Humiliation, FemDom, Feet, Fetish & MORE

Humiliation, FemDom, Feet, Fetish & MORE

I am the Infamous, Sadistic, Greedy, Stuck-Up Princess Angel.

I do what I want, not what you want. I get what I want, whenever I want. The power is in MY hands, not yours. If you want My attention, figure out how to get it. Thousands have become addicted, thousands have been mind fucked, & thousands have been ruined by Me. So be aware.

I specialize in & enjoy many fetishes in this lifestyle such as: financial domination, cuckold, chastity, humiliation, sph, foot worship, hypnosis, CBT, blackmail, & much more.

I am here to use & abuse you. I'll push you further than you ever thought you could go. I continue to push limits on a daily basis. I am ME & will NOT change for you or your interests. A simple email begging to serve Me will NOT do. It must be thought out and well prepared. Tell Me what you have to offer!

I am Princess Angel & I will soon fuck your body, mind, soul, & wallet.

Custom clips are available

I do not do nudity, I am NOT submissive in anyway

Sole ignore

I'll acknowledge you at first. Reminding you it's time to clean My feet. Then the rest of the time I'll just sit there waving the soles of My feet in your face, without saying a word to you while your down on all fours groveling at My wonderful feet.

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Naughty Tease

You like that don't you? Of course you like watching Me, your a fucking pervert. But My man is the one that gets to fuck Me. He fucks Me real good, that is something you would never be good at it. The only thing your good at is getting out your wallet and paying My bills. The more you send the more I'll be nice enough to let you watch us fuck.

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Johns humiliatrix trance

his is a custom clip. But can be used by others. Let Me remind you about yourself and that small cock of yours, that everyone knows about. What a loser you are and how My eyes can solve your loser problems.

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Giantess 2

Powerful Princess Angel constantly reigns over your life. I am so much more powerful than you will ever be. And if you ever upset Me, well all I have to do is squish you with My foot or even just eat you alive. Never to be seen again. But for you good little boys there is a reward. My good little boys get to go for a ride on Princess Angels tits. Now start being a good boy so I can prop you right up there.....but if you continue to be bad, I will get rid of you.

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I see the way you look at Me Mr. fitzgerald

I see the way you look at Me in class. I could easily ruin your life and make you leave your wife if I wanted to. Your daughter even hates Me because she sees how I have you wrapped around My finger. I already made her boyfriend leave her and humiliate her at a party. Now it is time for you to leave your wife and give Me everything you would give her!!

Category: Blackmail    Duration: 07:34    Format: WMV    File Size: 33 MB    Clip ID: 19022

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Jake you're My new Lotion whore

So Jake since you like to be a perv and stare at Me and My girlfriends all the time. It is time to put you to work. You are My new hand lotion whore. You will lotion up My perfect soft Princess hands EVERY DAY, several times a day. Understand?

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Will I am tapping My finger nails..waiting

Will I will sit here and continue to be impatient with you until I get what I want. I am sure you can tell just how impatient I am becoming at the moment, by the way I continue to tap My finger nails.

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God I am fucking hot in fishnets!

Look what I got in the mail today. Watch Me put them on fuckface and sit there drooling over something you could never have. Sit there and worship My legs, feet, and stockings.

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Damn you've turned into a fat ass

EXTREME fat humiliation and verbal abuse. So if you cry easily do not buy.

Man I haven't seen you since highschool and you look completely different. You have blown up to become a huge fucking fat ass, tubby, tubalard, jiggling gigantic slob. You're so big now you look like one of those blimps that are in the sky hahaha. Damn you're just one tubby M0ther fucker now aren't you? bhahaha fucking fat ass. You're so huge now that I bet you can't even have sex anymore, seriously when is the last time you got laid? Clearly you can't fuck someone on top because you'd squish them and there is no way someone can ride you because your gut is in the way, the only way they could ride you is if they picked up your gut first hahaha.

I bet you're one of those fucks who goes swimming with their shirt on haha. Hell I would too if I was that huge, it's disgusting. But hey do one thing for Me...come on just do it, it's easy..ready? Ok. Look down and tell Me what you see. Hahahahah NOTHING because your gut is in the way! Now do something else for Me jump up and down. Bahahaha look at all that shit jiggle. It reminds Me of jello, it just keeps on jiggling.

Man I'm trying to resemble your fat ass by blowing My cheeks out, but I can't even come close to how fat yours is. fucking tubby fat ass slob. You'd fit right in on a farm, all you have to do is moo like a c ow or oink like a p ig and no one would tell the difference. So why don't you go do that for Me now.

Clearly you're spending too much of your extra money (or all of it) on food. So I tell you what I am going to do you a favor and that favor is....

PS: When you leave My house, please don't break My stairs on the way out. I don't know if they can hold your fat ass.

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uncircumcised cocks are DISGUSTING

So I heard a rumor about you, is it true? Don't worry I won't tell anyone if you tell Me. Ewww you are uncircumcised? Are you serious!? That is fucking disgusting haha. Your parents really fucked you over on that one didn't they? haha

Well I lied, I am going to tell everyone. And we both know all girls think that is disgusting! So here is the deal, your going to show it to ME and do directly as told or I will tell everyone your nasty secret. So pull it out and let Me see that ugly disgusting small cock of yours and follow My directions. If you cum before I command, everyone will know your uncircumcised. And TRUST ME, all the girls will be laughing at how nasty you are and how ugly uncircumcised cocks are.

So do as your ordered and your secret is safe with Me... or is it?

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mohammed the nasty dog

Well you little , after the walk I just took you on My heels on My black boots are all dirty. Now your going to clean them and clean them properly or you will be sleeping outside in the cold tonight. Then for being such a good ugly disgusting little doggie I'll allow you to remain down on all fours while you worship My ass. You'd like that wouldn't you?

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Ex Bf with a strange request... espen WANTS to be eaten alive -3

My ex bf espen approaches Me one day with a strange request. He tells Me he wants to be objectified into something that a woman simply uses and that's all he would be to her.

He continues to tell Me his fantasy of taking a potion and turning him into energy for My beautiful body--food.

I think he is crazy at first and tell him to fuck off. I mean why the fuck would someone want to be turned into food and then eaten alive? ....Until he offers Me his entire savings account after I eat him........

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espen- I'll eat you alive- Part II

So espen you cheated on My best friend. You treat people like crap now it is your turn to literally feel what being treated like crap is, because you will turn into it. Little do you know that I am Katelyn's best friend. I invite your cocky self over after telling you how your going to be inside Me...all the way by the end of the night. Little do you know I really meant it, I am going to eat you alive. You will feel everything but will never be able to scream out for help, because food doesn't talk. This is truly the perfect crime. Poor espen will never be seen again. HAHA THANK GOD!

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Cuckold part I

Watch Me tell you how if you were Mine, living with Me. How I would make you watch a real Man fuck Me. First you would start watching from the closest. Then you would be out in front of him, so he could pick on you too. You may never cum. You don't deserve it... Part 2 sometime in the future, stay tuned cucks!

Category: Cuckolds    Duration: 04:52    Format: WMV    File Size: 23 MB    Clip ID: 19016

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Lick them clean scumbag!

You are to worship Me and everything on Me, that means My boots too. Get down there on all fours and lick them clean. I want these suckers cleaner then when they came in the mail!

God everything seriously looks so fucking amazing on Me, doesn't it?

Category: Boot Domination    Duration: 07:31    Format: WMV    File Size: 36 MB    Clip ID: 19013

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Billy I am sick so you should be too!

Billy I want you to come over and bring Me some soup.....

Aww thanks billy. Now the real reason I had you come over because I don't think it is fair that I am sick and you are not. So time to get you sick asshole. I hope I get you so sick that you have to call into work, so you can wait on Me hand and foot until your Princess gets better. HAHA SUCKER!!!

Category: Nose Blowing    Duration: 04:25    Format: WMV    File Size: 21 MB    Clip ID: 19012

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