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A little about me: I'm a real abdl. Yes, I'm really 'into' this. Yes I wear diapers when I'm off camera too. I'm kinda like you only a kinky exhibitionist who enjoys playing & shooting this stuff with my super hot & kinky friends. I consider us all friends & part of a small-ish from one DL to another, WELCOME!! I really hope you stick around, diaper up & enjoy!



Diapered, Bound in Straitjacket, Gagged, & Pooping

Natalia’s master has left her all alone, chained to the ceiling with a ball gag in her mouth, and completely restrained inside a strait jacket.

It’s time for Natalia to go potty and having no idea how long she’ll have to stay there in her own mess, she really doesn’t want to do it in her diaper. She tries calling for help thru her gag, but, of course, her cries go unnoticed… and what goes in, must come out.

The messy diaper girl poops her diaper. She squirms and throws a fit as the bulge in her diaper grows, then once she’s done she’s completely powerless & alone…she prepares for the long haul…

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Chassity & Natalia Caught In Diapers Leads to Another Hot Diapered Teen

TWO amazingly hot diapered teens at once?! Oh yeah…

Uh-oh..That’s not the pizzaman!

Natalia and Chassity are hanging out in their diapers and thought it’d be fun to order pizza and answer the door to the delivery person in their diapers. However sometimes good fun can go a little wrong…and sometimes it can lead to something even more fun… ;-)

Chassity and Natalia giggle as they open the door only to find it wasn’t the pizzaman after all…it was actually the super cute 19 year old, Sunny, who Natalia planned to hang out with later…she was early…

Sunny’s surprised by what she’s walked into! Is there a costume party she doesn’t know about?

But they soon spill the beans on their little diaper fetish. And that quickly leads to Natalia and Chassity trying to talk Sunny into trying it herself. Sunny blushes immediately.

But alas! Eventually they’re successful and Sunny decides to let them diaper her. And that’s what the two of them did…Sunny stripped out of her shorts and panties and Natalia and Chassity get her strapped in.

There, see? That’s actually quite nice…

Another Diaper Lover is born…

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Fionna's Cum For Mommy JOI POV

Wanna play with Mommy? Well, Mommy Fionna knows exactly what you want…

Let’s start with Mommy’s big titties. She’s gonna let you play with them and suck on them.

Mommy also sees that bulge in your pants. Its ok…Mommy’s gonna tell you exactly what to do with that. She’s gonna teach you some things…

Mommy’s gonna open her diaper and … well, you’ll see…

Super HOT clip!!

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Fionna Wets Her Diaper & Masturbates

As I expected all along, Fionna was pleasantly surprised by the feel of the diaper & she picked up on the fetish right away… as proven by this clip…

Fionna is laying in bed – all alone – when she wets her diaper for the first time. Feeling the warm and wet fullness pressed against her pussy was too much for this horny little red-headed vixen. It gets her so turned on she can’t help but to start to rub herself…outside the diaper then inside…humping the bed & fucking her fingers. And soon enough, she erupts in a massive, kinky, diapered orgasm!

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Hazel’s Unassisted Mess & Punishment

Messy diaper lover, Hazel, has to poo again!

Little diaper girl Hazel realizes her need to go #2 and sits up to push it out. It doesn’t take her too long to push it all out creating a huge bulge in her diaper. It takes her a couple tries to push it all out…but when she does she realizes her problem…Natalia has told her she wasn’t to mess her diaper any more today. So instead…she decides to sit and play in her messy diaper for awhile. Rubbing it in…

But Natalia catches her. She’s not happy that Hazel’s messed another diaper yet again today! Hazel’s argumentative. Natalia’s had enough! She bends Hazel over her knee for a messy diaper spanking…

…except this messy diaper lover kept enjoying whatever punishment Natalia dished out! Natalia continued to try punishing her with OTK spankings and even brings out the belt and spanks Hazel with that! Still…Hazel’s a super kinky kinda gal and a messy diaper lover…there’s really no punishing her this way. Her punishment will have to be changing her out of it…

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Mia's First Unassisted Diaper Mess

New diapergirl Mia is proving to be a good girl already and following orders…she’s held in her poopies all day waiting for Natalia to tell her its ok to go. And when Natalia comes in, Mia is quick to ask permission to go…she’s clenching…

Natalia gives her permission.

“What? In the diaper??” Mia can’t believe what she’s being told to do!

But the good girl Mia is, she obeys. And she does everything Natalia tells her to do. She turns around and lets it go.

PLOP! The first load of poo fills the diaper as she pushes out what she’s been pinching off. And you can clearly see the load coming out and filling the diaper! Mia poos more and more.

She can’t believe she’s doing this! She can’t believe she’s actually pooping into a diaper and right in front of Natalia! She’s so embarrassed…

She poos more. Farting it all out.

And once she’s done – Natalia squishes it in. “Now sit in it,” Natalia tells her.

“What??” Once again, Mia just can’t believe what she’s being asked to do!

Nor can she believe what happens when she doesn’t comply…

Great clip!

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Little Mina Messes Her Diaper

The oh-so adorable Little Mina has taken her mini enema and is in quite a bit of pain from the cramping. She is so eager to get it out of her! Finally its time to let it all out…

Natalia has her turn around and try for a good position to push out her poo. Its not easy for Mina to get it to come out! A little bit of ‘stage fright’ maybe?

But not even a super awkward moment and strange position can stop the effectiveness of the mini enema! And Little Mina starts to poo…

Mina just can’t believe the strange feeling of her poop filling in between her buttcheeks! She is so embarrassed to be doing this in front of Natalia and having her smell her shit, but Natalia’s not even phased. In fact, as Little Mina is horrified by the squish between her buttcheeks, Natalia laughs and teases her while she squishes it further into her ass.

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Little Mina’s Messy Diaper Change

The adorable Little Mina has finally messed her diaper and is ready to be changed. And she is sooo ready to get out of that messy diaper!

Natalia opens her dirty Molicare and they review the results before Natalia gets wiping away. And it takes a lot of wiping to get this mess cleaned up! And then maybe some extra wiping to that INCREDIBLY HOT ASS Little Mina has…just because…

Natalia has in mind that Little Mina’s gonna fit into a Pampers size 6…and she does! And ohhhh does Mina ever look oh so adorable in it!!

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Three Day Constipation Relief Diapered Enema

I’ve been constipated for 3 days and it was time I make things move before I go out for the evening…

Oh! That bloating!
I show you the bag then I give myself a full 2 qt enema. I grunt and groan from the cramps as it fully empties into my gut. When its completely drained in I sit up and show you my expanded gut. Then I roll around, changing positions making sure it all soaks in deep. I hold it in as long as I can!
Until I fart and break the seal…

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Cuffed To A Chair & Doomed To Mess Saturated Double Diapers

Poor Natalia, she was made to drink lots of prune juice and has been double diapered, cuffed to a chair & left there to endure the results. Its been several hours…and she’s peed so much that both her diapers have been completely soaked thru…but now, the prune juice is causing the other effect…and the urge to poo is creeping in…

The sitting position on the hard chair that she’s cuffed to is not the easiest to try to get the mess out. She squirms and tries to find a suitable position to be able to push the load into her diaper and relieve herself of the overwhelming pressure of the warm poop building on her rectum. She tries several ways, grunting and groaning while trying to squeeze it all out while she’s so cramped up and uncomfortable.

It obviously was not easy to do like this…by the time she gets it all out she’s left panting and sweating.

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Huge Enema Release Fills SDK Diaper To Capacity

I’ve been constipated for 3 days and it was time I make things to move before I go out for the evening…
I’ve given myself an enema. Now I expel…

I’m on all fours, diapered butt toward the camera, and I expel. You can see the diaper filling…and filling…and filling…
I groan from the cramps. Everytime I think I’m done I move into a different position and more comes gushing out with lots of farts!
Since I did so much rolling around and because I was so loaded up with three days worth of shit, it took awhile, but I eventually got it all out. Filling it to capacity in the process and leaking it onto the floor.
Amazing close up view captures absolutely EVERYTHING!! Watch close up as the brown fluid reaches the diaper and see how it spreads and fills the diaper…one gush after another…filling it fuller & fuller as it expands with the poopy fluid making it super thick and droopy…

If you like enemas or diaper messing clips – this one’s a can’t miss!

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POV Astrokittie Orders You To Wear A Diaper All Night

The amazing Asian Domme, Astrokittie, has some special orders for you…You are to put on a diaper & wear it all-night-long. Under no circumstances are you to remove it. If you need to pee, you are to pee in your diaper. If you need to poop, you are to do that in your diaper as well…and then you are to stay in it…all-night-long. You don’t want to piss off Astrokittie…she has an assortment of punishments that await you if you do.

Grab a diaper and get ready for your instructions!

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POV Natalia Sits On You and Poops Her Diaper

You dirty boy, you’ve been naughty, haven’t you?

You need some punishment, don’t you? Yeah, you do.

You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna plop my diapered butt right on your face, then I’m gonna drop a huge, stinky load in my diaper. And then I’m gonna rub it all over your face. You’re gonna smell it, you’re gonna choke on it, and you’re gonna love it…

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Niki Unassisted Mess In Neck Brace

By Request!

Niki’s stuck in bed after an injury. So Natalia was nice enough to come by & put a diaper on her…just-in-case…

But it seems Natalia chose a bad time to step out…Niki has to go #2! She really, really doesn’t want to mess herself… She calls for help…but her cries go unanswered…

Poor Niki…finally realizing she has no choice & unable to hold it in any longer she messes herself…not very easy in this position either…

Once she gets it all out she tries again to call for help… poor Niki…she’s having a really rough week…

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Unassisted Diaper Mess While Bound to the Bed

Natalia is bound to the bed and left all alone. And now her tummy’s starting to act up. She knows what’s coming…

She cries out to her Daddy to come and free her so she doesn’t have to poo in her diaper…but her cries go unanswered. And her tummy keeps rumbling and the inevitable is coming… she’s not gonna be able to control it much longer…

And she doesn’t. After a huge fart breaks the seal she’s unable to hold it in any longer. She calls out one more time for help but no one comes. She poops…and fills her diaper with the warm mush.

And she’s left there…alone, upset, and in her own stinky diaper mess.

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Rosi's Wet Diaper Masturbation

Diapered Cutie Rosi is sitting on the couch, sucking her pacifier, and has wet her diaper…and she looooves that feeling…she just can’t help but to start to touch herself!

It starts with some rubbing on the outside…then inside her Aww So Cute diaper. But Rosi likes it intense! She opens up her diaper & grabs the oh-so powerful magic wand & rubs her shaved pussy with it! Grinding herself against the warm moistness from the diaper & rubbing her clit with the wand, its not long before she has an intense orgasm!

Once finally satisfied she refastens the even wetter now diaper back onto her and starts sucking on her pacifier some more.

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