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Sub-girl bondage with foot tickling and torture

Kettu as a sub-girl is tied up by her boyfriend and she is completely helpless. They like to play such games only this time it will be a longer game. At first Kettu is alone in a room and she starts to protest and tries to free herself but that's not gonna fly. Her boyfriend arrives too soon and notices she tries to untie herself and something like this deserves a punishment. He starts to tickle her feet and Kettu starts to scream and laugh but it is no good. She has to be punished. Next type of punishment is a ruler - her boyfriend uses it to smack her sexy bare soles until she screams. Kettu is sassy too - one time she even teases her boyfriend that she can't almost feel the ruler on her feet but that is fixed with more power from the boyfriend and the rules smacks loudly on her soles. She screams and begs to be released but it's too soon. She didn't learned her lesson yet. She has to suffer a bit before her hurt feet and soles will be worshiped as she boyfriend pleases. Kettu has been a bad bad girl today!

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Tortured by feet of sexy executrix

Eliška is a lethal and sadistic agent who works for mafia. She enjoys her job - to make her victims confess, defeat them to her feet. And it is time for another job just now. While a man is sitting on his couch, napping, Eliška sneaks behind him and handgags him as firmly as she can. The guy wake up and panics trying to breath but he's helpless against Eliška. She explains him why she's here - to get those documents he's hiding somewhere in here and he will either give them up or be tortured to death by her feet. Of course, he's not cooperative at all. He stands up and try to run away but Eliška grabs him and pushes him against the wall. He sit on his butt, dizzy, helpless absolutely confused and unable to fight back. Eliška takes off her shoes and forces him to smell them, covering his face and waiting for him to get weak. She laughs at him: "Ha ha look at you!! If you don't give me what I want, I'll make you eat my feet!". She shoves her foot down his throat, grabbing his hands so he can't struggle. Eliška wants to play with her victim, she grab his hands, and footgag him with both feet. She footsmothers him too with one foot pressing his nose and mouth firmly against the wall. The guy grab her ankle, but no way, she's so much stronger. He finally gives in and reveals all those documents, begging Eliška to let him go and not to torture him anymore. He's finally broken now!

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Double forced foot smelling

Eliška and Megan are watching TV on saturday evening, only there is a tied up guy on the floor beneath their feet. The guy is asleep - that was the girls' work. He needed to be punished already and what otjer innocent thing could they do to him than force him to smell their feet. That will be great fun for the girls to see him beg with his eyes, not be able to breathe while he has to sniff their stinky feet and socks. Ou and he's duct taped so he has to smell their feet all the time! Well, he had it coming for some time now. Who's coming around now? He's finally waking up only to realize he's helpess and that he will be dominated by these two pretty and young girls. Foot smelling and worship is what he's gonna do the whole evening. Le'ts begin!

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Electro salesman owned by her feet

Dita comes to an electro store dressed as a schoolgirl, in a skirt with two ponytails and a huge lolipop. This salesman approaches her and offers his advise regarding their products not knowing what he's gonna experience. Dita welcomes his help and they go together over some phones and Dita needs one of appropriate size, so it can fit in her pocket. Ups, she realizes she does not have any pockets on her skirt, so where to put a phone..? She figures the best place would be in her cleavage and she starts to try phones to fit in there. "Nope, not this one, it's too big for me. What else do you got?". The guy is stunned, he does not know what to think about all this but he knows he wants to help no matter what! After a while of trying phones Dita sits on couch and asks the guy whether she can take off her shoes. The guy is embarrassed, he's afraid what would his boss think if he would come here, but on the other hand - to see her bare feet? That would be great! So he does not object to it and Dita takes off her shoes leaving only her knee high socks on. She asks the guy if he would rub her tired feet while she'll look over those phones. He agrees of course and short time after that Dita is not wearing even those socks and she moves her feet in front of his face gaining complete control over him. She starts to negotiate for a discount and than for free headphones, selfie stick, laptop, ... you name, knowing this guy is totally under her spell. He promises everything to her and while laying on the floor under her feet kissing and worshiping them he is in heaven and willing to give up anything!

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Marta's personal (foot) assistant

Marta is an actress and she lives a crazy busy live. Right now she's preparing for another act, where she has a major role and her assistant is nowhere to be found. Her regular assistant is sick and there is supposed to be this newly hired guy. Finally he comes over but he does not seem to be as competent. Anyway he's supposed to get anything the actress needs and Marta needs her toes painted to a specific color and he's here to do it. But he really is doing a terrible job - Marta has to paint her nails herself again so what else could he be good for? Marta's feet are killing her today. She's on the stage all day long and she really needs a foot massage so she orders her assistant to do it. Marta is aware her feet must smell at least a little but what the hell - he's here for her, right? At least he knows how to massage feet, because otherwise he's useless. Marta has few more minutes before she has to go on the stage again and since this assistant has been so incompetent so far he will surely not mind a little torture by my smelly feet, she thinks. And than she makes him smell her feet, kiss them a worship them exactly as she likes it. That's what assistants are after all. Aren't they?

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Kickbox student's smelly feet worship

Ivet is Charlie's kickbox student and they have training 5 times a week now before Ivet's championship. They have been training together for years now and Charlie always admired Ivet's soft and pretty feet. But he never told her how much he loves her feet and what he would like to do with them. As they finish their today's training Charlie notices how dirty Ivet's feet are and offers to clean them using his hands. Ivet is embarrassed little bit because she knows how dirty and smelly her feet are, after all she has been sweating on training for almost 2 hours...but she let's him do it. Charlie was actually never so close to her feet and he starts to loose control. He offers her a foot massage and as he touches her feet and presses her soft sexy soles he can't hold him self and he secretly tries to smell her feet. But it turns out it was not as secretly as he intended. Ivet asks him about it and there is no way out now. He admits his foot fetish and how much he likes her feet. She is surprised but not repulsed and she actually let him kiss and worship her feet. Charlie can't get enough but Ivet is not innocent in this too. She just found out that she loves all these touches on her soles and toes. It feels so good and she wants Charlie to continue. They both actually loves this. Tomorrow's training will be interesting too as they both agree, they will enjoy it as never before.

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Three girls smelly feet contest

Eliška invites her friends Megan and Sofia for a visit. The girls are having fun, talking while Eliška makes a confession that her feet smell really bad over the summer and that some boy at the school even told her that in person. The girls laugh and share stories about their smelly feet and Eliška shares with them that her roommate like this kind of stuff - smelly feet, socks and sweaty shoes. Eliška thought her roommate Charlie is away but he suddenly comes out of the bathroom, surprised by those 3 girls and they invite him to join them. Eliška explains they are talking about their smelly feet and that they can't decide which of these 3 girls have the smelliest feet. And so they ask Charlie to be the judge, since he loves feet so much. Of course he immediately accepts and the contest may begin, on this hot summer day and 6 feet to be smelled and worshiped. Have fun Charlie!

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Bratty Daniela trampling in high heels

Daniela is this spoiled girl who's a bit arrogant. She has always been like this since elementary school, she did beat guys, wear high heels since 8th grade and even several times spitted a guy in his face while he was running away in humility. She's older now and little bit less bratty, but she is still not a good girl. She's at friend's - Simon's - place talking with him, or better yet talking to him - he's really not that interested in what she's saying. That is until the minute Daniela mentions how she once trampled a boy on elementary school, with her high heels on. He was bad to her so she was worse to him and beat him up, stepped on him a trampled him in high heels. That catches Simon's attention. You see, he really likes feet and nylons and most of all trampling. When girl stands on him, steps on his face and on his neck and he is helpless, beneath her, at her feet. So he starts to question Daniela immediately about the trampling and when she admits she actually really liked it, Simon tells her he actually like it too and if she would like to, they can try it right now. Daniela is all for it and tells Simon to lay on the floor. She's wearing nice high heels with thin is gonna hurt now. She steps onto Simon and immediately starts having fun, she stands on his neck and enjoys the feeling. Later on, she takes off her shoes and stands on Simon's face with her sweaty this what heaven feels like? It has to! And this is only the start!

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You are a dominatrix? Show me!

Patrik is bored and his new friend Cat has left her purse in his room and left. He has this stupid idea to check her purse out to find out more about Cat. He goes over the purse and he finds some weird stuff - Patrik gets the feeling that she might be some sadist or something. All of the sudden Cat is standing in the door, asking Patrik what the hell is he doing, He's surprised and he asks her about the things in her purse and if she's some kind of sadist or something. She comes clean without any shame and admits she makes living as a dominatrix. A dominatrix?? Patrik does not know what to imagine under this and Cat offers him to show him what he means by it. Patrik is not sure he want to know but he agrees. Cat leaves the room, changes her clothes and shoes and comes back as Madam Cat. Patrik is even more surprised than before but Madam Cat does not wait for anything and start to whip his ass using her leather belt. Patrik is backing down on the bed hoping he'll be able to flee like this but that only pushes Cat to start to wrestle him. Patrik is maybe a guy but Madam Cat is a strong girl and she has no problem taking hum down, making him submit and even worship her feet in humility. Now Patrik will get to know what a real Czech dominatrix can do.

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Begging for her smelly gym feet

Rebeka and Jack are living together as roommates for some time now. Jack is just an IT guy and Rebeka is University student who loves sports and gym. She's in her gym almost every day and she's training there for hour and hours. Jack always loved girls' feet and mostly smelly and sweaty feet. His dream would be to own a gym and let pretty girls pay him for lessons there in foot smelling - they would train there and he could smell their sweaty feet and be their footstool for their bare feet. That's why he loves so much living with Rebeka. When she's not in the gym she's at home with him, usually barefoot and just sexy. Rebeka already knows that Jack loves sweaty feet and foot smelling, he told her. She just always thought it's a bit weird and she never liked it that much when he wanted to smell her feet. But she didn't ever fight it very much. Just now Rebeka has returned from the gym and Jack is extra horny and he wants Rebeka's feet so much! But Rebeka is tired and she just wants to relax, alone. But Jack is persistent and he wouldn't back down. So Rebeka puts him in scissorhold and chokes him but Jack is still coming at her feet. He's like a horny dog and Rebeka does not have the strength to fight him today. She teases him with her sexy sweaty feet, makes him beg for letting him sniff them and kiss them and Jack is relentless. Today he will get what he always dreamed of.

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Megan punishing feet of her girl-sub

Megan is living with Mitzi - her girl slave. Mitzi cleans for Megan, pays the rent, takes care of her goddess and is grateful for all of that. But today Megan has come home and she found Mizti reading a magazine on the sofa while the cleaning she was supposed to do is not done. The place is a mess and pretty soon Megan's friends should arrive. This is unacceptable! Mitzi has to be punished! Megan makes her lay down on the sofa, straighten her legs and starts to lash down Mitzi's feet in very hurtful way. Mitzi is suffering but she know she has to take this punishment from her mistress, otherwise it would be even worse. Megan is whipping Mizti's feet, making her count and thank for every hit. Mizti is not bound on the sofa, helpless, absolutely in the power of Megan. Megan decides when Mitzi's punishment has been severe enough. And Megan is the only one who can have mercy over her and let her go. When Mitzi's feet are punished enough, Megan order's Mitzi to clean her feet. Mitzi is grateful for this second part of her punishment because this one does not hurt. She's on her knees at her goddess's feet licking the sweat off and thanking Megan she's so merciful and good to her. As she should, Megan is a goddess after all!

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Forced foot worship from his own wife

Charlie and Markétka are a couple for many years now and last year they got married. Nothing changed at first but slowly Markétka has become more and more demanding and these days she wants her husband even to massage her feet almost every day after work. And he's not happy about that. Her feet are usually pretty smelly and Charlie hates it but Markétka practically forces him to massage her feet. Today is one of those days but Charlie decides he'll fight and try to keep his own ground and not to massage his wife's smelly feet today. But Markétka does not feel this to be the right way and she wants to show her husband who makes the decisions around here. So she starts to put her feet in his face and smother him with her smelly feet and soles. Charlie is not happy but what can he do? Markétka is even taller than him and she has quite the strength to fight him to the ground. She grabs his hands and presses her feet on his face and laughs at him for being forced to smell her sweaty feet today. Charlie is helpless and Markétka enjoys this foot domination on her husband more and more. Poor guy, when Markétka wants something, she'll get it and he's gonna learn this today the worst way he could - by smelling, licking and worshiping her big smelly feet. After all he has no choice today.

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Sexy secretary in control of her boss

There is a new secretary in the company, she's still on probation period, but her work is not very good. She is slow, she messes things up and doesn't know half of the stuff she is supposed to know. Her boss is really desperate as he visits her office and she's messing up another thing. He tells her he'll have to let her go but what happens next is something he did not see coming. You see Satin is wearing very sexy top and short skirt and always very high heels and she know how to play men. So as her boss is trying to fire her, she comes closer to him and starts to dangle her shoe and waving it in front of the boss and he is completely stunned. He wants her feet and her body so much but he's her boss...but Satin does not stop at dangling and after a short while she has her boss at her feet smelling them, kissing and licking them and she has him totally under her control. She can make him crawl at her feet and do anything she wants him to do just by showing him her sexy high arched feet. He's helpless against her. She even makes him get her coffee, her own boss is serving her. Things are gonna be different from now on in the firm. There is a new boss now and she's smoking hot and on high heels. Say hello to Satin, your new boss.

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Double trampling, stomping and POV humiliation

Megan and Daniela knows you were spying on them when they were in the shower and they want to give you what you deserve. Now they did a little video to let you know what's coming to you. But instead of you, there is a teddy bear on the scene. But whatever these two mean girls will do to him, that's what they will to you next time they'll see you, so watch carefully. They will beat you up, humiliate you and make you their doormat! They will talk dirty mean and humiliating stuff in your face, tell you what a looser and bitch you are. Than, they'll drop you on the floor and kick you, stomp you, trample you, smother you and humiliate you like never before! They'll smother you with their dirty smelly socks and feet. You'll beg for mercy while they'll be standing on top of you laughing at you and calling you their bitch and a looser who gets beaten by two pretty young girls! You will suffer until they decide it's enough. But that's gonna take a loooong time believe it! And then, you'll be barely breathing and crawling at their feet in pains begging for their mercy! So now watch what they video taped for you!

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Teacher owned by his student's feet

Kettu is studying on high school and she has the reputation of a sassy and bad girl who gives teachers hell during class, talks all the time, flirts with guys and walks around inappropriately dressed - in short skirt and very high heels. Jack, one of her teachers, is through with her, today she pissed him of so much, he's outraged! Out of control! Pissed behind the line. He pull's Kettu into his office, raging, and mad and start to threaten her he'll talk to her parents and the principal but Kettu is calm and she just does not give a shi* which of course makes Jack even more mad. Kettu is chewing her gum, clicking her tongue and her shoes on the floor. Jack is desperate from her...he's so pissed but also so helpless...what else can he do than to report her and hope she'll be punished? Kettu puts her feet in high heels on the table and Jack is pissed again and more but when she asks if jack likes her feet he suddenly starts to be more calm and less confident. She knows how Jack was looking at her feet in class and she starts to play with her feet, tease Jack using her feet and high heels and at last she offers him that he could play with her feet right now in this office if he forgets about everything. Jack is against in at first but he can't argue against her feet and he totally submit to her feet and Kettu starts to control him completely. Now he would do anything for her feet and Kettu starts to take advantage of it. Poor guy, he thought he could fight Kettu's sexy feet in high Kettu has all the power. The teacher is literally on his knees now. Exactly how this bad school girl planned.

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