FemDomFilms Bondage

Mistresses securing male slaves and making them completely helpless using suspension, sleep sacks, leather bondage, latex bondage, arm binders, humblers, leg spreaders, straight jackets, racks, crosses, rope bondage and suspension


Mistress Vivienne l’Amour’s Sensual Bondage

I’m securing slave Alfie to my wooden frame. I put a leather cuff in his mouth. “You bite my leather and I’ll bite your cock - and not in a pleasant way”. I secure his wrists above his head. I examine my CBT bar. “I’m going to have to adjust this for your little cock.” I raise the bar and haul Alfie’s shorts down around his ankles. Grabbing his cock I trap it in the bar while he moans and wriggles. “Its not pinching your skin, stop making such a fuss”. His cock and balls are now firmly trapped, he’s not going anywhere! “Now for some nipple clamps to make you nice and pretty …”

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Mistress Vivienne l’Amour’s Bondage Humiliation

"Head down slave and remember your place." I put the nipple clamps on him. "This isn't a sharp pain, its a numbing pain, so that when I take them off they are extra sensitive, so when I touch them and bite them and lick them, You'll be able to feel everything." I spit in his face. "I'm going to call you runt. You might think your a big man but deep down you're a filthy little pervert who needs his mouth and ass fucking and who has a tiny little cock." Grabbing his cock with my leather gloved hands I rub it hard and then haul off his nipple clamps. "Such a small pee pee, so unsatisfying". I spit in his face again and push him backwards, stretching his cock painfully. I am going to get extra nasty and I don't want any resistance. Passing a rope around his neck, I tie the other end to his cock. I'm using untreated rope so its extra painful.

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Mistress Vivienne l’Amour’s Bondage Tease and Denial

I've got my slave securely clamped to my bondage frame by his cock and balls. I spit in his face. “Your worthless, stupid and pathetic. Dumbo, dumbo”. I spit in his face again. “You know what you are? A runt. What are you slave?” “a runt Mistress”. “I dwarf you intellectually slave. Those muscles are to make you feel better about being stupid aren’t they slave? I bet the men in that gym make you excited don’t they slave? You want their mouths around your cock!” I pull my bra top down and tease him with my nipples. “You want them don’t you? Well lick them then!” He struggles but can’t reach them. I turn around and bounce my naked ass cheeks up and down. “You really, really want to lick my ass don’t you slave? Well lick it then!” But he can’t reach it either.

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Dominatrix V and Mistress Akella - Strapon Spitroast Part 12

I'm gorgeous redhead Dominatrix V. Beautiful blonde Mistress Akella and I are fucking our feminized slut. The slut has cum without permission and spoiled our fuck party. Now she must be punished. We've strung up our slut by her wsits and spread her legs wide with a spreader bar. She is completely helpless and I penetrate her dirty hole, while Mistress Akella torments the slut’s outsize clitty with a giant vibrating massager. We are going to make the slut cum a second time. And this time the bitch must ask for our permission first.

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Mistress Chatterley and Tallulah Tease - Pervy Peeper Punishment Part 7

I'm Mistress Chatterley and my friend Tallulah Tease and I discovered my neighbor perving at us while we have girl girl sex. We’ve secured pervy to my bondage wheel, now I spin him around and order him to worship Mistress Tallulah's breasts. Then order him to worship our divine boots while hanging upside on the bondage wheel. I spin him back up and torment him with my violet wand then we spin him upside down again. What fun we are having at pervey’s expense.

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Mistress Chatterley and Tallulah Tease - Pervy Peeper Punishment Part 6

Mistress Tallulah and I drag our feminized pervy neighbour into my dungeon, tear off the slut's bra and secure her to my bondage wheel. We're going to torment and play with her nipples. I take great pleasure in telling the slut what is going to happen when we start spinning that wheel. I pass some pegs to Tallulah who attaches them to pervey's nipples while she squeaks and gasps. Then we add a few more. Now for the cock and balls, we flick and twist those pegs with our fingers while pervy gasps and squeaks. What a wuss! She deserved to be treated as a feminized little bitch

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The Hunteress - Inflated Slave

I'm the latex cat-suited Hunteress and I love to hunt men down and turn them into my obedient slaves. I'm putting this slave in an inflatable body bag and blowing him up. How ridiculous he looks! His tiny little cock has vanished. Its too small to hang out of the cock hole. I laugh at his pathetic cock and put clamps on his nipples

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The Hunteress Bondage & Fucking Machine

I'm the Hunteress I love to hunt men down and punish them as they deserve and turn them into my slaves. I put a slave in inflatable bondage gloves and a latex hood with posture collar, and I suspend him with his arms up behind his back. Once I am satisfied that he is helpless I tell him he is to be mouth fucked by my r fucking machine. I start it up. The slave finds the arm suspension very uncomfortable and has trouble coping with the large dildo disappearing down his throat, He gags and struggles while I roar with laughter

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Strapon Jane - Heavy Bondage

I'm Strapon Jane and I've been sent two naughty slaves for retraining. Dragging them along on collar and leash, I humiliate them by forcing them to strip naked in front of me. I put them into heavy leather bondage to await their training, securing one of them into a leather straight jacket and the other into a leather bondage bag. After administering a few well deserved kicks I go off to lunch, leaving the slaves struggling in their bondage

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Mistress Kiana's Spread-Eagled Slave

I'm black, I'm slim, I'm muscular and I'm very fit and strong. I'm Mistress Kiana and I love to dominate male slaves bare breasted.I put my slave's cock and balls in bondage and I spread eagle him on the floor using leg spreaders and arm spreaders. I spit in my helpless slave's mouth and makes him worship my boots

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Mistress Esme Bondage Suspension Part 1

I'm Mistress Esme I'm big, curvy, black and beautiful I've got a new and rather nervous white slave attending my well equipped dungeon. To make sure he doesn't panic and run away I put him into heavy bondage on my tilting bondage board I secure him to it using numerous straps so that he can't move a muscle, let alone escape ha ha"Try and sit up - see if you can get away!" I challenge him. He struggles to sit upright and fails while I laugh at his feeble efforts

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