German Goddess Femdom Fighting

German Goddess Femdom Fighting

Young and beautiful German Godesses use their female superiority and show their male foes who is in charge by kicking punching trampling abusing and humiliating any guy crossing their way


Bitchy Blonde Forced Signing II

After 10 minutes of very hard and merciless squeezing and taunting her prey, this bitchy blonde doesn't stop until she gets his signing under the contract she made...

She raises the pressure and starts getting more forceful to make her point clear. What do you think, will he sign? Or will he resist? What would you do? In any case...he neither is saying nor resisting and not moving at all any more when she is finished with him....

The clip continues where the previous one stopped. She grabs his head by his hair while she controlls his body in a forceful camel clutch and rubs his face over the papers..."This will you sign...understand it?"... "just sign it, its all I ask"....and while she forces his head up to the full camel clutch hold she taunts the struggling victim "you try to escape....? Forget it! " Non stop wrestling domination goes on with her moving to the chair, him still down on the floor and his head between her lethal weappons of steel thighs...stretching up her young strong body to a frontal standing scissors brings him neat to bla*ck ou*t..."Are you tapping?" she releases her grip imediately to keep him awake for further punishment...

"You have two seconds to take the pen and sing the contract!" "gruuuuggggglllll" is all he can say as she presses her foot on his throat and cuts his breath..."No air?"....She takes a seat on his throat, his head clamped between her thighs and forces him the pen into his mouth.."This is what I want you to use..."

Again, quick and strong, like a tigress, she moves the position from her throat sitting schoolgirl pin into a classic scissor headlock and squeezes...she is telling him what comes next: "I will sit in the chair and knock you out ... and when you wake you will sign!"

As told, she sleepers him for a break.

Now, after the break, there is not so much resist in him left...but it isn't over yet....

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Bitchy Blonde Forced Signing

Famous blonde beauty Jenni Czech, known for beeing able to fool by her innocent girlie looks as she is a terminator when it comes to achieve her aim.

She plays the secretary of a stupid macho boss who doesn't want to sign a new contract with better conditions for her first.

When he doesn't gives in by her nice sensual tries, she has other ways to get him signed the papers.

As Jenni is well known of beeing able to turn lights out off men when they stuck between her thighs, she is very confident to get him doing what she orders at the end.

Once she has his head between her arms in her effective sleeper holds or even worse between her legs, she is in total control of what's going on..."I will make you change ur mind"...There is no chance of escape, no matter how much the victim fight, there is no hope to survive, unless the victim does what she asks for, but why the hell doesn't he simple gives?

"We will see who is stronger"... she jeers to him while is moaning between the grip of her lethal thighs..."oh you break my arm he cries in her stretch scissors" and she replies..."yes, but only the left one, the right one will u need to sign"....headscissors, chokeholds, grapevines, schoolgirlpins, headscissors and so on...she has her way with him.

As mentioned before, cynical abuse and playing cat and mouse is some speciality of this brutal blonde wrestling goddess.She not only controlls his moves and breath, she also finds always time for degrading abuse and with some brutal force she finally will have her contract signed...

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Bitchy Blonde TV Break

Guest star Jenni Czech proves why she is known for one of the most terrifying scissorqueens of the world.

She might look harmless with her blonde hair, nice and beautiful face and friendly smile. In her sexy black high heel boots and tight leggins she might look as the girl next door dressing up for party.

But donÂlet her fool you by her innocent and nice appearance. She can be evil and heartless when it comes to carry her point.Once she has a head between her legs, she is in total control of what's going on.There is no chance of escape, no matter how much the victim fight, there is no hope to survive, unless the victim does what she asks for, and even then it doesnÂnecessarily means mercy!

In this episode she is angry about the noise of the TV. She asks the wimp for shutting it off and as this seems no option for him she has her way with him to make him quiet and get her silence.

She controlls his breath with sleeper holds and ribcracking bodyscissors. Just within the first two minutes the victim is near blackout and becomes dizzy. When he complains about "seeing stars" she cynical anserws him to tell her how many stars he's seeing! She continues with an array of degrading tactics of squeezing scissorholds, forceful pinning grapevines and even a combination of scissoring and pillow smothering.

Cynical abuse and playing cat and mouse is some speciality of this brutal blonde scissor goddess.She not only controlls his moves and breath, she also finds always time for degrading abuse.

With some very brutal torture of breathtaking scissors she sends him beeing quiete to sleep with a lovely capture of his head between her arms.

Even though she is wearing a tight dark leggins on her thighs, You can see her forceful brutality with an evil smile on her beautiful face all the time by watching the victims face grimacing in pain and turning from red to purple between those skullcrushing thighs of steel.

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Bitchy Blonde TV Break II

Jenni Czech continues where she left in Bitch Blonde TV Break.

With some very brutal torture of breathtaking scissors she sends him beeing quiete to sleep with a lovely capture of his head between her arms.

"You can go if you want"...she is teasing her victim, but not to let him go for freedom but just to change positions into some scissors again.

"You´re going nowhere, stay down"..."arg...grrrrll"..."If I would be you, I wouldnÂmove that much..." she mocks the struggling and floundering victim between her legs and sqeezes his air out of him in a brutal side scissors.

"I see stars" he complains again, and she is abasing him with answering "wait until you see the moon...then you will sleep"..."arg...grrrrll, I canÂtake it anymore..." ... "come on, donÂbe a pussy...." she is teasing and humiliating him whilst she is in bitchy control of all his moves and breath until she brutally breaks all his will in a vicious joggling headscissors which lets him drop down breathlessly exhausted to the floor.

Him down, anxious of his life, aware of beeing in mortal danger, she thrones over him, putting her boots on his chest and thinks about her final move of degradation today, which ends her up on him in a painful grapevine, demanding him to be her male housemaid today.

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Bitchy Brutal Humiliated Hometrainer

Bitchy Blonde Jenni Czech is in exercising mood and demonstrates her fat unsporty male slave what does it mean to get in shape.

He has opportunity to feel Jenni Czechs powerful body while she is doing her exercising think he should be a lucky guy then? Don´t think so, as she uses him as her personal hometrainer toy.

From hard scissors in all imaginable variety she trains her lethal leg weapons...she even trains her chest and arms with some push ups while his head is still firmly clamped between her thighs...

She doesn´t even look like working hard as she doesn´t drop a sweat and still has her lovely smile on her pretty face in each and every situation.

After having done her moves she starts to force the fat slave to start with some work out himself, but beeing sucked by his pathetic efforts she decides to knock him out in a leathal fully stretched headscissors on the backrest...

German Dialouge. Funny conversation as Jenni not only keeps her body fit with this one sided demonstration of female power but also tries to improve her German the same time....she speaks with a very nice Czech accent.

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Anjas' Whipping Boy

Anja is in kick-ass mood as she vicously beats up the poor guy in this clip. Watch this powerful German Goddess ripping off his sweatshirt and cramming it into his crops like a gag!

Gagged with his own shirt he is also scissored by her muscular thighs in a standing headscissors and handsmothered by her hands the same time. Breathing is a privilege not easy given by this sadistic power Goddess!

But the torment doesn't ends with this smothering torture, it only there begins. She orders him to stand up, forces him to the wall, strangles his throat with her hands, kicks him violenty into his stomach again and again followed by forceful faceslapping & bellypunching slugfest. You can hear the smashing sounds of her and hands hammering on his naked upper body with delight.

She is so heated and turned on by her own power over him, that she even orders him to fight back, but this weakling admits that she is stronger and prefers to keep in defensive mode, what doesn't help him at all.

Bashed down to the floor, she sits on his face, bounces on his head with all her weight, smashes his body and spits into his mouth. Totally beaten and humiliated, she chucks him out!

Very aggressive and diversified action provided by an awesome and cold-blooded maneater.

German Dialouge. Verbal abasement.

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Gogo Girl Roughes Up The Bozo

This is the sequel to the clip "Brutalized by Gogo Dancer" and this time we needed Madita to put on boxing gloves to protect her victim for serious damage.

But even with the gloves on (or maybe just therefore) her victim got terrific blows to his face, which left him battered and beaten, swollen and humiliated in totally defeat at the glory end.

This clip is pure fighting frenzy. This girl is a rough and scary man beater. We needed to cut for a break just after 3 minutes just to prevent her from knocking her victim to early. The rest of the clip is nearly 6 minutes of pure hell for the beaten up foe.

Very violent and brutal destruction provided by an aweful strong and skillful fightergirl acting in total anger and dismissive behaviour. By far the most brutal clip in this store so far.

German Dialouge. Strong verbal abasement.

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Brutalized by Gogo Dancer

Athletic and powerful German Goddess Madita is coming home from her dancing classes, as the stupid guy drops a brick at her clothing.

She violenty vents her anger and gets into a furious fighting machine as she starts beating him up with forcefull bare fisted punches to his body and very
hard slaps to his face.

Madita pins him down, fixes his arms with her knees and continues with her tremendous beating even if he lies defenseless down beneath her.

After the Goddess has wore him down, she also hammers a series of knees full force into his groin.

Very violent and brutal destruction provided by an aweful strong and skillful fightergirl acting in total anger and holding nothing back.

German Dialouge. Strong verbal abasement.

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The Bouncer

Strong and powerful German Goddess Anja is hired as bouncer at a local club. As stupid Basti tries to get in without identifying himself as a member, she gets physical with him.

She violenty kicks and punches him throughout the foyer. She kicks and tramples his body and his head with her full weight.

After wearing him down she forces him to lick her spit from the ground. Totally beaten and humiliated, she bounces him out.

German Dialouge. Verbal abasement.

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Ninja Nina Kickboxing

German Goddess Nina is a professional kickboxer and today she uses two guys as her human punching bags.

The clip begins with her knocking Gunnar around, then Andy gets his dose of thrashing by very skillful & powerful German Kickboxing Goddess Nina.

Finally she takes over both of them simultaneously. Hard punches from flying fists and quick kicks from strong legs in sexy black boots make the guys having a hard time as Ninas' punching bags.

German dialouge.

Category: Mixed Fighting    Duration: 06:30    Format: WMV    File Size: 62 MB    Clip ID: 4803

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Lauren smashes Pete!

Watch German Goddess Lauren rough up yet another guy.

The clip begins with her having Andy strongly fixed in a headlock, just not finished with him from the previous beating, as goony Pete enters the room. She releases the exhausted Andy and dishes out an instant beating to Pete.

Andy sits down beat and obedient and has to watch Lauren
bashing his friend.

This bright blonde Dominatrix, clad in those nice white
boots and sexy mini skirt makes the poor guy suffering her
smashing punishment. Hands hammering on his body, strong
legs in sexy boots kicking him around the room, many
headlocks and some nice knock downs in this one-sided
slugfest provided by energetic and agressive Power Goddess

German dialouge.

Category: Mixed Fighting    Duration: 05:08    Format: WMV    File Size: 30 MB    Clip ID: 4802

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Vicious Fight Babes' Attack

Sophie & Mirell - awesome German Goddesses! The two bright blonde fighting babes surround their prey like raptors on the prowl!

Bash bash, kick kick, bash bash...the victim is worn down pretty soon. Vicous street fighing babes on their way to beat up the guy convincingly.

Faceslapping & kicking, headlocks & pins, stroke & kick combinations, powerfull applied by trained karate Goddess Mirell!

Skillfull, energetic and agressive action. Very sexy & dangerous hot German Babes!

German dialouge. Abusive talking

Category: Mixed Fighting    Duration: 08:30    Format: WMV    File Size: 104 MB    Clip ID: 4801

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Vicious Fight Babes' Next Strike

Don�t miss this sequal to best-seller "Vicious Fight Babes' Attack".

Sophie & Mirell - Bad gang girls rule in that deserted hulk where neither anybody can hear nor help this hapless victim from beeing thrashed & humiliated at the vicious German Godesses' will and pleasure.

Mirell & Sophie use all their tormenting repertoir containig but not limited to headlocks, bootkicks, kneekicks, stomps, whams & chops & fast hitting

Watch as the helpless victim is hold firm by powerful arms in Sophies' headlocks and beeing beaten up by skillfull strokes of Karate Babe Mirells' legs and hands the same time.

Once more, skillful, energetic and agressive action by two hot and powerful German Fighting Goddesses.

German dialouge. Abusive talking.

Category: Mixed Fighting    Duration: 08:39    Format: WMV    File Size: 86 MB    Clip ID: 4800

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