Cruel Megan

Cruel Megan

Greedy Goddess Megan

Crushing Your Face like Scum Under My Boot

I'm going to treat you like the worthless bitch that you are. I'm going to show you what I really think of you. So open up your mouth & take my spit before I kick you in the nuts. Then I'm going to kick you in the face & really fuck you up! Ha ha.

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Janie Lynn's 1st Nut Kicks

Janie Lynn has never kicked anyone in the nuts before. So my g/f Sin & I decide to show her how. We have her practice her nut kicks on this freak & all 3 of us kick his nuts into total mush. Then we take turns stepping on his nuts & crushing them to a total pulp. We stomp 'em out til there's nothing left between his legs.

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Mom Hates You & Can't Wait to Stomp Out ur Nuts

My mom & I hate my stupid brother. We're so sick of him always acting like such a perv around our feet & she said I could cut off his nuts when she gets home. So we're going to kick him in the nuts with our really hard boots til we rupture him & then I'll castrate him. Mom said to kick them on to the patio after I do so she can be the one to finish them off. That's how much she hates him. She wants to be the one to stomp them into the ground while he cries. Mom said she'll put on her sharpest stiletto heels & turn his nuts into nothing but a stain on the concrete & crud stuck to the bottoms of her shoes. So I tell the little freak what we're going to do to him tonite as I stomp out his nuts with my sharp heels & start destroying them early. No idea how he messed himself. But he'll be nutless soon anyway.

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Your Ugly Stupid Pathetic & I Hate You

My mom & I hate my stupid brother. All he does is act like a creepy perv around our feet & he's a total freak. So I decide to tell him what an ugly stupid pathetic worthless piece of sh** loser he is as I dig my sharp heels in his nuts as hard as I can. I call him every mean name I can think of as I stomp his nuts into total mush & destroy them. No idea how he messed himself. But that won't be a problem for much longer. Mom said we're going to castrate him & I'll get to cut off his nuts.

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Mom Confronts Him for Sniffing Her Sneakers

I left my dirty socks & sneakers by the door yesterday after my aerobics class. They went missing for several hours. So I checked the security cam footage & caught my creepy perv son sniffing them. I decide to confront him today. I wave them around right in front of his face as I stomp my feet between his legs. I want to make the little perv confess. I can't believe he messed himself. What a freak.

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You Have No Chance with Any of My Friends Freak

I told my stupid brother to stay away from me & my friends. But the freak didn't listen. He came up to us at school & asked out 1 of my friends from cheerleading. So she kicked him in the nuts as hard as she could & left him lying on the floor crying, holding himself & gasping for air. She was wearing boots & really hurt him bad. We all laughed hysterically. Then we spit on him & flipped him off. I even stepped on his face as I walked away. So seeing as how the freak can barely even walk now after my friend's kick, I decide to make fun of him over what happened & stomp him between his legs to cause even more pain. No idea how he messed himself. But I think all us cheerleaders should kick him next time.

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Kick his Nuts Off

My g/f Xana & I are both wearing sharp pointy toe stiletto heels. We kick him in the nuts so hard & so many times with them that we ruin him. Then we take off our shoes & hit him in the nuts with them too. We even dig our sharp heels in them & tear 'em apart. There's nothing left between his legs after we're done.

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Your Tiny Little Dicklet Makes Us Laugh

My g/f Paige & I make fun of your tiny little pathetic dicklet. We can't believe how small it is.

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Ignoring a Loser While We Kick his Dicklet Around

My g/f Paige & I are relaxing after a nice long day. We've kicked off our shoes & this loser is lying on the floor beneath our pretty barefeet. We ignore the bitch as we kick his tiny pathetic little dicklet around & end up kicking all the cum out of it.

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Mom's Proud of Me When I Hurt You

My mom hates my stupid brother & had me kick him in the nuts last nite with my really hard boots til the freak couldn't even move. She just laughed hysterically the whole entire time & told me to kick even harder. Ha ha. Well he didn't go to school today cuz he still can't walk & mom said I ruptured him. She's so proud of me. That's why she's taking me out tonite just to celebrate. Mom was going to castrate him anyway cuz he's such a perv & now doesn't have to thanks to me. So I decide to rub it in his face that he'll never get it up again now cuz of me as I stomp him between the legs. No idea how he messed himself. I guess the freak still has 1 nut left. I'll just have to rupture that 1 tomorrow as soon as I get home from school.

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Santa Told Me to Give You Blue Balls

Every year I volunteer at a local charity & work as a santa girl for a great cause that I believe in. So I've been wearing these boots all day & my sexy stocking feet have been sweating inside them for hours. This bitch hasn't been allowed to cum in weeks & has painful blue balls thanks to my perfect lil smelly feet. I think it's funny. Well I just got back from working for the charity & seeing as how I look so fucking hot in my santa girl outfit & I know my feet & boots stink, I decide to kick his throbbing dick around with my boots. Then I take them off & make him sniff my sweaty stinky feet & play with it even more. I tell him that santa said I could play with his dick for as long as I want to but that he's not allowed to cum. Santa knows he's been a perv all year & sent me to punish him. I make his blue balls hurt so much worse! Ha ha. I doubt he'll even be able to walk after this.

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Paige & I Destroy a Wimp

First my g/f Paige & I each take a turn kicking this slave in the balls. We both kick his nuts into total mush & ruin him. Then we take turns using our feet on him. We squish every last drop of cum out of his pathetic little cock & balls. What a wimp.

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Nut Busted by Goddesses

My g/f Tangent & I destroy this loser. We kick, knee, & punch him in the nuts over & over again. We bust his stupid nuts in every way we can think of & dig our heels into them too. There's nothing left between his legs after we're done.

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Jerk Off to the Stinky Boots I've been Wearing All Day

I just came back from a nice long day of walking around the mall for hours. My feet have been sweating in these boots & they stink. I know what a foot perv you are & I think it's funny. So inhale my stinky boot & jerk it bitch. Your going to breathe in my boot stink & inhale my sweaty feet while I laugh at you for being pathetic.

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Nothing Left Between the Bitchs Legs Thanks to Me

I had a bunch of people over last nite & this creepy perv wouldn't stop staring at my feet. So my g/f's & I stepped on his tiny little dicklet & crushed it out with our sharp stiletto heels. He spent the rest of the nite lying on the floor crying & all my friends laughed at him. Everyone thought it was hysterical. So seeing as how I'm wearing my biker boots today, I decide to put them to good use & give the freak some ruptured nuts to match his tiny little ruined dicklet. I kick his nuts into total mush.

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Cuckolded & Ruined by Mom

I have a date tonite & my stupid son won't stop staring at my feet. I still can't believe that the little perv thought he actually had a chance with me after the divorce. So I decide to make it clear that he doesn't. I tell him to point to each 1 of his nuts & then stomp it out 1 at a time with my sharp heels. I really dig them in hard & crush his nuts out good. I explain to him that he'll never have a chance with girls like his sister or women like me. He'll never be a real man & will always be a freak that gets excited over our dirty discarded socks that we leave on the floor. Then I take off my boots just to feel where his nuts are & stomp 'em both out even more. No idea how he messed himself. But I think its time that his sister & I put on our really hard boots & kick him in the nuts til we rupture him. We'll do it tonite after I get back from my date.

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