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Trampelina has no manners since he's been back from Mongolia. Although he was a good boy, obedient, respectful, devoted house slave, he's totally different now. He's just always horny. As he told us there were no women at work in Mongolia, only camels. He said they weren't his type, as they weren't his size. You see, that's the result if you're so picky. He was so horny, he forgot his place in the dungeon and tried to get in contact sexually with one of the biggest and strongest Mistresses in the dungeon. Well, that was a very bad idea. Mistresses like using the slaves for anything but they won't be used ever, that's why they're Mistresses, right? Poor Trampelina had to pay the price, big time.

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The little man says he loves big butts, but by the end of this weighty session he'll never be the same way again. Voluptuous Vita and her equally strong and beautiful friend are about to crush all his wet fantasies of a fun time. Their large legs keep him down on the floor as they have their way with him, crushing his puny body. With their tough bodies they stomp and steam roll him, crushing his neck and humiliating his body.

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This perverse has very serious problems in his sick mind as he loves walking naked in the park and jerking off for older ladies. The police officer who arrested him wanted to follow the new modern methods and wanted instant result after only one treatment. She took the stupid guy to the special nurse and the play begun. Because he always enjoyed talking to those old ladies, both of them agreed that they have to administer the silence therapy. And they just did. They were armed both of them with big round asses, that is essential using this therapy. Lots of forced face sitting by two, forced ass worship, etc. finally corrected him and hopefully those old ladies can take walks safely in that park in the future.

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Big Vita is shocked because this extremely skinny little guy is touching - or at least trying - her. He's saying he's in love with her and he wants to marry her. Big Vita is feed up with guys like him and wants to give him a hard lesson and put him on his place. She's showing her power by lifting him up in several positions, humiliates his pathetic sorry ass....nothing works. He can't stop loving her, because she's sooo big and beautiful, powerful and strong. He still wants to marry her, doesn't matter what she does to him.

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He knocked on the wrong door. He came to gather members for the chauvinist party, and his behavior and attitude was very annoying for the woman of the house. He wanted to lecture her and put her on her place.....and the tables have turned suddenly. She is an Amazon, for God's sake, who doesn't need lecture from any party. She's strong, powerful and independent. She turned things around and started lecturing him. The man was shocked, but when the severe pain arrived from hie treatment, he would even give up those ideas. She definitely showed him his place, under her feet.

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Our Amazon Mistress got married third time, but the new husband already disappointed her. He drinks not only occasionally, right now is 4pm only and he's still dead drunk. First time could be funny, but every day a little more than enough. She is not happy about it and wants to solve this problem permanently. The key for that is DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE, corporal punishment is combined with humiliation. But she knows she must repeat the treatment tomorrow morning again, when he'll be sober, because at this moment everything is just fun for him.

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This slave is dumber than he looks. He is absolutly in love with Mistress Vita's ass, and he is not afraid to let her know it - but he probably should be. Telling Mistress Vita that he loves her ass is a big mistake as he is about to find out. She punches him in the stomach with so much force that he nearly pukes. But as I said, he is stupid, and it continues to talk about her ass. She turns him into a human punching bag and throws a barrage of painful punches to his stomach until he learns his manners. Unfortunately for him, however,he does not learn his lesson and is forced to endure blow after blow - each one harder than the last. What a stupid slave. To help convey her message, she decides to stand on his fragile chest with her massive body. She nearly breaks his ribs as her immense weight smothers the worthless slave. Perhaps after this abuse he will learn some manners - if not, I am afraid to see what the mighty Mistress Vita will do to him next time.

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Everybody loves somebody sometimes...BIG GIRLS NEED LOVE TOO. But when it comes to two strong powerful big Amazons loving the same guy, who plaid with both of them, things get ugly. Their fight and wrestling is not a usual thing. They are more powerful than anybody, skilled in fighting and wrestling, hard headed and not scared of anything by their real dominant nature, and most importantly they fight for love. DEADLY.

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This little man did not think after the first encounter, when they interrogated him. Now they just want to tease him with their big beautiful boobs and asses, because that takes him to heaven. He deeply admires BBW and would do anything for them. This time they just need his little fragile body to use, testing his physical and emotional limits, his reactions when he gets what he desires, and when he doesn't. He's a good obedient partner in this game, and they are extremely nice and gentle with him, definitely don't want to brake him. They can be that nice sometimes, although not often.

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Oh yes, he just did. Without permission of the big beautiful Mistress. Because he's been forced to come to the dungeon, he did not do that willingly. He is not naturally submissive, he has to learn everything, his feeling won't help him. So he thinks he can masturbate any time anywhere he wants. Mistress thinks different ways and she has ideas and techniques to train him to be a good slave even if he weren't submissive in nature. Lot's of face sitting, ass worship, kissing and licking her sweaty smelly ass will help in the process, for sure. Actually a lot to lick, takes long, enough for his small size brain to learn and remember.

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This little creep was captured for his inappropriate behavior in public, and the officer assumed he's one of the well known but never captured "flasher" of the neighborhood. They decided to interrogate him on their special ways, using the best method for a perverted mind as his is. They stripped him naked, then started smothering and pinching him on his sensitive nipples. After they tried the breast smothering, but seemed to appear he liked that too much. Finally they had an urgent call, had to stop, but told him they're not done yet with him.

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Our strong Amazon received a visitor, who finally did not want to sell anything, but tried to gather members for his unique chauvinist party. He was looking for "the man of the house", who rules the household, including the woman. Independent self-supportive ladies don't really know why would need anybody ruling them, and ordered them around. Especially the true dominant types, as our big and strong Amazon. She just can't let the poor man living with "so false ideas", and she decided to straight up his thinking would be a good thing. And she just did it, on her own way. How? See the clip for that.

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The husband is feed up with the chores around the house, today is the day when he wants to turn around everything in the house by changing the rules. He knows it's not gonna be easy, but enough is enough. He decided he's not cleaning anymore. His Amazon wife just doesn't like the idea, and doesn't want to change anything at all. For that, she needs to put a little reminder in the head of her silly mate where his place is. She simply puts him on her massive Amazon lap, and gives him an abundant OTK spanking, till finally he doesn't even consider rebellion again. Just getting back to work.

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Challenging a big and strong Amazon requires a lots of courage even from larger size guys like Kevin is. After being beat up in the dungeon several times, he returned willingly and started to explore his submissive side, but couldn't make peace with being so much defeated by two of them. This time he challenged only one of the Amazons, a really hopes he can win. Well, that just did not happen. He tried hard, but the girl seems to have much more experience in wrestling, and her muscles are stronger than his. He just had to give it up, and admit he's not stronger at all.

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Looks like the Amazon Mistress spent too much last month, because her boss, who otherwise just started exploring his submissive side lately, At this moment, when it comes to his money - his submissive side just disappearing, because he is furious. Not for long, because nothing more is more scary, than a pissed off Amazon. She humiliates him, punishing him and he comes to his senses, and finally finds his place: under her feet. No more complains.

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This guy is totally unfortunate. He left his work at the cable company, and got hired at a pizza place for delivery. Today accidentally he bumped into the two Amazons, who tormented him last time so terribly. They immediately recognized him when he delivered their order and stripped him down. He complained as he could with not much result. They tortured and humiliated him even harder, than first time. He's devastated again, he has to look for a new job, or maybe move to another city.

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