Findom Mistress Ava Black

Ebony Findom Mistress summons you moneyslave.


Watching paint dry

You are my little owned slave boi

And because you are so owned you will heel and sit when I say so.

Like a good little pet.

So walk in with me boi. Sit on the floor. And present your little soft belly for me to rub and tickle while I instruct you on how you will worship me today. In fact today I have nail polish that needs to go on these nails.

Sit there. Don't move a muscle. Do you like this shade? I do. It suits me just fine... Makes me feel sexy.

Now, about you serving me...

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Broke pig challenge - anatomy of a cashcow

A seriously short and to the point broke pig training clip for you dumbass!

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What awaits you in my Dungeon

I'm not like other girls.

Correct that. Women.

Because I am much more. Terrifyingly so. I know it. You know it.

And one of the things that I enjoy is taking a slave into my Dungeon so I can have fun with them!

Doesn't matter to me whether you've been inside a Dungeon or not before. Because today I'm going to give you a short run through of some of the things that could be happening to you right here. In this space. With me...

Some of the deliciously painful, or humiliating, or sensual things...

Everything is a possibility with me.

I play nice.

And then not so nice.

But there is only one way to find out my little piggy.

And that's to come to my Dungeon to play.

Maybe you might even find yourself locked up in the cage and made to make your wallet squirt for your release...

Your cock release of course...

Real release costs sooo much more...

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Kinky bitches like kinky ish!

Hey there sweetie...

Do you like what you see?

I bet you're shocked aren't you?

That such an innocent girl has changed so much that she now fantasises almost daily about how you would look if she shoved this cute she-cock up your hoohah!Did you ever think when you first saw that innocent image of me that I was really into some seriously depraved ish?

Well that was the whole plan silly...

To play dumb until you fell hook line and sinker.

Catch you at your stupid game.

To fall for the 'innocent untouched' version of me. Only to pin you down (*literally even*) when you least suspect it and give you a taste of some premium she-cock!

You know, I've waited so long for this.. Knowing that you are mesmerised and confused by the throbbing between your legs right now as you look at the slippery shiny schlong between my gloves. You want to do anything to please me. It is now hardwired into your system. But you realise that suddenly pleasing me is a very painful process indeed.

And I am more than just slightly demanding.

I guess it's a good thing you've been revealing your secrets to me as well. Because it means if you decide to back out of taking this next step with me I'll just have to say you did anyway to anyone I come across. And let loose some of your deepest darkest secrets for the world to enjoy!

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Pretty in pink. Lethal in Domination

Hello there...

I knew these feet were starting to hurt because I've been running through your mind all day...


Awww, you're back for more aren't you?

You find yourself strangely compelled don't you? Like a praying mantis right before it is consumed whole. The final act of true submission. You want to give yourself wholly to me yet you do not understand what compels you so irresistibly...

Is it a coincidence that you found me?

Is it unnatural for you to feel this way for me?

No of course it isn't petal.

You found me because I compelled you.

I compelled you because it is in your nature.

I know that you will submit wholly to me in a myriad of ways. You will be mine without question once you let go of those silly little social constructs you choose to believe.

You feel more whole when you are with me. Listening to my voice, watching my gorgeously unbelievable feminine curves towering over you like the true Nubian Queen I am... It's a small wonder you are helplessly immersed in me. I am blessed with natural beauty that snakes its way into your quietest moments, sending electrical charges through your very core. Reminding you that you are lucky to serve me. You are indeed most fortunate to be permitted to please me, to tribute me, to sublimate your very existence into the beauty of servitude to a true Queen.

See, I am pretty in pink. And in anything I choose to cover my body with. But you see it as clear as day. Beneath my pleasant exterior lies a truly devastating and lethal predator. And it is this that pulls you in time and again. You crave my control.

You want to be consumed whole.

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Broke pig challenge - do some charity for the homeless

Today you are going to be charitable. Whether you like it or not!

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Contribute you vile specimen!

Get on your knees while you watch this fool!

Far too long you've been skipping around thinking you actually belong on the same level of existence as normal human folk!

Come on now!

What possessed your thick skull to entertain such fantasies? I don't know what's worse?!?! The fact that modern existence allows weak fools like you to walk on the same platform as greatness? Or that you actually buy into the stupid hype that has no backing up in reality?

I mean, look at you!

Look at you!

Pathetic vile worm!

Beta at best. It's a good thing weak-minded beings like you were given a true leader that can actually move you into doing something marginally worthwhile! Because nothing else about you is worthwhile! The only thing you can ever hope to achieve with any degree of success is tributing me. And tribute hard!

I'm not talking about fly by tributes here worm!

Basically your very existence is a waste of DNA! The fact that I permit you to stain the planet with your continued irritating personality is because I have decided you have some kind of use. To me! And you will diminish yourself to the very lowest echelon of existence just so you can remain pleasing to me!

You pathetic moron! Subhuman

Don't ever for a minute fool yourself into believing that you are normal!

Nothing about you is normal!

Is it normal for you to pay to be humiliated? Spat on? I bet you I could charge you extra for the priviledge of me extinguishing this cigarette on that thin skin of yours! And you would lick the ash right up!


So frikkin pathetic!

Now pay up loser!

On your knees in your true display of submission before your Alpha Goddess!

Present your pathetic tribute to me now!

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Hello human ashtray...

You are my human ashtray.

I will train you as such.

Subduing you with my magnificent curves and compelling you into a bad habit that you are powerless to resist.

You will do my bidding as an object. Just an ashtray. Taking in all my fumes, my ash, even down to the cigarette butt!

Making sure to lick it off the floor if any ash falls.

Deny yourself for me.

Pay to be my human ashtray now and forever.

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You will NEVER touch this pussy cucky hubby!

Gold diggers get married for all the right reasons.

When Ava cloaked her Femdom job to bag herself a rich old git she had no idea just how lucky she had gotten.

Because not long after their courtship began did she discover that her wrinkly old bag was into some pretty pervy stuff!

From foot worship to taking a cock up the bum, she knew she had him pinned when he started opening up to her. And then the inevitable nail in his coffin when he confessed that he had always fantasised about her being with a more superior man to him. Not hard to do really when you caught a look at him!

So Ava had sweet-talked him into changing the prenuptials to a more 'appropriate' agreement. Basically she told him, she didn't want to indulge his fantasies until she was sure that he loved her unconditionally and wouldn't abandon her on grounds of infidelity.

The stupid old fool had fallen for it hook line and sinker.

Who says older is wiser?

Well definitely not in his case!

As soon as he signed on the dotted line the diamond claws had popped out! Ava informed him in no uncertain terms that she was really a Domme and he had dropped into the worst situation of his life! She couldn't believe her luck, and now there was no way he was getting out of this fix.

And now even though she had all of his assets and investments in her name, she still wanted his pension money! So he was going to live in the basement of her Dungeon while she went out with her younger hotter boyfriends. In fact, today she wanted him to hand over his weekly pay that he had just picked up. She needed loose change for taxis!

He didn't dare deny his vicious wife what she wanted.

And after she had snatched all his weekly money out of his wallet she seized his card as well to make sure it was all empty later!

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Broke pig challenge - crossdressing assignment

Argh! You again!

I guess another month has already passed has it?

What a frikkin' shame. You hanging on desperately for a whole month to get your cheapskate thrill on?

Bet you've tugged your skin tag raw waiting for my golden words to descend on you from on high have you? I hope it fucking scabbed over and you needed a bandage for days!


Let's get to it then.

Buy this clip for this month's assignment. Crossdressing. Cos you're a b1tch! Duh!

I hope you get caught doing this!


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The delicious price of humiliation

How much would you pay to lose your dignity?

How much would you put on the line to be treated like the lowest of the low?

I found out when one of my loyal little piggies purchased a humiliation task from my site recently. He completed the tasks set out but was so pleased at how little regard I had for him that he just had to send me a tribute in the post. Here I open up and count the tribute to see just how much he thought humiliation should cost!

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Well-kept Foot Goddess

My good little slave, my perfect little foot loving freak!

Don't you just love spending time with me while I relax and contemplate life?

Of course you do...

I'm am elevated to beyond Goddess status in your mind and I love that! True devotion like yours is so hard to find. I am eternally grateful that you know your place and never seek to rise any higher than my pretty stockinged ankles. Even when you find your ridiculous manly urges pushing you to the edge and charging you up with testo you find it impossible to do anything other than fall to your knees in absolute devotion at my magnificence.

It matters not to you whether I am dressed in Domme clothing or chilling out in my shorts and socks. I am your true Goddess. And you belong on your knees in front of me!

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The woman who has everything!

What do you do to impress the woman who has everything?

How do you please someone who is so notoriously difficult to please?

You know that your usual strutting and theatre will do nothing to curl those ruby red lips upward. Yet you want to try so hard to do anything, just anything to make her happy...

I will tell you what you will do to make me happy. It is going to be hard. Because you see I only want you in my life if you can be amusing... And you need me in your life because I am amazing....

So pledge your everything to me. Your mind, your heart, your dignity. And I will drain every last trickle of you and consume you whole!

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Walletrape Fail!

The slave booked a session with his Mistress after a long time of pestering her. After all his talking up about how much money he was going to bring to the session he had his Mistress well and truly excited about how happy she'd be shopping on his credit cards.

That is, until he actually turned up for the session after a good jerk off session at home. He figured he would get some good wank fodder out of his session with Mistress even after she discovered that he only had £5 on him! £5!!!

He obviously hadn't done his homework on just how vicious she could be... Because what started off as a cheeky wank hunt for him soon turned into a brutal beatdown session at the hands of Mistress!

How dare he turn up with just £5 to his name!?!?! She wasn't having it! And as he soon found out no limits really was no limits for this evil Bitch!

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Max out your family savings on my tits!

Hahaha, isn't it so pathetic how owned you are by me?

How you will do anything for even the slightest bit of attention from me?

Of course I know just how much I own you... how much all of your attentions hinge on how amazing I am. I've been nice to you so far you know... I've only ever taken from you what I know your dumb arse could afford to lose.

But I'm bored.

And I want new tits.

So you're going to pay for them!

But I don't want your money.... no! I want you to reach into the family's savings accounts. I want you to empty them out. And send me that money. All of it!

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