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Strip Tease & Denial

Goddess Chloe loves the sexual power she has over her chastity slave. After making him kiss her feet and reminding him how low he is, she decides to torment her pet. Goddess Chloe instructs her slave that he cannot touch, and proceeds to perform a strip tease inches away from his face. her slave begs to see more, but only after Chloe reminds him that he is looking at something he will never have. 8m 720x480

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Goddess Foot Worship

Goddess Chloe tells her slave that she has been pleased with him. She tickles his caged penis with her shoe, notices him getting hard in his chastity cage, so allows him one of his favorite pleasures. Worshipping her feet. Goddess Chloe allows her slave to remove her shoes, one at a time and cover her feet in kisses. She lets her slave lick the bottoms of her feet & kiss her toes. Her slave is obviously turned on by the pleasure, which Goddess Chloe also enjoys. Finally she makes her slave put out his hands to hold her feet and serve as her footstool. 7:04m 720x480

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The Humiliatrix

Goddess Chloe keeps her slave around because she derives so much enjoyment from his humiliation. She makes it a point to break her slave down to pieces regularly not only because it serves Her amusement, but also because it keeps the slave devoted, rock hard & ever desperate to please. This collection, which highlights the humiliation Goddess Chloe has in store for her slave, includes previously released Just A Toy, Humiliated Masturbation & Got you by the Balls. First Goddess Chloe forces her slave to use his mouth as a surrogate pussy for Goddess Chloe's double ended dildo. She climaxes while ramming the dildo down the slave's throat. Then she forces her slave to masturbate for her, all the while insulting his lack of manhood and small penis size. The slave cums for his Goddess, then is forced to clean up his own mess with his tongue! Then Goddess Chloe ties his balls to the top of the bed and starts to give him a handjob. She gets the slave rock hard, then tells him that the only way he is going to get out of his bondage is if he jacks himself off into his own face! How Humiliating! Goddess Chloe makes ALL the rules and they are designed to keep the slave HUMILIATED!! 22:34m 720x480

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cuck forced to swallow condom creampie

Goddess Chloe walks thru the door, having just returned from a date with one of her boyfriends. Her slave is waiting at the door as commanded. Goddess Chloe is in no mood for funny business & immediately takes out used tied condom from her purse. She makes her slave close eyes and lean head back, then cuts open the condom forcing her slave to swallow her boyfriends cum. Her slave gags hard on the cum running into the back of his throat and Goddess Chloe has no time to waste. She forces her slave to open his mouth again and accept more of her boyfriends cum before sticking the condom into her slave's mouth and making him suck on it. Poor cuckold slave is miserable, humiliated and still gagging. HA HA HA, Just the way Goddess Chloe likes it! 5:33m 720x480

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Do you deserve to lick My Pussy?

Goddess Chloe asks her slave if he deserves to please her by servicing her pussy. Her slave eagerly answers yes. Goddess Chloe handcuffs her chastity slave and grants him the privilege of servicing her. She calls another slave on the phone and leads him thru several tasks involving his nipples and clothespins. While doing this, she berets and corrects the slave who is diligently lapping at her pussy. Goddess Chloe is not satisfied by either slave, so she disconnects the phone slave and sends her pussy slave away. 6:07m 720x480

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The Cuck

Goddess Chloe completely cuckolds her slave! First she makes her slave pay for the date with her boyfriend. Her slave is completely humiliated by having to give Goddess Chloe his wallet before she goes out with her boyfriend. Then Goddess Chloe makes her slave jealous by showing off all the great things her boyfriend has purchased her. Specifically jewelry. Goddess Chloe & her boyfriend decide they are going off on a weekend-getaway. But first Goddess Chloe forces her slave to produce a worship puddle in a demonstration of his loyalty to her. Finally Goddess Chloe's boyfriend is going to fly her to a resort. Her slave is brought along to be humiliated & left at the airport. Goddess Chloe's cuckold slave is kept wanting, denied & broken, just the way she likes him! Clips from previously released 'you get to pay for my date loser', 'you are jealous of my boyfriend', 'humili-puddle', 'leaving slave behind'. 27:04m 720x480 **only $14.99**

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Cuck slave Ignored & Sat On

Goddess Chloe requires her slave's to function as furniture. Today she sits on her slave's face while reading a magazine. She is wearing panties and pantyhose so her slave can only sniff her heavenly scent, but is unable to taste or lick. She teases her slave about this, after all slaves are meant to be teased, sat on & ignored but are not to receive satisfaction from their obsessions. 4:52m 720x480

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Sorry I ruined your orgasm... AGAIN!

Goddess Chloe's slave has been good enough to deserve a reward. What do cuckold dogboy house slave's get for being good? A handjob & and orgasm. Goddess Chloe can sense her slave pouting beneath his leather ball gag and knows why, every handjob her slave has received lately has been without any pleasure. But this time is different. Goddess Chloe promises her slave she will allow him to have a satisfying orgasm. After donning purple latex gloves, she strokes her slave off. She details how disappointing he is as she strokes the slave's insignificant cock. Goddess Chloe warns her slave to cum only when she instructs, unfortunately the slave cannot hold himself back and begins to explode in Goddess Chloe's hands. Goddess Chloe immediately takes notice and ruins his orgasm.. AGAIN! The poor slave's penis is left spent and unsatisfied & Goddess Chloe can't stop laughing because ruining her slave's hope of pleasure is just so funny! 7:27m 720x480

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My slave

Goddess Chloe knows it must seem awful being her slave. She is such a bitch to you, ruthless even. She would spend all of your money, so you would have to work at least two jobs, and even at that you would be broke as Goddess Chloe would make it a point to drain your finances. As hard as that must sound, there are many upsides. Like this! Goddess Chloe demonstrates teasing her slave's cock with her feet. She shows you how good the moments get when you are pleasing Her and She chooses to give you attention. Goddess Chloe also demonstrates the handjobs she gives her slave. She lubes her hand and drives her slave wild with up & down stroking motions. Goddess Chloe even shows you how sexually frustrated you will be kept as she vigorously strokes her slave's cock until right before he is about to cum, then ceases all touching, leaving her slave quivering, unsatisfied and maddened. Buy this video three times, once so you can realize Goddess Chloe's plan for you, and twice so you can feel Her drain on your finances by. 4:37m 720x480

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My Gorgeous Pussy

Have you been a good boy? Do you deserve a reward? Well Goddess Chloe has one for you. Its small, like your penis but she knows you will appreciate it. Goddess Chloe knows you adore her pussy. She enjoys the fact and teases you that you can see it, but you cannot taste it.. or even be sat on. Oh, don't get discouraged, Goddess Chloe shows you how wonderful it can be as She plays with Her Gorgeous Pussy and denies you from experiencing it. 4:10m 720x480

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Goddess Chloe's Jerk Off Lessons - Cum On Demand

Goddess Chloe thinks there is room for improvement in you, and has set out to teach you to cum when commanded. She gives you plenty of visual stimulation to get that little dick of yours hard. She also brings her vibrator, because she wants you to cum at the same time she does. You ready? Your lesson today is to cum when she cums. Get to it cuckie!! 8:50m 720x480

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Cleanup Goddess Chloe's Creampie cuck

Goddess Chloe's boyfriend has left a mess for you to clean. Goddess Chloe wants your tongue out and licking it up.. NOW! Lick it, lap it all up cuckie. Listen carefully to how she insults your manhood while you do it, because that's the extent of the attention you are going to get! 3:31m 720x480

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Houseslave Chores - Pussy Servant

Goddess Chloe keeps her house slave for a good reason. He takes care of the menial tasks. Today Goddess asks her slave if the floors have been swept. Slave answers yes. Then the Goddess says houseslave must service her pussy. The houseslave instantly begins lapping at Goddess Chloe's beautiful pussy, working hard to bring her to orgasm. Goddess cums, then sends her slave away to more chores. 5:48m 720x480

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houseslave's Reward is a Painful Handjob

it is time for the slave's handjob. the slave now deserves a reward & Goddess Chloe promised. She begins stroking the cock of her bound slave, but quickly becomes bored with the chore and instructs her slave to cum soon. Her slave seems to be intentionally trying to hold back, trying to desperately to enjoy every moment of Her attention. Finally he is unable to hold back any longer and explodes in Goddess Chloe's hand. She is irritated that the slave took so long and vigorously jacks off the head of the slave's spent penis, causing the restrained slave to struggle wildly with overstimulation. 5:15m 720x480

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Grape Jelly Toes

Goddess Chloe's slave has lost his job. She is infuriated because her pleasure is to spend all of her slave's money. the slave works hard to try to afford her, and losing one of the jobs is unforgivable. So Goddess Chloe hog ties her slave and after refusing to feed him, forces him to eat grape jelly off of her toes. This is very entertaining to Goddess Chloe for sooo many reasons. The Goddess squishes her toes in jelly, then smears it across the slave's face while he tries to suck every drop of jelly from Goddess Chloe's toes like a starving dog. 9:24m 720x480

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no cum for you

Goddess Chloe made this for you panty hose perverts. See, she knows how women's stockings drive you mad, make your penis stiff & your appetite unwhetable. She skillfully dances the stocking across your cock, laughing at your overeagerness as your cock swells and stiffens the second the pantyhose touch it. She wraps the pantyhose around your cock, then around your balls. She wraps them tight around your balls, then gives you a stocking handjob. All that stimulation but she intentionally is not letting your cum. Goddess Chloe intends to keep you sexually frustrated and at her mercy. 10:20m 720x480

Category: Pantyhose    Duration: 10:21    Format: WMV    File Size: 116 MB    Clip ID: 18146

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