Corporal punishment of a sadistic , mean, cruel Asian Mistress from the East who manipulate pathetic slaves under her feet .


Slave in his damaged nipples

I love to hear screaming and begging from a slave who suffers the tormented pain under my training , and that shows no scriptplay neither on a show.. everything in me you felt is real . come taste my true somination and lets tear your skin apart.

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Milking animal

Laying helplessly waiting for me on the table , naked and spread legs like an animal to be disected, I took the milking machine and thrusht it in his cock with a lube and to the most of its power , he begun to scream like a girl and screaming and squirting many times until he begs for mercy because its not a pleasure anymore it was a hardest kind of torture

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long whip 10 feet poor slave joh in the -dungeon

He is there waiting for me , As i took the long whip and walk near him, sizing up the distance and ask him are you ready for me slave? Yes Mistress, take 10 counts of my slashes as a warm up. the first 5 you had been screaming out loud it was just a warm up in 10% stenght of the slashes and to the last 5 you fell fainted and saying begging for mercy. What a loser

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Strap on that bitch

You said you are a virgin and I need to be slow and nice . Hell yeah come here you bitch and bend over on your knees , I fuck you deep deeper and with my hard strap on inside of you , oh yeah you scream like a whore but the more i do it the more you want me thrusting inside of you

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Brown sparta sandal cock jobbing

I dont like to touch your body with my hands it feels so dirty just looking at you! I will use my feet to play with your useless small dicky and toremtn you with my Brown sandal jobbing it and milking it without touching you and making you crazy like a dog

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Corporal Punishment of 2 Asian Mistresses

I had been so pissed with a slave who is very disobedient and naughty that really gets into me, My slave he had been with me for 5 years now and yet sometimes he is forgetting where to put himself . I order him to come to my studio and punish him without a doubt that I am pissed , caning him hard that i made a marks black and blue and making him realize what he have done and learning his lesson .

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Trio Extrema Whipping a pathetic slave

In this clip the viscious Mistresses from Italy Mistress Gaia and the 2 Asian cruel Mistresses from the East Mistress Saintlawrence and Mistress AmazingBody punished the loser and teaching him a lesson , how to behave well infront of the gODDESSES

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Asian Goddesses and the whips

In this clip the master of the whips are the Mistresses who mold the slave through the slashes of the whip that touches his body as the canvass of the music every slash is a key note that turns on the rhythmic

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Cruel Mean Asian Mistresses International

In this clip a naughty slave needs to learn how top behave and for misbehaving the whip is the method of descipline by which the Mistresses having fun in giving slashes , Mistress Gaia Mistress Shy and Mistress Saintlawrence are the good teacher in desciplining a slave

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The Mistresses the whip and the poor slave

The slave had been acting like he knows everything and for that the cruel mean asian Mistresses doesnt want a slave to show off , with the counts of 100 slashes of whip makes him realize behaving well is better than showing off.

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