Claire's Slaves

Claire's Slaves

Mistress Claire's naked bitches get tied up, whipped, tortured, forced to lick feet and dirty shoes, and humiliated in every way.

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Poolside Foot Worship

It's a beautiful hot day, and Mistress Claire is sunning herself by the pool. Cerina wants to make her Mistress even more relaxed, so she asks if she can worship her sexy feet. She licks Mistress Claire's soft wrinkled soles, sucks on her bare toes, and lovingly licks her perfect feet.

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Claire Severely Punishes Her Perverted Uncle - Beating, Ballbusting, Foot Domination

Mistress Claire discovers "Uncle NumNuts" on several other websites, and she is pissed!!! How dare he serve other women!!! She beats the living fuck out of him, strangles him, shoves him against the wall, slams his head against the wall over and over, and punches him. Then she throws him to the ground and kicks him, and sits down on him. He starts to get a boner so he is beaten severely for that too, and punched hard in the balls. She slaps his face dozens and dozens of times as hard as she can, until his face is literally purple and all welted. That should teach him a lesson about even THINKING about serving another woman!!

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Foot Worship In The Cage

Leah is locked in the cage all day, just daydreaming of the moment her Mistress comes home, when she might get a few minutes of attention. Mistress Claire finally arrives home and to Leah's delight, she sits on top of the cage and dangles her feet through the bars and orders her slave girl to lick them. Leah is so happy to have her Mistress's feet in her mouth! Mistress Claire lets her out of the cage for a few minutes so she can really worship her feet good.

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CBT, Dick Trampling, Violet Wand Torture

Mistress Claire tortures Ladies Floor's pathetic little dick in numerous sadistic and very painful ways. She makes him sit on the bondage horse that she converted into a CBT device, and put his sad little penis through the hole. She beats his cock relentlessly with a riding crop until he cannot take any more. Then she shocks the tip of his cock over and over with a violet wand turned all the way up on high, and you can tell how painful it is by the loud ZAP! sound it makes when held up to his dick, and by how much he jumps, and the uncontrollable sounds that are coming out of him. Then she gets up and stands on top of the horse and stomps on his dick, and stands on it with her full weight, crushing it flat under her shoe. That gets to be too painful for him, so she beats him senseless with a riding crop all over his cock, nipples, chest, and belly, and then zaps him endlessly with the violet wand again. This poor little man, she is very brutal and relentless and has no sympathy for him when he screams out in pain!!!

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Foot Worship and High Heel Shoe Licking

Mistress Claire lets her slave boy Dante enjoy her beautiful and delicious feet. She's in a good mood, so she doesn't beat him up or punish him much at all in this clip, she just lets him lick and worship her sexy high heel shoes gorgeous bare feet. He cleans her 5" high heels with with his tongue, and deep throats the long heels of her shoes. Then he is ordered to remove them so he can worship her bare feet. She rubs her soles and toes all over his face as he licks her feet. He is ordered to lick in between her toes, and then she gags him with her whole foot, making him take it all the way down his throat until he gags on her toes.

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Sock Smelling and Foot Worship

Leah is forced to smell Mistress Claire's stinky socks as Claire rubs her feet all over her pathetic slave girl's face. Then Leah worships her Mistress's bare feet.

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Cerina - Spanking, Foot Worship, and Humiliation

Slave Cerina was supposed to clean up the kitchen after Claire had a party and barbeque, but she is slacking off and doesn't have the kitchen anywhere near as clean as it should be. Mistress Claire beats her stupid slave girl very hard with a big metal spatula, leaving huge red welts all over her ass. Then she makes Cerina lick and worship her feet, and humiliates her by making her lick dirt off the floor.

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Foot Worship and Foot Smothering

Mistress Claire smothers Brandi's face with her feet as she uses it as her footstool while reading a book. Brandi licks Claire's soles and worships her feet, and feels so grateful to be underneath her Mistress's perfect feet.

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Sensual Foot Massage and Foot Worship

Mistress Claire's sexy masseuse provides foot massage and sensual foot worship to her Mistress. She sucks on Claire's toes and licks her soft soles, with such passion and devotion to her Mistress.

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Foot Worship and Stocking Fetish

Mistress Claire is dressed in a sexy cheerleader uniform, with knee high red stockings. She forced her slave girl Leah to sniff and lick her stockings, and then removes them so Leah can lick her bare feet and suck on her sexy toes.

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Sexy Foot Worship in the Pool

Mistress Claire lets her slave girl have a little extra fun today. It's a very hot day, and perfect weather for some sexy foot worship in the pool. Cerina has never been allowed to swim in Mistress Claire's pool before so this is a special treat for her. She eagerly licks Claire's feet and suck on her toes. Mistress Claire floats around the pool and makes Cerina swim to chase her feet so she can keep licking them.

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Ballbusting, Foot Worship, Puppy Play, and Femdom - Mistress Claire and Beau

Beau has to wear a muzzle because he was careless the last time he worshiped Mistress Claire's feet, and he accidentally bit her when he was gagging on her whole foot. So he has to wear a muzzle until he is trained not to bite. He is also wearing a very painful metal prong collar, with dozens of large sharp metal spikes digging into the sensitive skin of his neck. Every time he does something wrong, Mistress Claire yanks hard on his leash, making all the sharp prongs of the collar dig deep into his neck. He cries out in pain every time she punishes him with the prong collar, but he needs the training so he's just going to have to suffer through it and learn not to piss her off. She makes him heel next to her like a good puppy, and then he is instructed to sit and lay down. She starts kicking him in the balls as hard as she can, making him yell out in pain. The louder he yells, the harder she keeps kicking his balls. She pulls his underwear of and starts punching him very hard in his balls, and he looks like he's going to pass out. She steps on the muzzle he's wearing on his face, and taunts him with her bare foot, telling him to try to lick it. She sticks her toes through the muzzle, allowing him to lick her toes. Then she kicks and punches him in the balls a dozen more times for good measure, to make sure he doesn't forget the training session she has just done with him.

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Foot Worship and Puppy Play in Bed

Mistress Claire is playing with her favorite slave girl Brandi Bottoms while relaxing on her bed. She pulls Brandi around on a leash and makes her worship her perfect bare feet.

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Extreme Ball Busting - Hard Kicking, Kneeing, and Punching

Poor unsuspecting Beau was walking down the street, and saw a sign outside that just said "ball busting office", and he was intrigued so he wandered in to see what it was all about. Lucky for him, Mistress Claire is in between clients and has a little time to spare. She tells him to remove his underwear, and asks him if he enjoys ball busting. Just when he starts to tell her he's not even sure if he likes it because he's never experienced it, she interrupts him with a hard kick to the nuts and shuts him right up. He almost falls to his knees, and the second he stands back up, she kicks him as hard as she can in the nuts again. She kicks him over and over again, and he starts to get hard so she figures he must be enjoying it. Mistress Claire grabs his hard cock and pulls him toward her by his cock, and punches his nuts with her as hard as she can, repeatedly. The sound of her connecting with his balls time and time again is painful to even hear. She can tell he is just a big pussy and he is having a hard time taking SO much abuse, so she starts to stroke his cock to give him a little break. Just when he gets nice and hard again, and thinks he's gonna get some kind of fucking happy ending or something, she brings her knee up into his balls and knees him in the nuts so hard he actually does fall to his knees this time, and he cries out in pain. She makes him stand back up again and kicks his balls over and over and over again, until he can't stand up anymore. He had walked in hoping he could just try a couple of light kicks and see if he liked it, but instead what he got was Mistress Claire completely destroying his nuts. After he falls to the ground a final time, she tells him to get the fuck out of her office because he clearly isn't man enough to take much more of it. She keeps his clothes, and sends him back out onto the street completely naked, with very swollen and very sore balls.

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Nude Foot Worship

Sexy slave Leah is completely naked, laying on her back underneath Mistress Claire's bare feet. Mistress Claire is sitting on a high stool, and she is making Leah sit up and hold an uncomfortable position to be able to reach her feet so she can lick and worship them. Leah is so eager to have Claire's delicious feet in her mouth, you can see how badly she wants them and how hard she works to keep them in her mouth. Mistress Claire is amused by her slave girl's efforts, and is pleased with how dedicated Leah is to worshiping her feet.

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