Feet my Fetish

Ebony Foot Fetish


Double bubble shoe worship

Includes - interracial domination - foot slave training - high heels - high heel fetish - slave training - double domination - shoe worship - heel worship - interracial domination 

What better joy should a footslave receive than to worship his Mistresses wholly? Unrestricted and motivated by their wicked desires for him?

This footslave is in foot worship heaven as he gets to lick his Mistress's toes through her sandals and use his tongue as a cleaning cloth for the soles of his Divine Goddesses.

Their wit and evil intentions for him are unmatched as they turn him into their willing puppet to do with as they please. A superbly delicious footslave training clip!

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Beg me foot bitch!

Includes - foot domination - foot slave training - foot fetish - ebony - foot fetish - foot worship - toe spreading - wrinkled soles  

You pathetic little toe sniffer!

Look at you grunting away in your desperation at the sight of my feet!


To think you are so turned on my itty bitty little things like toes?.... Bet you would easily forget about sex if you had this pair in your hands. Would you?

If I told you that I want you to strip off and jerk off to these in your little whore mouth?!

Oh my goodness!

So fucking pathetic!

You've got to do it. It will make me giggle. Knowing you are there jerking off to my toes and feet wrapped around your cock. 

Just like the loser that you are!

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Cream for the fat cat

 Includes - foot domination - cfnm - interracial domination - ebony female domination - foot slave training - verbal humiliation 

 Mistress puts her lazy greedy slave through his paces. She knows how much he loves food, as well as how much he loves her gorgeous Ebony feet. So she mixes the two with evil effect on slave boi.

Making him really earn his keep by serving her Dominant feet and punishing him even while rewarding him with cream licked off her feet.

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Clean our muddy riding boots

Includes - jodhpurs - riding boots - equestrian wear - femdom pov - blackmail fantasy - boot domination - foot slave training - boot fetish - verbal humiliation- cock tease - high heel fetish - interracial domination

Come here dirty boi!

Look at you drooling at the magnificent sight of your Equestrian Dommes in all their splendour! You just can't help that twitching in your subby little boi shorts can you? Mmm we do love to own you completely after all.

Seeing you drooling and begging for the sweet nectar and humiliation of having to lick our boots clean makes us smile... Do you know we wore our boots out all day today just to make sure we gathered up all the filth and gunk from outside with only thing in mind?

Do you want to know what we were thinking of all day?

That we would enjoy seeing your tongue blackened by our filth while you squirm in discomfort...

Hahaha, does that make you cringe?

Well that's what we want.

And you are going to do as we please. Because you will NEVER say no to us understand?

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Ruined by my pretty soles

 Includes - feet joi - joi games - joi - jerk off instructions - masturbation instructions - edging games - foot domination - female supremacy - femdom pov - ebony female domination - foot slave training - cum countdown  

I love to play wanking games with you.

Do you think you have what it takes to play this little game with me?

You could cum out victorious... But then again you could be 'ruined' because it is much 'harder' than you think... I do love making you drip... And seeing you on the edge as you struggle to keep up with my delicious instructions as well as the sight of my bare wrinkled soles will delight me endlessly!

Cum on in and take your chances. I know my feet are just what you need!

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Smoked out by your love for ebony soles

Includes - bare foot - foot humiliation - foot worship pov - smoking fetish - bbw smoking - dirty talk - femdom pov - barefoot 

You love a Dominant woman smoking a cigarette and showing you her bare feet. I know it too.

That is all.

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Increasing your foot licking addiction

Includes - foot domination - female supremacy - interracial domination - ebony female domination - foot slave training - verbal humiliation

Mistress loves making slave bois go goo goo over her delicious feet.

She teases her personal footslave by making him hover dangerously close to her feet, allowing him to smell but not touch her sweaty feet that have been wandering round the house barefoot all day.

She knows just how much he is dying to get those gorgeous Ebony toes in his mouth but she wants to make him drool for it awhile longer.

When she thinks he has stewed in his juices of lust long enough she permits him to delicately kiss her feet before he can even dream of using his tongue to fully worship her. She knows how wild this sends him but her power over him only excites her more!

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Ebony and Ivory

 Includes - pantyhose fetish - pantyhose domination - foot humiliation - foot worship pov - femdom pov -  verbal humiliation 

Mistresses Ava Black and Kitty Bliss command you to worship their gorgeous pantyhosed feet. Encased in shiny pantyhose, their legs make you weak with desire to serve.

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Worship me in my boudoir

Includes - cfnm - foot slave training - domestic domination - verbal humiliation - interracial domination - barefoot - foot gagging - foot smelling 

Mistress's little foot licker is called into her boudoir to worship his Goddess. Watch as she trains his body ruthlessly to be useful for her needs. Making him stretch his mouth to fit her Size 10 feet. Delighting at his gagging and struggling but never stopping because he knows that to disobey would be completely unheard of. Mistress does not like disappointment!

He is her well trained foot boi and she knows it!

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Dessert is on us - or rather on our bare feet

Includes - interracial - foot fetish - sploshing - WAM - wet and messy - food crush - cream on feet - ebony - food squishing

Miss Kitty Bliss and I have fun with cream and chocolate sauce! Our feet are absolutely covered and messy by the end of this.

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Your bitch-wife learns who owns you!

Includes - sock fetish - sock smelling - sock stuffing - foot humiliation - foot slave training - domestic domination - verbal humiliation - interracial domination - barefoot - foot gagging - foot smelling

Mistress is taking a nap in her bedroom when she is disturbed by a loud rowl carrying on just outside her bedroom. She leaps up, angry that her live in slave should be insolent enough to disturb her rest! After all he knows better than to overstep his boundaries!

But when she sees that it is you and some mysterious woman with you! Anger turns to surprise as you explain that this is your wife, and your wife had insisted on coming to 'fix' things with Mistress once and for all.

Your wife had recently found out that you had been serving a Dominatrix and was so angry that she had been harassing Mistress for months now. So much so that Mistress had already spoken to her on the phone and told her all your dirty little secrets just to get rid of her. But that had only got her more angry and she just couldn't let it go.

Mistress Ava is not pleased with your stupid wimpish way of trying to get out of your big problem. And before you know what to do she rushes at your wife, knocking her out with swift punches. As soon as she is down Mistress tells her that she just messed up big time because now she will discover exactly how much of a wimp you are!

Mistress shoves her stinky knee high socks into your wife's mouth while reminding you exactly who owns you - and by default now your wife. She has your wife pinned and the shock of being taken down by an Alpha woman has her stunned into inaction. Mistress is enjoying this, telling your wife that she tried to give her the chance to deal with this mess with you but she acted a total slag by trying to fight a woman who had nothing to do with your problems. Now Mistress is going to make your wife her footslave too, and there will be no mercy!

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Subby for Ebony toes

Includes - high heel fetish - strappy sandals - bare foot - foot humiliation - foot worship pov - dirty talk - femdom pov - barefoot - ebony foot fetish - verbal humiliation - masturbation humiliation - masturbation instructions - small penis humiliation

Hey there bitch boi! All excited at the sight of your delicious Ebony Goddesses' feet in these strappy sandals aren't you?

We see you dripping and hungry to lick our toes and heels. Your desperate little slave tongue wants to show us how much you are willing to serve doesn't it?

Your desperation is perfect. We are going to make sure you suffer - and suffer hard - for the privilege of worshipping us. We are going to put you through your paces and turn you into the subby little bitch boi that you are!

Category: Toe Pointing    Duration: 12:07    Format: MP4    File Size: 1 GB    Clip ID: 52584

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Be my little freak

Includes - pantyhose fetish - pantyhose domination - femdom pov - blackmail fantasy - foot domination - foot slave training - foot fetish - ebony foot fetish - foot worship - verbal humiliation- cock tease - high heel fetish - red soles - stockings and suspenders

 You're my little freak.

I can see that about you. I know your dirty little perversion you see... For kinky Ebony Queens with gorgeous feet. Or wrapped in pantyhose. Or in high heels...

You just drip thinking about being controlled by sexy Ebony Dommes like me don't you? You would be happy just being at my feet worshipping. Dripping with lust and desire...

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Worship my mega high boots!

Mistress has her hungry little footslave with the eager tongue in the Dungeon to serve her! She wants him to lick and worship her boots properly! Getting them to a shining clean. Should be easy enough to do with PVC boots!

And for her amusement she wants to see just how excited he really is to be serving her boots! So she makes him put his cock between her boots and jerk off between them!

Category: Boot Domination    Duration: 10:12    Format: MP4    File Size: 722 MB    Clip ID: 49990

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Scuzzy sock stuffing

Includes - white socks - sock stuffing - socks - ebony - ebony foot fetish - brat girls - bratty femdom - CFNM - sock smelling - foot slave training - verbal humiliation - extreme domination - dirty socks

Mistress likes to come up with divine ways of making her footslave's life miserable! So it should have been no surprise really for him when she came back to the Dungeon with impossibly dirty socks in her trainers. You'd even imagine she took her time to dirty up those white socks even more just to make his life unbearable.

But slave knows not to disobey. So when she takes off those trainers and demands he get to work using his mouth to clean and worship her dirty socks he obliges!

They taste horrible. And his protests only make Mistress amused. She likes to see him squirm and struggle! There's no way out though and he knows it!

Category: Sock Fetish    Duration: 10:11    Format: MP4    File Size: 734 MB    Clip ID: 50380

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