M/M tickle torture, M/F tickle torture

BRAD 10.

Brad wasn't too smart last time he tied up Jeff on the tickle bench. Now Jeff wants his revenge, and wouldn't give it up, till he got that satisfying feeling. This time Brad is up on the tickle bench, struggling and laughing like crazy. Exactly that is what Jeff needed for himself to be happy. Well, he definitely reached there.

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If you steal Justin's beers, you might as well ask him for some tickle torture, because that is exactly what you will get! Chris suffers terribly by the hands of Justin as he presses his strong fingers into his sides, ribs, and underarms. Chris is a complete spaz when he gets tickled, and today is no different. He squirms violently in the restraints as Justin tickles him without mercy. He laughs so hard that it hurts, and pretty soon he has trouble breathing. I hope it was worth the buzz you cheap drunk!

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Damien hates being tickled. And since Michael was stupid enough to tickle him yesterday, Damien is going to pay him back with a fierce round of tickling that he won't soon forget. Damien is a master tickler and knows all the spots that make people suffer. His victim laughs hysterically as he jabs his pointy finger into his ribs and sides. And Michael loses all control of his laughter when Damien grabs hold of his feet and begins dragging his sharp nails down his soles. All the begging and crying in the world isn't going to get Michael out of this, but now he understands what happens when you tickle Damien!

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Although Roger is a smaller size guy, his emotions are bigger than Josh ever imagined. Josh was flirting with Roger's man and now he has to pay the price. Little Roger teamed up with Jeremy to teach him a lesson not to steal ever again someones man. They captured him, tied him up nude and started to tickle his actually very nice body from head to toe. They both enjoyed his suffering, tickled every inches on his body and when he begged for mercy they tickled him even more. They were really cruel to him, so hopefully he learned his lesson not to steal other guys boyfriend.

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Although they're the best friends, sometimes they're mad with each other for different reasons. This time Jose is looking for his smoke and he assumed Jamesy took it away, so he decided to get his revenge this special way. He know very well that his 19 year old friend is extremely ticklish and would do anything to stop his torture. Jose is smart - he's 22 - so he hoped Jamesy will confess now did he or didn't he the crime. Jamesy tried to stop him, even kicked him but nothing could stop Jose. He got his revenge all right and promise from Jamesy he'll never touch again his stuff without his permission.

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Jamesy is definitely not a good roommate. Party, party and even more party. Although last time his poor roommate already punished him with a tickle torture, he just did it again last night. And he still doesn't regret it, he thinks he has the right to do whatever he wants in the house. His roommate doesn't think so, and decided to step further before he's moving out in the middle in the months. He knows very well how ticklish Jamesy is, but also he's aware of his most ticklish spots - his feet. That is happening in this clip, pure foot tickling, as punishment.

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Aaron is furious, simply hates Jamesy. He had to go to his gay friend's wedding, and wanted to show up with a young guy as his date. He had green light from Jamesy, but the little jerk did not show up, let him down. He really felt embarrassed and stupid, standing there alone with all eyes on him. Well, here is the time for a nice revenge. Promise-breaker young Jamesy is naked, fully tied up and helpless. What will happen now as his revenge?

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Little Jose's going to try and get some payback on Jamesy now. He's got him all tied up and strapped to the wall. Jamesy doesn't seem to be afraid of the little guy though, but as he gets his socks taken off his thoughts start to change direction. With quick little, hands like Jose's he soon gets Jamesy giggling and pleading for him to slow down. But Jose's crazy, he doesn't let up, he wants his revenge!

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Jamesy is a party-boy, never can get enough of it. That is very sad for his roommate, who's more mature and his standards are much different, than Jamesy's. He's pissed off and decided to take action, Jamesy needs to understand, he's not the only tenant in that apartment. Jamesy's weakness is being extremely ticklish, that's what poor roommate wants to use to straiten up his twisted mind. He tied up the still half drunk Jamesy and started tickling him, not leaving out even the smallest spot of his upper body. Well, Jamesy finally promised behaving in the future, but can he keep his promises? Who knows?

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Something went wrong between the two friends and roommates, Jose and Tommy. Although Tommy is a calm, down to earth guy, this time he's really mad at Jose. Unfortunately when he's partying there's nothing he wouldn't do. Mostly something nasty. Tommy tied him up before he got sober, and his revenge just started. Jose's ticklish feet are under siege, with full force, total combat. Tommy wanted to force him to admit what he did, but....Jose is Jose.

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What a day! Not only has our main man been hog-tied, he is about to be served one of the cruelest types of torture there is... TICKLE TORTURE! Our man is being double teamed by two smaller guys that can only hope that he does not bust out of his shackles. And at some points, he is laughing so hard that he just about does!

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It's time to play "Find Where Your Roommate Is Most Ticklish!". Dan searches his victim's body thoroughly for that magical spot, and when he starts tickling his bum, the victim's body jolts in a seizure-like fashion - indicating that Dan has probably found the spot. So he wastes no time tickling other body parts as this is the spot that makes his victim suffer the most. His face quickly turns beat red and it is not too long after that the sweat begins to build up on his face. Tickle torture can be so cruel, but fun at the same time!

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A couple of drinking buddies want to have some fun before they indulge in their favorite beverage. Well, one of them wants to have some fun, the other is just forced to come along for the ride. Tied-up in an uncomfortable position, he is going to have to endure tickle torture before he can drink any of the beer. He laughs, he sweats, he begs, and he curses, but he never escapes! His pain seems to be his buddy's pleasure as the more he laughs, the harder he tickles!

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Jose is about to be the victim of a double team tickle torture, not a position to be desired. Two hands are enough to send people through the roof, but when two more are added, it is double the trouble, double the suffering, and double the torture! He is helpless to stop them. You can see the suffering in his eyes and all over his sweaty face. Well, if nothing else, at least he can thank the guys for the work out!

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Dan is furious. While he was sleeping at home, his roommate Jose went out with his friends, but before he took Dan's next rent money, and spent it all. They came into the apartment at 4am. in the morning. When Dan realized what happened, they even made bed jokes on him. Now is morning, and finally the nasty friends of Jose are gone, so this time is a huge revenge time for Dan. He knows Jose's weakness, so he simply brings the lotion and starts tickling his feet. Naughty roommate, you now have to pay the price.

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Revenge is sweet, and payback is a bitch. Our victim pleads to get out of this one, and even tries to bribe his torturer. But since he was just a victim under the same circumstance, he is going to make him pay. The sweat builds on his face as he struggles to get free. He can not take it anymore, so he tells his buddy he will buy him lots of beer, but it falls on deaf ears. He is going to give his friend exactly what he deserves, pain and suffering!

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