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Chopping The Penis

(WARNING!!! GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!) This one is unlike any clip we have ever seen!!! The Beautiful Goddess Holey Jhames prances around modeling her new sexy Exotic Orange Platform Heels equipped with some super sharp edges!!! These scary shoes has open platforms and openings thru the heels that the Goddess plans to put to good use!!! She then orders it to feed his own dick through one of the openings in her heel and it reluctantly obeys! Once his junk is in the backside of her shoe, she uses the other foot and steps down with all her sexy weight CRUSHING HIS COCKHEAD BENEATH HER SHARP HEEL!!! (and you can actually hear the sound of his urethra CRUNCHING UNDER HER SHOE!!!)..and if that wasnt painful enough, with the cockhead still pinned beneath the heel, she repeatedly lifts up the other foot (with the cock going through the shoe) trying to break his junk in half!!! Eventually the cock is PAINFULLY YANKED OUT FROM BENEATH HER STANDING HEEL and is bleding from the internal damage!!! Watch how she BRUTALLY CHOPS AWAY AT HIS PENIS with the sharp edges of her heels and even STOMPS HIS COCK!!! But the Goddess wont be done until the slaves cock is fed into EACH OPENING through her shoes while she crushes the head of his penis as it dangles over the other side!!!

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Flattened By Sandals

The Beautiful Goddess has a new pair of Sandals and the time is now to test them out and with the slave fixed in the t0rture table his cock and balls become the target! She STEPS ALL OVER the helpless manhood then orders it to PUT HIS COCK INSIDE OF HER SHOE!!! Once she has his member TRAPPED UNDER HER FOOT she stands on it with ALL OF HER WEIGHT and there is NO ESCAPE!!! The cock is flattened between her barefoot and her shoe..Then with the other foot she steps directly on his nuts smashing them COMPLETELY FLAT!!! She gives several kicks to his helpless balls and even walks about as if she is unaware of his dick in her shoe!!! Finally she release the penis from her shoe and crush it beneath the hard sole heel of her sandal!!! She rolls his nuts around under her shoes without a care back and forth and his poor grapes looked as if they would burst in the sac!!! The cruel Goddess laughs when SHE FEELS SOMETHING GO POP in his sac and the slave is worried!..she teases it hoping she has caused it permanent damage as she observes one of his nuts immediately start to swell from the abuse!!!

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T0rture The Penis

(WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!) The Beautiful Goddess towers over her slaves helpless outstretched manhood. She is prepared to properly break in her sexy new Black Platform Stilettos as it nervously awaits what is to come! Then with great precision she steps directly on the bottom side of his cock head WITH JUST THE HEEL!!! Once she has it trapped she shifts ALL OF HER WEIGHT over to that foot keeping it firmly pinned beneath her sharp stiletto heel!!! She continues to stand there CRUSHING HIS PENIS and does not let up and with the poor cock still stuck under her heel she kicks his shaft and bulging balls!!! When she finally steps off she laughs at the heel imprint she has made! Some red stuff starts leaking from his cock for SHE HAS CRUSHED HIS URETHRA!!! The cruel Goddess then inserts her heel into his penis for it has not yet stopped bl33ding!!..and she STANDS UP INSIDE HIS DICK while twisting about in different directions causing it to bl33d even more!!! She KEEPS HER HEEL PLUGGED INTO HIS PENIS STRETCHING ITS USELESS HOLE WAY OUT OF SHAPE pumping her heel in and out while forcing it deeper into his hungry cock hole!!! SHE GIVES HIS COCK A GOOD HEEL F*UCKING and then stomps his defeated manhood into the floor leaving it severely damaged!!

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No Survivors Left

The Wonderful Goddess has made her demand for her slave to give up his load for she states that she is in a k!lling mood! So It is forced to kneel before her and jack off while staring at her lovely long toenails pedicure and beautiful feet while wearing her sexy needle heel stiletto slides!!! She ridicules and degrades it as the poor slave desperately jerks on his cock for her..but his balls are not working properly due to being severely damaged!! The Goddess becomes impatient and SHOVES HER SHARP NEEDLE HEEL INTO ITS PENIS HOLE to learn It to not keep her waiting!!! And to provide more encouragement She forces it to jack his junk like this..and even F*CK HER STILETTO HEEL to slice up his insides a bit!!! She then allows the slave to resume as before..afraid to endure another painful heel insertion the worried slave now vigorously jerks his cock and balls as she continues to call it useless!!! With haste it blasts his cum load onto the floor at once for her pretty feet!!! (there is even some red stuff mixed in it from the heel insertion damage!!!) The Goddess then laughs deviously at it as SHE STOMPS HIS WORTHLESS SPERMS INTO THE FLOOR!!! She declares that THEY ALL MUST D!E as she smears them into the floor beneath her shoesand if that wasnt humiliating enough, she then STOMPS IN THE CUM PUDDLES forcing the slave to WATCH HIS OWN SEEDS BE CRUSHED TO THEIR DE.ATH!!! The Goddess enjoys HEARING THE SQUISHING SOUNDS and WATCHING THEM VIOLENTLY SPLATTER from beneath the soles of her sexy shoes each time she slams her foot down to splash in the cum puddles...she leaves no survivors!!!

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Dangerous Stilettos

(WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!) This poor helpless slave finds itself under the t0rture table staring at the incredible display of the Goddess donning her new sexy pink pedicure with long toenails but is overtaken with fear as she is wearing these scary needle heel stilettos!! She wastes no time and begins to FLATTENS HIS BALLS beneath her shoes and then softly teases his horny cock until it is throbbing hard! Then all of a sudden..she starts viciously stomping and kicking his dick!!! She BRUTALLY TRAMPLES HIS COCK AND BALLS WITHOUT A CARE until THERE IS NOTHING LEFT OF HIS TESTICLES!!! The Goddess THEN JAMS HER SHARP NEEDLE HEEL INTO HIS P..HOLE AND STANDS UP INSIDE OF IT!!! She forces the heel down deeper into his urethra not at all caring about the destruction and INTERNAL DAMAGE she is actually causing it!!! She just keeps pumping her heel in and out of his dick and twisting around with the sharp heel STILL LODGED INSIDE!!!

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Please Dont Goddess 1

(WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!) The Beautiful Goddess traps her slave in the torture table fitted with ball gag. With devious laughter She towers above it wearing a new pair of Guess High Heel Sandals accenting her incredible legs and pretty white pedicure with sexy long toenails!!! She then attacks his helpless balls KICKING THEM REPEATEDLY and standing on them USING ALL OF HER SEXY WEIGHT TO CRUSH THEM FLAT beneath her!!! The Goddess does not care about the damage she is causing its testicles..She hopes his balls pop!!! Listen to how she RIPS AT HIS FLESH using her sharp heels to slice up his ball sac and his cock causing it to bled!!! She has now become irritated with the slave for allowing its nasty red stuff to get all over her pretty feet and shoes!...

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Spew It Out

The Wonderful Goddess massages her slaves balls and strokes his horny cock with her super soft bare feet and sparkly purple toes working him to the edge! The slave must be in luck for today as it indulges in this rare treatment. But when the Goddess takes notice that the slave is enjoying himself too much she carelessly tears into his self-esteem as she now becomes VERBALLY ABUSIVE!!! She CONSTANTLY DEGRADES HIM so that he completely understands his place even calls it a pathetic n!gger as SHE TALKS DOWN TO THE SLAVE IN SUCH A SEXY VOICE and reminds it of the cruel treatments that he deserves!!! She even starts DIGGING HER LONG TOENAILS INTO HIS SHAFT adding more discomfort to this footjob but yet still his cock grows with excitement!!! The Cruel Goddess announces that she wants to moisturize her feet with his cum load and make him watch his own future b.abies d!e under her pretty feet!! SHE WORKS HIS MEMBER WITH GREAT INTENSITY as the slave tries desperately to hold it back but his resistance soon proves to be futile He has no choice but to give them up!..and to make matters worse, she smashes the head of his penis under her toes only allowing it the humiliating experience of a RUINED ORGASM as SHE FORCES HIM TO SPEW OUT A THICK MILKY CUM LOAD right onto the table for her!!! She then steps in the sticky cum making LOTS OF SQUISHING SOUNDS OF HIS SPERMS UNDER HER FEET AND TOES!!! She then rubs her creamy cummy bare feet on his dick until it too is covered with its own semen!!!

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Utterly Disgraced the Commencement

The cruel sexy Goddess knows her horny slave wishes badly to cum. So she has it to kneel in her presence and jack off to her sexy feet while she wears her sexy stilettos!!! He eagerly follows her commands and while he strokes his cock for her she lifts up her foot to PUSH HER STILETTO HEEL INTO HIS PENIS HOLE!!! The slave must continue to jack his junk with great discomfort as the Goddess takes pleasure KEEPING HER HEEL LODGED INSIDE HIS DICK forcing it to endure this incredibly painful torture!!!

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You Asked For This

(WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!) The Sexy Goddess has her slave in the torture table for it has been begging and pleading to get under her and will finally get what he deserves! She stands on his balls listening to his many compliments while probing his hard cock with her sharp metal heels! The slave looks noticeably nervous as he watches her apply MORE PRESSURE sinking her heels into his tender meat while FLATTENING HIS BALLS!! The slave now realize that he is in for some serious trouble..She then steps on the topside of his cockhead WITH ALL OF HER WEIGHT and twists her foot back and forth ALL WHILE HIS PENIS IS STILL PINNED TO THE FLOOR BENEATH HER SHARP STILETTO HEEL...while STILL standing on the tip of his penis LEAVING A DEEP HEEL PRINT IMPRESSION ON THE HEAD OF HIS COCK!!! But this wasnt enough for her, She then steps with HER STILETTO HEEL DOWN INTO HIS P..HOLE!!! She stands up inside of his cock twisting around in different directions while forcing her stiletto heel down deeper into his poor urethra!!! SHE HEEL F*CKS HIS COCK in and out while taunting him about his suffering pain!!! She shows absolutely no concern for the damage she causing it!

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Revenge Of The Feathered Heels

(WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!) The Beautiful Goddess is in no mood for her slaves bad behavior. She immediately attacks his helpless manhood with A BARRAGE OF STOMPS, kicks , and even HEEL KICKS sending his meaty balls and dick flopping around all over the place!!..soon his junk is bleding, but this dumb slave actually tries to deny this fact. BIG MISTAKE!!!..for now the she is on a destructive mission!!! The Goddess then stands on his balls, THEY ARE FLATTENED beneath her full weight as she uses them for leverage!! The slaves to REALLY MAKE HIS WORTHLESS COCK AND BALLS BLE.D!!!

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I.m Sorry

The Goddess seems to be aggravated with the men in this world treating women badly. So for that she goes to her basement and steps on her slaves stomach, tramples his bulging groin and kicks his balls with her pink flip flops forcing it to apologize on behalf of the male population!

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Cruel Gladiator Heels

(WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!) The Beautiful Goddess wears her sexy Strappy High Heel Gladiator Sandals displaying her sexy long pink toenails! She laughs about the slaves vulnerably trapped manhood and begins to CRUSH HIS HELPLESS MEMBER FLAT beneath her sexy shoes!!! She heel tramples his junk and even HEEL STOMPS HIS COCK!!! Repeatedly her MERCILESS KICKS sends his cock and balls flopping around like one big useless pile of meat as it bounces off the front of her shoe!!! She really didnt seem to care what happened as the poor slave is forced endure the painful stompings!!! SHE GOUGED THE SLAVES BALLS with some brutal heels trampling which caused it to bled!!!

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A Wasted Load

(WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!!) The Beautiful Goddess teases her slave with her nicely tanned feet and sexy pink painted long toenails! The slave kneels watching her constant foot actions as she wiggles her incredible toes and poses her lovely feet with sexy tantalizing movements as it is instructed and given careful instructions on how she wants ALL of his cum load for her feet!!!..and even with demonstration makes it clear that she wants NO SURVIVORS!!! This lucky slave is allowed to jerk off to her sexy feet but must endure some harsh mental abuse as the cruel Goddess provides it with LOTS of extra encouragements including verbal humiliations complete with some really mean racial degradations as she talks to it in such a sexy voice!!! But the Goddess is losing patience and is stomping her happy feet with ANTICIPATION TO CRUSH HIS SPERMS TO THEIR D3ATH...until the sounds of her bare soles slapping down against the floor brings the slave over the edge!!..causing the slave to blast out A LARGE THICK UNCONTROLLABLE CUM SHOT, sho0ting it ALL OVER the place!!! The Goddess STOMPS ON the first few lucky streams of swimmers as they are forcefully sent out onto the floor to d!e beneath her sexy soles but soon his powerful squirts are spraying onto the tops of her feet causing the Goddess to become furious!!! She YELLS AT THE SLAVE WITH ANGER and calls it names!..and for not following her instructions, she refused to dance in his load, leaving it wasted on the floor!!

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Pink Trampling Flip Flops

Today the Wonderful Goddess will allow her slave to experience her new Pink Flip Flops! Right away she steps ALL OVER his manhood and balances with ALL of weight as SHE STANDS ON HIS COCK AND BALLS!!! The poor slaves BALLS HELPLESSLY BULGE FROM BENEATH HER FEET as THEY ARE CRUSHED FLAT!!! She uses several methods including JUMPING and STOMPING trying to destroy his worthless junk!!! She TRAMPLES HIS NUTS INTO MUSH as she marches all over his plump nuggets as they gradually become swollen from the abuse!!!

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They Must Dle

The sexy Goddess has her lowly foot slave kneeling at her feet and Her sexy neon green color pedicure on display has the slave in a trance while staring at her pretty toes wiggling and movements!! He is to beat off to her feet as she encourages it with VERBAL HUMILIATIONS IN SUCH A SEXY VOICE while sharing some VIVID DESCRIPTIONS of some of HER FAVORITE METHODS OF KlLLING HIS MAN SEEDS!!! She even calls it a worthless peasant with useless sperm and that THEY ALL MUST DlE!!! Her cruel intentions are clear....and so she commands the slave to GIVE THEM UP for her as she is obviously excited with the anticipation!!! The slave, unable to hold back any longer then SH0OTS OUT HIS CUM LOAD DOWN ONTO THE FLOOR at the Goddesses beautiful feet and then she JUMPS UP AND DOWN IN HIS LIQUID GENE POOL WITH EXCITEMENT as they spray from his worthless man hose!!! SHE STOMPS HIS WARM AND SLIPPERY SWIMMING SPERMS TO THEIR D.EATH with great pleasure as it sticks to the bottoms of her sexy feet and then she rubs the sticky remains into her feet like lotion!!!

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Sperm Stomp

The Beautiful Goddess wears her clear flip flops, a strap has broken but she will get one final use out of them! With her loyal foot servant kneeling at her feet, She allows It an UP CLOSE VIEW of her FRENCH PEDICURE TOES WITH SEXY LONG TOENAILS on full display putting him in a STATE OF HYPN05!S using her erotic toe wiggling foot movements!!! He is now powerless and only able to stare at her pretty toes as HE VIGOROUS BEATS OFF TO HER FEET!!! She seduces him in such a sexy voice with HUMILIATING ENCOURAGEMENTS to jerk his load out onto the floor while looking forward to the enjoyment of K!LLING HIS MAN SEEDS for her own sadistic pleasures!!! Before long, she gets exactly what SHE WANTS as the pathetic slave can no longer resist!!!....IT then PUMPS OUT A MASSIVE CUM LOAD for her!!!...and The cruel Goddess starts JUMPING UP AND DOWN AND SPLASHING INTO THE QUICKLY FORMING SPERM PUDDLES with devious laughter as THE BLASTING HOT STREAMS OF CUM CONTINUE TO SPRAY ALL OVER HER FEET AND THE FLOOR!!! Her repeated stomps in this huge cumshot creates a lot of splashing and LOTS OF SQUISHING SOUNDS coming from beneath her flip flops for she will make sure to CRUSH ALL OF HIS CUM!!! The humiliation continues as Goddess takes great delight in forcing the slave tell his own future b.bies goodbye!..while she grinds them out beneath her shoe until there is nothing left but a smear stains on the floor!!! She then sits back and enjoys her CUM SOAKED FEET!

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