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Forced to Sniff and Taste Allegras Ripe Socks and Chastity Tease

This part is for all you sweaty sock lovers. To relieve further stress she went for a gym workout and a long walk. She is feeling better now and decides to treat the foot slave to some nice ripe sweaty socks that she has exercised in multiple times. The room was filled with her strong sweaty foot aroma. The slave is just intoxicated from her smell while she rubs them all over his nose while he is throbbing locked in chastity. She teases him with the keys on her necklace. She picks up a personal vibrator and starts to vibrate and stimulate the foot slaves cock cage driving him insane. She doesn't think he is sniffing enough so se she makes him take off one of her socks and stuff it in his mouth so he can only breathe through his nose. Now the slave is fully tasting her sweat while the sniffing continues.

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After Work Foot Massage for Ripe Pantyhosed Feet and Forced Sniffing

I had just gotten out of the pool after having a few beers . I am just trying to relax when Victoria plops down at the couch. She gives me a hassle about using all the gas in the car, because she was late to work due to the car running out of gas. I try to make up some excuse. I truly forgot to put gas in. She demands a foot massage, and puts her RIPE smelly hosed feet in my lap. I don't feel like massaging, but I start to as she is not going to take no for an answer. I am lazily massaging her foot, and she is not impressed. To give me some motivation she sticks her other ripe foot in my face and forcefully makes me smell it. I just get intoxicated further from her ripe hosed feet, and actually doing an even poorer job massaging.

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Princess Kitty Owns Your Orgasms

Princess kitty decides how fast, or how slow to stroke, decides whether you get to cum or not, and what to do with your cum if you do orgasm! features heels, pantyhose, masturbation control, foot tease, smelly bare feet, nice close-ups, and of course the lovely sexy Princess Kitty

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To Cum or Not to Cum - After Work Sweaty Dirty Foot Tease

The lovely Princess Kitty is tired from working all day on her feet. She does not feel like giving you instructions. She knows what you want to do and she gives you permission to stroke while she reads her book. You will be stroking at whatever rate you wish while she teases you with her sole and toes. She waves her sweaty smelly feet all around in your face. You get some great close ups of her dirty stinky feet. She peeks at you from time to time while she reads. She knows when things are starting to get difficult for you and puts down her book to put some oil on her feet. She makes them nice and slippery and teases you with a foot job foot pose. Whether or not you get to cum or you get denied. It is strictly Kitty's decision!

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Chastity Owned and Exposed by Dre

This video is a combination of point of view with brief views of me worshipping her smelly feet after a workout. The focus is mostly on her as she holds the camera in her hand. Would you ever wonder what it would be like to be owned and locked in chastity? Unable to masturbate while a beautiful naturally dominant girl has your keys hanging on her necklace and 30 miles from you? Well that is what happened to me as a producer and Dre the actress. She talks about me as if i was not there worshipping her feet in the background. Telling you how she is going to masturbate thinking about how i won't be able to touch myself. This really happened. Dre demanded that i send her a photo of my swelling morning wood cock in chastity everyday for 2 weeks. She also took photos of me with her phone while we were shooting and she was whipping my cock, and me posing outside after she beat my ass so bad with the belt. She holds up the camera showing the very revealing photos of me nude getting my cocked whipped and my red beaten ass after a belt whipping. Telling me and you how she is going to post these photos on her twitter page, AND SHE DID!! This video is a especially good if you have a chastity device to wear while you watch it. Either way it is a good video for you to really get to know her personality. This video was unscripted. She even provides her twitter name in the video if you want to follow her.............. If you want to follow me you can do so by requesting to follow me on twitter my user name is @Beowulf50cal

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Bound and Forced to Tongue Bathe Super Ripe Bare Feet in Chastity

With the slave still locked in chastity for cumming without her permission, the slave is then made to kneel nude in front of her. She binds his ankles together and his wrists behind him. She uses two leg portions she cut off of a week worn pair of pantyhose. Once he is bound she then takes the remaining crotch portion of the pantyhose and places it over his face. She takes special care to put the ripe crotch portion right over his nose while still leaving his mouth free. He is then made to sniff the pantyhose crotch while she makes him thoroughly TONGUE BATHE her very ripe bare feet after she worked out in her tennis shoes bare feet. She laughs at him knowing that he would like to stroke himself while enjoying the flavor of her feet and the scent of the pantyhose crotch over his nose. She loves him in chastity. After he has been made to clean her feet completely of the stink from her soles, between her toes and the balls of her heels, she pull the crotch portion over his mouth and makes him lick it. She makes him crawl away to his room where he is made to continue licking the crotch portion until the are clean while he throbs and throbs locked up in chastity.

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Forceful Workout Socks and Ripe Feet Turns into Tongue Bath

Victoria wore these socks for 3 days and they smell amazing. I act resistant and this just make her more forceful with her rubbing of her feet on my face. Completely covering my face with the scent of her damp ripe sweaty feet. She is still not satisfied with my sniffing, so she makes me stick out my tongue so she can drag her sweaty feet over my tongue getting a tongue bathe. After thoroughly having my mouth used as a foot cleaner she shoves one of her socks in my mouth.

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