Findom Mistress Ava Black

Ebony Findom Mistress summons you moneyslave.


The delicious price of humiliation

How much would you pay to lose your dignity?

How much would you put on the line to be treated like the lowest of the low?

I found out when one of my loyal little piggies purchased a humiliation task from my site recently. He completed the tasks set out but was so pleased at how little regard I had for him that he just had to send me a tribute in the post. Here I open up and count the tribute to see just how much he thought humiliation should cost!

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Well-kept Foot Goddess

My good little slave, my perfect little foot loving freak!

Don't you just love spending time with me while I relax and contemplate life?

Of course you do...

I'm am elevated to beyond Goddess status in your mind and I love that! True devotion like yours is so hard to find. I am eternally grateful that you know your place and never seek to rise any higher than my pretty stockinged ankles. Even when you find your ridiculous manly urges pushing you to the edge and charging you up with testo you find it impossible to do anything other than fall to your knees in absolute devotion at my magnificence.

It matters not to you whether I am dressed in Domme clothing or chilling out in my shorts and socks. I am your true Goddess. And you belong on your knees in front of me!

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The woman who has everything!

What do you do to impress the woman who has everything?

How do you please someone who is so notoriously difficult to please?

You know that your usual strutting and theatre will do nothing to curl those ruby red lips upward. Yet you want to try so hard to do anything, just anything to make her happy...

I will tell you what you will do to make me happy. It is going to be hard. Because you see I only want you in my life if you can be amusing... And you need me in your life because I am amazing....

So pledge your everything to me. Your mind, your heart, your dignity. And I will drain every last trickle of you and consume you whole!

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Walletrape Fail!

The slave booked a session with his Mistress after a long time of pestering her. After all his talking up about how much money he was going to bring to the session he had his Mistress well and truly excited about how happy she'd be shopping on his credit cards.

That is, until he actually turned up for the session after a good jerk off session at home. He figured he would get some good wank fodder out of his session with Mistress even after she discovered that he only had £5 on him! £5!!!

He obviously hadn't done his homework on just how vicious she could be... Because what started off as a cheeky wank hunt for him soon turned into a brutal beatdown session at the hands of Mistress!

How dare he turn up with just £5 to his name!?!?! She wasn't having it! And as he soon found out no limits really was no limits for this evil Bitch!

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Max out your family savings on my tits!

Hahaha, isn't it so pathetic how owned you are by me?

How you will do anything for even the slightest bit of attention from me?

Of course I know just how much I own you... how much all of your attentions hinge on how amazing I am. I've been nice to you so far you know... I've only ever taken from you what I know your dumb arse could afford to lose.

But I'm bored.

And I want new tits.

So you're going to pay for them!

But I don't want your money.... no! I want you to reach into the family's savings accounts. I want you to empty them out. And send me that money. All of it!

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Worker bee mentality

You should be eternally grateful that for once in your pathetic existence I've decided to acknowledge you!

Are you surprised that I think you're nothing more than just a number?

Well, what on earth gave you the impression that you had some kind of meaning to me? Or that we had some sort of 'bond'? Hahahah! So pathetic!

The only thing you are worth to me is what's in your wallet! Every last penny is mine. You are just a worker drone in my hive of worker drones. Slaving away to contribute to my perfect life! That's what you're good for. When you break your back working hard only to see me spending all that money on girls' nights out and parties with other selfish friends you shed a little piggie tear. Of joy!


My little worker bee...

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Good guys finish last

You are woken by the sound of her return downstairs.

Your wife is back.. You glance at your watch. It is just after 6 in the morning, meaning she has been out all night. She is saying goodbye to her date. You do your best to keep quiet even as you strain to hear how the night has gone. Judging from her giggles they had a good time. You smile to yourself. Your mind is running wild hoping she will tell you how it all went.

As she enters the bedroom you keep quiet.

She spots you on the floor and you can hear the immediate change in her tone. Flirtation is replaced by disgust and she ends her phone call. You try and keep as still as you can while on the floor. After all you know she will be in a slightly better mood if you haven't 'spoilt' the bed with your scent. She likes to savour the feeling of her lovers when she comes home.

As usual she is not happy with you. She reminds you just how little she thinks of you. Sure you paid for the date, and sure she won't be touching you for ages. But she still resents that you want all the juicy details of her date. She reminds you just how much she is going to ruin you and take you for all you have. And you won't stop her because then she'll let slip your dirty little perversion!

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I want you to be my personal slave.


I want you to leave your house and move in with me. You'll of course live in absolute poverty and be mistreated and taken for granted when you are with me.

Oh. You have a family? Responsibilities?

I don't care!

You're going to be more productive living where I can keep my beady eye on you and make sure that every little thing you earn comes straight back to me!

It's only right that you give back what is mine.

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Did I stutter?!?!

On your knees!

Kneel while you watch this video.

On your knees is where you belong. slave!

Hardly fitting of the title man! I prefer to call you worm. Maggot. Even callng you a worm is an insult to worms! So I am going to lower you to the level that you belong! Idiot status!

In fact slap yourself 5 times on the right side of your face NOW! For being such an idiot.

Now you had better be ready to shed every single part of your dignity in following the instructions set out in this video. But I know you have no dignity anyway so you are going to do everything I want aren't you? And we both know that I always get what I want.

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Putting the trainer wheels back on

Mmm, so it has come to our attention that you've been slacking. You've got lazy again! Just when you were starting to demonstrate so much potential... Such a shame!

We saw nothing but great things in you. Guess we were wrong!

No mind, it's a good thing we caught your slacking off before it became too much of an issue! Because we're going to set it right. Starting today we're going to put those trainer wheels back on so to speak! We're going to micro-manage every little part of your existence. From how long you work to how much rest you have on a daily basis! Darn we're even going to micro-manage how long you're allowed for jerk off sessions!

Nothing is off the cards!

After all as you know every little moment of your existence is on the tab!


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