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FeeTish Dinner 2

THE REFINED SOMALIATRIX tries in vain to teach HER tootsy-besotted bumbler how to properly open a bottle of champagne. By now the GOURMET DOMINA is fed up, and slavey wavey has been fed all over the place. Have you ever seen anyone dawdle so long over dinner? He’s like a whiney little kid who won’t finish his carrots. Bored with his unworthiness, THE DEMANDING GOURMETRIX gives piggy a Foot Dinner he won’t soon forget. Turning his tongue into a mop, THE IRRESISTIBLE ENCHANTRESS finds a better use for it on HER grotty floor. All the floor’s a plate for sorry saps who forget to bring their diner’s club card. He waddles into one of Berlin’s finest eating establishments with a pathetically smeared and dirty face, but the LUSTY LARA is only too happy to wash it for him. MRS. CLEAN gets rid of grime and grease and dirt in just a minute, MRS. CLEAN will clean your whole mouth and everything that’s in it. SHE soon has him snacking in HER rain…But little slutty tongue just can’t do nothing right, so SHE gets him back in the cage where he belongs and lets him ponder his utter uselessness on all fours for another sleepless nighty night. Don’t let the bedbugs bitey bite.


Sie demütigt ihn, macht ihn auf seine offensichtlichen Schwächen deutlich aufmerksam und formt ihn so, wie sie es haben will, weist ihn mit verbaler Rafinesse in die hohe Kunst der Fußverwöhnung ein und gibt ihm ein Fuß-Abendessen, das er so schnell nicht vergessen wird.

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FeeTish Dinner 1

EVERY BAD GIRL deserves all the favours you can give HER, and even if SHE doesn’t, SHE’S still going to get them. Take LADY LARA for instance. Not your average Madame Librarian, agreed? SHE acquires a new slave who will do anything for the privilege of worshipping HER FEET, but does he know how to satisfy a MEAN MISTREATER of HER refined tastes? You’d think the glowing hot cigarettes SHE stubbed out all over his torso would have taught him how to walk the straight and narrow LADY LARA style, but HER meek little tootsy worshiper is as clueless as ever. It simply can’t go on like this. When THE STERN, SEXY HOSTESS invites HER foot-fed noodle to a gourmet dinner, he has no idea what’s in store for him. THE GIFTED CULINATRIX immobilizes him in HER mouth-watering dining cage and tries to teach him how to use his new utensils. HER BEAUTIFUL DEMANDING EYES burn their righteous disapproval deep into his soul. Stimulating his gastric juices with erotically enticing glances, THE 3-STAR MICHELINATRIX soon has the novice diner eating right out of HER FEET. You can’t have your breakfast until you eat your din-din…


Lady Lara nimmt sich eines Sklaven an, der ihre Füße zwar verehrt, aber in ihren wunderschönen Augen noch nicht befriedigend genug. So wird es nicht weitergehen. Als sie ihren kleinen Sklaven zu einem Dinner lädt, ahnt der noch nicht, wie ihm gleich geschehen wird. Er kommt in den großen Käfig, in dem er gebeugt allen Anweisungen Folge leisten muss, die ihm Lady Lara mal erotisch lockend mal distanziert kühl gibt...

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