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Cruel milking

He is hung by his ankles, strung up like a and forced to endure both physical and verbal humiliation. His balls are strung to turn blue. He is told his cock is to small for her and this is his puniment for his worthless cock. She tells him how she is craving bigger cocks and that she is going to tie him to a chair and force him to watch her fuck 2 men with huge cocks. He is milked then slowly and painfully.

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2 mean milkers

Total BRATS they are. The poor slave endures some unbelivable abuse in this forced CFNM video. Heavy on physical and verbal abuse these 2 ladies left nothing to the imagination as they brutalized this guy before bringing him pleasure. Forced smelly feet eating, face slaps and body slaps so hard that they actually leave handprints in him. Finally he is allowed some abusive pleasure in the form of a double hand-job and deep throat gagging action and then the torturous finale of the sensitive head of his cock. No CFNM collection would be complete without this one.

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The Prostate Exam Milking

The patient came in for a simple prostate/rectal exam and the poor guy will never be the same. Doctor G and nurse T make sure of that. Plunging fingers and a large instrument deep into his anal cavity to check for hemmoriods and to make sure his prostate is "healthy" and then of course they make sure the "pipes" are functioning well by milking him to a huge cumshot to make sure his whole system is working properly! **WARNING NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH**

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Sherrie's cock slap cum extraction

Young Sherrie, all of 19 years old and she is having much fun here. Never before has she had a cock "isolated" like this and she is in a playfull mood. Cock-slapping abundant she likes to tease and suck the head. Shot in very close-up action so you can actually FEEL yourself what is happening here as Sherrie milks a MASSIVE load out of this cock giggling the whole time

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Heel Boy

Humiliation of her young naked gardener finds the incomperable Lady M walking him like a dog making him "heel" and bark like a dog with the leash tied around his cock and balls as she pulls on it and slaps his ass with her crop

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Sadistic Sherry's Cock and ball torture milking

The camera is so close to the action you can actually feel the slaves pain as Sherry tortures his cock. "What gave you the idea that you could ever fuck me?" "Your cock is only worthy of this torture!" His balls are tied with tight rope until they become swollen also resulting in the vains of his cock ready to burst. The cock slaps are brutal and to make matters worse she punches at his swollen balls. The verbal abuse is extensive as she laughs at his moans of pain. She jerks ferociously at the swollen cock until he cannot hold it any longer and as he is about to shoot she cuts it off with her hands. "I did not say you can cum!" More hard rapid cock slaps follow and she sadisticly twists his now blue colored balls. "Now its time to cum!" she demands and he begins to shoot sevral massive bursts of cum as Sherry milks the last hanging drop out of him before adding more abuse!

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Angelicas cock control abuse milking

Angelica shows here what "cock control" is all about. She is in charge here and she is going to do what she wants. She has this guy in bondage and she is going to have some fun at his expense. She mistreats this guys cock and she doesent want to here his what he has to say about it so she tapes him mouth with duct tape, gives him a brief "boxing lesson" by punching his swollen cock. She slaps it, pulls at it and strokes and sucks the load out of it. When shes done having her "fun" of course

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