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Taekwondo girl fighting robbers full YCTD12071101

Taekwondo girl fighting robbers

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My dad is a senior official FULL YCTD12062104

A cleaner,He offended the daughter of senior officials.officials daughter punish cleaners,Put him into their slaves.

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Ex-boyfriend abuse and insults full YCTD12061301

Danny despise her ex-boyfriend ,She wants to humiliate and torment him,Her ex-boyfriend is very degrading,He licked Danny's smelly feet, also smelling Danny’s shoes and socks,But Danny slapped him constantly insulting him and spitting in his face . Danny continue to humiliate her ex-boyfriend,she‘s more energetically。In addition there is feet slap,smelly socks stuffed into his mouth , orders her exboyfriend lick smelly feet,but danny no stop humiliating him, heavy ears, kicking

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Toilet abuse slave YCTD12060402

Danny morning to get up, you need to wash up, called slaves to serve, like a slave kneeling and kissing the feet of danny, danny and drank mouthwash.
Danny very satisfied with the performance of a slave, a slave to punish her​​, she ordered a slave to his bowed and stamped on the head of a slave, and the slave's head into the toilet stampede, slaves were tortured for mercy, after riding vent danny the slaves back to the room to rest

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Mistress Dan pantynose boots abuse YCTD12042103

Mistress Dan was wearing black pantynose high heel ankle boots,kick slave,body busting,pantynose foot trample,face kick and stomp,face slapping,toe trample belly.foot smelling

Category: Beating    Duration: 17:41    Format: MP4    File Size: 242 MB    Clip ID: 48198

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Enjoy itchy feet ticking full YCTD13021701

Danny abuse her slave, but was Revolt。this is unfortunate. But danny gradually like this.Is ticking . She enjoy, all this

Category: Tickling    Duration: 19:11    Format: MP4    File Size: 590 MB    Clip ID: 48199

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Danny belly trampling

Danny socks belly trampling、 Only soft belly trample and stomp , continues till the end

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