Dominated Superheroes

Dominated Superheroes

Total domination and destruction of costumed male superheroes by ruthless and sexy female villains. Ever want to see Catwoman finally have her way with Batman? This is what we do.


Robins Balls Crushed By Villainess

Robin faces off against a sexy and vicious villainess named the Puzzler. In her skin tight spandex leotard, fishnet stockings and green leather 5 inch spiked stilleto boots, she dominates the spunky sidekick superhero, pummeling his balls, tying him up, crushing his cock with her punches, claws and spiked heels before mounting the helpless crimefighter and smothering him with her pussy. She grinds her pussy into his mouth as he struggles to breath. Finally, she rides the growing bulge in the hero's tights and pleasures herself on her new sexy toy - the caped crusader. 1280 HIGH DEFINITION.

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Superhero Vs. Toxica

The famous superhero takes on the evil Toxica who is armed with a liquid toxin capable of weakening him and turning him into her helpless sex toy. She batters his balls and has her way with the poor hero in this totally humiliating and female dominated movie.

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Superhero Dominated By Villainess - Widow Maker Crushes His Nuts

Brand new villainess enters the fray to totally torture and humiliate the captured superhero, The Black Spider. Our hero has been put through the ringer and must suffer more in this one featuring the beautiful Jordana Leigh as the Widow Maker - in her skimpy black villainess costume - she has her hero helpless and bound and she takes it to him - mocking him incessantly while beating him - pounding his stomach and his balls. He begs her for mercy realizing she is too powerful for him but this only drives her more crazy and she cuts him down, then clamps on a deadly scissor hold - locking her perfect, muscular thighs around his neck. Nearing total annihilation he can do nothing to stop her, as he flails and moans, trying to pry his head out from between her legs but it's no use. This is wide screen version of this one - in 768x420 wmv format and featuring incredible extended scissor holds, ball busting, punching, mixed wrestling and total female domination.

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Superhero Foot Fucked By The Crimson Falcon

Crimson Falcon his defeated Superman, but not Spiderman. The webslinger pounces on the villainess, taking her totally by surprise and overpowering her with his incredible strength - locking her down and reading her rights as he prepares to bring the vixen to justice but she's not going easily. She mule kicks the unsuspecting, naieve superhero, striking him right in the nuts with her 5 inch red spiked heel. The hero goes down like a heap, clutching his injured balls as the vixen moves in attempting to stomp the poor crime fighter to with her shiny red stilletos. Time after time she stomps down at the fallen hero, but with his super speed still in tact, he manages to out maneuver and roll away from the impending stomps. But, his balls still aching, he can only defend himself so long as she finally catches him, her boot landing squarely on his neck. A classic struggle ensues as he desperately tries to throw her off, but his aching nuts and weakened strength have him at an extreme disadvantage. She locks her 5 inch booted heel onto his neck and the hero is choked . He awakens strapped inside a bizarre chamber - she circles the fallen hero and the Scorpion then explains to him his predicament as the chamber will sap him of his strength through painful and torturous neuro surges. He arches in agony as his strength is drained when his foe, the sexy, long legged, spandex clad muscle woman, Crimson Falcon, enters to continue his torture. Now a mere mortal, he is totally helpless and can do nothing to stop the torture as she jams her heel into his nuts, crushing the poor superboy's balls as he whines in agony. She then removes her boot, and takes her sexy stockinged foot to his shaft, stroking the hero's cock as he squirms and wiggles to try and escape the maniacal sexual torture. She expertly fucks the superhero with her foot, stroking his nuts, and his shaft up and down for what seems like eternity until he explodes a super load into his costume - the hero totally shamed an

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Black Spider Destroyed By Amethyst Strike - Throat Lifting Spectacular

Trapped by the Scorpion Syndicate, costumed superhero, The Black Spider awakens in a dungeon to find an incredibly powerful woman, in skin tight purple spandex and thigh high 9 inch stiletto boots stomping and pummeling him. Her name is Amethyst Stryke - a once promising superheroine who could not control her temper or penchant for violence - and therefor was wooed by the evil promises of the Scorpion Syndicate. Taking revenge on the hero's who once cast her out - she enjoys pounding the weakened superhero into utter oblivion. She stomps him over and over, crushing the hero's body with powerful, sexy legs and spiked boots, crushing his neck, his stomach and his balls. He tries desperately to break free, to somehow pull the sharp spike of her boot out of his nuts, but she is too strong, too powerful, too dominant. She places him in an unbreakable restraint and mounts him to the ceiling - the hero dangling in her grasp as she pounds his stomach and balls with full forced strikes - as he moans and whails in agony. To further humiliate the hero, Amethyst grabs his dick and starts to jerk it, then unzips the superhero's suit and slides her hand inside to get a better grip on his shaft. Her hand wrapped around his dick, her fingers playing with his balls, she works him, making him soil his tights - as he can do nothing about it. The hero is cut down and then driven into a wall, lifted off the ground by his neck and slammed into the wall by the uber powerful villainess who then lifts him up by his throat and dangles him there, high off the floor, proudly displaying her superior strength by holding him aloft by his neck. He tries with all his strength to break free, clutching at her outstretched arm, gasping in pain and loss of breath, his feet swinging in the air high off the ground, until finally, she simply snaps his neck and ends the hero's life, dropping his lifeless body to the floor. This is a high action clip with some very graphic abuse of the superhero. Not for th

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Blue Talon Pounded Mercilessly By Green Skull

The sleek, white costumed Blue Talon, is trapped and helpless in the lair of the Green Skull. The sultry vixen enters the dungeon to begin shaming and taunting the powerless superhero who is tied to the ceiling. She insults his manhood, clearly able to see the size of his genitalia through his skin tight uniform, she mocks his size then grabs his sensitive balls and cock and begins twisting and stroking and crushing them as he wriggles and moans in agony. She begins pounding him with a baseball bat, then punching him in the nuts - then striking him in the stomach over and over adding punches to his crotch while verbally abusing him. Knocked , she awakens him by entering to crush his nuts some more, rolling him around and clutching down on his package as he squirms then mounting him to make him spooge in his tights by humping his engorged mound but not before locking him into an unbreakable scissor hold - the hero's head stuck in her crotch as she chokes him with her muscular thighs. A truly shameful defeat for the superhero.

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Mr. Fantastic Defiled By Villainess - Part 1

When Reed Richards and his team of superhumans are taken down by a band of supernatural uber villains - the Richards is fitted with a gamma neutralizing hood. Made with reverse polarity gamma particles, the exact opposite of those that afforded him his amazing abiilties, he is completely neutralized and without any powers at all. Enter the black skull - an incredibly sexy, yet evil terrorist, outfitted in skin tight black spandex, she decides the world needs to see the Fantastic Four truly humiliated. She begins beating the helpless hero, pounding him mercilessly - punching super powered strikes into his mid section - kicking him relentlessly, each time knocking the once powerful hero to his face. The humiliation continues with unimaginable punishment to Mr. Fantastic's groin. While the cameras roll to capture the shocking moments - to be broadcast to the world - the Black Skull punches his genitals over and over as he begins to beg and plead for her mercy - desperately wanting to the insane physical torture to end. She only laughs and continues to mock and humiliate him while pounding his testes, tearing at his dick, practically ripping it through his suit - then dropping him, spreading him out and crushing his balls with her boot. She trounces the hero's sack, mashing them with her grinding black leather boot, then drops a knee to his groin, mushing his injured balls to no end as he screams in agony. Bound, helpless and powerless with no ability to fight back, he can only try to endure the torture as she stomps on his back and stomach as he pathetically tries to crawl away, flipping him over to pound away on his poor stomach with her . This is about as brutal of a beat down of a superhero you can imagine - as our hero truly has his ass kicked, his balls demolished, his dick smashed, his gut brutalized and his pride and reputation as a proud and invulnerable superhero, completely eradicated.

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Mr. Fantastic Defiled By Villainess 2 - Balls Crushed

Mr. Fantastic - still fitted in the Gamma Hood - which has robbed him of his powers - is by two villainesses both clad in skin tight black spandex, knee high boots, and black mask. Black Skull and Black Scorpion both abuse the poor superhero who awakens tied and helpless as she punches his balls over and over and then squishes them in her gloved hand. She shows no mercy, punishing the hero's most sensitive area - his shiny spandex covered sack - as he moans and dire agony while his balls are repeatedly destroyed by the stronger female. He tries to close his legs, somehow protect himself, but she thrusts his legs open and pounds him over and over. She then drops him to the ground and mounts him, grniding her pussy over his shaft as it grows and explodes his load inside his tights - his body betraying him but there is nothing he can do to make it stop as her hot silky pussy slides up and down on his cock. He's then placed in a terminal scissor hold, her sexy muscular legs locking down on his waist and neck until he can take no more. This is a great vid. if you like female domination, ball busting, forced climax and wrestling/submission.

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Superman Cums In His Tights - Milked By Villainess

This one is intense. Supes is back and he shows off his amazing powers as he enters the scorpion's lair and is instantly attacked by particle accelerators and molecule disruptors. Neither have any effect on the superhero and he boldly demands the villains give in because he is invulnerable to their tricks. The scorpion answers his cocky boasts and demands by introducing a new villainess, Dementia. Dementia is armed with a kryptonite chain which she wraps around the man of steel's neck and the fun begins. The choked hero struggles and collapses as the kryptonite weakens him at which point the villainess begins kicking him and walking him around like a on a leash before repeatedly stomping him as the hero tries to get up - mocking him along the way. Then she begins really stomping him, smashing her leather booted foot onto his stomach over and over causing the weakened great pain and damage and then dropping her boot onto his balls, crushing the man of steel's testicles and grinding them into pancakes inside his tights. He moans in excruciating agony, reduced to a less than heroic victim as she continues to abuse his balls. She then does the unthinkable, kicking the hero onto his stomach and ripping his famous red briefs up into his ass as he squrims in agony and shame as she tries to split supes in two with the atomic wedgie. Supes begs and struggles before she - gasp - applies a vicious claw hold onto the hero's most sensitive and private region - pulverizing the hero with a painful fudgie as his legs squirm and quiver, her fingers plowing into his bung hole. She extracts her painful butt claw and latches onto his nuts, crushing the superhero's balls once again before removing stomping him some more, and then rolling him over to jerk him off. He is completely powerless to stop her as she amuses herself by masturbating the hero and making him cum in his suit as the cameras roll to capture his shame for the world. After making the hero ejaculate in his suit, she mount

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