FemDomFilms Cuckoldry

FemDomFilms Cuckoldry

Mistresses dominating their useless wimps of busband by cuckolding them with stud lovers and subjecting cucky to bi sex, feminization, strapon, CP, whipping, bondage, cum eating, chastity and verbal and physical humiliation


Mistress Ava Black - Cuckoldry Bi Cum

My stud and I go out and gloat over bound cucky. I display my stud's cock and tell cucky if he resists I will take him for everything he's got. He has no choice he must agree.

My stud shoves his cock down cucky's throat "taste her pussy on my cock - taste it' he shoves his balls in cucky's mouth.

Stud sits on cucky's face. 'Lick that ass hole" I tell cucky 'does that taste good? Take a deep breath and smell it! How fucking humiliating is that! ha ha ha. That's it, cum on his face and we both roar with laughter as stud's covers cucky's face with loads of creamy cum

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Mistress Ava Black - Bound Cuckoldry

I'm Mistress Ava and I'm tying up my rich, elderly husband. I've promised him wild sex if he allows me to put him in bondage. I've never allowed him to have sex with me so he's desperate and agrees. I finish tying his hands and move on to his ankles. He thinks that the chastity device is to make his cock harder for me - the fool.

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Mistress Juliette de Sade - Bound and Humiliated Part 2

I'm tying my naked husband to the bannisters. I've already beaten the useless little wimp into submission and he's too terrified to resist. Leaving him tied up I go and have sex with my stud while cucky is forced to listen to my gasps of pleasure and orgasmic screams

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Mistress Evelyn Armstrong - The Cuckold Part 1

I've got a pathetic wimp of a boyfriend. I find his diary and me and my stud sit down and have a good laugh over this. The pathetic wimp wants to be a girl! When he comes back I slap him to the ground and put him in handcuffs. I cut off his male clothes with scissors and dress him in girl's clothes. He's gong to be our maid from now on.

We bend him over the back of the sofa and my stud thrashes his ass with a riding crop, we're going to humiliate him by making be the bridesmaid at our wedding. Cucky is forced to agree

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Mistress Ava Black - Cuckold Con

I'm the lovely young and sexy Mistress Ava Black. I've married an old man for his money but I've never let him have sex with me. I want some sexy fun with my stud so I tell my husband that if he lets me tie him up I'll give him a really hot sex session. He is so desperate he agrees

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Mistress Ava Black - Stud Cuckoldry

I've tied up my useless wimp of a husband and put him in chastity. I only married him for his money. Now I call my stud upstairs to join me. We stand over cucky's naked, bound body kissing and caressing each other while cucky moans and wriggles about on the floor begging us to stop. We go into the bedroom together and have a really hot sex session, I scream with pleasure as I enjoy multiple orgasms. Its the best sex I've ever had. We can hear Cucky shouting and begging outside the door. After a lot of hot sex we come out and have a good laugh at his expense.

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Mistress Juliette de Sade - Bi Stud Cuckoldry Part 4

I've had enough of my wimpy husband and his pathetic, useless cock. I've gone out and got myself a real stud of a lover.

I get back and call for my husband. I've left him naked and he comes in and finds me and my lover fully clothed and laughing at him.

I tie him up to the bannisters so that he can't move and will be forced to listen to me and my stud having a good time together

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