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Chris can be such a man-whore, and it almost always gets him in trouble. When he decides to sleep with his friend's sister, his friend is pissed off and ready to torture. He is tickling Chris so hard that he begins to sound like a monkey having an orgasm! Chris is so ticklish it is almost painful to watch. He struggles hard to break free of his restraints, but his buddy made sure they were on nice and tight so that the tickle torture could keep going, and going, and going, and going...

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Jose is about to be the victim of a double team tickle torture, not a position to be desired. Two hands are enough to send people through the roof, but when two more are added, it is double the trouble, double the suffering, and double the torture! He is helpless to stop them. You can see the suffering in his eyes and all over his sweaty face. Well, if nothing else, at least he can thank the guys for the work out!

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Dan is furious. While he was sleeping at home, his roommate Jose went out with his friends, but before he took Dan's next rent money, and spent it all. They came into the apartment at 4am. in the morning. When Dan realized what happened, they even made bed jokes on him. Now is morning, and finally the nasty friends of Jose are gone, so this time is a huge revenge time for Dan. He knows Jose's weakness, so he simply brings the lotion and starts tickling his feet. Naughty roommate, you now have to pay the price.

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Revenge is sweet, and payback is a bitch. Our victim pleads to get out of this one, and even tries to bribe his torturer. But since he was just a victim under the same circumstance, he is going to make him pay. The sweat builds on his face as he struggles to get free. He can not take it anymore, so he tells his buddy he will buy him lots of beer, but it falls on deaf ears. He is going to give his friend exactly what he deserves, pain and suffering!

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Even though Stan swears that he didn't steal his pants, Chris is not convinced and is willing to torture the truth right out of him. His strong hands press deep into Stan's flesh, causing tickling sensations to spread through his entire body. He screams and squirms as the tickling gets more intense, and soon his sensitive body can take no more. But if Stan thinks that Chris is going to end this anytime soon, he has got another thing coming.

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Jose was a little bitter after being full on tickled by Stan, an expert at the skill. And he's still a little embarrassed about screaming so loud. So he drugged Stan and tied up his feet so he could get a little revenge on the poor boy. Screaming on the floor Stan gets his just deserts as his feet curl up from Jose's nimble fingers, Jose's stroking them up and down and right up in the soft tender spot! Everyone somehow gets payback, and the agreement is settled.

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Thanks to his good friend J, Stan is about to endure a horrendous tickle torture session. He rips off his one and only sock and begins to tickle him with passion. Stan squirms around on the bed like an excited worm and begs his torturer to stop. But J won't stop. He enjoys seeing the pain in his victim's eyes as he digs his strong fingers in deeper and deeper into his sensitive feet. When he scratches along the bottom of his soles Stan just loses it. He is unable to withstand this kind of tickling for much longer, but he is going to have to find a way to endure the terrible torture, as you can tell by the look in J's eyes that he ain't gonna stop anytime soon.

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Daniel is training Stanley on how to be a good room mate. Because if he doesn't pay the bills and clean his room he`ll receive a daily dose of tickling. Stanley is hanging from the rafters and ready for his punishment. Daniel tickles under his arms causing him to squirm and squeal. The captive Stanley cant handle the tickling and you can see the effects on his face as he goes as red as a berry. His constant pleas of "Let me go" fall on deaf ears as Daniel is hellbent on house training his room mate.

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So often it is Chris who is getting brutally tickle tortured, but today he is going to get some revenge on his cute little friend Stan. Chris slides off Stan's socks and begin tickling them at will. Stan suffers terribly and squirms around on the bed like a little worm. He tries to beg him to stop but he is just laughing too much! Chris enjoys watching his little friend suffer, and is very glad that it is not him today.

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There is a first time for everything, and for these two tickling virgins, it is their first tickle torture session! Nobody knows how they will react to the torturous tickling, but we quickly find out that our poor victim certainly does not enjoy being tickled! He squirms like a little worm in his restraints as Eddie digs his thick strong fingers into his sides and ribs. He tries to kick the burly man away, but the man is too strong for him. He tickles young Stan like he has never been tickled before - he definitely wasn't expecting it to be this bad! Stan begs Eddie for mercy, but it only fuels Eddie's fire. He tickles Stan until he can no longer stand on his own power. The suffering seemed to be too much for Stan to handle, hopefully he will get his chance for revenge!

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Stan can be such a bad boy, and what happens to bad boys? They get punished! Pierre is the lucky torturer who gets to inflict the horrendous tickling on Stan's ticklish body and watch him squirm. Stan's thin body is too weak to endure the Pierre's tickling power, and he is trying everything to escape. But he can barely move with all of the laughing he is doing, and his body is in such agonizing pain that he can barely move! His begging for mercy simply goes unheard by Pierre, as he is almost by his victim's painful laughs and screams. It is clear that Pierre is enjoying this very much, and has no plans of stopping!

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This time is payback for what Stan did, he'll regret his tickling. When he was asleep Jose snick into his room and tied him up. Now it's his turn for a rugged round of tickling with Stan chained to the railing. The demands for clening the house must be met as Jose mashes his chubby fingers into Stans ribs and lower back. He's the strong man of the house and now he's showing his dominance. There's no escaping Jose's fingers of wraith.

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Stan thought he could get away with tickling poor Bianca. He wasn't expecting J. to tie him up and show him payback is a bitch. Once he has Stan tied up he's not going no where and is at the mercy of J. who is gonna teach Stan not to mess with his friends. By the end he's squealing like a little school girl while J. is just smiling the whole time in his face.

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Pierre has been waiting to get his revenge on Stan, and now he has got him. Pierre uses his strong hands to tickle deep into Stan's muscle tissue, causing Stan to scream like a little girl! He squirms like a little worm as he presses harder and deeper than ever before. Stan struggles, but he is tired, and is unable to defend his ticklish body from Pierre's curious fingers. Pierre seems to be enjoying Stan's misery, and does everything he can to make the torture all the more terrible for his poor victim.

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Rick loves Stan's pretty little feet, and is going to enjoy every second of this tickle torture. He slowly takes off his small baby blue socks, and begins to tickle his soft feet very gently. Stan reacts with giggling and laughter, but Rick wants to hear loud and controllable laughter! So he tickles with a little more fierce and strength and Stan reacts just how he had hoped. Stan nearly loses it when Rick sticks his strong thick finger in between his little cute toes, and is quickly begging for mercy. But watching Stan giggle and squirm is just too pleasuring for Rick to stop anytime soon. So he is going to savor and enjoy this beautiful moment.

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J loves to watch his little roommate Stan laugh and squirm - and he has no problem accomplishing that today. J has incredibly strong fingers, and judging by Stan's intense laughter, he knows just how to use them. He tickles Stan's skinny body fast and furiously, and Stan is in a state of complete agony. He screams out as J digs deeper and deeper with his strong fingers, but J loves to hear this so it only eggs him on further. Stan can not take this kind of suffering for too long and tries everything to end the torture. But J is getting too much pleasure from watching his little roommate scream and squirm, and will tickle him until his fingers are too tired to carry on.

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