Elegant femdom

Elegant femdom





efcl481 shoes and cbt

Lady Jessica humiliates her slave. She commands him to lick her black high heels while she pull hard his cock and balls with a rope. He must lay under her feet and humbly lick.

Category: CBT    Duration: 06:59    Format: MP4    File Size: 302 MB    Clip ID: 42114

Price: $5.99 USD

efcl482 shoe fetish

Lady Jessica sits like a queen and allow the slave to lick clean her new street shoes.

Category: Shoe Fetish    Duration: 07:04    Format: MP4    File Size: 291 MB    Clip ID: 42115

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl483 femdom

Lady Jessica teases the slave with some chips. He is very hungry and hopes that some morsel will fall down from the mistress. Jessica jokes with him saying if he reach it he can eat it. The task however is not so simple because his cock and balls is under the chair on which Jessica sits with full weight and he must hold the chips and a glass of wine for the lady. During the torment he also has to lick the lady's shoes.

Category: Female Domination    Duration: 08:05    Format: MP4    File Size: 337 MB    Clip ID: 42116

Price: $7.99 USD

efcl480 whipping

Lady Jessica whips the slave at the wall in sexy outfit.

Category: Whipping    Duration: 05:59    Format: MP4    File Size: 214 MB    Clip ID: 42113

Price: $5.99 USD

efcl486 foot slapping

Lady Jessica does not satisfied with the house maid because his cleaning ability is horrible so she sits, orders him to kneel before her and kicks him in the face many times with bare feet while scolds him. Great foot slapping clip.

Category: Foot Slapping    Duration: 06:16    Format: MP4    File Size: 278 MB    Clip ID: 42120

Price: $5.99 USD

efcl487 foot smelling with cbt

Lady Jessica make the slave smell and worship her amazing tan hosed feet while she pull his balls by a rope. Sexy foot smelling clip with cock and ball torment.

Category: CBT    Duration: 08:05    Format: MP4    File Size: 358 MB    Clip ID: 42121

Price: $7.99 USD

efcl455 cruel trampling

Cruel high heels trampling. Lady Demona walk on this poor slave like he was a rug or a carpet. She dig her sharp sexy heels into his skin with full weight and enjoys the suffer of this moron. She also step on his cock and balls no matter how painful it is for the slave.

Category: Trampling    Duration: 07:09    Format: MP4    File Size: 264 MB    Clip ID: 41290

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl456 ahstray under the chair

Lady Demona uses her multi-functional slave again. He serves as a human ashtray and a shoe cleaning boy while the mistress sits on a chair with full weight on his cock and balls.

Category: CBT    Duration: 06:27    Format: MP4    File Size: 285 MB    Clip ID: 41291

Price: $5.99 USD

efcl457 foot smelling

Lady Demona sits and relaxes while the foot slave under her smells and worships her stinky tan hosed feet.

Category: Foot Smelling    Duration: 07:05    Format: MP4    File Size: 286 MB    Clip ID: 41292

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl450 ashtray under the chair

Excellent femdom scene as the stunning mistress Demona has a smoking break. She sit on a chair, order the slave to put his little cock and balls under it while use his open mouth as an ashtray. She also teases the slave with shoe dangling and command him to lick her shoes but as he tries to move toward the sexy high heels she make a little move with a chair cause incredible pain for this loser. Great clip for CBT, human ashtray and shoe dangling fans.

Category: Human Ashtray    Duration: 07:29    Format: MP4    File Size: 291 MB    Clip ID: 41293

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl453 foot worship

After the nylon smelling Lady Demona allows the slave to take her nylon socks off and worship her beautiful bare feet.

Category: Foot Fetish    Duration: 07:00    Format: MP4    File Size: 307 MB    Clip ID: 41294

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl451 shoe fetish

Mistress Demona arrives home and orders the slave to lick her shoes clean. He must lick the sole of the shoes chewing out all the dirt and little rocks.

Category: Shoe Fetish    Duration: 07:01    Format: MP4    File Size: 311 MB    Clip ID: 41295

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl452 nylon feet smelling

After the slave licked off the dirt from Demona's shoes he is allowed to take it off than smells and worships her black stinky nylon socks.

Category: Pantyhose    Duration: 07:02    Format: MP4    File Size: 311 MB    Clip ID: 41296

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl431 cruel biting

cruel femdom biting clip

Category: Biting    Duration: 07:10    Format: MP4    File Size: 313 MB    Clip ID: 41022

Price: $5.99 USD

efcl434 food crush

femdom food crushing and slave humiliation video

Category: Food Crushing    Duration: 09:14    Format: MP4    File Size: 316 MB    Clip ID: 41023

Price: $8.99 USD