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Chris can be such a man-whore, and it almost always gets him in trouble. When he decides to sleep with his friend's sister, his friend is pissed off and ready to torture. He is tickling Chris so hard that he begins to sound like a monkey having an orgasm! Chris is so ticklish it is almost painful to watch. He struggles hard to break free of his restraints, but his buddy made sure they were on nice and tight so that the tickle torture could keep going, and going, and going, and going...

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Stan can be such a bad boy, and what happens to bad boys? They get punished! Pierre is the lucky torturer who gets to inflict the horrendous tickling on Stan's ticklish body and watch him squirm. Stan's thin body is too weak to endure the Pierre's tickling power, and he is trying everything to escape. But he can barely move with all of the laughing he is doing, and his body is in such agonizing pain that he can barely move! His begging for mercy simply goes unheard by Pierre, as he is almost by his victim's painful laughs and screams. It is clear that Pierre is enjoying this very much, and has no plans of stopping!

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This time is payback for what Stan did, he'll regret his tickling. When he was asleep Jose snick into his room and tied him up. Now it's his turn for a rugged round of tickling with Stan chained to the railing. The demands for clening the house must be met as Jose mashes his chubby fingers into Stans ribs and lower back. He's the strong man of the house and now he's showing his dominance. There's no escaping Jose's fingers of wraith.

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Stan thought he could get away with tickling poor Bianca. He wasn't expecting J. to tie him up and show him payback is a bitch. Once he has Stan tied up he's not going no where and is at the mercy of J. who is gonna teach Stan not to mess with his friends. By the end he's squealing like a little school girl while J. is just smiling the whole time in his face.

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Pierre has been waiting to get his revenge on Stan, and now he has got him. Pierre uses his strong hands to tickle deep into Stan's muscle tissue, causing Stan to scream like a little girl! He squirms like a little worm as he presses harder and deeper than ever before. Stan struggles, but he is tired, and is unable to defend his ticklish body from Pierre's curious fingers. Pierre seems to be enjoying Stan's misery, and does everything he can to make the torture all the more terrible for his poor victim.

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Rick loves Stan's pretty little feet, and is going to enjoy every second of this tickle torture. He slowly takes off his small baby blue socks, and begins to tickle his soft feet very gently. Stan reacts with giggling and laughter, but Rick wants to hear loud and controllable laughter! So he tickles with a little more fierce and strength and Stan reacts just how he had hoped. Stan nearly loses it when Rick sticks his strong thick finger in between his little cute toes, and is quickly begging for mercy. But watching Stan giggle and squirm is just too pleasuring for Rick to stop anytime soon. So he is going to savor and enjoy this beautiful moment.

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J loves to watch his little roommate Stan laugh and squirm - and he has no problem accomplishing that today. J has incredibly strong fingers, and judging by Stan's intense laughter, he knows just how to use them. He tickles Stan's skinny body fast and furiously, and Stan is in a state of complete agony. He screams out as J digs deeper and deeper with his strong fingers, but J loves to hear this so it only eggs him on further. Stan can not take this kind of suffering for too long and tries everything to end the torture. But J is getting too much pleasure from watching his little roommate scream and squirm, and will tickle him until his fingers are too tired to carry on.

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Paco has watched Stan be tickled in the past, and has looked forward to the day that he would get his chance to make the boy squirm. Paco really loves tickling belly buttons, and luckily for him Stan's button is insanely ticklish. Paco tickles his belly feverishly as Stan cries out for mercy. Paco is relentless as he tickles nothing more than his belly button, which causes mass amounts of suffering for his poor victim. He jiggles Stan's belly with his strong, thick fingers, and before long Stan can take the torture no longer. But even though Paco sees the pain and suffering on his victim's face, he does not end the agony for many more minutes. If word gets out about Stan's ticklish belly button, he is going to live the rest of his life in terror.

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Suffering is the name of the game in this clip. It is quite easy to tickle somebody when they bust a gut every time you lay a finger on them, so when you get both hands going all hell breaks loose! At some points it looks as if the victim's vein's are going to pop as he is laughing so hard. He can do nothing else but lay back and try to enjoy the suffering, but it will be no problem for you to enjoy it!

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Jose and Steve get Paco up on the tickle bench and really give it to him. He is very ticklish under his arms and on his ribs. You know Jose is always happy to torture his friend with tickling so he tickles Pacito extra hard for no reason but to see him suffer. By the end poor little Paco is a swaety mess and can barely breathe.

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Unfortunately for Paco, Stan has learned one of his deepest secrets... his belly button is incredibly ticklish. Stan smiles as he slowly pulls up Paco's shirt and begin to put his soft fingers all around his belly button. Paco is instantly hysterical, as his belly button is extremely sensitive, and the suffering begins right from the get-go. He pleads with Stan to end the terrible torture, but Stan is enjoying his screaming and suffering too much to let the torture end just yet. He fiendishly tickles his belly button with great speed and technique, and Paco is just dying. He sweats, screams, and squirms as Stan hones in on his secret spot, but no amount of squirming is going to stop Stan now. Paco can not take the torture for too much longer, but just as he is about to break, Stan decides to take a quick break to give his fingers a rest ... but he will be back.

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Poor Pacito. All he wants is a little peace and quiet, and what does he get? He gets hog-tied and tortured by two of his closest friends! He laughs so hard you think that his restraints might bust right open, but unfortunately for him they do not. His only hope is that his sweat somehow makes him able to slip out of his restraints, but once again, he is not that lucky. His bald head quickly turns beat red, and he starts to look more and more like a red lollipop!

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There's nothing Stan likes better than cute little feet. Lucky for him, because small Paco's feet certainly are little and very cute. Stan ties him up, so that he can really give it to him good. Paco breaks out into hysterical laughter as Stan works his fingers up and down the soles of his feet, and deep in between his little toes. With sweat dripping down his face, Paco begs for him to stop, but a part of him really loves the attention. Stan taunts poor, helpless little Paco in Spanish, but he doesn't let up. This is a tickling torture match made in heaven!

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No subtitles are needed in this one! Although our victim does not speak too much English, he certainly knows the language of laughter - and he speaks it very well! His torturer begins with the gentle approach, but soon uses a more forceful method of getting his victim to squirm and struggle. By the end, not only has he worn himself out from all the laughing, but he has turned his face into a sweaty, beat-red mess! It is so bad that he looks like a melting candy apple!

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Donny extremely enjoyed tickling tiny pretty Chinadoll, but here is now the problem. Her husband is terribly jealous and furious. He tied Donny up inescapably on the bed and revenging his heartless action. Donny is denying, untruthful, hoping to confuse Dragon and he can get away. No way, Dragon is much smarter and very determined to get back for his wife. And coming the comprehensive tickle torture. Donny is writhing, squirming, struggling to get away.... no chance. He has to pay the price for tickling Chinadoll. And revenge is always sweet.

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Payback is not only a bitch, it is also painful. Jesse tickles the fuck out of Donny and it sounds like he is killing him! Donny shouts at the top of his lungs as Jesse's fingers dig deeper and deeper into the tissue. His penetrates his ribs and sides with so much fierce that the pain becomes too much for poor Donny to handle. He suffers brutally at the hands of his torturer and begs him to stop. But Jesse must ensure that Donny suffers in the worst way - as not too long ago their positions were reversed.

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