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Clean My Filthy Feet!

Tonight Chloe is going out to the club again, she wants to go dancing and meet hot men. Her bare feet are filthy and she requires her slave to clean them with his tongue. He licks the bottom of her feet, cleaning each foot meticulously with his mouth. Chloe is satisfied that her feet are clean, but then demands that angel also shine her shoes with his tongue. After the shoes are shined to her liking, she lastly makes her chastity slave clean the bottoms of her dirty shoes with his tongue. This clip is sure to please & arouse foot\shoe fetishists. 6m 720x480

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Thats all the pleasure you are afforded

Her slave is about to go to his second job. Goddess Chloe tells her slave how good he has been lately and how pleased she has been. She commends him on his good behavior. Goddess Chloe tells her slave she will reward him, and then the only pleasure she gives him is by blowing lightly on his caged penis. Chloe then makes him zip up over his cage and sends him off his job, humiliated and teased. 'Now go make Me My money!' 3m 720x480

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Cum filled Condom Reward

Goddess Chloe makes you eat the cum from her boyfriend's condom. She is even considering allowing you to taste her pussy juices on the condoms external side. You had better be eager and please the Goddess slave.. thats as close to her pussy as you're ever going to get. 600x400 5:46m

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HouseSlave Chores - Ass Licking

Goddess Chloe's houseslave is called in. She makes sure that a list of chores have been completed before giving her slave another task. She wants her asshole licked. Goddess Chloe's slave licks and laps at her asshole until She says enough. Unfortunately, her slave did not satisfy her. She tells the slave she is disappointed and sends it off to complete additional house chores. 6m 720x480

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your dick is so small you should just k*ll yourself

This is for Small Penis Humiliation slaves. Goddess Chloe has created a cruel and vicious video for you because you have such a small and isignificant penis. Her conversation with you will deepen your humiliation and wreck your headspace, because everything She says to you is true. 3:30m 720x480

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houseslave chores - first pussy, then dishes

the house slave is way behind on the chores Goddess Chloe has assigned. Goddess makes a review of the long list of chores that still have to be done before instructing her slave to service her pussy, and then get back to work. 720x480 4:12m

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My nails

Goddess Chloe has a hot date tonight. She wants to repaint her nails. So she sits on her slave's face, does her nails while telling her slave how much she looks forward to her date. r cuck, only gets to sniff her heavenly scent because he's locked in a cage!

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Clean up My Cum After Date

While out on her date Goddess Chloe left her slave helplessly tied up at home. She has a lot of fun getting fucked in the ass by her thick cocked boyfriend, When Goddess Chloe returns home she finds her slave still tied, still helpless. Chloe laughs at her slaves predicament. She taunts her slave by telling him how her boyfriend got to fuck her in the ass because he is a real man, with a real cock. Chloe demands her slave lick her ass clean, so she sits on his face & makes him clean her up. Chloe strips away whatever is left of her slave's dignity by making him tell her how much he enjoys the taste of her boyfriends cum in her ass. 6:30m 720x480

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Humiliated Masturbation

Ever seeking to be amused and entertained by her slave Goddess Chloe decides that slaveboy is to masturbate for her. Chloe demands her slave masturbate onto a plate while she humiliates & taunts the boy from his lack of manliness to his small penis. The Goddess becomes bored and demands her slave cum for her. Chloe's slave cums on the plate then is forced to clean it up with his tongue. Chloe Breaks Her Slave Down To Pieces - Total Humiliation!! 12m 720x480

Category: Masturbation Humiliation    Duration: 06:27    Format: WMV    File Size: 71 MB    Clip ID: 18006

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My Feet, your tongue

I have been out all day playing at the beach and my feet are dirty. Clean my feet now foot slave!!4m 720x480

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Pegged Slave Humiliation Collection

Three clips where Chloe pegs her slave.
Ass to Mouth Peg Boy - Chloe pegs her humiliated slave, then makes him suck the dirty cock that was just in his ass. In Pantyhose Peg Chloe finds her slave wearing her pantyhose. To teach the cuck a lesson Chloe pegs his ass with no lube. Finally in You're My Bitch Chloe and friend decide that since Chloe's slave whines like a bitch, he should be treated like a bitch. Chloe's slave is drilled from both ends with large strap on cocks. 31m 720x480

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Foot Lover's Dream

A moment in the life of a foot addict slave. Goddess Chloe is tending daily tasks. Aside from spending her slave's money she also spends plenty of time talking to her girlfriends. Right now She spends a little time in-between abusing clients to chat on the phone while her slave worships her feet. Ahhh, too bad YOUR not lucky enough to be a cuckold foot slave!!! 8m 720x480

Category: Foot Worship    Duration: 08:00    Format: WMV    File Size: 88 MB    Clip ID: 18004

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My Personal Whore

Humiliation is one of Goddess Chloe's favorite pastimes. Chloe previously joked to her friend about turning her slave out, now She means it! Goddess Chloe calls several friends while her slave is at her feet, and arranges for her slave to service her male friends. Is not until the second phone call that her slave figures out the details of the deal and he strongly protests. Chloe demands absolute obedience from her slaves & immediately sets him straight that he exists for HER amusement only & he will do (or be done by) whatever She wishes. Complete humiliation of slave forced to whore! 7:14 720x480

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Cum for me

She knows she is your Goddess. She enjoys the hunger you feel for her and the envy you have for her slave. Ha, she can even direct you thru a better hand job than you can give yourself! Chloe demonstrates this by stepping you thru masturbating.. Goddess Chloe style! She tells you exactly what she wants you to do until finally demanding that you cum for her. 8m 720x480

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Vacation for Me

Goddess Chloe wants you to buy her a vacation to the beach. She explains that you are nothing without Her spending your money, and makes it perfectly obvious that you owe Her the perfect vacation to the Caribbean. That's a good money slave...! 3:30m 720x480

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Forced Cuckold Creampie

This clip is special, just for you cucks! You can hear Goddess Chloe's boyfriend fucking her into ecstasy, he is really giving it to her good! Her cuck has been handcuffed to the chair that Chloe & her stud boyfriend are fucking on. When Goddess Chloe is done with her boyfriend, she asks her cuckslave if he was paying attention to how a real man fucks a woman. Goddess Chloe questions him on his note taking & lessons learned, then she makes him open his mouth. Goddess Chloe pushes out her boyfriends cum, right into the back of her cuck slave's throat. You actually see her slave gagging on each droplet he is forced to catch with his mouth. Chloe makes her slave swallow the load and interrogates him on its taste. Goddess Chloe further humiliates her slave by berating his inadequacy compared to her hot thick cocked boyfriend. 6:30m 720x480

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