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Your interview for foot massage therapist goes horribly wrong - Part 2

Your client enjoys the ankle massage you gave her so much she decides she wants to test out your skill in giving a full foot massage upstairs in her bedroom.

She leads you upstairs where she gets more comfortable and leaves you to doing it your way. You feel that the interview is going well so you get stuck in.

Your client soon relaxes as you soothe the strains of the day from her feet.

She warns you that she sometimes falls asleep during foot rubs, and as the massage carries on she drifts off to sleep.

Not sure what to do you carry on massaging her feet. Unfortunately though the rising bulge in your pants is giving you trouble. You had neglected to mention in your CV that you have a massive foot fetish. And seeing her lying there oblivious to your hardon is simply too tempting. And those feet are so soft...

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Your interview for foot massage therapist goes horribly wrong - Part 1

You have answered an ad for foot massage therapist to a work-at-home client. When you arrive she is brief, curt, to the point.

She tells you that she wants a masseuse to come visit her regularly for foot massage and holistic therapy. You have stated in your application that you have a special technique for relieving tension in the ankles and this interested her greatly.

First she requires you to sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement before the interview or position can proceed. She reassures you that this is an inconvenient necessity due to the nature of her work and a precaution more than anything. You think nothing of it as you sign on the dotted line. After all she seems like nothing more than a pleasant eccentric.

She asks you to show her the ankle massage you mentioned and you are more than happy to oblige.

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Lesbian pantyhose encasement

Mistress plays with her stunning Black submissive girl who is initially very shy but soon gets super excited about being covered completely in pantyhose. Seriously sexy Lesbian Domination clip!

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Sneaker sniffer

She stuffs her sweaty socks into his mouth. And when he is nice and subby she decides that it is time for him to feel the full weight of his Mistress's body. On his vulnerable naked body. Full weight of course!

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Projectile spunk on bare ebony feet

Mistresses have been having a good day filming and catching up. A pleasant surprise cropped up when they saw that their slave had a larger than average slave cock.

As you know slave meat is only good for playing with. So the Mistresses decide to get the slave to jerk off for their pretty feet.

Will he survive two pairs of feet teasing and manipulating him expertly? They stroke and tease his cock and balls with their feet, giggling as he struggles to hold on to his spunk.

But the more they tease him with their feet the more he struggles to hold it, until he splooges all over their legs and feet.

Delicious behind-the-scenes fun with two Ebony Goddesses.

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Meditation feet

Sit with me as I meditate barefoot. Feet spreading and arching as I twist and turn in my various poses. Delicious FOTW video.

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Ooh such stinky socks

Oh my!

I've been in my stinky stinky socks all day long! Just about eight hours to be precise.

At some point they got so stinky and wet that they were literally dripping in my boots.

Closed shoes do that to me you know. Must be psychological I guess. But I didn't care, because I knew I had you waiting like a desperate loser to worship my stinky stinky socks.

Who needs a washing machine when they have you? I'm going to make sure whenever I wear closed shoes I come home and make you clean them with your tongue. Knowing I've made sure to really work up a sweat with only you in mind lol!

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Cubans and stilettos

Worship my gorgeous Cuban stockings and stilettos footslave.

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Simply shiny boot worship

Delicious long 12 inch mega high heel boots in red PVC

They make you drool. I know

You can't help it. It's written all over your face. Now get on your knees and worship me footslave

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Punished and rewarded! For the love of feet!

Goddess Minoa is training her faithful little footsoldier to do her bidding.

She wants her slave to know just how painful disobedience can be. So she starts the training off with some impact play to remind him of his position in life. Warming up his bottom nicely reminds him that if he steps out of line the consequences will be harsh.

Once he has grasped how serious she is it is time for him to worship her shoes and feet fully. Embracing her delicate ankles with his hands, he must lick the lowest part of her shoes - the soles - before he is allowed any further. Then he must worship according to her explicit instructions before he can earn any hope of seeing her bare feet anywhere near him.

Like a good footslave!

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Get used to a big one cucky boi!

Awww, you heard what was going on in the bedroom earlier did you hon? While you lay on the cold floor in the basement? I bet you did. Now that he's gone I thought you deserved to come upstairs and stay on the floor awhile. My pussy is still throbbing from all that pounding. I'm aching!

He knew you were here the whole time as well you know? Do you know what he told me? He told me that he would wake you up in the morning and feed you sperm. What, you don't like it? Hah! I don't care what you like. You did say for better for worse. I guess this is the for worse bit huh?

You don't have any dignity left anyway do you? After you've been lying on that cold floor listening to a real man work that pussy! Knowing you're never going to get inside my pussy ever again. In fact the only thing you are going to do from now on is learn how to take cock for me.

And since I don't have any dildos I'm just going to have to make do with my feet. You're going to lick and impale yourself on my feet like they're a cock. And you're going to show me how you're going to suck him off next time he comes round to fuck me.

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Clean Master's stinky feet too!

Remember 'Your Mouth is my new Laundry Machine' last week?

Remember how someone arrived just as Mistress was about to put the slave through another round of horrid foot worship tasks?

Well, her Master friend has just arrived and is on hand to help her teach her reluctant footslut just how to worship properly!

The slave has been begging for Mistress feet so long but has not lived up to his promises to be the best footslave ever! So today he will be cleansed through the fire! Or more precisely through worshipping Master's stinky feet first! To prove that he is indeed desperate to please his Mistress in any way possible! He must do the unthinkable! And lick Master's feet first!

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Your mouth is my new laundry machine

Mistress has been out in her trainers. As a result her socks are stinky and horrid. She calls her slave in and plonks herself on top of him so he has no way of escaping.

She informs him matter of factly that he is going to service her by cleaning her socks with his mouth. Playful amusement soon turns to shock when he realises that she is in fact serious!

And the 'deodoriser' she has in store for her socks once they are in his mouth leaves much to be desired!

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