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Mistress Vivienne l’Amour - Forced Cum Bare Foot Licking

“Bend over our knees.” I start spanking his bottom while Dee slaps his face. “Bend him over your knee Mina and I’ll tickle his feet. Go on Dee, give him a couple more slaps.” I tweak his bum fluff and his ass twitches. “Get on your knees in front of us. You are going to attend us twice a week understand? Now we want to see how hard your cock gets. “ I slip off my dress. “Look at the dirty little dog jerking off like an animal. Take off my shoes. “ I spit on his face while he jerks off and then I push my toes in his mouth. Mina and I laugh and spit on him while Dee pours ice on his head. “You’re going to cum with my foot in your mouth and you are going to cum on my other foot.” His cum spurts all over my toes. “Lick that cum off my foot - lick it off now. Urgh, urgh, you’re disgusting, urgh you’re gross”.

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Mistress Vivienne l’Amour's - Pantie Sniffer Humiliation

I slap his face again. “Take off your clothes and sing us an apology.” “I’m very sorry, very sorry, very sorry, I shouldn’t have broken into your house” He pulls his clothes off. “That’s not a very sexy striptease! Turn around. Lets see you wiggle from side to side. Don’t be in such a rush. Its probably the same with his cock - Captain Cum Quick - the five minute wonder. Let’s see you spank that bottom and sing your apology song”. “Ha ha ha ha ha.” “Now bend forwards, spread those cheeks and wink at us - “ha ha ha ha!” “Shake those balls from side to side. They look like a turkey! Make a gobbling turkey noise.” “Look at that saggy bum hole! Now stretch it open.” I prod his ball sack with my feet and we laugh as his bollocks twitch and lift. “Turn around oooh look his cock is getting hard. I think he likes it. Now we want you to make muscle men poses and do the face as well.””Ha ha ha ha ha” “Wooorgh”

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Mistress Vivienne l’Amour Catches a Pantie Sniffer

“Who are you? What on earth are you doing here?” “I just came to see if you needed a conservatory.” “But what are you doing in my bedroom and why is my lingerie drawer open?” “I think I had better go.” “No, you’re not going anywhere! I think i had better ring the police.” “Please don’t do that.” “Well I live with another two ladies and they are going to want to question you and maybe call the police. Now put your hands behind your back,” I tie them and take him downstairs. “This little fucker broke into our house. Shall we call the police?” “Let’s see what he can do for us first.” “OK, seeing that you like underwear so much lets see you strip down to yours, and sing an apology while you’re doing it.” I spit on him several times and slap his face. “Feel free to spit on him and slap him ladies”

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Mistress Vivienne l'Amour - Puppy Gets Wood

Do you want my bottom? Do you want it? Do you want it?" Alfie is getting frantic. I think he wants my bottom! “Well you’ve got to do something to earn it, haven’t you?" I pick up a gag and put it in my mouth coating it in my spit. I gag Alfie with it and kiss him on the nose. Another feel underneath - that pee pee is quite stiff now. "Alfie if you cum without permission I will cane your ass until its black and blue. Now Alfie when I ring this bell you must sing a puppy song. Understand? If you please me maybe I’ll reward you with my golden nectar ..."

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Mistress Vivienne l'Amour - Puppy Humiliation

Time for Alfie’s puppy examination. I feel underneath him - he’s a male and his pee pee is flaccid - its because he’s a scardy pup! “Down boy. Here’s your first treat. I lick his mouth with my tongue and give him another treat. “Chase it boy, chase it. Hup, hup - goood boy”. I examine his legs, good and strong. “Waggle those ears, waggle those ears, goood boy”

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Mistress Vivienne l'Amour - Puppy Training

“Are you as pathetic little puppy? That’s not a very good noise” — woof woof. “Yes that’s much better. I’m going to play some games with you today Alfie. He’s got a nice fit body because I take him for lots of walks in the woods. Face down in the mat Alfie”. I reach down and feel his cock - Alfie’s a very excited puppy. Bring your little pee pee to me Alfie. I jab it with my stiletto shoe. “Alfie I’m putting this bone on your nose. When I give the order you are to flick it in the air and catch it. If you catch it you will get a reward. If you fail you will get spanks. Get it Alfie, get it - oh dear you failed!” I spit in his mouth. “Now Alfie I’m feeling very generous so I’m giving you another chance. If you catch it you get your reward, if you fail you get double the spanks. Oh dear what a poor effort that was. That’s terrible Alfie”

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