Claire's Slaves

Claire's Slaves

Mistress Claire's naked bitches get tied up, whipped, tortured, forced to lick feet and dirty shoes, and humiliated in every way.

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Full Weight Trampling and Face Standing

Mistress Claire tramples Ladies Floor with her bare feet in a public reception area. She tramples all over his balls, stomach and chest, and then stands with her full weight on his face!! She occasionally puts her bare foot in his mouth to let him lick it.

Category: Trampling    Duration: 05:09    Format: WMV    File Size: 193 MB    Clip ID: 32585

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Puppy Play and Foot Worship

Mistress Claire is playing fetch with her puppy slave Dante. First he licks her sexy lime green high heels, and then she takes them off and tosses one across the room, telling him to fetch it, bring it back, and drop it. After he has followed her commands, he is allowed to lick her bare feet and suck on her toes. What a lucky little puppy!

Category: Foot Worship    Duration: 07:41    Format: WMV    File Size: 288 MB    Clip ID: 32577

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Sensual Foot Worship - Mistress Claire and Beau

Beau always takes so much abuse to his balls from Mistress Claire, and today he gets a short reprieve from testicle destruction. Mistress Claire allows him to worship and lick her bare feet, and suck on her toes. You can tell how grateful and lucky he feels to be right in his place, under her feet. She has a collar and chain leash on him so she can choke him if he doesn't worship her feet properly.

Category: Foot Worship    Duration: 05:50    Format: WMV    File Size: 219 MB    Clip ID: 32568

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Shoe licking and Barefoot Foot Worship

Mistress Claire is having her morning coffee and she makes Dante lick some of the shoes on her shoe rack clean, polishing them with his tongue. Then she uses Dante's face and mouth as her footstool, and makes him lick her soles and suck on her toes.

Category: Foot Worship    Duration: 07:28    Format: WMV    File Size: 280 MB    Clip ID: 32576

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Sweaty Sock Smelling and Foot Worship by Brandi Bottoms.

Mistress Claire has been wearing her sneakers all day while running errands, and her feet are all hot and smelly. She tells Brand to remove her shoes, and then she forces Brandi to sniff her smelly socks and lick them. Then she is instructed to take the socks off and worship Mistress Claire's bare feet.

Category: Sock Fetish    Duration: 06:15    Format: WMV    File Size: 234 MB    Clip ID: 29172

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Foot Worship and Puppy Play with Brandi Bottoms

Miss Claire walks Brandi to her dining room on a leash and places her under her table, so she can service her tired feet. Brandi feels so special to be under Claire's feet, and to taste her delicious toes in her mouth.

Category: Foot Worship    Duration: 07:43    Format: WMV    File Size: 289 MB    Clip ID: 29177

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Devoted Foot Slave Lays on Hot Concrete to Worship Her Mistress's Feet

Sexy slave girl Cerina is worshiping her Mistress by the pool. Mistress Claire sits comfortably on a chair, while Cerina is forced to lay on scalding hot concrete in the beating sun. She doesn't mind though, she will suffer through any kind of pain or discomfort to please her Mistress. And nothing else matter s when she has her beautiful Mistress's feet in her mouth.

Category: Foot Worship    Duration: 04:23    Format: WMV    File Size: 165 MB    Clip ID: 31689

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Trampling, Face Standing, Foot Domination, and Foot Worship with "Ladies Floor"

Ladies Floor is in his place - beneath Mistress Claire's feet. She tramples him with her full weight, stepping and trampling all over his balls, stomach, chest, and face (full weight on the face too). She uses him as a step stool to get up on the bed, then she jumps off the bed directly onto him, over and over again. Finally she sits on the edge of the bed and rubs her bare feet all over his face, and tells him to worship them. He feels like the luckiest man in the world, feeling her soft soles smothering his face, and being allowed to worship her beautiful feet and suck on her toes.

Category: Trampling    Duration: 05:12    Format: WMV    File Size: 195 MB    Clip ID: 32580

Price: $5.99 USD

Very Extreme Ballbusting, Face Slapping, and Beating - Beau is Punished Severely

Mistress Claire caught her handyman taking a break outside and smoking a cigarette, when he was supposed to be working for her. She is FURIOUS, and she gives him a severe beating and ballbusting for it. She pulls his clothes off roughly and strips him naked, and starts kicking him in the balls as hard as she can, dozens of times. She kicks him so hard that he falls to the floor numerous times and has to catch his breath. While he's collapsed on the floor, she spanks his ass as hard as she possibly can, and you can immediately see bright red hand prints form on his ass cheeks. He stands back up and she slaps his face as hard as she can dozens of times, and kicks him in the balls repeatedly. She grabs his balls in one hand, and slaps his super sensitive and very tender balls very hard quite a few times.Then she punches his balls, slaps his face, and kicks his balls some more.

Category: Ball Busting    Duration: 06:25    Format: WMV    File Size: 241 MB    Clip ID: 32564

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Foot Worship and Humiliation - Brandi Bottoms

Foot worship and humiliation by Mistress Claire with her slave girl Brandi Bottoms. Brandi loves nothing more than to kneel at her Mistress's feet, and suck on her beautiful toes and lick her perfect soft soles.

Category: Foot Worship    Duration: 05:28    Format: WMV    File Size: 205 MB    Clip ID: 29171

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Mistress Claire Abuses the Fuck Out Of Her New Slave - Trampling, Foot Slapping, Ball Abuse and more

Mistress Claire abuses the hell out of her pathetic slave. He has applied to serve her, so she is really putting him to the test to see if he is worthy of taking up any of her time by serving her and being her human floor and human punching bag. She tramples him with her full weight, and jumps off of her couch onto his balls and his belly. She kicks him and stands on his face. Then she stands on him, and drops her full weight onto him, landing on her ass and knocking the wind out of him every time, over and over and over again. He is finally given a little break when she sits on him and uses him as a human chair, and slaps his face with her feet as hard as she can dozens of times, until his face turns purple.

Category: Female Domination    Duration: 12:15    Format: WMV    File Size: 459 MB    Clip ID: 32572

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Full Weight Trampling, Face Standing, and Foot Worship

Ladies Floor is in for a real treat today. Mistress Claire tramples him with her full weight, and jumps up and down on his chest and back, making some very interesting noises come out of him! She stands on his throat with her full weight and makes him try to speak, but he cannot breathe or speak at all. She waits until his face turns purple, and then gives him a little break by standing on his face with her full weight to allow him to breathe for a minute. After he endures enough abuse, she sits on him and uses him as a human recliner, and shoves her feet in his face, rubbing the soles of her sexy feet all over his face as he licks and worships them.

Category: Trampling    Duration: 05:25    Format: WMV    File Size: 203 MB    Clip ID: 32588

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Foot Worship Under the Table - Cerina

Mistress Claire sits up on a high counter while Cerina kneels on the floor under her and worships her sexy bare feet. She sucks her toes hard, and deep throats them into her mouth. She loves being underneath her Mistress's feet so much, she feels right in her place under those soft sexy soles.

Category: Foot Worship    Duration: 06:50    Format: WMV    File Size: 256 MB    Clip ID: 31687

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Beau Gets The Ballbusting Of a Lifetime - Extreme Ball busting!!!

Beau picked the wrong day to be in Mistress Claire's presence. She is just full of rage, and she directs ALL of her rage onto his poor sensitive balls. The only thing on her mind is completely destroying his testicles. She grabs him by the balls and drags him across the room by his balls, and slams him up against the wall. She knees and kicks him in the balls over and over and over again, making him cry out in pain and double over. She makes him kneel and spread his legs, and kicks his balls from behind, which hurts him so much worse. She kicks him so hard every time, his balls literally slap his stomach. She makes him lay down, and delivers even more painful kicks to his nuts. She tells him to stand back up, grabs his cock, and starts punching his balls as hard as she can over and over again. By the time she's done with him he is crumpled up on the floor and can't even move.

Category: Ball Busting    Duration: 07:43    Format: WMV    File Size: 289 MB    Clip ID: 32563

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Foot Worship and Human Footstool - Brandi Bottoms

Brandi is cleaning Mistress Claire's feet with her tongue, then offers her head as Mistress Claire's footstool. She is such a dedicated little slave girl, she will do anything to keep her Mistress happy and comfortable.

Category: Foot Worship    Duration: 05:11    Format: WMV    File Size: 194 MB    Clip ID: 29173

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