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There's nothing Stan likes better than cute little feet. Lucky for him, because small Paco's feet certainly are little and very cute. Stan ties him up, so that he can really give it to him good. Paco breaks out into hysterical laughter as Stan works his fingers up and down the soles of his feet, and deep in between his little toes. With sweat dripping down his face, Paco begs for him to stop, but a part of him really loves the attention. Stan taunts poor, helpless little Paco in Spanish, but he doesn't let up. This is a tickling torture match made in heaven!

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There's a proper educate when you visit someone's house, and as Paul will find out, drinking all their liqueur and shaving their cat is a step in the wrong direction. Now Dave is really pissed off and the only way he feels that he can get the payback he deserves is through tickling Paul's sensitive body into submission! He grabs and prods Paul's lower stomach and pinches his armpits like broken coat hangers!! Now Paul will hopefully learn to act properly when he's invited over.

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I don't know about you, but if I were getting tortured I would not be calling my torturers "jerk" or "asshole", but for some reason that is the strategy that our victim uses to try and escape. This guys laugh sounds like an that is being killed! It was not hard to find where this guy was ticklish because he seems to be all over. His body jolts so much that you would think his restraints would come apart, but thanks to good craftsmanship, our victim will get to enjoy many hours of tickling!

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Roger wakes to a rather unpleasant surprise when he finds himself hogtied and Daddy waiting behind him. With Daddy practicing to be an absurd type of cowboy he starts rubbing Rogers soft body and tickling him against all his attempts at refrain. Rogers soft brown skin is teased and tortured until he will admit that Daddy is a real cowboy. Daddy rolls Roger around maneuvering his body to his will as he prods his most sensitive spots bringing Roger to a state of near hysteria!

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After John and his gay gang had their way with Evin, who is straight, Evin is looking to get revenge on his perverted gay roommate. He has tied John up in a very uncomfortable position and is torturing him with his tickling fingers. John flops around so much that he resembles his flailing cock as Evin tickles harder and deeper. John screams in agony as Evin's strong fingers dig deep into the tissue, and his cries for mercy are painfully ignored. Evin enjoys the suffering that is on John's face, as he and his gang of friends really took it to virgin Evin. John's breathing becomes quite heavy, and sweat begins to form on his forehead. Evin may have been screaming as John and his friends took it to Evin's poor tight ass, but that is nothing compared to how John screams in this clip!

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The boy in black is about to experience the true suffering that can be inflicted by tickle torture. Some people laugh, some whimper, but this guy flails! I can not believe the structure he's tied to manages to stay in one piece! By the end of it he is physically and mentally exhausted, and swears revenge on his torturer.

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Stan has shackled and bound his roommate Jose in order to tickle him to death. And he nearly does. This guy Jose wails like a little girl when his feet are tickled, even with his socks on! When Stan peels off the socks to expose his bare feet he begs for mercy but Stan is having none of it. Jose wails his lungs out from the torture, it really nearly kills him. Stan would have finished him off but worried that his neighbors might call 911 for all the noise!

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Poor Chris got tricked again. This time it is by his old friend John who he hasn't seen in a long time. John comes to visit and tells Chris that he has an escape trick to teach him, but he has to be tied up first. When he gets Chris's hands tied he knows just what to do, tickle him of course. Watch as skinny Chris gets tickled by the much stronger John until he is nearly in tears.

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That's right, Paul is helpless once again and Eric is back for more. It's a good thing Eric didn't trim his fingernails cause he's going to need them for what he's about to do. Eric starts off by softly tickling each side of Paul's long feet, then he moves in for the kill, tickles and pinches right in the center of his soles and its worse than the last time. Paul is most ticklish on his feet and can hardly take it when Eric moves up to his toes, he scratches away at the tips of them like Edward Scissor Hands. Eric is having too much much fun, it doesn't look like he'll ever stop.

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It is his first time, but I doubt it will be his last. When the torturer finds out how ticklish his underarms are, he is relentless when attacking them. In fact it becomes the only place that he tickles him! He asks to stop the torture many times because he can not handle it, but that just makes things worse. Some people do not know what they are getting into on their first tickle torture, and this is the best example of an unexpecting victim.

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Fancy is really in for it now. Chris tied him to his own bed while he was sleeping. Now Chris is out for revenge. Fancy tries to get away but he is tied up good and those leather restraints aren't moving. Chris knows Fancy's weakest spot is his armpits so he focuses on them the most, as Fancy is so ticklish he can't even get out a single word. By the time it is over and Chris is ready to go, it is Fancy that wants the revenge.

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Jamie is very excited to get his revenge on John. So he wastes no time and gets right to the tickling. John is helplessly tied to the stairs as Jamie's magic fingers slide up and down his sensitive skin. John cries out in agony and begs his torturer to end the suffering, but nothing is going to stop Jamie now. His fingers begin to penetrate deep into John's muscle tissue, and his body wiggles around like a little worm - but that's not the only worm that is wiggling around! Their cocks flop around as the tickling gets more aggresive, but Jamie has no plans to use his right now, he just wants to make sure that John suffers as much as he did.

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Big Jack is in for a big surprise! Without any means of escape, he is about to endure the wrath of tickle torture. He is laughing and squirming so much that he is sweating through his shirt! When he is not laughing, it looks like he is actually in pain as the torture gets so fierce. Learn a lesson from Jack, if you are going to try an get out of a tickle torture, do not call your torturers jerks!

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Today's victim is in for a surprise. Thinking that he is about to get some loving from a couple of girls, his day takes a strange twist when the girls time him up and leave him to suffer. Eventually, his buddy Chris enters. Chris will probably be nice enough to untie him, but not before he has some fun with him first - and that is when the torture begins. Without mercy, Chris find's all of his buddy's ticklish spots and attacks them at will. You can see the suffering that he is going through from a thousand miles away, and probably hear it too! The pain and suffering that our victim goes through is tremendous, but that's what you get when you try and hit on a couple of strangers!

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Big burly Rick is about to get mauled by his two buddies, and he ain't gonna like it. Eddie and Justin take it to Rick with great strength to ensure they penetrate his thick skin, and they seem to be doing a good job. Rick tries to hold in his agony, but he eventually bursts and there is no turning back. He is unable to keep from laughing and can not help but revealing his suffering to his two torturers. They dig deep into his sides and ribs, and Rick squirms like a little worm. He struggles to break free of his restraints, but even with all of his muscles he is still unable to. As you will see in this clip, the bigger they are, the harder they fall!

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Looks like Angel has to suffer a little more before he can get his wings. He must pay for helping Chuck torture Wolf. Wolf runs into the room and forces Angel down on to the floor. Then he ties Angel up on the wrestling mat so he can be rough with him. Here is the place where learn that Angel is very very sensitive. He whines like a baby because Wolf will not stop tickling him. His ribs and underarms are the most ticklish, as Wolf learns very quickly. The poor guy. He really takes punishment. You would not believe how much he begs for Wolf to stop. Such a wimp for looking so tough. If Angel hasn't earned his wings yet, I don't think he is getting them...

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