Hey there! My name is Camilla, nice to meet you!Im an Bulgarian webcam model on Streamate, you can find me there almost every day ! Im new here, I would like to update my profile week by week with clips and photos! I do custom pictures and videos too. My webcam is 1080P HD i use special lights. I like to cut and edit my videos, i have a lot of toys and costumes, outfits, wigs,cosplay dresses,catsuits,latex,PVC,Vinyl,rubber, heels, boots and more! I like to do my best and give out a nice video! :)


Leather jacket and platform boots messy

In this clip i wear studded leather jacket and black, shiny platform boots. I start to give you a sloppy, wet blowjob. You can see me POV and full body poses. Lots of spit, gag, dirty talk while i please you

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Denim/Jeans jacket collar fetish JOI

In this clip you see my pretty face upclose, bc this clip about a denim jacket/collar fetish clip. I move my collar up and down and teasing you, while i give you a sensual and sexy JOI. I talk dirty and paying with my collar! HMMMM! :D

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CFNM JOI Verbal ab*se on blind date

In this clip i go to a blind date, but when i arrive i find a fat old bastard, who scammed me. I freak out , start to going home, but he offer me money to watch him jerking of on the floor naked, while i wear my clothes. In this clip i wear a nice prom dress ad high heels im super mean, do verbal humiliation and SPH too, fat shaming

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Gothic loli step bro roleplay with anal

If you into some anime/manga/cosplay gothic loli, STEP bro- sis stuff, this is for you! :D Im your horny sis who want to do some adult stuff but dont had luck YET! But i found a gothic lolita magazine in your room and thats change everything! Thats gave me an idea to wear that outfit for you, and after that .... you can imagine what happened. If you not i tell you: some serious anal play with blowjobs in amazing POVS. I stuff my panties in my pussy after i put in your mouth, and on! Wohooo! :D

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Jeans Fetish With Bushy Pussy

In this short clip you can see me in a tiny jeans short. I just move away my pants to show my bushy pussy. You can see it on POV, while i talk to you what would like to feel. ;) I dont use toys

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Sensual, long masturbation

In this clip i start to get off with my fav toys. I start the clip naked, tease you a bit and after that i touch myself. In this clip i use butt plug and my vibe toy, you can see me in several poses and you can see a lot of POVs. Cum with me!

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Object stuffing geeky girl DP POV

In this clip im a geeky girl ,who want to learn online with you, but i start to feel very horny and want to get off. So i start to use objects around me to help myself out, while you watching me online. :D I wear geeky socks and glasses, use banana and makeup brush

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Lick my dirty sneakers

Im super angry! I just take a walk , wearing my brand new Michael Kors sneakers and i step in a big pile of dog poo (made by me: banana and coffee, fake). You must lick off my shoes you fucking fartpig!

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Lick my dirty boots

In this clip you should lick my dirty boots, after i put in my cat litterbox. This is the life, deal with it, you worthless slave!

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SailorJupiter cosplay werk nude version

In this clip you can watch my werk movie of my photo shoot I hope you enjoy! Lots of foot , booty and poses, with some POV, pussy asshole. Have fun with me

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Sailor Jupiter cosplay photo shoot werk non nude

In this free clip you can watch my werk movie of my photo shoot . The full version is coming soon with nude scenes. I hope you enjoy! Lots of foot , booty and poses, with some POV. :3

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Eat the dirt from my ped eggs

You worthless slave! You should eat all of the dirt and dust from my ped eggs.

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Black nylon,stockings DP footfetish

In this clip i wearing a black nylon tshirt and black nylon stockings with black platform boots. I tease you a bit and talk about what would i like to do with you. After i put a buttplug in my ass and start to deepthroating my dildo, while my ohmibod is vibe my little cunt, then i start to fuck my pussy, take off my boots and show my nylon feet, and cum

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Anime Pet slave DP cum

In this clip im a very cute anime cat-pet. I wanna cum and want to feel your big cock inside! But youre not here , so i should to use toys, like my: butt plug, dildo and lush vibe egg. I wear catears, bodyharness and you can see my cute toes and soles.

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POV style footjob fetish clip

In this clip i do a nice footjob for you. At the start i tease you with my stockings, then i get naked i start to wank your dick with my soft soles. All in POV style, you almost feel my soles! :D

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