Dominant Wife Mistress Ella

Dominant Wife Mistress Ella

My name is Mistress Ella and I dominate my husband 7/24/365/. I call him "my NOTHING", "Loser", etc. His name is Eric and I never call him Eric - he is NOTHING and Loser. I don't allow my Loser to fuck me and he touchs my pussy with his tongue only. He didn't fuck me already for 9 months.
My pussy is hairy and he licks it daily (when gets a permission). There are some days and weeks my NOTHING doesn't get permission to cum and he doesn't cum because he is afraid I order him to eat his own cum. He also sucks my strap-on dildo from time to time... I sit on his face, he worships my feet, makes me a massage, pericure, etc. It is boring life of boring submissive husband loser... Enjoy.


Facesitting in pantyhose .

Sitting on his face in pantyhose one more time...

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Facesitting in pantyhose

My NOTHING doesn't like I sit on his face, especially in pantyhose. But who cares...

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Lick my socks POV

I show you my feet in socks

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I have my tea and use my NOTHING as a tea table.

My NOTHING for sure is not a MAN, but he can be a good (?) table. Let's see...

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Facesitting and teasing with orgasm denial

My NOTHING knows - when I touch his dick, it doesn't mean he will cum. I sitting on his face with my hairy pussy and he licks it and I touch his dick, but NO cum, LOSER!

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Ass worship

OK, let's start my store from this ass worship clip. It was one of my first clips, I experimented with uniform, etc. My NOTHING lick my hairy ass and happy.

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