Findom Mistress Ava Black

Ebony Findom Mistress summons you moneyslave.


Broke pig challenge - how broke can you go?

Includes - Verbal Humiliation - Financial Domination - Smack talk - Ebony Female Domination - Ebony - Verbal abuse - Financial slave training - Femdom POV - task setting - money management - financial ruination fantasy - blackmail fantasy - manipulatrix - mind fuck - taboo

Today's challenge is real. Very real. And it will hurt you in the sweet spot! Your wallet!

So frikking owned aren't you broke pig? Broke aint looking like the easy way out now is it?

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You love to suffer for me

Your whole existence revolves around me. Your life only has purpose because I choose to acknowledge your existence.

slaves like you flock to me, and you are excited whenever I bathe you with my divine attention!

Your life knows only one meaning, and that is the meaning that I choose to give it. If I so desire I can make you endure endless pain and humiliation. All so I can smile or giggle at your misfortune awhile. Isn't that beautiful pet? That your very existence is only a passing tidbit of entertainment for me?

Just as it should be.

I want you to hurt for me.

I want you to sacrifice for me.

You love to suffer for me.

And that is what I wish for you.

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Broke pig challenge - broke pigs go oink!

Includes - verbal humiliation - broke pig challenge - verbal abuse - Femdom POV - mind fuck - brainwashing - slave training - ebony - humiliation - cock control - challenges

You've been waiting for this haven't you? Just sitting there drooling from your small hole in anticipation of another verbal lashing from me?!?!

You are disgusting!

The lowliest of the lowest broke piggies!

Whether you have any funds or not I know one thing for sure...

Broke pigs go oink! And today you are going to squeal and squeal when I hit you with this no-holds barred broke pig challenge!

Are you piggie enough?

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That small cock would drown between these DDs


That little babydick of yours is such an embarrassment. There's a reason that you belong on your knees tributing and worshipping a Goddess like me! And I think we both figured out why.

Look at it.

Your cock is smaller than my cigarette. It's smaller than the match I use to light up my cigarette... Fuck! It's tonnes smaller than even my juicy blackberry nipples on my DDs.

Bigger is better baby, and judging by the heat that you're packing your body hasn't quite caught up with that memo. I guess it's a good thing my body has.

Aren't you so lucky that you managed to hook up to the internet so you can perv on my body even for a hot minute? That pathetic little nubbin that you call a penis. That little 'pween' that is so fucking disgusting even you feel sorry for its existence. You pathetic little turd with a tiny little cock. You're always going to have to pay to get any kind of satisfaction.

You know that don't you?

This clip reminds you of your exact position in life beta.

On your knees with your wallet wide open and your shrimp dick tucked away in shame.

You can't afford enough to make me fake enthusiasm at it. So paying is the only way to make yourself even marginally interesting...

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How an ashtray can satisfy 2 demanding Findoms!

So you think you have what it takes to serve us do you?

You think you can rise above subhuman in our eyes?

Do you really think you are ready willing and capable of sacrificing whatever is required of you to be on your knees serving us both?

Well, if you think you can serve us properly then you have to start at the very bottom of the barrel! Lower than low! No more than an ashtray for us to flick our ash at.


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I got you a present


Guess what!

I got you a present! Don't say I never think of you...

I think of you a lot in fact.

And I know how you've been entertaining the thought of us spending some quality time together.

And I want that too.

This present will be for that time. Come on. Open it!

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You'll be my sissy hubby

Life is too complicated for you!

You make it so you silly sausage. Always trying so hard to find that manliness that we both know you never had. Pretending with all your might to be a 'real big boy ' like all the others when you turn to mush as soon as I look at you. So silly when a beta male tries his hardest to be alpha.

Just quit it!

I'll make it easy for you.

See I'm looking for sissy husbands for my stables. I have tonnes of spaces available. And dresses! See I even have one that will fit you like a glove! Like you were made for it!

No pressure no false expectation.

I know what you are - true beta sissy slut! The only way you'll be happy is when you are tarted up without any of those pesky life responsibilities. Let the 'grown ups' look after that petal. You obviously aren't doing very much good with 'MY MONEY' so let's take back that unnecessary inconvenience and leave you at home like the good little sissy boi that you are.


Now come and look at this veil with me! Wouldn't you love to wear matching dresses and veils at our fetish wedding?

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Make that arse drain


Listen up!

You're going to play this little game with me. Because it amuses me.

I've kept it simple. Because your brain is slow once you see my juicy booty jiggling up and down in front of you!

Simply, my arse is going to drain you!

As I twerk you are going to see your bank account balance shrink. Straight outta yours and into mine. Tribute tribute tribute tribute! You're going to keep hitting that 'Spend on Mistress' button!

And the more your balance shrinks the more your cock grows! Right up until your wallet squirts!

If I let you that is....

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Tribute me for early release

How badly do you want to cum out of chastity slave?

I forbid you to cum until you watch this video and follow my instructions within.

You do want to touch yourself for me don't you?

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Jerk off for my pretty pedicured toes

All sugar and spice...

I know how much you crave my delicious soft ebony soles...

You can't help but worship even the lowest part of your Mistress's body. Even the parts least acknowledged are like heaven to you... That is how it should be.

Today I give you the chance to be at your natural place yet again. Worshipping and licking and tasting my feet. Like a good slave. You must always seek to work your way up in serving me. Every tribute that you give makes it more likely that I will permit you to place these feet in your hands and stroke them yet again.

Every sacrifice that you make gets you one step closer to inhaling these soft slightly sweaty feet with your nose. Gets you closer to licking them with your tongue, feeling them all over your face.

Sheer bliss lies underneath these feet.

And one day, when you have been a good little paypiggy you will get to jerk off to each individual toe in front of me like I instruct you in this video. One by one, taking care not to get too excited. Because each toe is special in its own way.

And you can consider this your practice for that day when you have satisfied me enough to be given permission to do this for me.

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Broke pig challenge - scent of a woman

It is time for your monthly re-education piggie. You are addicted to my scent... the scent of a woman.

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I'm a bad habit... you want to have

You've come crawling back again.

As I knew you would.

You can't stay away for very long can you? I like that. I've been floating at the periphery of your thoughts have I? That's good.


Watch me.

Focus on my words.

They are like a salve to all the hurts of this week so far.

And you are forever entranced within me.

Like a good little paypiggy.

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How dare you perv on my arse?

Mistress is taking a nap.

The sight of that round arse mesmerises you so much that you find yourself drooling over those impossible curves! You are so lost in your lust that you don't even notice that Mistress has slowly come round from her sleep.

That is, until you see that booty jiggle as she jumps up and takes a swipe at you!

'How dare you!?'

She is less than pleased! You start to explain but the words fail you.

But then that evil glint comes into her eyes and you know you are in trouble.

You know you're going to get punished for perving on Mistress's arse don't you?

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Watching paint dry

You are my little owned slave boi

And because you are so owned you will heel and sit when I say so.

Like a good little pet.

So walk in with me boi. Sit on the floor. And present your little soft belly for me to rub and tickle while I instruct you on how you will worship me today. In fact today I have nail polish that needs to go on these nails.

Sit there. Don't move a muscle. Do you like this shade? I do. It suits me just fine... Makes me feel sexy.

Now, about you serving me...

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Broke pig challenge - anatomy of a cashcow

A seriously short and to the point broke pig training clip for you dumbass!

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