M/M tickle torture


Chris can be such a man-whore, and it almost always gets him in trouble. When he decides to sleep with his friend's sister, his friend is pissed off and ready to torture. He is tickling Chris so hard that he begins to sound like a monkey having an orgasm! Chris is so ticklish it is almost painful to watch. He struggles hard to break free of his restraints, but his buddy made sure they were on nice and tight so that the tickle torture could keep going, and going, and going, and going...

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Dragon is more than happy to put Donny through the same torture that Donny had forced on him earlier - and he is going to make Donny suffer twice as much! Dragon loves Donny's feet so much that tickling them will be a pleasure, and watching the agony that appears in Donny's eyes is even better! Donny suffers severely at the hands of Dragon as he relentlessly tickles his toes without any hesitation. Donny twists and turns in pain and is praying that this torture will soon come to an end. But you can tell that Dragon is loving every second of this, so it could be awhile before Donny's suffering comes to an end.

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Aaron and Jesse have been waiting to teach Donny a lesson, and now they have him just where they want him. Donny is bound, helpless on the bed, and ready for some tickle torture! The guys attack his feet and taunt him as he begs for help. But they show him no mercy, alternating speed and pressure on his toes, arches, and heels. Aaron and Jesse take sadistic pleasure in watching Donny squirm. They reward him for his complaining and whining by tickling him even harder! The double-team tickle torture makes him cry out like a baby.

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BRAD 15.

Poor Brad did not think when he tickled Tom and Dan that revenge is coming to him, because WHAT COMES AROUND, GOES AROUND - and that's very true. Here he is now, totally tied with no escape, helpless, defenseless, and his mean friends figured out something special for him. They wanted to make him crazy by tickling his extremely ticklish good looking pretty feet using baby lotion to make his soles and toes even more sensitive. Well, he couldn't say too much because he was really busy with laughing and he couldn't even breath really. After a while of tickle agony they left him there for later on when they return for more. Of course he swears revenge big time and how I know him he'll do it for sure....if he'll survive the second round too.

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BRAD 14.

Brad is terrified of being tickled, but that does not seem to bother Paul one bit! In fact, it looks like he enjoys watching his suffer as he tickles him with fierce! He is relentless as he tickles harder and deeper than ever before, and poor brad suffers like crazy! He is completely helpless to Brad's intense tickling style, and all of his squirming just wears him down. Brad smiles an evil grin as he watches his victim suffer, and does all he can to make the torture all the more terrible. Brad isn't going to forget this one for a long time.

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BRAD 13.

This is a great M/M mostly foot tickle torture clip with a very ticklish victim and an extremely heartless and mean good looking male tickler. This victim was nominated by our female ticklers for the prettiest male feet ever prize so don't miss it if you like foot tickling clips. Not too much about conversation between the participants, one of them was still very mad about being tickled to death a little while ago. The other one, fully tied on the tickle bench was very busy agonizing up there, sometimes even breathing was hard, so talking was impossible. But the clip, that is good, very good.

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BRAD 12.

Chris is furious. Last night hi had a party with friends and one of his best truly misbehaved himself. Everybody was tipsy or drunk, but Brad's condition nobody could describe properly. He was over every limits, insanely out of his mind. He even took out from the cabinet a dress of Chris's Mother, and wearing that was trying to imitate he's dancing. Anyways, he ended up falling asleep on the floor, snoring like a dog. He ruined the entire party. Now he has to pay for his sins. A real intensive foot tickle torture punishment, that's what he has to survive.

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BRAD 11.

Paul loves nothing more than to watch his ticklish victims squirm, and today he will not be disappointed. Brad is CRAZY ticklish, but to step it up a notch, Paul squirts a whole lot of lotion over his sensitive feet and toes, making them extra slippery and extra tickly! Brad suffers severely as Paul slips his fingers between his toes. His laughter is out of control as Paul slides his fingers down his slippery soles, and soon he is begging for mercy. But his begging and screaming only fuels Paul's desire to tickle, making the suffering all the more intense. After this terrible torture, Brad is not going to want to see another bottle of lotion again!

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BRAD 10.

Brad wasn't too smart last time he tied up Jeff on the tickle bench. Now Jeff wants his revenge, and wouldn't give it up, till he got that satisfying feeling. This time Brad is up on the tickle bench, struggling and laughing like crazy. Exactly that is what Jeff needed for himself to be happy. Well, he definitely reached there.

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Brad was so stupid that he put his red shorts in the laundry with Christopher's whites. Christopher's going to teach him a lesson he'll never forget. He ties him up and attacks his feet with no mercy. Brad squeals like a pig on his way to the butcher, shaking and trembling, doing everything in his power to get away from his Christopher's vicious nails. Maybe he'll be more careful with the laundry next time.

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When Chris discovers that his alcoholic roommate Brad had pissed off the balcony and into his convertable and puked on his laptop, he must be punished. Not only does Chris take a in Brad's car, but he also puts him through the funniest kind of torture there is, tickle torture! You may be thinking the tickling somebody is not enough to revenge such actions, but since Brad is insanely ticklish it will be more than enough. He kicks, screams, and begs to be let go, but it ain't gonna happen. His voice goes from a deep manly voice, to that of a wimpy little school girl. Chris has suffered enough at the hand of his roommate, well now it is time for Brad to suffer by the hands of Chris!

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Despite Brad's pleads for Paul to not tickle his feet, Paul ignores his wishes and goes ahead with it anyways. But this is going to be extra agonizing as Paul is armed with not one, but two electric toothbrushes! He drags the rough bristles across Brad's feet sending him into a wild laughing fit. Brad can not stand having his feet touched because they are so ticklish, but that definitely isn't going to stop Paul. He loves watching his victim squirm and laugh like a little schoolgirl, and does everything he can think of to increase the pain of the tickle torture. Brad laughs so hard that he can not breathe, maybe that means his body is telling him to die so that this torture can finally end!

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Brad is about to suffer through some tag-team tickle torture, and he ain't gonna like it. He smiles and laughs hysterically throughout the entire clip, but we know he is not enjoying it. He begs them to end the suffering, but when your victim is as ticklish as this, it can be hard to take your hands off of him. Pretty soon Brad is going to have abs of steel with the workout he is getting!

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You may have seen Brad laugh hysterically before, but never like this! Paul has complete control of Brad and his laughter as he plays his body like an instrument. Brad lets out very high pitched giggles as Paul digs his fingers deep into his armpits, and makes him squirm like a worm as he uses his strength to tickle his upper ribs. Brad dances around in an attempt to break free as Paul tickles harder and faster. This tough guy begins to sound more like a little girl as his giggles get out of control. If you see Brad kicking his legs, that means he is really suffering - and Paul has no problem making him do that! Who wouldn't enjoy inflicting this much pain and agony on a suffering victim? Paul is a lucky guy!

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This is a pure foot tickling clip, with talented extremely fast fingers and with a help of an electrical tooth brush. Not too much conversation between the victim and the tickler but a lots of laughing and signs of real suffering. On the side he has very pretty male feet, actually that was the reason his roommate tickle tortured him, because the girls on the party gave a lots of compliments to him regarding his nice feet. Well, jalousie works on several ways, this time he had to suffer trough his really pretty feet.

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Brad thought he could drink all of Christopher's beer without him noticing. But Christopher did notice and now he's going to get revenge. He cuffs Brad to the wall, with his arms erect, so Christopher can get full access to his armpits. He knows that Brad is ticklish - what better way to get back at him then by torturing him endlessly with extreme tickling. He attacks Brad's armpits and stomach with his strong, slender fingers and gives him a lesson he'll never forget.

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