High Heel Pedal Pumping & Revving

High Heel Pedal Pumping & Revving

Watch multiple women in distress on the side of road, trying to start their car, speeding, spinning out in the dirt and in snow wearing flats, boots, sexy heels, classic pumps.


Misty gets MAD trying to start her car wearing navy heels

Misty is wearing her navy high heel pumps and is having trouble starting a push button start car. It just won't catch! She really gets mad and slams the pedal hard to the floor then revs the shit out of it! She is in a hurry to get home after a long day at work.

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Jenna floors barefoot again and again

Jenna drives her pick-up truck to a place where she can really enjoy very long burnouts. This is so sexy watching her bare feet point her toe and floor the gas making the trucks tires scream! This is a 2 camera shoot with one outside and one on her foot. She has on red toenail polish! See her beautiful high arches, clear skin and sexy toes floor the car again and again. Hot!

Category: Foot Fetish    Duration: 06:14    Format: MOV    File Size: 28 MB    Clip ID: 19592

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Jenna does some SERIOUS pedal to the metal spinning

Jenna is in the mood to do some serious pedal to the metal spinning the tires and revving it hard. She does this every chance she gets flooring the gas and braking. She is wearing brown croc pointy toe 4" heels. Sorry, the camera is a little low.

Category: Foot Fetish    Duration: 05:32    Format: MOV    File Size: 25 MB    Clip ID: 19593

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Jenna Hard Starting & Gravel Spins in Red Heels

Jenna models her sexy red high heels then gets into the car for some hard starting and revving. This is camera B which is shot from the drivers door so you can see her high arches as she floors the gas revving and pumping. Then she heads out to her favorite gravel road and spins the tires over and over throwing gravel all over.

Category: Foot Fetish    Duration: 06:01    Format: MOV    File Size: 28 MB    Clip ID: 19594

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Creole is HOT in her cream Proxy's

Creole is wearing super hot Cream high heel pumps with 4" heels. She steps into her car and begins to pump the gas super hard and super fast making the engine just scream for mercy. Lots of full body shots showing off her sexy legs and some fast driving squealing the tires in low gear.

Category: Foot Fetish    Duration: 06:31    Format: MOV    File Size: 30 MB    Clip ID: 19595

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Creole Pumps up two engines in her burgundy sexy 4" heels

Creole is wearing sexy burgundy 4” high heels and is pumping away to try to get the GMC truck started. Very sexy foot moves on the gas pedal while she talks sexy! She loves to rev and hold the pedal to the floor while the engine screams for mercy and burns rubber. In this clip she revs two engines!! HOT!

Category: Foot Fetish    Duration: 03:46    Format: MOV    File Size: 18 MB    Clip ID: 19596

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