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A little about me: I'm a real abdl. Yes, I'm really 'into' this. Yes I wear diapers when I'm off camera too. I'm kinda like you only a kinky exhibitionist who enjoys playing & shooting this stuff with my super hot & kinky friends. I consider us all friends & part of a small-ish from one DL to another, WELCOME!! I really hope you stick around, diaper up & enjoy!



Manta and Staci’s Messy Diaper Changes

Now that Manta and Staci have been sitting in their poopy diapers for a little while Natalia finally decides that its time for them to have their diapers changed.

You can tell Manta seems to like this a bit. Although Staci…she doesn’t seem so thrilled about the situation…completely humiliated by it, really…

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Diapered Teen Sunny's Messy Diaper Crawling Punishment

Poor little diapered hottie Sunny has soaked her Fabine diaper and even messed in a little…and she let her diaper leak on the couch! Sunny wants to be changed but she definitely needs to be punished first!

Natalia makes her get down on the ground and crawl around on all fours in her soaked and messy diaper…all on camera! And Sunny is so humiliated!! She can’t believe that she’s made to endure such an embarrassing moment and punishment on camera!

Natalia makes her crawl up and down the stair and around the room. Poor Sunny struggles with not only the physical challenges Natalia puts her thru, but the humiliation of it all on being recorded on camera…it’s a little overwhelming for her…

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A Desperate Moment: Locked Out & Undiapered, Courtney Messes Her Pants!


Courtney thought she was a big girl now and was able to use the big-girl potty instead of using diapers. But boy, was she ever wrong! When she finds herself locked out of the bathroom she realizes she isn’t able to hold it! And in no time she poops right in her pants!

So desperate to get into the bathroom especially now that her pants are loaded she really needs a shower bad! But to make matters worse she poos some more!

Now her pants completely loaded and the mess making a very visible brown stain that keeps spreading and spreading. It starts to run down her leg and she just can’t believe what’s just happened! OMG she’s crapped her pants! What a disgusting mess! She’s ruined her favorite jeans and she’s so humiliated she just doesn’t know what to do. She needs into the bathroom now more than ever to clean herself up and its no use…she’s completely locked out. So in a moment of desperation she must clean up in the kitchen…

Guess she wasn’t ready for big girl panties after all…

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Summer's Tummy Ache Leads To A Very Messy Diaper

Super Hot Diapergirl Summer has been eating too much Halloween candy! And its given her a pretty bad tummy ache…

So as she’s sitting on the floor playing with toys her tummy starts to grumble. Soon she realizes the inevitable is about to happen so gladly, she bends over and pushes out a huge load! Then more and more…that must’ve been quite a tummy ache! She pushes out quite a large stinky mess creating visible bulges in her diaper as she pushes each load of poo out.

But its no bother to Summer…when she’s done pushing out her load she carries on playing with her toys…

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Real Life Diapered Sisters – Sister Caught in G/G Diaper Play

Ohhh…What a pleasure to diaper real life sisters!!

Catherine and Natalia are playing around in their diapers…turning each other on to the point of going full on into the throes of passion! Rubbing and touching turns to kissing and fondling…then on to rubbing each others’ pussies thru their diapers and eventually end up diaper scissoring!

However, while deep in their hot diaper action they failed to hear the front door opening! Catherine’s sister, Nichole, had let herself in and what she walked in on made her mouth drop open!

WTF was she looking at?? What kind of kinky stuff is her sister into?? Nichole just can’t believe what she’s seeing!

Catherine tries her best to calm her sister down and assure her that what she’s doing isn’t so bad…It’s the newest fad, really!

Nichole’s not very accepting of this…at first…but eventually her trust in her big sister outweighed her doubt and she agreed to try a diaper on herself!

Nichole lays back and pulls off her panties…so unsure of what she’s about to experience. She’s obviously nervous but her big sister reassures her how great an experience diaper play is! And what a relief wearing a diaper will be while they’re out in public and getting their nails done! Nichole accepts this as she’s strapped into her first diaper. She’s eager to see how it feels and experience what this fetish is all about!

Baby’s got back!

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New Diaper Girl Chloe Poses Sexy And Poops Her Diaper In Your Face POV

Ohhhh…what a cutie Chloe is!!

“Do you like my sexy diaper? Do I look sexy for you?”

Chloe poses as cute as she can for you…and she has a surprise for you…she has to go poop!

Get up close and personal as she pushes out a big and squishy load. So close you can almost taste it. She poos and poos…

Then she sits in it and squishes it in. She wants to make sure you’re proud of the mess she’s made for you. She poses in her now freshly messy diaper and shows you how sexy she is in it…and even opens and shows you the messy brown stains the her load of poop has made on the lining…

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POV Summer Hypnotizes You Into Wearing And Using Diapers


Look here…Look into Summer’s eyes and she will hypnotize you…and you are getting sleepy…

You are under Summer’s command now.

And now that you are, you must do as Summer wants. She wants you in diapers. When you wake up, you’ll want nothing more than to wear diapers for her. And use them too…

Summer is HOTTT!!!

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Fionna Poops Her Diaper In Your Face POV

The gorgeous & voluptuous redheaded diapergirl, Fionna has been holding in her poop all day waiting for you…and now that you’re here, she’s gonna poop right close up in front of you & then she’s gonna shove it in your face!

She sticks her diaper right in your face as she pushes out the first turd. Then she shoves it right-in-your-face even more & smothers you with it.

But there’s more. She pushes out more stinky poo into her Aww So Cute diaper & again shoves that in your face. She makes you to smell it…to breathe it in…because you’re such a stinky poo boy perv…

And even more mess…she knows how much you’re enjoying this so she loads her diaper for you and continues to shove it in your face.

Awesome clip!!

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Star Diapered, Buttplugged, & Dressed to Go Out

After diapergirl, Star’s earlier diapered enema she’s off getting all nice and cleaned up.

Star comes in after finishing with a shower, still naked, ready to get diapered. Of course, Natalia’s ready to do it to her!
However, this time Natalia has a little surprise for Star…

Natalia wants to make sure Star doesn’t have any remnants from the enema left over inside her…it was a BIG enema! So…Star’s getting buttplugged. They’re about to head out for the day and Natalia doesn’t want her messing while they’re out.

Star’s argumentative…which doesn’t make the situation any better. Natalia’s determined to shove that plug up her ass and isn’t taking Star’s argument AT ALL. Star pouts but knows she has no choice. Still pouting, she lets Natalia raise her legs up in the air and shove the pretty pink plug up her ass.

Once that’s in place Star get strapped into an adorable Bambino Bellisimo and Natalia dresses her in a pretty little dress over her diaper before they head out in public.

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POV Star Punishes You Into Diapers For Wetting Your Pants

Seriously? You wet your pants? You’re a grown man and you wet your pants??

Well, Star’s got a little surprise for you. Since you seem to have this little issue she’s got a solution. You’re gonna have to start wearing diapers.

Yup, when you go out…you’ll have to be in diapers. When you go to bed…yup, diapers.

Well? That’s what you get for pissing yourself!

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POV Star Poops Her Diaper For You

Star is sitting on the couch, wearing her Bambino Bellisimo when she starts to feel the urge to poop. Since she’s about to mess her diaper and you’ve been such a good little diaper slave, she decides to give you a little treat… with you down on your hands and knees on the floor, she stands up over you and fills her diaper with her warm and smell poo. You get the treat of her standing over you as she farts and squeezes the warm ooze out of her diapered ass for you.

Star loves the feeling of the warm poop loading her diaper…it turns her on so much! What a treat to have her do this…just…for…you…

And she’s so nice she shoves it right in your face when she’s done.

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Star's Unassisted Diaper Mess & Punishment

Sexy diapergirl, Star, is alone in her room when her gut starts rumbling and the urge to poo her diaper kicks in…

She gets up and bends over the bed & pushes. The load of poo that had built up inside of her fills her diaper in perfect view. It took a bit of pushing to get it all out…

Once she was fully loaded she figured that since she was alone she’d change herself. Only she didn’t realize that she wasn’t alone after all…Natalia was watching!

Natalia’s not happy. Star just keeps doing this! She’s been wetting & messing her diapers way too often & has been going thru nearly a whole pack of diapers in a single day! Natalia’s sick of it. This time she wants Star to make sure she gets it all out before she’s allowed to change her diaper.

Star is argumentative. She swears she’s gotten it all out. But Natalia doesn’t believe her and spanks her for arguing. And poor little diaper girl Star is made to mess her diaper some more. She bends back over the bed and starts pushing some more.

When her diaper messing task is complete Natalia still won’t let her change out of it. She’s wasted too many diapers – and now she has to face the consequences….poor Star is ordered to sit in her own poopy diaper where she’ll have to remain that way for a while…

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Summer’s Unassisted Mess In Neck Brace

Well, thank goodness for backup plans.

Poor Summer’s been in a car accident and is stuck on the couch in neck, leg and arm braces. Unable to get up to go to the bathroom on her own she’s diapered just in case no one is around to help her to the bathroom. And its a good thing too. Summer finds that she has to go #2 and when her cries for help go unanswered she has to do what she really doesn’t want to do…mess her diaper. Then she’ll have to sit in it for who knows how long until someone comes to help her out and change her.

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Foxy Diapergirl Taylor Shits Her Diaper & Sits On Your Face POV

The super hot and sexy (and topless!) diaper girl, Taylor, wets and messes in her diaper and sits on your face. Because you’re a dirty diaper boy and you like it. And she’s gonna rub it all over your face and smother you with her stinky mess. And you’re gonna love every bit of it.

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Star's Rectal Temperature, OTK Spanked, & Buttplug Punishment

Diaper girl Star comes to Natalia claiming she doesn’t feel well, but Natalia’s suspicious…Star’s notorious for faking sickness to try to get out of things…

Natalia plays along tho…she has Star bend over and Natalia slips the rectal thermometer into Star’s ass. But it turns out Star’s not running the fever that she’d claimed she was. In fact, Natalia doesn’t believe she’s sick at all! It seems Star’s faking it to get out of her chores or something! No way is she getting away such a thing. Natalia bends Star over her knee and spanks her with an open palm until her butt is nice and red. She then rips Star’s big girl panties off her! No way does she deserve to wear those anymore! Back to diapers for little Star.

But not before the butt plug. Star squeals as Natalia shoves it up her ass. (and you get to see it nice & close up as it goes in…)

Once plugged Natalia diapers Star’s red little ass and sends her off to the corner…where she’ll have to wet herself & stay in it for 3 hours.

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Diapered Teen Chassity's Unassisted Diaper Mess & Farts

Oh-so-sweet! This 19 year old little cutie has been saving her poopies for this moment and wants to show you what a good little girl she is by using her diaper for you.

It takes her a little bit & a couple different positions to get it all out, but she’s so proud once she does! She even sits in it for you!

This adorable little blond hottie is sooo cute from her southern belle drawl to her diapered farts as she pushes out her poo for you!

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