. These two beautiful girls are determined to do permanent damage to his scrotum! Megan & Xana seem to really enjoy causing him severe pain between his legs & it shows! They really do a great job of humiliating him when Megan rides him like a horse & pushes his head down into Xana's sweaty smelly sneaker. Both girls are really starting to sweat now & their feet are getting so stinky! Xana takes her sweaty smelly socks off & actually stuffs both of them in his mouth - "Take your bit horsey!" - she tells him. Check out the way both girls kick & knee his nuts into mush while he's choking on Xana's dirty socks & gasping for air! Brutal!

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Goddesses Workout - Part 1

Now that Xana has moved in poor Joe just can't control himself having two super hot girls as roommates. Xana tells Megan that she caught him sniffing her socks & he's in trouble now! These two beautiful goddesses mash his nuts to a pulp! Both girls are wearing some tight sexy workout wear & sneakers. They just came back from their aerobics class & decide to continue working out by kicking & completely crushing his testicles! Megan & Xana start out with some super sexy nut crunching stretches. Both girls take turns using his balls to brace their feet & then lean in to crush them under full weight - crunching his jewels with each stretch! Check out the way Xana kicks him in the nuts over & over again dropping him to the floor! Both goddesses decide to workout their arms & take turns punching him in the balls as hard as they can. They're not done with him yet either!

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Let's Jump On His Balls - Part 1

Megan & Xana completely destroy his scrotum! The girls are sitting on the couch talking about what a loser their pathetic roommate Joe is when he walks in at the wrong time! Both goddesses decide to crush his balls & teach him a lesson. Xana is wearing her sexy cloth flip flops that are so well worn they have toe prints! Megan's flip flops are well worn & quite stinky as well. The girls make him sniff & lick their sweaty smelly feet & flip flops. Then they decide to take turns jumping off the couch on to his bare naked nuts! How are two such beautiful girls so incredible at pulverizing a pair of testicles? "I want to crush your balls!" - Xana yells - right before landing full weight with both of her sexy barefeet right in his nuts! Both of these super hot goddesses take turns jumping from the couch & landing on his bare naked jewels with both feet - they even continue to jump on them before getting off! Poor Joe looks like he's going to pass right out from the pain. Both girls continue to take turns jumping off the couch to land full weight with both feet on to his bare naked testicles - crunching his nuts with each jump!

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Xana Moves In! - Part 2

We have no idea how poor Joe is going to survive having both of these sexy nut busters for roommates! His excitement turned to fear when he found out his new roommate is Xana. Xana may be the most beautiful out of all Megan's friends - but she is also the meanest, cruelest & definitely the most powerful! Xana has a bad temper & loves kicking men in the balls! She seems to really enjoy kicking Joe in the nuts as hard as she can & then laughing at him when he's squirming around on the floor holding his crotch & riving in pain. Both goddesses are wearing short skirts & they look so sexy in their knee high boots! In Part 1 they kicked him in the nuts so hard & so many times we were surprised he didn't lose a testicle on the floor! Now it's Part 2 & they're stomping the life out of his scrotum with their sexy knee high boots. The girls take off their boots & they have such stinky feet! Megan & Xana have both been wearing their boots without socks! They rub their sweaty smelly feet & stinky boots all over his face & force him to inhale the stink. They continue to stomp his bare naked jewels to a pulp with their sweaty smelly barefeet. These two super hot goddesses decide to finish him off by slamming the heels of their sexy barefeet in his nuts super hard & then piling their stinky boots all over his face.

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Xana Moves In! - Part 1

Poor Joe's in some serious trouble now! "We have a new roommate Joe. You already know her - she's one of my friends." - Megan tells him. "Guess who it is?" - Megan asks. Joe is excited over the fact that he'll be living with two beautiful girls now - all of Megan's friends are so incredibly hot. "Me loser!" - Xana yells as she rushes in nailing him with a super hard kick - right in the nuts! Joe's excitement now turns to fear. Xana may be the most beautiful out of all Megan's friends - but she is also the meanest, cruelest & definitely the most powerful! Xana has a bad temper & loves kicking men in the balls! She seems to really enjoy kicking Joe in the nuts as hard as she can & then laughing at him when he's squirming around on the floor holding his crotch & riving in pain. "Just think Xana - when you have a bad day at work you can come home and ..........." - Megan tells her. You know exactly what Xana will do - she'll kick him in the nuts just to relieve stress! They make Joe take off his pants & both goddesses take turns slamming their sexy knee high boots into his bare naked jewels as hard as they can! These two beautiful girls completely destroy his scrotum. They make him lay on the ground & both goddesses take turns stomping his nuts to a pulp! They're not done with him yet either. This is only the beginning!

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Pump The Cum Out 48

Have you ever seen a beautiful girl driving her car wearing a pair of sexy well worn sneakers without socks? Did you wish you could sniff her barefeet & sneakers after she takes them off at the end of the day? Or maybe you wished that your cock & balls could be her gas pedal? If this applies to you - then you'll absolutely love this clip! Megan is looking so hot in her tight jeans & sexy well worn sneakers. Joe’s roommate Megan is a pretty wild girl & was recently sent to traffic school. When she asks Joe to help her practice driving - he has no idea what he's in for! Megan makes him isolate his cock & balls through a board & pumps them super hard like a gas pedal. She mashes his privates right into the floor! She really pumps them good with these sexy well worn sneakers. Megan crushes his cock & seems to really enjoy mashing his nuts to a pulp under her pretty white sneakers! She continues to pump his scrotum super hard & squishes the cum out of his nuts with her sexy well worn sneaker & beautiful barefoot.

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Pump The Cum Out 47

It's casual friday where Megan works & she's wearing tight jeans & pointy toe high heel stilettos! Is there anything sexier than a pretty girl driving in pointy toe high heel shoes? Would you give anything if she used your cock & balls as her gas pedal? If every time you see a hot girl driving down the road you wish you could see her foot on the gas pedal & that her pedal could be your privates - you’re going to love this clip! Joe is helping Megan with her driving lessons to pass traffic school to get her license back. She is wearing some super sexy pointy toe stiletto heels! He has no idea what he’s in for because she keeps pumping his cock & balls hard & mashes his privates right into the ground! Megan seems to really enjoy the fact he’s in pain & that his nuts are trapped under her sexy stilettos. She even digs her sharp stiletto heels in his ball bag & spikes the head of his cock! Ouch! Megan continues to pump his privates hard & forces him to cum painfully under her sexy barefoot & sharp stiletto heel. Brutal!

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