Cybill Troy's Strictly FemDom

Cybill Troy's Strictly FemDom

Real Mistresses. Real Slaves. Real Pain. Real FemDom video clips from LA's rubber-loving, chain-smoking, pint-sized Dominant Sadist, Cybill Troy.

Steel Ball Crush

Mistress Mina Thorne and I are going to emasculate our slave with some painful testicle crushing!
Strung up and clamped, forced to keep perfect posture as his balls are weighed down by a heavy steel weight. He almost can't stay on his feet as we turn the crank, crushing his balls up as they're simultaneously weighed down.
If he moves, it swings and causes even more excruciating testicular agony, so we delight in slapping his cock and twisting his nipples, sending the crusher swinging and our bitch slave to his knees!

xoxo, Cybill Troy

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Strap-On Servitude

Cybill Troy has only one use for this particular slave, and thats to take her strap-on cock whenever she's in the mood to fuck some ass, any time day or night. In order to keep his coveted place in Mistress Troy's stable, the anal-whore slave must keep himself prepared to take his Owner's cock at all times.
Today, Cybill is so turned on from trying on her new latex that she wants to break it in by breaking her fuck slave's ass. She pounds him hard and deep, his useless cock and she slams her's up his gaping ass and willing throat again and again-- with absolutely no care for his comfort, slamming his fuck holes with every inch of her rubber cock until she's satisfied and her slave is left stretched out and defeated, sent away until Mistress wants to fuck again.

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Razor Sharp Fingernails

Sadistic, feline Mistress Luzia Lowe uses the flesh on her helpless, bound slave to sharpen her razor sharp finger nails with long, deep scratches, swipes and gouges. He's left in ribbons.

Category: Scratching    Duration: 12:32    Format: MP4    File Size: 1 GB    Clip ID: 42729

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Punished by Helly Hellfire

After a long day of sessions, Mistress Helly Hellfire finds her personal slave resting in his cage instead of finishing his chores. Dragging him out by his leash, she bends him over her throne and tightens the bolt on his wooden humbler, stretching his aching nuts even farther behind his legs to make sure that each strike of her riding crop causes him maximum pain.
Mistress Helly attacks his ass with her paddles as punishment for his laziness, leaving his ass too sore to sit down so he can focus on his tasks.

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In Service to Cybill's Strap-On Cock

(This is one of my absolute favorite Strap On movies I've made to date!)After this slave's forceful initiation into servitude in In Service to Cybill's Smoke Cybill decides that its time to strip him bare of any lingering male pride or ego by throwing a ballgag in his mouth to muffle his screams and fucking his ass like the whore he is destined to become. At this early stage of slavery, he serves no use beyond a fuck toy for Cybill's amusement and his dick will remain locked away in steel chastity until he learns that only Mistress cock matters in this dungeon.

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Rubber Gimp Smother

Cybill Troy's rubber gimp slave need only serve as her object to please his Mistress's every whim. After pulling the rubber of her coat over his hooded face just to watch him struggle under the airtight seal, she delights in smothering him under her latex and pantyhose clad ass, simultaneously wrapping her hand around his neck as she forces him to submit beneath her.

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Ball Breakers

Strung to the cross with no chance of escape, this slave is at the mercy of his two merciless Mistresses as they punch, kick, and otherwise destroy his doomed testicles as they laugh with sadistic delight

Category: Ball Busting    Duration: 08:09    Format: MP4    File Size: 481 MB    Clip ID: 42480

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Rosebud Cum Extraction

Head Mistress Cybill Troy rarely allows her chastity slaves any kind of sexual release, but when she does, its always painful! Before locking her slave away in indefinite chastity, Cybill Troy will allow him one last hurrah via a deep urethral probing with her steel rosebud sounds. The only way he'll be permitted to orgasm before his lockdown will be for him to have one excruciatingly intense forced orgasm after another as his cock hole is stretched open by the steel bars and bulbs as Cybill fucks his urethra with the entire length of the sounds. She won't stop until he's cum again and again, forcing four loads out of his desperate balls all in under ten minutes.

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Lyra's Leather Ballbusting

Mistress Lyra's new slave will be punished for presenting her with a tiny, useless penis with a vicious ballbusting. She kicks him square in the balls with her knee high leather boots again and again, furthering his humiliation by forcing him to grovel and kiss her boots each time he falls to the floor, apologizing for being such a sad excuse for a man.

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Sheer Pantyhose Ass Smothering

Mistress Helly Hellfire's perfect ass and pussy are encased in a thin layer of sheer black pantyhose that only make this chastity slave's orgasm denial that much more painful. Able to only bask in her heavenly feminine scent as she smothers him beneath her silky nylon ass, his futile quest for oxygen is only trumped by his desperate sexual frustration as he's left denied pleasure yet again, his leashed cock only able to strain against the bars of his steel chastity cage.

Category: Ass Smothering    Duration: 11:18    Format: MP4    File Size: 577 MB    Clip ID: 42476

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In Service to Cybill's Smoke

Cybill Troy's newest acquisition has yet to be broken, but with her knee down against his throat and his dick locked away in steel chastity, there isn't anything he can do to resist the whims of his Mistress
Today Cybill will be taking his ass, but first she takes some time to toy with him, using him as her human ashtray despite his gagging and resistance. After being forced to submit to her deluge of smoke, spit, ash, and to swallow it all up along with the butts, Cybill's new slave learns that there will be hell to pay if he doesn't serve exactly as his Mistress desires.

Category: Human Ashtray    Duration: 09:39    Format: MP4    File Size: 836 MB    Clip ID: 42478

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Black Cock Addiction

Mistress Hell Hellfire trains you to suck and fuck like a good cuckold sissy whore for her stable. Before she can pimp you out for profit, you need to be trained to service the biggest blackest cocks to your Mistress's specifications

Category: Strapon    Duration: 09:05    Format: MP4    File Size: 464 MB    Clip ID: 42475

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Caned Without Mercy

My gorgeous sadistic counterpart Mistress Tangent and I take our slave up on his plea to do absolutely anything for us to end his vicious whipping by locking him into the stock and tying his swollen balls to the floor while shredding his already whiplashed ass with our canes. When he can barely stand from the pain, we just hold him up by the rope attached to his aching testicles.

Category: Caning    Duration: 12:49    Format: MP4    File Size: 1 GB    Clip ID: 40201

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Preemptive Caning Discipline

Cybill Troy's slave didn't do anything wrong to earn this punishment; his Mistress's impossibly high standards would never allow it. Instead, he is being subjected to a vicious cane lashing to keep him well trained, bruised and welted with her mark in her absence, as she prepares to leave for a vacation without him.
He cries and shakes, unable to bear the agonizing pain of each cane stroke but forced to endure shackled to the cross.

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Pegged by An Li

Mistress An Li fucks her slave's all with her 10" strap-on cock, leaving him locked in chastity as she shows him what a real cock feels like.

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Ball Breaker

Mistress An Li has only one use for her slave's cock and balls, and thats to destroy them! Crops, hands, her leather boots, anything that can cause him pain!

Category: CBT    Duration: 09:00    Format: MP4    File Size: 460 MB    Clip ID: 36830

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