Institute of Feminine Discipline

Institute of Feminine Discipline

England in the year 2051. Futuristic look at sexy domestic feminine discipline where women take control of and spank males. England is now run by Women of the Board of Corrective Women with Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia at its helm. Includes tease and denial, FemDom Fm spanking, and more in this Female Domination soap opera.


Miss Amy - Spanked If You Do Spanked if You Don't

Miss Amy wants to know why Mike had not washed her knickers. He points out that Miss Rebekah had revoked his 'higher regarded male' status which meant that he was no longer allowed near the female overseers underwear.

Miss Amy points out that he should have either came to her to ask for temporary dispensation from the ruling OR arranged for another highly regarded male to take on the task. She is now short of clean underwear and she is NOT washing it herself when there are perfectly useless males to do as they are damned well told around.

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Miss Shay - Deceit And Punishment

Suggesting to Miss Shay in a previous spanking that She should allow him to kiss Her Bottom after his punishment and reinforcing such with the lie that Miss Amy allows this lands mike in deep hot water today with Miss Shay as she confronts him on his deceit.

A quick telephone call to Miss Amy confirms Miss Shay's suspicion that this was indeed a lie and the spanking that Miss Shay is about to administer across mike's bare bottom though intimidating enough will no doubt lead to far more severe punishment later when Miss Amy summons him to explain himself! Particularly as She has already punished him for lying to Miss Shay previously when he assured her that being sick gave dispensation from the twice daily spankings which all males held in the Institute of Feminine Discipline receive!

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Miss Amy - Sick Boys Dispensation Pt 1

Miss Amy is surprised to hear from Miss Shay that when she called mike in for the second of his daily scheduled spankings for that day, he had told her that as she was sick, Miss Amy had given him special dispensation from the discipline that had meant he would not given the second spanking.

Mike for his part believed that he had out smarted Miss Shay and Miss Amy and indeed the entire Board of Corrective Women's system to ensure that he and all other male creatures at the Institute would bee regularly spanked however he did not foresee the beautiful Miss Shay in her inquisitive confusion writing a report on the matter for the attention of Miss Amy with a request to confirm that this is indeed the policy of the Institute given that Miss Overseer Supreme has ruled that absolutely nothing, not even a punishment spanking, should get in the way of the twice daily smacked bottom that all males in the Institute should receive.

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Miss Shay - Party Too Far

Mike has been summoned to Miss Shay's office as he has been spotted out of bed after hours and worse still, in the pub drinking alcohol.

The 10 Board of Corrective Women Commandments require male creatures to be in bed by 9pm and furthermore males in the Institute of Feminine Discipline are forbidden alcohol or to talk to eachother.

Mike is in DEEP trouble with his dominant and ultra sexy Goddess Miss Shay and soon finds himself dangling across her knee having his bare bottom soundly spanked like the very naughty boy that he is! And just wait until Miss Amy see's the entry for this spanking in the official Board of Corrective Women Punishment Book!

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Miss Amy - Absconding From The IFD

CCTV camera footage has detected and identified mike absconding from the Institute male sleeping quarters late at night and staggering back in the early hours of the morning contrary to the Board of Corrective Women 10 Commandments.

In addition, as mike had been waiting outside Miss Amy's office to be summoned in for discipline, Miss Rebekah had been searching his locker and has found a camera stolen several weeks ago from the Institute and which has now turned up, as if by magic, in mikes locker.

On inspecting the camera, it appears to contain photographs of the Institute grounds which could be of use to the terrorist resistance group, the Male Liberation Front.

As Miss Amy questions mike about the latest revelations he tries to plead his innocence however this is merely considered to be a failure to take responsibility for his own disobedience and naughty behaviour and so Miss Amy decides to administer a very sound bare bottom spanking to put mike back on the straight and narrow.

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Miss Amy - Blackmailers Justice

Following revelations that the attempted theft of the punishment book by Mike and Alexis on behalf of the Male Liberation Front was a plot devised by Dodgy Dave, Dave is summoned to report to Miss Amy to explain his involvement.

Mere membership of the Male Liberation Front is a criminal offense in the new age Matriarchy in which the Institute of Feminine Discipline is based and Dodgy Dave, who is already in an IFD for his chronic behavior problems faces stiff penalties with a very sore bottom from hard corporal punishment, that is FemDom Fm spanking, if Miss Amy determines that his guilt in this matter is established!

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Miss Shay - Miss Shay's Group Wank

It is that time of the month again! All of the boys that have not been banned from the monthly masturbation session by Miss Rebekah the previous month have reported to the office to find, to their absolute delight, that there is a brand new and absolutely stunning new Overseer in the Institute that is to take the monthly masturbation session today and that is Miss Shay!

But Miss Shay to their shock is simply not interested! It is 'such a waste of time' says the beautiful Goddess as She sits reading Her Comic book at the Chief Overseer's desk! But the boys do not give in and together their powers of persuasion convince the reluctant Miss Shay to let them have their pleasures as long as they can behave!

The boys however can NOT behave! At least not around the semi nude Miss Shay! A month of sexual frustration and they simply can not keep their hands to themselves!

This leads to some very sore bottoms as a result! And Miss Shay's bottom remains very comfortable thank you...

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Miss Shay - Bathing Miss Shay

As the stunning Miss Shay takes a wash in the bath she realises that she needs somebody to wash her back for her. Calling upon her temporary Higher Regarded Male Creature, Alexis, she commands him to bathe her with a stark warning about what will happen if he either touches her bottom or gets an unahtorised erection.

Alexis tries his very best to be a good boy but the temptation of Miss Shays beautiful bottom is simply too much for him to resist and after 3 warnings he is sent in disgrace from the bathroom to Miss Shay's office to stand in the corner and wait for the inevitable spanking to come!

Miss Shay is an ABSOLUTE GODDESS! Watch in awe as she scolds her poor hapless male creature until he has regressed right back to the time he was given his very first spanking before she puts him across her knee and begins his inevitable bare bottom spanking.

This video contains truly classic female domination. You really do not want to miss our new Goddess as she puts this naughty boy firmly back in his place!

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Miss Selina - Miss Selina Comes To The IFD Pt 1

Miss Amy is on a much needed and appreciated holiday this week where she can take a break from spanking the disobedient and chronically ill behaved male creatures at the Institute however as always in a Woman's world, a Womans work is never done! The boys ALWAYS seem to need sound over the knee spankings to keep them well and truly in their place! Consequently Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia has called upon one of Her Right Hand Goddess's Miss Selina, Archon of all Spanking Centres to relieve Miss Amy whilst She is away.

The boys had been looking forward to this week thinking that they were going to be given an easy ride but nothing could have been further from the truth! Because Miss Selina did not get to be 4th in charge of the entire nation by good luck and graces! This Woman is STRICT and she is unyielding.

Calling mike and dodgy dave to the office, Miss Selina introducers herself before sending dave outside to wait for his discipline where he can hear every yelp and spank that Miss Selina administers but with no idea just how hard or where it is that she is spanking! The pain for mike is one thing but just imagine the anxiety and stress for dave as he waited outside knowing he was next! Yet he is not even allowed in the room whilst Miss Selina administers that first sound spanking! One wonders if she knew the extent of the added anxiety this caused? And did she care?

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Miss Rebekah - Unlawful Masturbation

Following on from Mike's disclosure to Miss Rebekah in respect of his accomplice in the attempted theft of the official Board of Corrective Women Punishment Book, Alexis is called before Miss Rebekah to face the music. Miss Rebekah decides to do a spot underwear inspection to check for signs of unlawful masturbation however and finds evidence of masturbation in his underpants. This being a clear breach of Commandement 1 of the Board of Corrective Women 10 Commandments for male creatures, Alexis is severely punished for his breach of discipline.

As this movie stars Miss Rebekah, expect to see VERY hard spanking and paddling that will make her naughty boy TRULY wish he had obeyed her!

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Miss Rebekah - Underwear Washing

As Miss Rebekah walks into the kitchen she discovers mike at the sink hand washing her knickers. This is a job reserved only for Higher Regarded Male Creatures and mike is certainly not highly regarded by Miss Rebekah!

Demanding an explanation, Miss Rebekah is horrified to hear from mike that the male she had instructed to wash her knickers, dodgy dave, had decided he had 'better things' to do and had asked mike if he could cover for him whilst he washed Miss Amy's knickers in the sink as Miss Amy had instructed.

This reason does not wash with Miss Rebekah one iota and after obligitary underpants inspection, Miss Rebekah informs mike that he is going to receive a very sound bare bottom spanking.

Of course even after the very severe paddling that mike gets in this video which to this day he says is one of the hardest he has ever endured, the punishment is not going to end here for mike as he has now been stripped of Higher Regarded Male status and so can not now wash Miss Amy's underwear as she has instructed him to do! And Miss Amy is not used to being disobeyed, even at the Institute of Feminine Discipline where the building is filled with the most chronically ill behaved males in the country!

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Disobedience Earns A Whupping

The Board of Corrective Women official 10 commandments prohibit male creatures from speaking to each other however Alexis and Dodgy Dave who were in the kitchen doing their chores they believed that Miss Amy had gone out and as She was the only Overseer present in the Institute at the time, they felt they would be safe to disobey this and other rules.

What they did not know is that in her office, Miss Amy was in fact watching over the CCTV links where Dave had been sniffing the Overseer's underwear which he was granted the honour of hand washing and that Alexis was using the dishwasher to wash the dishes.And both were talking against the rules.

Miss Amy decides to punish both naughty boys and makes her way to the kitchen to administer their punishments.

Dodgy Dave can not resist back chatting Miss Amy however or staring at her breasts and this gets him into additional hot water!

Video includes mouth soaping, ear tugging, hard over the knee femdom Fm spanking, strapping, caning, face slapping and wall to wall scolding and Female Domination.

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Miss Amy - Non Disclosure Leads To Smacked Bottom

As Miss Rebekah had been spanking Mike the previous day she caught a glimpse of David filming the spanking in order to pass it on to the resistance to cause another scandal about the institute. He was punished for this however he did not disclose as he is required under the institute by laws that he had already been punished by Miss Amy for engineering the smuggling out of the institute of a letter to the Male Liberation Front (MLF - resistance movement) press. What he did not know was that after each notifiable spanking, a report is sent to the Board of Corrective Women and that there was no mention of David disclosing the fact he had been spanked by Miss Amy in that report. Therefore he is punished for not disclosing. In addition the Board of Corrective Women (BCW) President Miss Acacia pointed out that he had also not been punished for breaching by law 12 in relation to being in the room without permission even if he HAD been punished for filming there. David is in DEEP trouble! And Miss Amy is determined that she will make him pay!

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