European High Heel Crush Trample Shoejob

European High Heel Crush Trample Shoejob

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Pleasure and Pain 4 with steph. Serious urethral Heel insertion. Extreme

This video is one of the best by far. Steph is wearing her super sexy black pointy stilleto heels and tan nylons and starts doing a rough shoejob. Her heel constantly hits my ball sack while her sole harshly strokes my cock. Because she wants me to suffer she orders me to hold my cock while she positions her heel on top of it. YES this video has URETHRAL HEEL INSERTION on it and it was painful. She carries on with a harsh shoejob and some stomping until i cant take it anymore and shoot a huge load. She steps on my cum, smears it over me and cleans her soles with my towel showing how worthless her slave is.

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Mistress Steph with pointy stilleto shoejob pumps dominates the slave

THis is the latest shoejob video with Stephanie, the hot latin american recepcionist. A must see!!! On this ocassion steph decides to use her pointy stilletos so that i can feel her power. She constantly jabs her heel to my balls and cock. Constantly twists and grinds it and kicks my balls with those pinty tips. Pure pain and pleasure and a nice cumshot

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Steph stilleto sandals destroy the slave!!

Watch how Mistress Steph dominates the slave under her superb stilleto sandals trampling him, kicking his balls and eventually dominating him under her powerful legs and sandals to the point he cant take it and shoots a massive load under her gorgeous goddess sandals.

Category: Female Domination    Duration: 06:07    Format: WMV    File Size: 38 MB    Clip ID: 39397

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Mean Goddess Steph destroys the slaves cock under her mary jane pumps!!

On this video you see how mean Goddess Steph is as she grinds the slaves cock under her ribbed soles of her sexy mary janes, tan nylons and sexy business outfit. Watch the slave as she shoots a massive load under her powerful shoes!!!

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Pleasure and Pain 2 (intense!!!)

Mrs. V. went shopping during summer and saw some nice espadrilles. She tried them on and liked the looks of her shoes. But she also bought them for a particular purpose. The espadrilles she chose had a very chunky soles with some treads on them intended for better traction. This treads are sharp and they leave marks on anything she steps on. Mrs. V. decides to test them on me. At the beginning the treads gave a nice sensation to my cock, but as soon as Mrs. V. started to apply some pressure on every stroke, the feeling changed from pleasure to pure pain. Every stroke was terrible and I thought for a moment I couldnt endure much longer. I was getting stimulated to cum and at the same time couldnt because of the terrible sensation and scratches those treads were doing to my cock. At one point I had to cut the video since I couldnt bear the pain any longer. Mrs. V. gave me a few minutes to recover and then told me to lay back again since she wanted me to cum under her shoes. She starts again to stroke my cock but notices that after some time I am not cumming so she takes control, stands up and strokes the tip of my cocks head. It causes so much pain but at the same time I couldnt control myself. After some time I blow up my load, with terrible pain. She does her trademark and steps on my cum to humiliate me. This was one terrifying experience I will never forget. Boy, those espadrilles do some serious damage, but they look gorgeous on Mrs. V. feet. In the end, all the pain was worth it.

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Outdoors weekend shoejob (intense!!!)

In this video mrs. V. takes her mountain hiking shoes and tests them on me. She poses for the cam and shows us here rugged sole. Boy this shoejob is going to hurt, and so it does. She proceeds to stroke my cock hard without any regards to the unbearable pain those soles are making. She keeps stroking and those soles are tenderizing my cock. Every sharp edge of the soles is making bruises with every stroke she makes. She doesnt cares at all and she continues. After 8 minutes of excruciating pain it all ends in a massive cumshot. 2 Days later, tread marks along with bruises and scratches were present in my cock. Everytime I had an erection, it burned like hell since my cock will rub the injuries against my trousers. A must see clip!!

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Summer sandals Shoejob!!!

Mrs. V performs a sexy summer shoejob with her nice black high heeled mules. THe clip ends with a massive cumshot under full pressure of her sexy shoes

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Sport Saturday Shoejob!!!

Mrs. V is back from the gym and feels like releasing some more stress. This time she is wearing black pants and Puma sneakers. They have a very rough sole profile. She orders me to lay flat in the floor and proceeds to probably the most painful shoejob I have ever had. She strokes my cock with those rugged soles and when I am about to cum she strokes harder. Because she likes to be in control, she films the entire session from her point of view. Right me I am about to cum, she steps on my cock hard in order to avoid my cum escape until she wants it to do so. She does this 3 times in the clip. Finally I cant hold it any longer and she releases, you see them cum flowing from my cock but there is no explosion since not all of the juice was allowed to be release. This is an awesome clip

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Mrs. V. Sadistic shoejob (ultra intense!!!)

Mrs. V. is not happy since she had a hardtime at the office. Her boss and some coleagues are giving her a hard time so she needs to unload her anger. She comes home and tells me she wants to do a shoejob. I am somewhat busy and tell her that later will be better. Terrible mistake. She takes me to the room and forces me to lay on the floor. She takes her stilleto heels and steps on my cock repetedly, stomps on it, and presses fullweight. In one instance she takes her heel and stands full weight on my cock. This is so painful, I almost felt she was piercing my skin. The pressure is so intense you can se the precum ooze out. THAT FOR NOT DOING WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO, she says. She then tries a shoejob in the same position but it is quite painful so after 5 min I cannot cum. She gets mad and orders me to jack off. WHile I am doing so, she kicks me in the balls repeatedly and doesnt stop. She tells me I better cum now or she will continue kicking me. I cant cum, so she takes control of the situation and grabs my cock and starts to stroke it hard. You can tell she is angry. After some time I feel I am about to cum but she stops stroking me and proceeds to a shoejob. She steps on my cock with force and does me the shoejob. I am in pain since the pressure and the strokes are itching my skin but she carries on. YOU BETTER COME NOW she tells me. After the pain I cant contain myself and I shoot a massive load that splatters all over my neck. SHe is happy with the result. The huge cumshot was due to her stepping hard on my cock while cumming. I almost ooze the camera on this shooting. Boy, Mrs. V. know how to get what she wants and you better deliver.

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Casual Friday II with dual cam.

This time mrs. V. had a great idea. She comes home and since it is friday she feels like going out and partying. She is wearing some sexy tight blue jeans, tan stocking and her sexy business pointy heels. Boy I get a nice shoejob. This time Mrs. V. wanted to give her fans a surprise. This time she does what is called DOUBLE VISION. She proceeds to do her sensual shoejob as usual but with 2 cameras recording the action, one aiming at me; the other, from her point of view (POV) so you may have an idea of how much pleasure she gets from doing me shoejobs. The video starts with the cam aiming at me (no sound) until I shoot my huge load. The 2nd part of the video is seen from Mrs. V. POV. You see how I shoot my load for her through her eyes. In the end of the clip she orders me to grab the cam and film her stepping on my cum puddle. She proceeds to walk and leave some cum trails as she leaves the room. Boyt what a dominant lady. She went out to party with her soles soaked with my cum

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Casual Friday Shoejob

About two weeks ago, Mrs. V came early home. She was wearing here casual friday clothes from job. She looked so hot in those blue jeans, sexy black round toe stiletto heels and white blouse I couldnt restrain myself and asked her for a shoejob. She agreed immediately but this time she wanted the cumshot to be from her point of view in order to show it to her fans how much she enjoys doing shoejobs. At the beginning of the clip we had some technical difficulties since there was poor lighting. Fortunately Mrs. V noticed it on time and we fixed the problem. As usual, when I cum, Mrs. V proceeds with her trademark: do some cum crush all over me with her sexy shoes. Some scenes are shot from my POV. If we get good feedback from this clip, she will film again with these sexy shoes and do some urethral heel insertion as well for the hardcore enthusiasts

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Heel Insertion 2 (unbelievably intense!!!)

This is a first timer. Mrs. V. does a shoejob and decides to try something new. She strokes my cock hard without caring since I made a joke about how bad women drive. It is painful but what follows is worse. She orders me to hold my cock since she wants to insert her heel into my urethra, but she wants to do it when I am about to cum. So she tells me I better speak when I am about to cum so we can do it. At first, I feel I am almost in that point, when she proceeds to insert her heel. The pain is excruciating since she strokes her heel inside my cock. I couldnt cum but it hasnt ended yet. She continues the shoejob, violently and stroking very hard with her shoe that even the heel is smashing my testicles repeatedly and when I can hold it anymore she does the heel insertion. I start to cum before she can insert her heel, so she gets mad, and jabs it hard into my urethra. You can see the cum ooze out with her heel inside my cock. It was extremely painful. This will be the last video of this type we will perform so dont miss the chance of owning this unique clip.

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Mrs. V stomps the cum out of the slave!!! (Intense)

It is cold and Mrs. V is in a bad mood. She is getting ready to go to work and realizes outside is so cold she has to wear warm socks with her heels along with pants. She needs to release some stress and orders me to lay on the floor. Today I will have a shoejob but I will not be allowed to cum as usual. This time, Mrs. V. will stomp the cum out and so she did. The video ending is great. After getting a rough shoejob when I am about to cum she starts to stomp my cock so hard that cum flies all over me. This was a first time experience. It was so good and I think I will repeat it. In one scene mrs v. realizes my legs blocks partially the shot so she steps on my leg with her other shoe. Boy that stilleto left a serious mark and it still burns

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Pleasure and Pain 3

This will be Mrs. V. last clip for a season since she is moving because of job reasons. In this video she uses her super sexy puma goodyear sneakers since she is into the whole driving experience (most people dont know that mrs. v. is working towards obtaining her rally drivers license =) ). Man in this video, she is mean. It starts with some serious ballbusting and proceeds with full weight cock crushing and grinding. The video ends with a supercumshot thanks to her great shoejob. Those sneakers have goodyear tires treads and boy they inflict pain. It is like if a car runs over your cock. This is one hell of a video and specially priced since Mrs. V. wants to thank our customers.

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Disco Night Shoejob (Intense!!!)

A friend of mine came by last weekend for a visit. Evidently I had to take her out to some local Pubs and Bars. As you all know the floor in these places tends to be filty (cigarrette tails, ashes, sticky floor, food, etc.). We spent all night long dancing and partying. My nice friend was wearing some gorgeous black pointy high heels. When we got back home we started to update each other in our relations, lives, etc. I took a chance and told her about my fetish. She was surprised but asked me to keep telling her about since she was interested. After introducing her to my fetish (high heels) I told her about shoejobs. She was impressed and curious so she told me if it was ok with me if she could give it a try. With a big smile in my face, I agreed immediately. It starts by her stepping my cock and stroking it sideways. At the beginning she was careful and asked me to please tell her if she was hurting me. I told her not to worry. After the first few minutes she started to gain confidence and pressed a little harder. The strokes were now painful since all the dirt and ashes she had in her soles were scratching my cock. After some time, I couldnt cum. She tells me she will kiss me if I cum like a champ for her. So I lay on my back and she carries on. She strokes even harder pressing my cock down to my belly. After some time, it started to get black because of the ashes. It was burning but I didnt wanted to tell her since she was into it. Finally I shoot a massive load that turns black since she steps on it while stroking. Furthermore, after stepping my load, she walks around the house like if nothing happened, leaving small trails of cum in her path. This was one of the most painful shoejobs I have received since next morning my cock was filled with scratches and swollen. She was happy when I shooted my load and congratulated me for being her champ :)

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Mrs. V Crushing Shoejob!!!

Mrs. V. comes home tired from work and wants to release some stress. This time she orders me to lay flat on my belly. She spreads my legs and pulls my cock so she can step on it flat. She is wearing sexy beige pants, black stocking and here delicious black stilletos. She proceeds to perform a shoejob and it is very painful. She applies pressure to my cock as she strokes it over and over. The sensation is great and when I fill I am about to cum, she steps harder so that I retain more cum before cumming. After 10 minutes of this painful pumping, I cant hold on and shoot my load. She is satisfied and proceeds to step on my cum as usual. Before finishing, she steps one more time on my cock, very hard, to make sure every drop comes out

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