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Candle Boxxx was typing at her desk when an intruder slips in through the door behind her and handgags her. He orders her to cooperate and pulls her hands behind ehr chair and bedings tying them. He then pulls out a long scarf and gets two wraps into her mouth for a thick cleave gag. That's when another secretary, Natasha Flade, strolls in about to ask Candle a question. The intruder leaps up and handgags Natasha and forces her down to the other chair where her hands are roped beind her and she's given a similar cleave gag. We cut to both all bound and gagged in the office, more rope about their ankles and waists. They struggle together, and Natasha Flade urgently attempts with mmphs and gagtalk efforts to make Candle understand she needs to use the fax machine to call for help!

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Now Candle Boxxx and Natasha Flade are left alone in the office gagged and tied to chairs, they made an attempt to call out via the fax machine and got caught by their captor! Angry, he undresses them, getting them topless. And what beautiful tits they have! He takes out his phone and takes pictures of the helpless secretaries! Satisfied, he departs and they are left alone to struggle in their bonds, half-naked now.

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The beautiful blonde Danielle Trixie is tied standing to a bedpost with her arms overhead -- naked! A big knotted cleave gag keeps her protests to little mews and her bare feet are also tied together.

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Natasha Flade is blindfolded and playing "Blind Man's Bluff" with the boys she's a nanny for, wandering about with a big blind fold on. Suddenly, they tie her hands behind her back. She's keeping her composure, asking them, "Why did you tie me up?" She plays along, following their orders to walk straight to the wall, turn around and sit down on the floor. Now they tie her feet! She's still not losing her cool, playing along, sitting there in her sundress, barefoot, now bound hand and foot. We all know how this ends -- a cleave gag is applied! She spends the rest of the video trying to get the boys to untie and ungag her with lots of gagtalk and struggling. In part 2, the dad returns!

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Natasha Flade and Daphne Paige find themselves at the mercy of a robber who ropes both helpless girls into barefoot hogties! Both are gagged with a cleave gag, then stripped topless. They struggle in vain to be free on the tight ropes! Lots of great closeups and numerous camera angles of the blonde and brunette damsels in severe distress!

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Danielle Trixie is caught smoking in her bedroom by her little brother and his friend. In order for them to not tell mom, she agrees to play a little tie up game with him. As ordered, she stands facing the wall and crosses her hands behind her to be tied. With her wrists now tied, she's told to walk over to the stool and sit down, and then her feet are bound, She resists the idea of a gag, makes them again promise to not tell mom about the smoking, and she gets a pink bandanna cleave gag. She struggles and gag talks, keeps asking when the game is over. Danielle is in a tight top and barefoot for this video.

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Outdoor bondage Part 2! Candle was caught trying to escape, so now she's being bound standing to a tree strappado style! Once tethered to the tree in this new position, Isaac pulls up her sweater to ecpose her black bra. Must I mention that her peels back those sexy bra cups next? Well, yes, he does, and now Candles Fabulous breasts are exposed to the chill air and our lustful eyes. He then proceeds to rope her some more! First at the thighs and then he tightly binds her elbows. With some stern words of warning, Isaac leaves her alone in the woods. She struggles in her very strict position. She squirms in her jeans and Keds and tight ropes. She tries to call for help through her cleave gag. No one comes.

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Babysitter Star Groped When Dad Comes Home!

In Part 1 Star ends up chair-tied and cleave-gagged with some packing and a thin piece of silk. Now the dad comes home, finds her like this He laughs, places another cleave gag over her present gag and unbuttons her shirt, pulls down her bra and begins to feel-up the tied-up babysitter! She starts making too much noise, so he finds another long cloth and gags her AGAIN. She didn't want to be gagged as part of the game back in partt 1, and now she's muffled by a 4-part gag! The dad leaves for a bit, saying he's going to drag her all tied up to the bedroom, and while he's gone she struggles mightily to get free. Star is in skirt, heels and pantyhose for this video. 8+ min

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Babysitter Danielle Trixie and Mommy Natasha Flade Groped by Home Invader!

After getting tied up and OTM gagged in a game, babysitter Danielle Trixie and mommy Natasha Flade watch in horror as a REAL robber strolls in. He stuffs their mouths with cloth and gags them tightly. They are positioned on the coffee table with their bare soles aimed at us! Their tops are pulled down and they're groped and generally molested, then to struggle. The women are in dresses and barefoot for this video.

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Natasha Flade: Tutor Chair-Tied by Student for Getting Good Grades

Natasha Flade is back as your favorite tutor! You scored well enough on your test that she's setting aside some time for you to play a game of tie up! She even turns her chair around and crosses her hands behind her back for you! So there she is, roped to that chair in her heels, pantyhose and skirt, complimenting you and how well you have her all tied up. The challenge is this: if she can get loose in 5 minutes, she doesn't get gagged. She tries, but fails! She now sports an OTM gag, and struggles away and mmmphs! for your entertainment!

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Candle Boxx Forced to Strip, Groped by Natasha Flade!

In part 1, Natasha Flade forces Candle Boxxx to strip naked and ties her spread on the bed and gives her a packing gag. Now Natasha has the nude and exposed girl at her total mercy, and fondles and gropes her. She humilates and taunts Candle, enjoying her revenge. But that's not all! She goes in to Candle's nightstand and discovers a huge rubber cock! Natasha threaten to rape all of her holes with it. As Natasha goes to strap on Candle's sex toy, she struggles with great vigor to slip these bonds that keep her tied to this bed!

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Babysitter Quimm Tries to Set Time Limit on Tie Up Game!

Quimm Anaheim is on the phoe with her friend, saying that yes, she'll babysit for her after work. But Quimm tells her that her boy Thaddeus always asks to tie her up when she sits for him. Her friend says that's all right, biys will be boys. So Quim is ther in her skirt and little top, barefoot, being asked once again to play a tie-up game. She agrees, but this time she wants a strict time limit to the game. This is agreed, and soon enough our babysitter with the glasses is tied up on the sofa, hands in front of her and roped to her thighs. She plays along, and when asked about the gag, she reminds him of the timer she set on the phone. So, she's cleave gagged and gag talking and playfully calling for help and asking Thaddeus to check the timer. Well, it goes off, the shrill, annoying alarm signaling the end of the game. But Quimm is abandoned in the living room, still tied up and gagged!

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