FemDomFilms Face Sitting and Body Worship

FemDomFilms Face Sitting and Body Worship

Mistress sitting on male slave's faces and making them perform pussy and ass worship


Mistress Vivienne l’Amour Kiss My Gorgeous Ass

I’m got my back arched and my ass projecting. “Now you may kiss my bottom”. Alfie desperately licks and kisses my ass and makes a bee line for my asshole. “That’s NOT where you’ve been allowed to go - don’t be impertinent!” “Sorry Mistress”. “I know how badly you want to lick my bum but you haven’t been given permission, so stay away from it” Now put your finger on top of my panties” lower, lower, Now rub gently.” While Alfie massages my clit I rub it against his finger. "Mmmmm - Enough, you’re not worthy of watching me cum just yet boy.” I slide my leather gloved hand behind me and grab his cock, jerking it up and down. “Are you grateful?” “Very Grateful Mistress.”  “Look how rock hard that cock is! I’m going to leave it to go soft again … and the heavy breathing has stopped … you live to fight another day - and cum another day. What a shame. And you were so close to my pussy and my asshole and you didn’t get to taste either!”

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Mistress Vivienne l’Amour - Worship My Body

I put boxing gloves on Alfie and orders him to hit a punch bag while I humiliate him by laughing at his efforts. I order him to stop, I want a massage. I make myself comfortable on a padded bench and tell him to worship and caress my body. “With my hands or mouth Mistress?” “With your hands you impertinent fuck! Now stroke my body.” I enjoy the feeling of the leather gloved hands on my body. “Take off those gloves now, and remember this is for my pleasure and not yours. Stroke my face and hair. Now play with my hair and kiss my shoulders”. I discover he has removed one side of my bra top. COME HERE” I slap him repeatedly in the face “You don’t EVER removal any of my clothes unless I have given you express permission - is that clear?”

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Mistress Chatterley - Training Slave R - Facesitting

I'm lovely blonde Mistress and I'm training a male slave using my slave girl, Cherry. I've got him face down in a hog tie and I order slave Cherry to trample his back with her sharp stiletto shoes, leaning forward I drop my lit cigarette onto his back “Stamp it out Cherry” I roll the slave over onto his back. He's still secured in the hog tie and is completely helpless. I attach my nipple harness to his nipples and sit on his face. I slowly lift myself up, allowing him to grab a breath but causing him horrible pain in his sensitive nipple buds, then sit right back down again on his face. Under my instructions, slave Cherry continues to trample on him with her sharp stiletto shoes.

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Mistress Ava’s Bi Spitroast - Ass Worship

I've got my slut's face pressed deep pressed deep between my ass cheeks. with my stud pushing the slut's face as deep in as it will go I then treat my slut to another beating and force my huge 10" Jeff Stryker dildo up the slut's hole giving my slut a proper strapon ass stuffing

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Mistress Ava’s Bi Spitroast - Booty Sniffing Bitch

I'm making my slut deep throat my stud's cock by sitting on the slut's head and bouncing up and down with some extra encouragement from my paddle on his bare ass. Then I order the slut onto her back and sit on her face, forcing her to smell my bare sweaty ass. I tell the slut if she wants to breath she must to bench press me up with her arms. That is so funny as every time the slut’s arms collapse down comes my booty on her slutty face.

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Lady Bellatrix - Ass Worship

I'm the beautiful Lady Bellatrix and men are my inferiors - they are a sub species. I've got two of my inferiors with me today, I'm making Ben Dover suck my sweaty toes while Slavid is ordered to bury his nose in my smelly shoe. I make both of them lick my sweaty feet, one set of toes for each. I run my hand down to the crotch of my panties and stroke myself. "You want this?" Ben Dover says '"Yes Mistress" "You do?" and I give his face a good slapping. I turn to Ben Dover and I slip my fingers inside my panties and shove them up myself. I push my fingers between his lips then laugh in his face and slap it good and hard. I grab Ben Dover's head and shove his face deep in my butt cleft, slapping him around the face with my butt cheeks, then I push my ass into Slavid's face rubbing my ass cleft up and down his nose "human toilet paper" I say laughing at his humiliation. I press my ass onto his face even harder while he groans and struggles to breath.

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Mistress Alexandra - Ass Smother Office Humiliation

"You've been using your expenses to pay to watch lap dancers you sexist little shit. Well I'm the new Boss around here and I'm going to make sure you know it. Strip to your underpants and lie on the floor. Now lick my dirty, sweaty feet. Kiss my sweaty thighs. Oh look your female line manager is lifting her skirt and sitting on your face, rubbing her sweaty smelly, panties all over your face.”

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Mistress Esme Bondage Suspension Face Sitting

I'm Mistress Esme I'm big, curvy, black and beautiful I've got a new and rather nervous white slave attending my well equipped dungeon. I've secured my slave to a tilting bondage board. Now I tilt the bondage board so that he's suspended upside down. And guess what I do next? Why I sit on that face and use him as my human cushion - his face is completely buried under my big curvy black ass - I grind my big butt cheeks around on his face while I laugh at him ha ha ha

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Mistress Alexandra's Big Breast Face Beating

I've got together with my Domme friend Mistress Antonia to give my slave a good going over. We put him in overhead wrist bondage and while she pushes her fingers up his ass I tease him from the front. He's sarting at my gorgeous breasts. The worthless little shit's tongue is practically hanging out! I squash his silly little cock with my shiny latex knee and beat him around the face with my gorgeous great big breasts

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Mistress Kiana - Wordship My Breasts Slave

I'm black, I'm very fit and I'm totally gorgeous. I'm muscular Amazon Goddess Mistress Kiana. I've got a white slave boy for my toy. I secure him to my cross, electrify his cock and bite his nipples.

"Grunt little piggy whenever you feel it". I slap his face and put clamps on his nipples. On your knees and open your mouth. I spit in it - that is what I think of white boys - did he think he was getting a kiss?

But he's been a good and obedient white slut toy so I allow him to worship my breasts

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Mistress Ava Worship My Strapon and My Beautiful Black Ass

I'm Mistress Ava and I run a bi slut brothel. I've got three sluts for training today, but before handing any of them over to my stud I decide to test out the prettiest one and order him to worship my divine black ass

He obviously enjoys this privilege - as he should!

I then turn around and shove my outsize strapon cock down his throat

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Miss Velour's Slut Training Part 1 - Lick My Pussy

Miss Velour likes making men into TV sluts. She's got a new client and forces him to strip in front of her. The client wants to worship Miss Velour's pussy, Miss Velour tests the client's oral skills and is very disappointed so Mistress feminises him so she can fuck her with her strapon cock

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Miss Velour's Slut Training Part 11

Miss Velour puts the TV slut in a sling and tramples on his cock and balls with her sharp stiletto shoes, sits on his face with her bare pussy while beating him on the cock, then hoists the slut in the air for more strapon training

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Mistress Alexandra - I'm Sitting On Your Face

I'm gorgeous blonde dominatrix, Mistress Alexandra. I've put a gas mask on my slave and I'm grinding my naked cunt onto it, rubbing my pussy onto the face plate to give myself an orgasm. While I'm doing this I order him to wank for my entertainment

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Mistress Kiana - Sniff My Pussy

I'm gorgeous black Amazon Goddess Mistress Kiana. I'm very fit and muscular and I love to dominate my male slaves bare breasted.

I've spreadspread eagled my white slave boy on the floor. I get astride him and rub my pussy in his face "sniff my pussy white boiy, sniff!". Then I sit on his face. Now he's got no choice, he has to breath in Mistress Kiana's cunt aroma

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