Findom Mistress Ava Black

Ebony Findom Mistress summons you moneyslave.


So far up my arse you can taste sunshine!

Includes - Femdom POV - mind fuck - brainwashing - slave training - toilet humiliation - toilet abuse - ebony - verbal abuse 

Lowly to|let!

Lowest of the filth! I know you're watching. Waiting with baited breath are you? Fishy stinky horrid breath that constantly seeks my approval!?!!?! I bet!

I'm going to ram you so far up my arse you'll be spraying gold dust forever more... I'm going to make you my subby little b|tch boi because of your dirty perversions! I'm going to fart all over your face and make you inhale nice and deep. No excuses!

And you know what? You're going to love every minute of it... Because you're a pervert!

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You are disposable

 Includes - verbal humiliation - Femdom POV - Goddess worship - PVC - catsuit - executrix - female supremacy - ebony supremacy 

You are disposable.

Like yesterday's newspaper.

A fleeting amusement only if you exert yourself and make sure I always remain aware of your efforts.

My body towers over you - making you feel small and pathetic.

My curves take over your senses - reminder yet again that I reign supreme over even your silent moments.

I am your Goddess.

And you are a disposable amusement.

You have to suffer and work hard to make sure you remain on the radar for me.

You have to obey my instructions contained within.

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I want to see you take cock

Includes - Coerced bi - Gay coercion - Femdom POV - Verbal humiliation - mind fuck - brainwashing - slave training - verbal humiliation - tease and denial - ebony

 You've come such a long way for me slave... Such a long way since that day you clicked on my page just out of curiosity. Not really your kind of thing this Domination thing... but something about me pulled you in didn't it? Something made you want to give it a try... 

Why not right?

What's the worst that could happen?...



Poor stupid slave!

That was so very many sacrifices ago! So many challenges and obsessions ago.

Of course you're obsessed now! Why wouldn't you be? After all I set it up to put you right here where you are... right now... In this hopeless fix! This sticky messy flood that will soon overwhelm and consume you...

And speaking of sticky messes...

I have had this fantasy for a long time now... I really really really want you to make the ultimate sacrifice for me slave...

There will be no turning back. But you would make me so very very happy...

Are you ready to please me? Then hear my instructions...

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slave to your leather Goddess

Includes - Femdom POV - mind fuck - brainwashing - slave training - tease and denial - ebony - boot domination - leather gloves - leather dress - leather boots - leather fetish

You are mine slave... my own personal plaything.

You exist to worship me and only me. Your life is all the more meaningful for having been placed on your knees in humble servitude. Kissing, massaging, and stroking my boots reverently in true submission.

Watch as I instruct you on how to worship my boots properly. I let you know in intimate detail what you should do, where you should touch... All to please me...

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Hooked on the L sign


That's what you are

No matter how hard you try to rise from the dregs of society you will always be slightly just below good enough for someone like me. Squished and squashed by superior Ebony like me! Just the way it should be.

Look at what you can never get slave. Look at my big juicy curves bouncing up and down in your face. So close you can taste me! Hahahaha!

Such a loser! Wish you had my permission to bury your head in this huge arse? I bet you do....

You know when that will be though?

On the first of NEVER!

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It's not gay if your Mistresses make you do it

Includes - financial domination -  encouraged bi - cock tease - strapon pov - strapon worship - financial slavery - double domination - extreme domination - interracial domination - blackmail fantasy - blackmail servitude - verbal humiliation - Femdom POV - mind fuck - brainwashing - slave training - humiliation - dirty little secret - pervert exposure - exposing wankers -  - loser training 

Come here cock-loving whore!

Yes you...

You know you love what you see. You can't hide it, you're literally drooling all over the floor at the sight of us and our tasty she-cocks! You know what we want to make you do though don't you whore!?! We want to stretch that mouth-hole of yours. Gaping wide... Completely bring you down from your fake alpha perch to what you really are - a gender bended cocksucking slut!

You see how that lube looks just like creamy jizz? That's no mistake! We want you to savor the sight and texture in your greedy little mouth because one day it will be the real deal. 

And don't worry sweetie, you can tell yourself it's not gay. After all a good slave has to obey his Mistresses right? So it's just true servitude...


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Back Taxed from 1776

Includes - Femdom POV - mind fuck - brainwashing - slave training - repatriation of funds - Black Supremacy - ebony - extreme Domination - smack talk - taboo - edge play - ruination - no holds barred Femdom - back tax collection - executrix



What are you running around celebrating for?

Independence? Independence my fucking arse!

You're a slave!


What do you have to celebrate?!?! You. Are. Mine.

And since I am your truest British Mistress you owe me b|tch! You owe me for all those years you thought you were free! You owe me for all the monies your forefathers shoulda been paying mine! Because you are still my slave! And freedom is something you will never have boi!

But don't worry, I'm reasonable.

I'm going to accept a payment plan to return my funds to me. Monthly suits me just fine. But if you miss a payment there are harsh penalties! Understood?

Good boi

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Financially cuckolded

 Includes - financial domination - financial slavery - financial cuckoldry - financial cuckolding - edge play - extreme domination - lifetime slavery - blackmail fantasy - blackmail servitude - verbal humiliation - Femdom POV - mind fuck - brainwashing - slave training - ebony - humiliation - ass fetish - ass shaking - ass worship - ebony ass fetish - ass bouncing - ass spreading - loser training 

Your life is on a one-track road. Do you know that?

Of course it is.

I'll explain.

Well you know how you find it seriously hot to see a woman like me who knows what she wants and goes and grabs life by the balls straight up? Yes? And a woman like me who tramples all over men like you without batting an eyelid. I mean, I love controlling you! Every last part of you...

Right down to what goes on in your little dude shorts.


I love controlling and manipulating you through and through. So that you become nothing more than the shell of what you used to be. Completely devoted to me. As you should be of course... 

This clip will further your submission into serving me as a true cuckold. Financially and physically. Letting go of who you are. What you are. Becoming more and more devoted to me in every way imaginable until you do not know where I end and you begin.

Craving the slightest whisper from me, the merest suggestion that I want my loser boi to spread that wallet nice and wide for me again and watch as I finger fuck your mind into blissful submission. Watching as I splurge your money on my Alpha lovers, caring nothing for the fact that you are suffering and working hard to give your all to me.

I like that.

Cucky boi.

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Time for you to clean dirty foot pig!

Includes - foot domination - foot fetish - pov foot worship - ebony foot fetish - ebony foot worship - foot slave training - verbal abuse - financial domination - verbal humiliation - Femdom POV 

On your knees piggie!

In front of your true Superior!

The very sight of my strong legs makes you weak and confused. And they call you a man in normal circles...



What does that mean? Nothing to me!

Because all I see when I look at you is a drooling dribbling footpig desperate to whip his clothes off and fall to his knees!

You want to see my dirty feet do you? You like them really scuzzy and messy don't you? Oh don't worry I made sure they are humming just for you. Just the way you like them piggie... I love to see you fall so desperately to your knees.... Now beg me. Beg me to give you my stinky feet in your desperate mouth!

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Day 1 - 6 Days of Financial Cuckoldry

In the Beginning

There was me.

And I am perfect.

You are going to be my good little paypig this week. And it is going to be so so hard for you to keep up. I love that.

I love to know that you have a challenge to live up to.

And I will have you throbbing.

Dip in.

Enjoy the ride!

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Epic ripoff!

Includes - ripoff - mindfuck - fandom pov - arrogant woman - female supremacy - ebony supremacy

Loser! What do you deserve?

All year every year?

A ripoff is for life, not just for Christmas...

Now say it loud and proud

"I deserve to be rinsed and ripped off Goddess."

Repeat it!


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By the balls!

Includes - blackmail fantasy - ebony blackmail - extreme domination - homewrecker - manipulatrix - financial ruination - arrogant woman - verbal humiliation - Femdom POV - verbal abuse - female supremacy - ebony supremacy 

How does it feel?

Having my pretty little fingernails digging into your balls?

You know I own you now don't you? 

You will do anything I say... bet you thought I was Miss Nice Bitch all this while when I was playing nice with you.

But that's all it was... a game...

I was playing so I could see how far I would get away with you... how much you would reveal..

Enough ammunition for me to own you.

Get you by the balls and then some!

Just the way it should be!

No way out for you now.

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Cute but d3adly

Includes - ass worship - big butts - mind fuck - cock control - chastity - cum control - cock control - verbal humiliation - Femdom POV - female supremacy - cock tease  

Come closer and take a seat pet.

This show is all for you!

This big gorgeous arse is all yours! You love a curvy jiggly brown bubble butt don't you? Well it doesn't get any better than this! 100% natural and 100% temptation. You can't resist...

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Broke man's chastity tease

Includes - arrogant woman - verbal humiliation - Femdom POV - verbal abuse - female supremacy - ebony supremacy - chastity - cock tease


Look at you you poor fool!

Sniffing around for a treat like a pig in dirt!

So fitting. That you should know that you are the lowest of the low!

And yet dying for the attention of a strong Black femme in your life!

Well today you get 2 LOSER!

Yep! 2 hot chicks dragging your miserable weak wallet through the dirt! Reminding you of your position in life. Locked, balls dripping, desperate... Like the pathetic broke man you are...

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Under my control

Includes - mind fuck - cock control - chastity - cum control blackmail fantasy - cock control - verbal humiliation - Femdom POV - female supremacy - cock tease

You are cum-pletely under my control

Everything you are and everything you do is mine to command as I see fit. Keeping you on the edge continuously and watching you drip drip drip constantly turns me on.

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