Elegant femdom

Elegant femdom




Cruel trio

Mistress Bonnie invites her two friends Kyra and Zita for some fun in the boring sunday afternoon. They amuse themself to humiliate a pathetic slave. They make him act like a and a pony. They laughing at him, burning him with cigarette, faceslap him. They play games with the slave. For example he have to tell who's stroke is the most gentle so he get another one from that Mistress. Later he is blindfolded and have to find out who's hit his ass. If he is fail he get another one with more effort. The Ladies extremely punish him with full blast caning.

Category: Caning    Duration: 01:01:36    Format: WMV    File Size: 453 MB    Clip ID: 3914

Price: $9.99 USD

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efcl344 shoe fetish

femdom shoe licking

Category: Shoe Fetish    Duration: 07:06    Format: MP4    File Size: 314 MB    Clip ID: 37740

Price: $5.99 USD

efcl347 nylon feet smelling

The slave smells, lick and worship the ladies hosed sweaty stinky feet.

Category: Foot Smelling    Duration: 09:01    Format: MP4    File Size: 399 MB    Clip ID: 37744

Price: $7.99 USD

efcl337 shoe fetish

The slave licks the mistress' shoes

Category: Shoe Fetish    Duration: 07:54    Format: MP4    File Size: 350 MB    Clip ID: 37733

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl338 nylon smelling

The idiot slave smell the mistress sweaty tan hosed feet.

Category: Foot Smelling    Duration: 08:02    Format: MP4    File Size: 355 MB    Clip ID: 37735

Price: $7.99 USD

efcl345 sock smelling

The male maid worship, smells and kisses lady Demona sweaty stinky socks on her feet.

Category: Sock Fetish    Duration: 08:12    Format: MP4    File Size: 363 MB    Clip ID: 37742

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl324 cbt

Lady Demona decides to punish the house slave on the dance table. It's a wooden board. The slave must sit down and put his cock and balls on this board while Demona stand on it, kicks it and tramples it. Cruel hard heartless painful treatment for the mistress amusement. The pathetic idiot slave suffers and screams under Demona's full weight in sexy ballerina shoes

Category: CBT    Duration: 07:27    Format: MP4    File Size: 330 MB    Clip ID: 37724

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl323 trampling

After the hot wax torment Lady Demona decides that she clean the slave's skin including his cock an balls from the wax so she start to trample him, kick and stomp him to inflict even more pain for this idiot loser than the hot wax did. She is in sexy ballerina shoe and tramples the slave without mercy.

Category: Trampling    Duration: 07:27    Format: MP4    File Size: 330 MB    Clip ID: 37725

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl334 shoe fetish

Some dirt remained on Lady Demona's shoe so she commands the slave to lick it clean. While he grovels on the floor licking the mistress' shoes she gives him instructions

Category: Shoe Fetish    Duration: 07:57    Format: MP4    File Size: 352 MB    Clip ID: 37730

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl333 jessica feet

Lady Jessica just arrives and commands the slave to lick her boots clean because the streets are very dirty and she love her boots clean and shiny. She sit on the sofa and watch as her loyal puppy lick her dirty boots' soles.After the boots are clean the slave must to smell mistress Jessica sweaty smelly socks then he must take off her socska and worship, sniff and kiss her divine feet.

Category: Foot Domination    Duration: 11:47    Format: MP4    File Size: 490 MB    Clip ID: 37731

Price: $9.99 USD

efcl335 foot smelling

Lady Demona is lying on the sofa while the lowly slave kisses and smells her black hosed feet.

Category: Foot Smelling    Duration: 08:15    Format: MP4    File Size: 365 MB    Clip ID: 37732

Price: $7.99 USD

efcl336 donat party

Mistress Jessica and Demona hold a donat party for the hungry slave. They love to starve the males than have fun with crushed food. They take a donat and make him beg for it, than throw it down on the floor and command the slave to catch it on all fours as they kicks it to each other. After when the ladies get bored they crush the food and have the slave eat it up from the floor and from their elegant high heels. Excellent humiliating femdom game for the ladies fun.

Category: Food Crushing    Duration: 07:13    Format: MP4    File Size: 320 MB    Clip ID: 37734

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl340 double domination

Lady Demona introduces her friend the femdom lifestyle. Lady Viki is an innocent 23 yo. university student,one of Demona's friends and interested in to have a slave at her feet. Demona's stupid slave must lick her ugg boots cover with street dirts. Mistress Viki really like this situation to have an idiot inferior male at her feet and lick the dirt off her boots. Demona kicks some time his face to force him to lick better. He also must hold Viki's boots in uncomfortable position during the cleaning.

Category: Boot Domination    Duration: 07:53    Format: MP4    File Size: 349 MB    Clip ID: 37736

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl342 sock and nylon smelling

After the slave licked all the dirts from mistress Viki boots, he is commanded to remove the ladies shoes and boots and smell their sweaty feet. They talk about how stinky their feet and how long have been worn. The slave must humbly hold their feet with his hands and smell them. Lady Demona wears tan nylon socks while Lady Viki is in socks. They lagh at him and humiliate him.

Category: Foot Smelling    Duration: 07:25    Format: MP4    File Size: 329 MB    Clip ID: 37737

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl341 spitting

Lady Viki the and mistress Demona have a little party when they humiliate the slave. They play the spitting game. The slave must kneel down and open his disgusting mouth, while the girls tries to spit into his open mouth. The one who can spit more times into his mouth is the winner. They have fun, laugh loudly at his pathetic face, spit him, spit on the floor and have him lick it up. The ladies even spit their chewing gum on him. Those spits which are missed must be licked from the floor.

Category: Spitting    Duration: 08:09    Format: MP4    File Size: 360 MB    Clip ID: 37739

Price: $6.99 USD

efcl343 creul double high heel cbt

Lady Demona and Mistress Viki trample the slave's cock and balls very hard in sexy elegant black high heels. Cruel double high heel torment

Category: CBT    Duration: 08:11    Format: MP4    File Size: 362 MB    Clip ID: 37741

Price: $7.99 USD