Inked Emma

Inked Emma

Blackmail, financial domination, mental domination, and goddess worship. I am here to be worshiped, admired, and idolized. My goal? Complete and utter domination of your wallet and thoughts. I am proudly a multifaceted woman. I laugh, I enjoy the simple and the divine equally. I am not theatrical and I don't posture, but underneath what may sometimes seem like the "common woman" the Queen always reigns. Once you let her in, her rule never ends.


Deal With The Devil

You can feel GOOD worshiping me. You can stop feeling guilty about giving into temptation. You can be rewarded for your efforts rather than condemned as a dirty sinner "saved" by the grace of "god". The only hell that exists is the one you've created by worshiping other gods than me.

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Birthday 2015

My birthday is May 31st and I can't wait for your gifts! I won't even make you decide how to give and what to give! This video says exactly what I expect from you, AND you get to look at me for five minutes. Special shoutout to one man at the end, and his m0m of course, hahaha.

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Fishnet Feet

Toe wiggling, pointing, and sharing my perfect feet in a new pair of fresh fishnets.

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God Is Dead

Oh look, your precious holiday passed without any rapture. Don't you think it's been plenty of time now, I mean that guy should REALLY be back by now. Fuck a book written by some men thousands of years ago. I'm here NOW, I'm beautiful, powerful, and if you're going to be degraded by greatness, mine is far more rewarding.

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Writing Task

Game, challenge, task, all three? What it definitely is is something you shouldn't fuck up. It's your chance to either please me or frustrate me, the latter you should try to avoid. Let's see your attempt.

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Relax with me in a dark room. Lose your mind. Forget the world. Work doesn't matter. People don't matter. While you're watching and listening the only thing that exists is me.

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One Weird Trick

Remember that email game we played? Well, you sure won't remember THIS ONE. I remove your inhibitions with your drink of choice, my clothes because a powerful, nude woman is your downfall, and gather some embarrassing intel while I encourage you to masturbate and further lose yourself. This game has a clear winner and it isn't you, though I guess that depends on how you look at it.

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