Elegant femdom

Elegant femdom





efcl496 nylon smelling

The slave lays under the gorgeous mistress Demona's feet. He must take her shoes off and smells her sexy smelly tan hosed feet after a long day working.

Category: Pantyhose    Duration: 06:18    Format: MP4    File Size: 279 MB    Clip ID: 42499

Price: $5.99 USD

efcl490 shoe from the toilet

Lady Demona had a great party yesterday night. She went out with her friends to drink and dance. The only problem was that the Ladies Toilet was really dirty. You can imagine how it looks like, a crowded pub's rest rooms with full of girls in their 20's. So the sadistic superior lady when arrives home immediately orders the slave to clean the bottom of her shoes clean from the dirt and piss with his tongue and to make his task even more humiliating and harder she pulls his cock and balls by a rope if she decides that he does not lick enthusiastic enough. Real story with real submission for shoe licking fans

Category: Shoe Fetish    Duration: 08:00    Format: MP4    File Size: 354 MB    Clip ID: 42493

Price: $7.99 USD

efcl491 cbt

Lady Demona torments the slave cock and balls very hard in her sexy high heels. He must put his penis on a scale and Demona stands on it, she digs her sharp heels into it while pull up the sack with a rope, she almost tear it apart merciless no matter how humbly he begs and cries to her.

Category: CBT    Duration: 09:29    Format: MP4    File Size: 420 MB    Clip ID: 42494

Price: $8.99 USD

efcl492 socks smelling

After the idiot slave licked the mistress dirty shoes he is allowed to take it off and smell her sweaty stinky warm socks while she ignores him and play with the rope tied to his balls.

Category: Sock Fetish    Duration: 07:06    Format: MP4    File Size: 292 MB    Clip ID: 42495

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl475 cruel high heel trampling

cruel high heel trampling with the stunning mistress Demona

Category: Trampling    Duration: 08:05    Format: MP4    File Size: 271 MB    Clip ID: 42111

Price: $7.99 USD

efcl474 footsmell

femdom sweaty stinky nylon feet smelling

Category: Foot Smelling    Duration: 08:04    Format: MP4    File Size: 357 MB    Clip ID: 42112

Price: $7.99 USD

efcl484 foot smelling

femdom sweaty stinky nylon feet smelling

Category: Foot Smelling    Duration: 07:05    Format: MP4    File Size: 312 MB    Clip ID: 42117

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl473 human ashtray

Demona uses her human ashtray

Category: Human Ashtray    Duration: 06:28    Format: MP4    File Size: 268 MB    Clip ID: 42109

Price: $4.99 USD

efcl485 face slapping

cruel femdom faceslapping clip

Category: Face Slapping    Duration: 07:03    Format: MP4    File Size: 291 MB    Clip ID: 42119

Price: $7.99 USD

efcl454 shoe fetish

Lady Demona rests and dangles her sexy black pumps over the head of the footslave. She teases him and make him lick her shoes clean and smell her hosed feet. He must put his nose between the shoes and the mistress gorgeous feet.

Category: Shoe Fetish    Duration: 07:12    Format: MP4    File Size: 319 MB    Clip ID: 42106

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl470 biting

Very cruel femdom biting clip with mistress Demona.

Category: Biting    Duration: 07:28    Format: MP4    File Size: 330 MB    Clip ID: 42107

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl471 cruel faceslapping

Lady Demona notices some marks on the slave's body from another mistress heels. So she got very angry. She does not like the unfaithful inferior males. She punishes him very hard with full swing slaps in the ugly face. She has no mercy at all. Maybe this is the hardest faceslapping clip so far with this stunning sadistic superior mistress.

Category: Face Slapping    Duration: 08:05    Format: MP4    File Size: 341 MB    Clip ID: 42108

Price: $7.99 USD

efcl472 shoes and cbt

Demona orders the slave to lick her shoes clean while pull his balls by a rope very hard. Whe the spoiled lady thinks that this idiot does not lick properly she pull the rope hard.

Category: Shoe Fetish    Duration: 08:04    Format: MP4    File Size: 357 MB    Clip ID: 42110

Price: $7.99 USD

efcl481 shoes and cbt

Lady Jessica humiliates her slave. She commands him to lick her black high heels while she pull hard his cock and balls with a rope. He must lay under her feet and humbly lick.

Category: CBT    Duration: 06:59    Format: MP4    File Size: 302 MB    Clip ID: 42114

Price: $5.99 USD

efcl482 shoe fetish

Lady Jessica sits like a queen and allow the slave to lick clean her new street shoes.

Category: Shoe Fetish    Duration: 07:04    Format: MP4    File Size: 291 MB    Clip ID: 42115

Price: $6.99 USD